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They Never Knew Christ

What about the billions of people that died who never knew about Christ, will they go to hell? I was asked this question by an atheist.

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 ---Barbara on 1/16/07
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the wicked by nature who never heard the gospel will go to hell, and the righteous by nature who never heard the gospel will go to heaven.
---Eloy on 1/3/08

greetings.for barbara.What was your answer?
---earl on 1/2/08

An atheist has heard about Jesus Christ, Son of God and Lord and Savior and does not accept that as truth or that GOD is truth. Jesus said "he who rejects Me, I will reject." People that have NEVER heard of Jesus Christ are not athiests, and therefore, will not go to hell.
---Pat on 2/1/07

Sadly Roman as mentioned explains that them who died and knew not the word of God will perish. They didnt heed 2 the word of God or their parents didnt teach them. From Adam, everyone knew of the Word of God so there is no excuse 4 anyone 4 that matter 2 say they didnt know. Today, there certainly is no excuse. It is being aired, televised etc etc.
---jana on 1/31/07

I like the Bible answer (Ro. 2:12-15). Thanks Bruce. Good thoughts Ryan & Jack.
---Leon on 1/20/07

greetings. Is the american indian prior to america's discovery or children who meet a premature death and mentally challenged people who are unable to decide for their self hell bound suspects?How is one who has died pre Jesus era considered a suspect for information(revelation) not yet revelated?The american indian was cut off from any teachings from Jesus until sea travel became safe through technology from Europe.No land mass could support man's migration since the old routes were not accessable.
---earl on 1/17/07

I believe that people who die without hearing about Christ will go to Hell. God's Word does not teach a second chance for those who haven't heard. God knows by His foreknowledge just who will and who won't say yes to His Son Jesus. God will make sure the Gospel gets to those who will say yes.
---Helen_5378 on 1/17/07

I like Jack's answer.
---christina on 1/16/07

That's an impossible question for a man to answer but you must admit, there's neither a way or ability to know the life and times of everyone only God could figure that, but the fallen man supposes God as a man and so there isn't much God could do. Can he deny that morality and religion were shaken at it's foundation since the resurrection of Jesus Christ?
A simple reply in faith through the Holy Spirit is the legacy of Christ on earth. Pray to Find success in life and help others believe.
---Pharisee on 1/16/07

barbara, the world pop at christs birth is estimated at under 300 thousand up till the 1800s it was under 1 billion.and not over 2 billion until into the 1930s. more people are alive today that have not received the gospel than in all the preceeding history since christs death. probably 3 or four times .today is the day . the harvest fields are full. the fields are full.the dead are beyond are help,its the living we need to concern ourselves with.
---tom2 on 1/16/07

The answer to your question is found in Romans 2:12-15
---BRUCE5656 on 1/16/07

Jack has a good answer. I look at it this way. We all descended from Adam, it would be silly to think Adam did not share his experinces with his children about God. Noah's family had similar experiences with God. So there is no excuse for people not knowing about the God who created Adam and is the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. Somewhere in the lineage of mankind man started his own doctrines beliefs and gods. This wasn't God's fault.
---Ryan on 1/16/07

Yes, if you don't have Christ, you WILL go to Hell. Even if no one told you.
---Leslie on 1/16/07

I really like Jack's answer to this question.
---Mima on 1/16/07

The billions of people who never knew about CHRIST, will be in either heaven or hell. This is determined by wheather they KNOW the CHRIST within. They may not call it CHRIST, but CHRIST is much much much more than a name. PEACE.
---peter8365 on 1/16/07

The danger is not those who have never heard of Christ. Only God can resolve that issue with both justice and mercy.

The danger is this atheist persisting in his unbelief, and thus playing bingo with his soul after hearing about Christ.
---Jack on 1/16/07

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