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The Divorced Missionary

Can God use me as a missionary if I'm divorced and re-married? I'm judged from pastors and churchs all over but in the country I serve in where no one is serving the people are begging me to stay what should I do? God has allowed me to stay but man is doing all he can to stop me please help.

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 ---John on 1/13/07
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Wow how many people do not know there bibles. John, I lost my wife over the Gospel and God provided me a wife, a wonderful Christian lady. All because I was obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ. I used to believe like the others until I studied the issues and prayed. My ex left me, there was no way to salvage it, and she hated the work of the Lord. Bible 1 Cor 7:27 Are thou bound unto a wife? seek not to be loosed. Art thou loosed from a wife? seek not a wife. 28 But and if thou marry, thou hast not sinned, and if a virgin marry, she hath not sinned. Nevertheless such shall have trouble in the flesh: but I spare you. The Lord is good my friend, keep preaching and don't let any of these comments bother you.
---Russ on 5/6/18

Sandy, I LOVE your post! Bless you! :)
---Mary on 1/8/11

Jesus didn't have a problem using the divorced. The woman at the well was the first missionary. She had been married 5 times and the guy she was living with was not her husband. When she said she had no husband, Jesus said that she answered right. God used her and with her testimony a whole town came to believe in Jesus. I think Jesus would say let those without sin throw the first stone. We are all forgiven. Also read David Instone-Brewer's book. You might be surprised what the Bible really says on the subject of divorce.
---sandy on 1/8/11

I'm sooo sorry :( Men can judge up to the eyeballs!! :( Shame on your critics and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR WIFE.
---Mary on 11/11/07

John: Stats don't prove a calling. In seminary, one prof showed a clip of Jim Jones, declaring himself god. His delivery was so good that others and I sorta let that part slip until after the film was over, and we collectively sighed. His stats were so good he got 900 people to commit suicide, and murder a congressman.

You are not JJ, or else you would not post here, but from my keyboard, you seem to focus on yourself, but not kingdom issues.
---John_T on 2/15/07

2/ You do not mention how long ago the divorce was and remarriage (assuming to another) happened. If new wife is the other woman that is more to stir the pot.

Most telling is your apparent reluctance to have accountability; it is as if you want to be a lone ranger. That indicates pride, not a heart of servanthood; a prime quality for EVERY missionary.

Consider humbling yourself to come under authority so that in Gods due time you may be most fruitful.
---John_T on 2/15/07

3/ You know what I am saying is true, you are not the first missionary to slip, and you wont be the last. Gods calling and election are sure, he has gifted you to serve overseas, but now, due to all divorce & remarriage entail, you MUST step aside for a while so you can be restored COMPLETELY.

Surely your sponsoring agency has resources for you; if not other denominations can help such as SBC, or the C&MA. They are the biggest.
---John_T on 2/15/07

" With 3 church plants and 250 baptism's I feel God has shown I have been called."

This is very faulty/dangerous logic. Where, for example, do you see Paul defending his calling by citing statistics?

If results were the "proof" of a calling, were does that leave all the false teachers who have amassed tremendous empires "in the name of Jesus." Following the same logic, we would have to say they must have been called too.
---Bruce5656 on 2/15/07

If you wanted to please God, you would seek an answer from Him; but your most fundamental sin is putting your faith in men since that is whom you are seeking an answer from. Don't fret! ALL of us commit this sin, but we all must repent of it before we can enter the kingdom.

Also, at some level, the reason you are seeking an answer from men is that God's answer is hard, and you lack the faith to believe you can bear it.
---truth on 2/14/07

John T.....I have come to admit and own my part of the divorce just like every road it has 2 sides and I know on both sides in the past marrage was caused from both. I have had to deal with that first and I have a clean slate with the Lord and with my self.

Now we fast forward to today and a new marrage and I'm standing in the G.A.P. as a full time missionary with a wife at my side. With 3 church plants and 250 baptism's I feel God has shown I have been called.
---John on 2/11/07

John, more details, please. There are good reasons for divorce, then there are lame excuses. You need to deal with that first.

Then deal with your part in the break up. All behavior is caused, and you need to own your part of the break up, and deal with God about that.

THEN you can deal with the issue of being called to serve. There are too many pastoral wrecks who tried to do a run around God's restoration and calling then discipleship, and went out as a lone ranger.

---John_T on 2/10/07

If God could use Paul, he could use anyone. If God could forgive Paul, who persecuted Christians before being converted, he can forgive anyone. Paul was far from perfect in the eyes of man. He had committed many sins. Surely one would think that he should not have been ministering to anyone. Yet God STILL CHOSE HIM to be one of the most prolific and inspiring writers of the New Testament.
---Shantay on 1/20/07

Thanks for all the words every one has written to me...please keep praying for us and I Will Stay In The Fight until the Lord tells me other. Some people mentioned the would like to help how can I reach you? thanks again a happy missionary John
---john on 1/18/07

Carla, God only casts those away whose names are not in the book of life.
---Faye4464 on 1/18/07

John, keep your head up. Foreget about what man says, and do what God is telling you to do. The woman at the well became an evangelist after having six husbands. The lord did not stop her from preaching the gospel. He just told her go and sin no more. Foreget about religous people. They will have you bound up and not able to do anything for the Lord, unless it fits their standards. Live for God and not man.
---chant7679 on 1/17/07

If you re-married and your spouse did not commit Adultery or Fornication your work will save others but you yourself will will become a castaway. If you divorced because your wife had sexual relations with another then you should continue with your job and not need to worry what others have to say! Either you know the word or you don't.
---Carla5754 on 1/17/07

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--- John your description of the persecution that you are receiving from the churches and their pastors is proof positive to me that you are doing the right thing. Just stand fast almighty God will see you through!!!!!
---Mima on 1/16/07

When Jesus said to go out and spread the gospel to the whole world he did not say, "Only if you have never been divorced and remarried." The woman at the well had had five husbands and the one she was with at the time was not her husband, yet she spread the gospel to her whole town.
---Susie on 1/16/07

Honestly, I am much more confused now than before on this subject. I dont care about what people say. Let us get clarification on Man of God and Man of people! I hate people applause, but appreciates Goids approval.
Now... Will a remarried Pastor enter into the kingdom of God?? Can a teacher on this subject help us here?.
---segun2326 on 1/16/07

John....There are many of us who have been divorced and remarried who are serving the Lord where He has called us. Don't let any person stop you from doing what God has called you to do. Time is running short. We need to let everyone know about Jesus before it is too late.
---Susie on 1/15/07

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Yes, God can use you if you are divorced and remarried. He just wants you to be willing and to serve Him where He has planted you. Always follow favor. If the people where you are serving now accept you, your family, and your ministry then stay there. Do not worry about man. God will give you the resources both financially, emotionally, and spiritually to stay where He has planted you and to finish the work He has called you and your family to do. Joy9988
---Joyy9988 on 1/15/07

There is speculation by some that St. Paul himself was divorced as if he had followed the traditions of the Pharisees - the party he belonged to, he would have been married. But he was single while being a missionary.

Also there is some that believed Moses divorced his wife Zipporah as we read she came to him with her father Jeftro after Moses had sent her home - Exodus 18:2.

You need to heed your calling and disregard the judgment of others.
---lee on 1/14/07

John, We all have to learn to let go of what other people think of us. It is sometimes very difficult. I realized that it is pride that worries about what others think of us. ALL that matters is obeying GOD'S call on our lives. Stay put until God tells you to go. He may change those around you but he may move you. I KNOW that he wants all to see HIM in you. If all they see is what THEY think is wrong then they are judging and "God has committed all judgment unto the Son." Wait for HIM.
---faye4464 on 1/14/07

Remind those judgmental people that only those without sin can cast the first stone. No one is without sin. We are all short of the Glory of God, Saved by Grace.
---Pat on 1/14/07

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IF God has called you, it is irrelevant what anyone else thinks. God does the calling and the annointing. If the calling and the annointing is upon you, you have God's approval. Why worry about the approval of men?
No one will stand before God to answer for the burden He has placed upon you but yourself. If He has called you, abandon yourself to His calling. The people who judge you are probably too spiritually lazy to go themselves.
---RICHARD on 1/14/07

"You don't throw the baby with the bath water!" A few years ago, I was on the board of a church that was considering a muisc director who was divorced. "To turn his spiritual talents away would be a waste," I told the congregation. He was hired. But I think you are asking the wrong people. Have you asked God? While I'm very much against divorce and re-marriage, (based on the Bible), in general, I think each situation has to be considered on it's own merits.
---wivv on 1/14/07

Dear Mary, Don't mistake criticizing/judging with discerning sin/error(John 20:23), there's a big difference! It depends on John's situation, if Christians were falsely accusing him or discerning error(John 20:23). God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/14/07

If you have read the bible on divorce you would know if your marriage is valid in the sight of God or not. If you do not know what is right how will you the blind lead the blind. Stop blaming others for your own mistakes and do what God has asked you to do. Then you will be able to see clear enough to take the plank out of other peoples eyes.
---Carla5754 on 1/14/07

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Dear John,
What God has called you to, men have no business saying you can't because you are divorced. Divorce is not the unforgiveable sin. People who have sold drugs and been in prison even have repented and God uses them. Why should divorce be such an issue. God does forgive. I don't understand why Christians can't. God has a calling on your life. A missionary is not the glorfied thing people may think, it is hard work. If you are willing, God is with you.
God bless you in your work,
---Jane on 1/14/07

John. Is it unlawful for you to do good? The Bible doesn't instruct you anywhere that you can't produce fruit for the kingdom of God. Man will always have his opinions but God comes first. Your remarriage, even if it was wrong, doesn't eliminate you from going out and fulfilling the royal commission. If your money is as good as it was before then so is the Word that you preach and the helping hand you give.
---john on 1/14/07

John, look to God's grace and receive His mercy. God forgives and forgets where man doesn't. God will use anyone that has a heart for Him and is willing to yield and be used. Don't look to man for approval, you may not get it. Look to God and seek His will and He alone will tell you, "Well done."
---Debbie on 1/14/07

Maybe it's not divorce churches have difficulty with, but remarriage. Could depend on reasons for divorce, were they Biblical? Were you saved before divorce? Lots of questions to answer. I agree divorce is not unforgivable sin, G-d does forgive this & will use us in His work. Being a missionary does not fall under the same guidelines as being a pastor or elder that I see. We are all to go out and preach the gospel to every nation. Blessings to you & your family in your continued work for the L-rd.
---Phyllis on 1/14/07

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John, I personally think that the problem with so many "christians" today, in regard to divorce is due to a mis-interpretation of the passage giving qualifications on elders and deacons. This passage teaches against polygamy, not necessarily divorce/remarriage. If God has called you into this place, then by ALL means stay. God bless
---tommy3007 on 1/14/07

Congratulations John; I'm delighted to see your growth in knowledge about the world, the churches, and their pastors. Now as to what you should do the answer is simple you should stay. Continue your work keeping your eyes on Jesus and letting the world and all its worldliness pass by. I am praying this very hour that the Lord would give you peace and richly bless you. And he will.
---Mima on 1/14/07

**If you must.....start your own mission! If you need me, I will help you.**

That's right.

If the church doesn't confirm your vocation, go off on your own and do things in your own strength.

As it is written: Some were sent, and others just went.
---Jack on 1/14/07

John,I've been separated for 15 years now.My husband was an unbeliever,actually he is a muslim .He always wanted a son and left me when my 3rd daughter was born.I forgave him eventually and raised my 3 girls all alone by myself.Been a tough job for me in a strange land where I have only but a few christian friends.Our leaders here also discuraged me to consider remarrying even to christian guy.
---Liz on 1/14/07

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John, My first thoughts are What has God written on your heart now- in this present time to serve him. Then do it. Perhaps He is showing you something through this... about men. My thoughts are be blessed and serve HIM well. Someday we all stand before Him- and it is then that will count- I think God is bringing us all to our End through various means. And so "Let It Shine" Matt 5: 13-16 so they will see your good works and praise your Heavenly Father. Blessings,
---Cindy on 1/14/07

OBEY GOD and not men. I do not pretend to understand my GOD very well, but this I do know. IF you are serious about wanting to serve GOD, HE will use you. HE really needs some good people.Ofcourse, DON'T GIVE UP.
---CATHERINE on 1/13/07

Divorce is not the unforgivable sin, but it would certainly seem so in many churches.
A murderer can be a missionary if he has repented and saved by Christ, but divorced people are treated as "unclean". I have experienced that pain myself.

If you are a believer in Christ, forgiven and indwelled with the Spirit, then by all means serve! Never neglect the gospel because of the ridicule of men.

If you must.....start your own mission! If you need me, I will help you.
---bila4859 on 1/13/07

Dear John, if God has placed you there and qualified you then there is no man who can disqualify you.

There is nothing you can do to un-sin a sin, but if God has forgiven you and promised that your sin would no more be counted against you, then what sin is there to separate you from where he has placed you and his love for you?

"I serve in where no one is serving" You must not quit.
---Pharisee on 1/13/07

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Dear John, Take everything to the Word, the Word is your saftey, if you think God is telling you something, it will be in harmony with His Word, if it isn't, then you know that it didn't come from Him. I hope this helps. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/13/07

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