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Should I Look For A Date

If I've chosen to wait on God to send me a mate, what do I do while waiting? I know I'm supposed to be obedient and live my life. I don't date anyway, but by waiting am I supposed to be looking for someone? Does God expect me to look?

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 ---ljt on 1/16/07
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For what i know,God never lie.Being obedient and waiting on God promesses can be the most important things to do.But God is doing is part and you do yours.I believe on one day.May God be with you all the time.
---peter on 7/24/12

2. There are many things we can do while we wait. The greatest of which is to continue serving God and His people.
Keep an active social life. It doesn't have to be dating. You can go out with friends male/female to church functions, dinner, movies, art/craft shows, bowling. Have fun, be yourself, that's what a man will want to see when he meets you, a lively, outgoing woman who has a life he can be a part of.
---lynet on 5/17/08

Thanks Marcia---I know He is preparing me as I've never had this feeling of expectation and hopefulness. I've no one even in my life right now, but I feel like I'm waiting for something and unless you ever had this feeling before it is very strange to be waiting but you don't know exactly what for.
---ljt on 7/16/07

No. Don't look, let God surprize you. Who ever the person might be- I think it is so awsome that God is preparing someone for us whom he knew in their mothers womb would be our soulmates. It is both deep and exciting. While your waiting draw close to God and get to know him intimately. Learn to build your trust in him and walk with him.
---Marcia on 7/16/07

Don't sit around and wait, but get out and meet people. Who knows, maybe you'll meet the right person at a gathering or meet someone who will introduce you to the right person. But in the meantime, enjoy life, grow in faith. I know I do! Being single is a great time in life, so enjoy!
---Katie on 7/16/07

As a woman who was single for a long time prior to marrying a few years ago, I know you are looking anyway. It's just normal. But, you are wise to let God put it together. I'll pray for you!
---Susie on 7/6/07

"Get out of the house and enjoy yourself."

Thats exactly what I've decided to do.
---Kay6588 on 1/30/07

No, I'm not expecting Prince Charming to show up at my door. But, I look at it like if God wants me to be with someone HE will put that person and myself in the right place at the right time. I don't know what else to do and I am tired of wondering so I have decided to do nothing until God reveals someone or noone, as the case may be.
---ljt on 1/18/07


Doesn't the man have some input into this?
---Jack on 1/18/07

YOU do as you please, GOD AND YOU, BUT I believe the best thing to do is not look. SOMEBODY WILL COME ALONG. BUT, YOU KNOW IT'S BETWEEN YOU and GOD, WHAT YOU DO ABOUT ALL OF THAT.
---CATHERINE on 1/17/07

What do I do while waiting?
By waiting am I supposed to be looking for someone?
Does God expect me to look?

God expect you to listen and do what the Holy Spirit is trying to reveal to you. If you go off looking before hearing from the Spirit, you are only going to get in your own way. Be patient and attentive to what the Spirit is doing in & around you.
---ShawnM.T on 1/17/07

I am a lady in waiting. Here are some things to study while your there the book of Ruth, Mary and Joesph, and Proverbs 31. Boaz knew If ruth could work in his field and take care of her Naomi then she was wife material. God put Mary and Joesph together. Only a good man would raise a seed that is not his. Proverbs teaches you to get yourself in order. You have to be made whole with God. Your don't go looking for it but you can sure send up a holy ghost blue print of what you want God to send you.
---Towanna on 1/16/07

Think the Lord would like us to go out there and mix around. Be it a date or a group function. It we are obedient and allow His will be done things will only goes better if the wrong ones comes along from God. Believe this, it is true. But never twist God's arm into getting what you think seems great, for we are all short sighted. Just remain faithful and enjoy His blessings even being single. God Bless YOU!
---ginni on 1/16/07

I prayed for someone who was looking for a job and he just sat around waiting on the Lord for one. What do you think about that?
Waiting on the Lord is good but waiting is an active word. Like in a restaurant. You sit and wait and the waiter does the waiting. So wait and be active. Like Jack says, he probably isn't going to come and ring your bell with a wedding ring unless you do your part.
---john on 1/16/07

If you want to find some one you are going to need to be a little proactive to make it happen. Try attending Christian singles groups and functions that cater to Christian singles and some blind dates set up from some of your Christian married friends. Networking works with dating, just like it does in the Business world. Not much is going to happen by sitting and waiting.
---notlaw99 on 1/16/07

I married in 2005 a guy that I met on this site. During my 3 years of being single, I enjoyed my life to the fullest. I accepted every invitation, tried new things, learned not to take myself so seriously, went out with friends that were female and male, prayed for God's will every day, and when it was husband appeared. Get out of the house and enjoy yourself.
---Annie on 1/16/07

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I do not believe that God expects you to go hunting but He wants you to trust that He knows what and who you need. Paul's advice would have been:
Php 4:6 In nothing be anxious; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.
Php 4:11 ...for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therein to be content.
Be passionate in what you do being single, loving the Lord and waiting for the best he has for you.
---Edmond on 1/16/07

I allowed God to bring my wife to me and we've been happily married now for 19 years. What to do ...? That's pretty easy, not to sound smug, but it's no different that what you do with your everyday Christian walk. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all of these 'THINGS' shall be added unto you." Also another, "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart." So, live everyday to the fullest in Jesus and see what God will do!
---Steve on 1/16/07

Susie, that's sound advice. We all look, think, listen, and hope while waiting for a mate. I'm not hunting, but I'm actively waiting. I Have prayed and asked the Lord for His will to be done. I set standards for myself, I leave myself open to meet/be introduced to single Godly men, I'm active in my church and community. I'm a good conversationalist/listner, I'm well groomed. My life exhibits the things I want in a mate. Not that we have to be just alike, but I do have standards just as he will have.
---lynet on 1/16/07

One of the purposes of dating is to get used to dealing with different people in different social situations.

What do you expect to happen, dear? Prince Charming will come ringing your doorbell, fall upon his knees, and ask you to marry him?
---Jack on 1/16/07

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