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Bush Adds 20,000 More Troops

Do you agree or disagree about President Bush adding 20,000 more troops in Iraq and increasing our armed forced by 92,000 within five years? Should we even be involved with this civil war just for the oil?

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 ---Alan on 1/11/07
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My son just came back from Iraq. He said that the plan made sense. My question - why didn't we do it right the first time?
---grace3869 on 5/3/08

I disagree with President Bush increasing our troop involvement in Iraq. If the issue is just oil, I do not think that the U.S. should be involved in the Iraqi civil war
---Jerry on 8/14/07

Elder: Jesus said there will be wars and rumors of wars, but the end is not yet. What we will see here, will we be prepared?
We know it's not the 'final' battle as some believe. Now is not the time for financial and armament cutbacks. There are panic attacks and there is sudden trouble, terror.
---Rachel on 2/7/07

Rachel, I served with the US Marines in Subic Bay, Phillippians with one of the best COs I ever had.
---Elder on 2/7/07

Notice that there was an outcry in the start of this war that Bush didn't send enough troops by the same people who are crying now because he wants to send more.
---Elder on 2/7/07

How soon we forget and forgive.
Remember Beirut 1983, or 1993 the Twin Towers attacked by bombers, the Embassy bombings in Africa in 1998, the 2000 attack on the USS Cole, Sept 11th 2001 and many more. The Hostages and Desert Storm to name more.
Go ahead American citizens, forget. You will remember clearly when we experience WWIII. The stage is being set the same as it was in WWII. The next war will be in our streets. Ask some Jews.
---Elder on 2/7/07

God says we must protect Israel at all costs. Think outside the box why we might be there. Iran, China, Russia. Are all our past enemies, and selling each other nuclear. Our Military knows what is going on. And not the news. After Katrina the world thought we were a 3rd world country, the news only showed New Orleans. We only see Baghdad. Our nation was created for such times as these. Iraq is important to God or we wouldnt be there. We have wadded into the fray. God Bless America!
---Kay on 2/4/07

The only forces of evil to be found in Iraq are the greedy American corporations that are using this "war on terrorism" to line their own pockets.
---George on 2/3/07

"Semper Fidelis, U.S. Marine".

My father is a retired U.S. Marine, with 30 years of service. He is disabled. My mother takes good care of him. He's had many surgeries, but refuses a chair. He's sharp and tough. We raise both flags every day.
Always faithful, the U.S. Marine.
---Rachel on 2/3/07

I'm a 'Desert Storm' Veteran.

I'm in my mid 30's.

I'll proudly serve this country and defend it against the forces of Evil. I also proudly serve our Creator "GOD". God Bless!
---US_Marine on 2/3/07

First, Iraq's oil never directly came to the U.S.

Last, three months before the war started, the Los Angeles Times listed seven reasons why we were going to war, none related to oil (not that I'm saying it didn't behind the scenes). The first item was to cut off the supply of money going to terrorist groups and suicide bombers. Saddam was offering $35,000 to each bomber's family.
---Steveng on 2/2/07

Besides, what's wrong with getting a share of Iraq's oil? Americans depend on oil - for gas, medical supplies, some cosmetics, grocery bags, oil to heat our homes, etc. In fact, it's getting to a point where we won't no longer get as much oil as in the past and you know what that means? Prices of any made of or by oil will increase tremendously - computers, medical supplies, paper, etc. Bush is just trying to protect our interests.
---Steveng on 2/2/07

US Marine, active or retired?

---Rachel on 2/2/07

Just curious...who currently is in charge of selling Iraq's oil and how much is sold per month?

Where is the money deposited and who controls and monitors the bookkeeping on such transactions?

Whose currency do all countries purchase Iraq's oil with?

And, with the profits generated, are Iraqi companies then being contracted (and paid) for the rebuilding efforts?
---AlwaysOn on 2/2/07

For one thing, your question is inappropriate as you are saying we are only over in Iraq for the oil. If you will remember, President Bush told the Iraqi people THEY would profit from the oil and be able to use it to rebuild their country. Continued...
---Pat on 2/2/07

People are blinded to the manipulation of the terrorists to free nations through our freedom of speech. They are totally confusing the real issue. And the real issue isn't about oil - It is about SAFETY for free nations.

It is not President Bush's fault that the terrorists ran to Iraq and turned it into "Their Holy War" and are now turning it into a Civil War. They are MANIPULATORS! How sad it is to see the United States hate it's President and remain so divided.
---Pat on 2/2/07

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Mendy: you are confusing Freedom Fighters (as in the American Revolution) with people who don't regard life (extremist militants). They teach their children to die in their selfish cause. They teach their children to hate (infidels). They teach what is good, is bad and what is bad, good. They strike terror in every country they claim is theirs. In fact, they enveloped the whole world in terror.

AS for Christians, we must pray for our leaders, not degrade them. In the end, God has complete control.
---Steveng on 2/1/07

I say this with the most respect possible I can muster up.
"Are you out of your mind!"
I'm sorry, but if your from the middle-east need to investigate the history of the group you love (freedom fighters). They have committed some of the worst acts of violence against mankind!
By your own comments you must be one of the many Anti-Christ roaming in these blogs!

Now I really know we're in the End Times with Christians like you!
---US_Marine on 2/1/07

Brian Smith... Hey are you the Brian I know? Reading, PA area - just wondering.
---daphn8897 on 2/1/07

**While there is a place for war (biblically speaking)it's time to recognize that God may not have ordained this one.**

To drag a Stranger into the conversation, didn't Someone bigger than any who post to these blogs say, "Those who take up the sword shall die by the sword"?
---Jack on 2/1/07

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Listened to a former freedom fighter (Islamic terrorist). Are you Islamic, Mendy?
---Bob on 2/1/07

O now and a little more blood and little more treasure will keep us stumbling along behind a visionless leader. We might remember that if the leader has no vision the people perish. Is it possible that our leader has no vision?
---Mima on 1/24/07

The freedom fighters, I love them. To procure our standard of living in reality. For our children to live peacefully, to safeguard the nature of our well being. To strain the impurities of how we are living to the betterment of live existence.
---mendy on 1/24/07

It's good to see people who love God expressing opposition to escalation of war. While there is a place for war (biblically speaking)it's time to recognize that God may not have ordained this one. We may be getting manipulated by the desires of men! If this is about terrorism, the policy is failing. If it is not then we need to admit our errors and reassess. God is the one that lights our path. We may need more guidance before we accept the administration's policies blindly.
---Brian_Smith on 1/23/07

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Yes Lee, you are correct about the aircraft carrier group heading into the Persian Gulf. I have a sinking feeling that it will all be just for show. Iran is testing missiles all this week. They just turned away UN nuclear inspectors. Sound familiar? Today the Iranian president threatened that Israel will soon be destroyed along with the U.S. I wouldn't count on Israel launching a pre-emptive strike with its current leadership.
---ralph7477 on 1/23/07

ralph7477 - maybe the extra troops that Bush is sending to the region will be needed for the Iran problem? One commentator - a former Bush aide, claims that Bush may be planning to attack Iran with Israel. There are rumors out there but how much stock we can put in them is hard to say. I note that a second aircraft carrier battle group is on the way there now.
---lee on 1/23/07

Oh, and let me add one other thing. Suppose this war really was about securing the US oil supply. My wife and I spend about $1000/year for gas. Thanks to the war we now collectively owe about $50,000 and that is going up each day the war continues unabaated. Think about that. With the money we now owe because of the war, we could have bought 50 years worth of gas for our car (not adjusting for inflation). If this war was about oil, then it is definetly an enormous failure for everyone except Big Oil.
---Climacus_Redivius on 1/22/07

The problems in Iraq will seem small in the very near future. Iran is poised to take control of much of the Middle East and at the same time work towards it's goal of destroying Israel. Iran is going to have to be dealt with. Who will have the courage to lead and the stomach to do what will need to be done?
---ralph7477 on 1/22/07

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I am dead set against this war. Milaki is not going along with his agreement. Bush is wanting to send 21,500 troops in addition to the 132,000 that's already there. As long as we are there the Iraqi's will never do anything. I say bring them all home and if Iraq wants to invade us at least the 132,000 plus will be here to defend us.
---Norma7374 on 1/22/07

More troops should not be sent if only because the US cannot afford it. As of 2004, each and every American owes at least $24,000 to Asian creditors to pay for the Iraq war, and that number has inceased dramatically! The average 4 person family, for example, owes at least $100,000. Can you afford to add that amount to your mortgage, student loan or car payments? Would you have supported the war if you knew it would bankrupt you?
---Climacus_Redivius on 1/22/07

Rosie,I bet you're sighing a big sigh of relief that your daughter is home safe! I dont agree with this war either.My son has been home for a couple months and he told me one of his duties was to 'train' Iraqian men to be soldiers.My son is an MP. He said it was almost a joke.The Iraq men seem not to take it serious enough, or something...very hard to train tham, so I'm told. I'm just glad he's home and I pray for all people involved.
---sue on 1/21/07

Lee, that's $300 million per day, right? I've heard estimates in the $250 million dollar range, but it sounds like it's gone up.
---AlwaysOn on 1/21/07

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DISAGREE with troops being sent and we should not be involved with this war because of the oil situation. God Bless Us All!!!!!!!!!! Please
---gynn8435 on 1/21/07

Mima - *He is totally in the wrong, and will cost us more blood, more money and some of what will prestige we have left in the world today.*

The latest estimate is that the war will eventually cost us around $1.2 trillion dollars - cost at present is around $300 per day. I question that it is worth the cost we have to pay just to establish a democracy in a country that cannot tolerate the diverse views we see in any democracy.
---lee on 1/21/07

I agree. What took him this long to make that decision is the only thing I would disagree with. President Bush happens to be in the wrong place and the wrong time, this matter with Iraq should have been dealt with years ago. Now, Iraq has us on the run because they interpreted our "do nothing attitude",as on our part. Now, it's going to takes massive and agreesive military moves to show them we aren't "chickens" (I'm a veteran.)
---wivv on 1/21/07

I do not agree with the President's sending more troops. I would like and am praying for all our troops to come home safe and fast.
I am a Veteran, my whole family is military, three generations. My daughter just returned from Iraq and believe me it was no concert tour for her or the family.
---rosie on 1/20/07

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Sue - No, I was never in the military.
---Tizso on 1/20/07

NurseRobert - I am really more concerned that the conflict may widen and involve more nations in the area. Already even Jordan is talking about creating a nuclear program. What will happen if peace is not obtainable in that part of the world; how will it affect the rest of the world and their economies?
---lee on 1/20/07

War is a terrible thing, during any era of time. God instructed the children of Isreal to engage in war, backed with angels. We war Iraq, a nation who has been at war within for centuries. This war was as predicted as the nearest prophet. We either fight against terrorist in a foreign land or we will be fighting them here. You can't have it both ways, this is the beginning of the end, so fight there or here, you chose.
---Jerry on 1/19/07

Lee, what is really disgusting is that we are there in the first place.

The answer to this "war" is that there IS no answer. This is a war between different sects that have fighting amongst themselves for 1500 years. We cannot "win" this conflict and there will be no winners only more dead.
---NurseRobert on 1/19/07

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I think they should send ALL we have and get the job done NOW!! That way our soldiers can come home for good!
---Angie on 1/19/07

First, Lee I will be praying for your son's safe return home from Iraq. Second, I agree with those that say we should be praying for President Bush to make wise decisions for the - World (as this isn't just about America), for America, for Iraq citizens, and for our troops (and other European troops) that are fighting in Iraq and Afganistan. continued..
---Pat on 1/19/07

~ Third, America SHOULD NOT GIVE UP! That would be suicide! Everyone here is smart enough to know that. And Fourth, instead of bickering about it and knocking the president, we should also be praying for peace to come to this world. Our Prince of Peace. God bless.
---Pat on 1/19/07

Hi tizso, are you in the military? Just wondering.
---sue on 1/19/07

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Bush the father had a chance to topple Saddam and yet he hasn't done it. Ever ask yourselves why? The deal was struck and this time Bush the son could not achieve the same. Saddam demanded more and the President was not prepared to give. If you are talking about the free market, it also involves paying for the goods not taking them at the price of human lives
---Elisabeth on 1/18/07

This war isn't about the oil some much as it is ALL of America's interests --- and dealing with it there instead of here. And there are things worth dying for...more people die in CA each year from car accidents. If you don't like dying, stop driving.
---tizso on 1/16/07

There may be many who view the President as "unpopular". He is our Commander-in-Chief,however,and I support what he is doing for the World;I do not think any other person would be as successful in toppling Saddam Hussein from power.

Every Nation needs to add "muscle", if there is a goal of World Unity.
---rosem4839 on 1/16/07

That's right Daphn8897 & Steveng!
---Leon on 1/16/07

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That's right Daphne, we should pray for Bush to make the right decisions. We should be worrying more about the war that is going on in our cities (and other problems closer to home). Gang violance kills several thousand teens and adults every year. The soldiers are trained in their job, the kids who pull the trigger to kill another teen are not.

We also murder 400,000 potential Christian kids every year with abortion - a selfish act by the parent.
---Steveng on 1/15/07

I agree with President Bush because he is God's chosen leader for our country. I pray for him nearly every day...and my heart aches for him too. His choice and plan make more sense to me than to leave and encourage the "bad guys" to take over and target the USA even more.
---Amy on 1/15/07

Years ago, I read a quote attributed to Sergeant Preston of the Yukon: "The view only changes for the lead dog."

That says to me all the other dogs in the team (running behind the lead dog) get to see is a lot of snow & hiney. :) In truth, they really don't have a need to know all of what the lead dog knows. The lead dog is the only one who sees the big picture as he is driven (guided) onward to the end destination by the authority behind the scene who reins over him.
---Leon on 1/15/07

We disagree about President Bush adding 20,000 more troups in Iraq. We need to let Iraq stand on their own. We have done our part and lost so many lives. Bring our military home.
---JK on 1/15/07

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Interesting how we love to spout our opinions... instead of humbling ourselves and praying. We need to pray for God's wisdom for Pres. Bush - rather than bash him with uninformed tripe. I don't know the answer, except Jesus. I don't remember Jesus bashing those who ruled over Israel, ie the Romans, I do remember him dealing rather directly and harshly with those who were backbiting behind the scene... "vipers, and white washed graves" come to mind.
---daphn8897 on 1/15/07

What is truly disgusting is that when Bush asked the Democrats for a better solution to the problem, they merely replied that it is his problem not theirs. In other words, the Democrats do not have any solution to the Iraq situation.
---lee on 1/15/07

I'm in complete disagreement with Mr. Bush's policies as concerns Iraq. He is totally in the wrong, and will cost us more blood, more money and some of what will prestige we have left in the world today.
---Mima on 1/15/07

I AGREE AND I feel sorry for P. BUSH.I THINK HE does not know what to do at this point.I wouldn't want HIS job, not for one single day.GOOD DAY.
---CATHERINE on 1/15/07

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I don't really agree with sending more troops. We should have been in a position to let the Iraqi troops start to take over securing the country so we can at least reduce the number of U.S. troops there.
---John on 1/15/07

Alan, please tell me which country or countries the United States has annexed. NurseRob ol' buddy, I wasn't aware that the US is taking oil from anybody. As far as I know we purchase it by the barrel from all over the world. The Ringo Starr lookalike wacko president of Iran and his cohort Hugo Chavez have been meeting to see how they can hurt the US with their oil supplies among other things.
---ralph7477 on 1/15/07

America is a nation. Every nation seeks power; Rome, Greece, Egypt, France,Britain and every other nation that has risen to world dominance. Of course America is going to fight for its overseas interests, to not do so would be economic suicide. As Christians we should understand that God is also not a respecter of nations, Isaiah 40:17. Our job is to be obedient and let the world affiars play out to the Fathers design. Don't worry so much about day-to-day secular affairs.
---Ryan on 1/15/07

Uhhh, Ralph, because it's NOT our oil. Just because we need it to fuel our Hummers, Durangos, Escalades and such, does not give us the right to go take it.
---NurseRobert on 1/14/07

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All throughout the OT, God allowed wars to happen. Even today, God allows wars to happen. You people can speculate all you want, but it won't stop the wars. Everything that is prophesized about the end time will surely come to pass soon. What is happening today is in God's hands. So let it be and take care of yourselves and the people around you. May God protect you who ask.
---Steveng on 1/14/07

Ralph ... Hitler annexed neighbouring countries in the "national interest" of Germany.
That did not make it right.
---alanUKquent64534 on 1/14/07

What's wrong with the war being about oil? The free flow of oil a market prices is critical to the United States national interest. The President's job is to protect and safeguard those interests. Environmentalists have succeeded in stopping domestic oil drilling so there really is no alternative other than letting maniacal thugs control energy supplies.
---ralph7477 on 1/14/07

I agree with Jack, and Elder.

We must remain prayerful.
---lynet on 1/13/07

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No he should not
Bible admonition"Thou shalt not kill"
"No war monger will ever enter Heasven"
Christ wants, G. Bush in Heaven.
Bush should study his Biblr more
---Walter on 1/13/07

Alan, I guess I feel the freedoms being attacked in this country are much more important. That's why I joined the Constitution Party.
---faye4464 on 1/13/07

It seems that we, as a super-power, are delegated to be good stewarts of the worlds oil supply and to trust in God for our troups safety.
---Robert on 1/13/07

Strongest motivation Bush has; not to quit too soon as the first President Bush did with Desert Storm War. He doesn't want to make the mistake his father did which is what took us back to Iraq. If the US had finished what they started then there would have been no need to be there now. Oil didn't destroy buildings in NY on 9-11 ,it was terrorist and that couldn't be ignored plus Sadaam Hussein was giving money to Al- Quida through Osama bin Laden's number two man Ayman al-Zawhari ,to bankroll terrorism.
---Darlene_1 on 1/13/07

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Susie, I'm extremely proud of your son too. My son and daughter have been deployed to Cuba and Iraq and I'm proud of them also! And I'm not even for this war! Let ALL the people who want this war help fight it, I mean REALLY help fight it.Let them know what it feels like to have a loved one put their very lives on the line for the reasons we are there (which I still dont really know why).I support each and every one of our troops God bless them. I just hate this war.
---sue on 1/13/07

I agree with Jack, Elder & Ryan.
---Leon on 1/13/07

Its about oil.
---MikeM on 1/13/07

I disagree with sending more troops. However,our President must have reasons unkown to us.
---jan on 1/13/07

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Mary, the funny thing about this form of communication is that it is completely devoid of personal interaction. This leads to many confusions, such as you thinking me arrogent, because communication is 90% non-verbal. You can't hear inflections in my voice or see my posture as I speak.
---Ryan on 1/12/07

We better be prepared to do more than that! ---Read: America Alone--- We are about to be overrun!
---Tizso on 1/12/07

I find it interesting that, when I first started reading Christianet blogs, by far the majority of the posts were pro-Bush and pro-war in Iraq... now it seems much more evenly divided. Considering I had my patriotism questioned when I dared to speak against the war, I have to smile..
---NurseRobert on 1/12/07

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