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Christian Marry A Non-Christian

I would love to know if is it possible for a believer in Christ and non-believer to get married to each other?

Moderator - No.

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 ---Mike on 1/11/07
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Of course, it is possible. But, it is not advisable! Two cannot be one if one is living in darkness.
---Susie on 8/27/07

Now Cindy, we must have a degree of levity. I try to deal mostly with macro Issues. I have seen things in fundamentalism I would not dare write about, as they would not be believed, like end-time-handmaidens. I am not mean, I have been compared to 'Hawkeye'- Alan Alda's characterin M.A.S.H. I avoid ad hominum attacts in debate, ad hominum is a common fallacy, second only to 'bailing' on the first round. You know the term ad hominum?
---MikeM on 1/21/07

MM, I don't think she flew the coop because of a trip to the museum to look at a pile of bones, in San Diego. You were probably mean as a skunk, because she was a fundamentalist. So in your sentimentalist fashion, you bared your teeth at her. She ran home as fast as she could.
---Cindy on 1/21/07

I once dated, 15 years ago a very sweet marrage minded fundamentalist Girl. I was a college student at the time. I wanted to break up with her but did not want to hurt her, my major did not phase her. Someone made a suggestion. I took her to A musium in San Deigo's Balboa Park that displayed "early man fossils." she said little, except, "I thought they did not exist, and were only theories" The next day she called and broke up with me, citing, "a lack of sensitivity."
---MikeM on 1/21/07

Will you be equally yoked with your current wife as mormons? Will she become a mormon, too?

I see that you've had to reject anything to do with penecostals, so you can wash your hands of the past. A clean slate. A new beginning.

You've had some strange experiences in your life. I'm beginning to think you have a calling, and the enemy would like nothing better than to trip you up, again.
---Cindy on 1/20/07

Will someone explain this behaviour? I suppose I am in the other camp. my first wife's family were far right fundamentalist. They declared us to be 'unevenly yoked.' Yet said we could not divorce at the same time. When we did they harassed me for 2 years, claiming I could not remarry and had to 'submit' to them, meaning join them and then return to her or her life would be ruined. Midnight calls, unwelcome visits by their clergy. I finally had to move.
---MikeM on 1/20/07

It is possible...I've done it. It's really hard. It wasn't hard at first. He would even go with me to church sometimes and support me in my music ministry....but you can't force someone to serve God. As you grow - he won't. As you want more, he won't want to give more. Complete opposites are traveling in two different directions. Sooner than later - it will rip you apart. Inside and out. The sad thing is, is that it will probably be 12 years down the road after children and a world of hurt!
---Maria on 1/19/07

The Bible says not to be unequally yoked to an unbeliever. The unbeliever has more power to pull you down from faith, then a believer has to pull them up in faith. There will be more problems then what it is worth.
---Leslie on 1/14/07

Oh, it's quite possible. It happens all the time.

But it should not.

Marriage is hard enough as it is. If the couple does not share a common spiritual basis and faith in Christ, things will never work! And even THEN it's difficult.
---Jack on 1/12/07

I would love to know if is it possible for a believer in Christ and non-believer to get married

Definitely possible - However (take it mod)

Moderator - No.

The answer above DOES has wisdom, because what does light and darkness really have in common? As you start to compromise you'll realize that you bit off more than you could chew. For they are no more 2.
---Pharisee on 1/11/07

I agree with Bruce on this.
---faye4464 on 1/11/07

Marry in haste you will almost definately repent at leisure.
---Carla5754 on 1/11/07

A person can do whatever he or she pleases. The bible gives warning about the consequences of what a person does.
---Rickey on 1/11/07

The bible is very specific on this subject. Please read II Cor. 6:14-17

Verse 14 says: "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?"
---Bruce5656 on 1/11/07

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