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What's Up Guys

Its been a while guys, we need a new relaxed "WHAT'S UP" blog! I love hearing what everybody is up to.

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 ---NV_Barbara on 1/15/07
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Four corners is a beautiful part of the country. I love the fact that it is so rural and quiet.
---Susie on 9/1/08

My family is from TN, I am decended from the 'Bell witch' people. i live in So Cal.-Near Redlands.
---MikeM on 7/29/07

sheesh John T see you on the other waddup blog.. we don't wanta make mom (NV) mad lololololololol
---willow on 1/28/07

Willow, I also have a bat story, but true.

One Jamuary Sunday, in a church that was more of a family club than anything, I had a bat dive bomb on me, and circle the church three times before exiting while I was peaching.

When I tried to make an object lesson about the "bat from hell" some thought I was being silly, and laughed.
---John_T on 1/28/07

Everybody go to the NEW 'What's Up' Blog please!
Thank you for your patronage....
---NV_Barbara on 1/28/07

pastor joke (as a pastor I can get away with it)
3 pastors were talking about bat problems all 3 churchs had bats roosting in them. the first pastor said. "we tried the humane way trapped all of 'em drove 500 miles and released them. their back." the second preacher said I grabbed the shotgun and started firing we need to replace the roof. the third said I solved our bat problem. the other two stuned ask how. the preacher said I baptised and confermed every one and haven't seen them since.
---willow on 1/28/07

We're too close to the bottom, shall I start a new blog before we're all lost on the right column with all the old blogs?
---NV_Barbara on 1/28/07

1st Cliff - too funny!
---Pat on 1/28/07

Madison, when I was a kid we lived in the city, and on the front porch was a railing around with brass balls on top of the railing every couple of feet apart. One winter day snow was on top of the brass balls, and I thought "I'll lick off the snow like ice cream". I went to lick the snow, and bam! my warm tongue stuck fast to the frozen brass ball like superglue. I screamed and yelled, and someone came out of the house and then got a glass of warm water to thaw my tongue free. Now that was cold.
---Eloy on 1/27/07

Pat, I think that is what they call Indian summer.
---Eloy on 1/27/07

Willow, you are too funny. LOLOLOL
---Madison1101 on 1/27/07

It was so nice hear today that I ran errands wearing short sleeves! LOL! (It won't last).
---Pat on 1/27/07

Side by side neighbors here a Priest and a Rabbi always watching each other with a little hint of jealousy. Priest buys a new Lincoln, Rabbi goes out and buys a Cadillac. Priest sprinkles holy water on the Lincoln. Rabbi cuts two inches off the tailpipe of the Cadillac!
---1st_cliff on 1/27/07

trish ooooohh *sigh* why dont you make talamies so your weather report will be chilie today and Hot tamalie ( bad puns are contageous) lololol
---willow on 1/26/07

It is so cold here, my lips froze when I licked them. I need to find my long underwear, because I am freezing. I praise God my apartment includes heat and hot water, as I keep the thermostat high.

Need to get chili fixings, it is chili weather.

---Madison1101 on 1/26/07

Hi Cliff You are like the Blonde went Ice fishing saw a sheet of large Ice started to dig & a voice said'Not here' so she goes a little further Starts to dig another again Voice "there are no Fish Here" moves to the far side again Digs & again the Voice 'no fish Here" In desperation she screams ":then where"Reply comes back "This is an Ice rink try the lake"
---Emcee on 1/26/07

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Temp this morning was -25 that was no joke.the snow tires that I bought melted and my wood stove caught fire,went ice fishing and it took me all day to chop a hole big enough for my boat.Some days nothin'goes right!
---1st_cliff on 1/26/07

"Than Franthisco Thilly!"

Now you're speaking my language! :)
---Kay6588 on 1/25/07

Hi there,
Love the stupide jokes. I really needed a chuckle today. I am bummed for a lot of reasons.

You guys always make me smile.

NV. I lost your phone number. You know how to reach me via e-mail. Love you, Sis.
---Madison1101 on 1/25/07

Our moluccan cockatoo,Betty, loves fruit loops! Betty is a bird with an attitude. Some of our friends call her Ugly Betty. She even stomps her foot when she wants something. Fruit loots does the trick everytime!
---Susie on 1/25/07

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mortal: What is a millions years like to you?

God: Like one second.

mortal: What is a million dollars like to you?

God: Like one penny.

mortal: Can I have a penny?

God: Just one second.
---John on 1/25/07

Nyuk Nyuk Willow! I think that's cute!
I have the #, I guess I should try to call the old dude today. Thanks for telling me about his 'puter being on the fritz.
Hugs bro.
---NV_Barbara on 1/25/07

John *OUCH* well it is nice to know that bad jokes run in the CN family.

---willow on 1/25/07

bad joke time (since we are in cereal mode thank you NV lol)
a rabbi was ship wrecked on an island. this island has a group of little people called trids, and a 7foot tall giant who would kick the Trids whenever he would see them. well the Rabbi full of moral outrage confronted the giant asking him why would you kick these gentile small people. the giant smiled and said" SILLY RABBI KICKS AREE FOR TRIDS." baaad joke time is over.
---willow on 1/24/07

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Than Franthisco Thilly!
---John on 1/24/07

ok John as I am in the Baaad joke mood anyway lol. where did fruit loops come from?
---willow on 1/24/07

Elders computer is on the fritz! I called him yesterday,he told me to tell you he will email you as soon as he gets on line.if you want to call him email me at you know where and I will give you his #.Jerline is doing good as well.

GOD bless you sis.
---willow on 1/24/07

"Answer this question. Where do fruit loops come from?"

John, I give up! My brain is starting to hurt!
---Kay6588 on 1/24/07

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Fruit Loops huh...from the colorful sugar factory? Sugar demons sneak in the Cheerios factory and dump sugar and color on some and voila'....Fruit Loops!
---NV_Barbara on 1/24/07

Susie, I am so jealous. I want a snow storm with school closings real bad. Teachers love snow days. We get a day off too.

I am having a really rough time at work. My middle schoolers are really out of control these days.
---Madison1101 on 1/24/07

You guys are all gone goonies Trix & trikes are 3 wheelers meant for kids learning to push & pedal.First training wheels!!!!
---Emcee on 1/24/07

Ok John, I'll bite, where do fruit loops come from?
---Peter on 1/24/07

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Fruit loops come from a jungle habitat. I saw it on the box. or it has something to do with that parrot. Or the idea comes from the rainbow!
---mike on 1/24/07

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, uh huh.

Susie, that's just plain silly. I like silly, though. Laughter is medicine.
---R.A. on 1/24/07

I had wonderful snow storm too. But more like 2-3 feet! All snow nothing else. only tranportation > horse. goat too small.
---Vlad on 1/24/07

We had a wonderful snow storm (2-3 inches). They call that a storm here in the desert. Just about every business (including the post office and schools) closed for the day. Of course, the sun came out the next day and melted it all. What kind of storm is that? LOL!!!
---Susie on 1/24/07

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Answer this question. Where do fruit loops come from?
---John on 1/24/07

I like coco puffs too. If Im the first one in the box of those little beauties, they are history. They go so fast- the rest of the family forgets we had them. Time to get more.
---Ty on 1/24/07

My daughter corrected was 15 girls. 3 of the 4 adult women (including me) gave it up at 3 am and left the rest of them to enjoy the party :) We cooked 10 lbs of bacon to go with the pancakes for breakfast! I think I am finally recovering :}
---Angela89 on 1/24/07

"Coco puffs are afro Kix and I love them too."- John

---Kay6588 on 1/24/07

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Trix are for rabbits, and other creatures. I have been called a silly goose and I love Trix, Kix and adventure flix.
Coco puffs are afro Kix and I love them too.
---John on 1/23/07

"It was a little crazy at a sleepover with 14 girls."

A LITTLE crazy!! When my daughter invites just ONE friend for a sleepover its A LOT crazy! I cannot imagine having 14 of them. My blood pressure goes up just thinking about it! :)
---Kay6588 on 1/23/07

"Yes! You are right! Trix are for kids! LOL!"-Pat

When I was little I felt so sorry for that poor rabbit on those Trix commericals. Poor thing, he just wanted one bowl of cereal, but those mean ol' kids took it away from him! Each time they would say "silly rabbit, Trix are for kids", I would yell at the TV saying "stupid kids, Trix are for rabbits!"
I was a weird child.
---Kay6588 on 1/23/07

I just got one of those text message picture things from my daughter, she's at the doctor and just found out her baby is a BOY! She sent me the sonograms of the baby inside of her tummy....THANK YOU GOD!
---sue on 1/23/07

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Yes! You are right! Trix are for kids! LOL! It has been a long time since I have kids in my home and they liked Peanut Butter Captain Crunch! Gobbled it up.
---Pat on 1/23/07

Oh my goodness! A sleepover with 14 girls??? LOL! I remember those days with my daughter.
---Pat on 1/23/07

don't feel bad Ty I like Captain Crunch :0)
---Angela89 on 1/23/07

Its OK TY---we're all kids at heart, and kids of the Kingdom! So happy to have you join us!
---NV_Barbara on 1/22/07

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"Kay-You just sound like someone I used to know."

MikeM, I wonder who that could be!?!
---Kay on 1/22/07

Pat- thanks for moving me over here :) I have been real busy the last few days with my daughter and girl scouts. It was a little crazy at a sleepover with 14 girls.
---Angela89 on 1/22/07

"Oh Ty, didn't you knw that Kix are for kids!! LOL! Welcome!"

Pat, I think you meant TRIX, not Kix. LOL!!
---Kay on 1/22/07

Oh Ty, didn't you knw that Kix are for kids!! LOL! Welcome!
---Pat on 1/22/07

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Hello everbody! Thanks for the welcome * Happy to be hear. I'm about to eat my cereal. I love cereal - especially with milk. Kix are good. By the time I read the whole box- the cereal is gone. Oh well have to buy more Kix.
---Ty on 1/21/07

Madison- I am squeezed in the middle, 'I walk the line'-the problem is its the broken white line! I think you know what I mean.(big grin)

Kay-You just sound like someone I used to know.
---MikeM on 1/21/07

"kay-You are so special. You are the 'Born again' of Born againers.'"

MikeM, thanks. And its so good to see that you didn't bail on me!!! :D

---Kay6588 on 1/21/07

Hi TY! I haven't seen you kicking around here before--WELCOME my bro....or sister!?
We're always glad to see a new face and make a new friend! GBY!

Thanks Willow, I love the openess and honesty without too much grumpiness here!
No killer rabbits here!
---NV_Barbara on 1/20/07

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MikeM: You don't dare leave. We need radical thinkers who can think for themselves on these blogs. Too many hard-righters out there. I would be lost without your thought provoking posts.

NV: I just talked to my pregnant daughter. She registered this weekend, and we were discussing her registry. What am I to buy her? Too many choices.
---Madison1101 on 1/20/07

Hello everybody!

---Ty on 1/20/07


GOD bless you for this blog.the Holy Spirit used you with this blog.there are some stiff opponets here, but all are believers in Christ, this really is what fellowship and the church is, no opponets just one another loving each other in Christ and in truth. thank you my friend again.
---willow on 1/20/07

NV Barbera. Thank you. Some tell me they like my postings. Its the more hard-core-right fundamentalist that seem offended, openly stating that their theology must be accepted at 'face value.' Questioning like mine is dangerious.

kay-You are so special. You are the 'Born again' of Born againers.'

Pat-look up Bell Witch on the web
---MikeM on 1/20/07

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Mepat, search the web. Mike doesn't want to discuss it further. I respect that.
---Todd on 1/20/07

Who is the Bell Witch?
---MePat on 1/20/07

Hello to all...always good to have someone new to talk with. I am a divorced mother of 3. 2 girls..14 & 12 and 1 boy..9 yrs old. I teach in a Christian school in our church full time. I am originally from Iowa, have also lived in UT, TX and now TN.
---Angela89 on 1/18/07

(I moved this over for Angela from "What's Up #20)
---Pat on 1/20/07

Todd-I will not reveal anything too personal about family history. Many say that the devils greatest trick was to convince the world he does not exist. That does not work for us. Certain things have been experienced by certain people in the family. To say haunting is to sound cliche,' lets just say manifestations, objective ones are not uncommon, sending some to seek therapy, others to state hospitals, and most to church, in church with a very healthy fear of the Lord.
---MikeM on 1/20/07

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Where have I heard that name before? It has a certain ring to it.
---Graucho on 1/20/07

"Whats up?If I am offending, as my posts seem abrasive to many,-as is my perception,- I will leave CN if requested to by the bloggers."

MikeM, you're not bailing on us, are you? ;)
---Kay on 1/19/07

Thanks Mike, I did receive your mailing. GREAT to be starting out my day reading your teachings again--and Elder's!

MikeM, who suggested you leave? We disagree on some things, but I like your posts they make me think. You and your family have been in our daily prayers for quite some time. BTW, are you still working in the Oregon area? It seems you came here at about the same time we moved from Las Vegas.
---NV_Barbara on 1/19/07

Todd, your ringing the wrong bell. Not interested.
---Peter on 1/19/07

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"Kay - I live in Fayetteville,TN is that anywhere near you?"

Angela89, I've heard of Fayetteville but I can't recall exactly where its located. Anyway, I live in Covington.
---Kay on 1/19/07

MikeM., do you believe the Bell Witch is a total fabrication as some have said?
Did anyone in your family tree have encounters with the Bell Witch?
---Todd on 1/19/07

Everybody's moving around the Country but we still end up here. Small web.
---John on 1/19/07

Whats up?If I am offending, as my posts seem abrasive to many,-as is my perception,- I will leave CN if requested to by the bloggers.
---MikeM on 1/19/07

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nevada its a done deal. you and steve should have gotten the the latest DBV its changed this year we are dealing woth issues. I need to foward you the disclaimer lol
---willow on 1/19/07

MikeM...My mother's maiden name was Bell. In fact, both her mother and father's birth names were Bell. They were "real hillbillies" in Oklahoma.
---Susie on 1/19/07

Rural it is and quiet it is. I love the culture here. Navajo Indians and their culture is especially prominent. There are also Apache and Ute reservations close by. The beautiful ancient Anasazi cliff dwellings are in this area. Moab, Utah and that area have beautiful cliffs and rock formations.
---Pat on 1/19/07

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