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Jehovah Witness Bible Differences

I asked the Jehovah Witness woman: Why not bring a King James Version to your JW Bible Study? She said, "Because there's such small differences." Please help me to show her what the differences are in each book. Can we start to list them here on this blog?

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 ---Donna9759 on 1/17/07
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Catherine, how true it is. Like letting a little child alone in a candy store to have as much candy as their heart desires, they will commonly glut until they are intoxicated thereby, so too people whom desire sin over the correction of righteousness are only hurting themself. I do not speak straight and strong words in vain, my words are meant to lead people aright, to turn them away from the road of error and guide them into the path of righteousness, and into the light which has manifold blessings untold for all those whom are disciplined thereby.
---Eloy on 8/28/08

.markv, Since I am a born-again Christian, I am not able to receive your falsehood. You speak falsehood, because there is no light in you. And until you get saved, instead of the truth you will hear what you desire to hear, and believe what you desire to believe, and say whatever you desire to say.
---Eloy on 8/28/08

Eloy you are absolutely right. Sweet words the Bible tells us, "are poisonous to your soul, but bitter words are good medicine. Scripture goes something like that, cause, I myself, have read it. It's in there!
---catherine on 8/27/08

Such arrogance, such self-righteous, such judgments. Using the words of God as an instrument to condemn others is the evidence of the fruits that show when you speak Eloy. Your gospel is not the Good News, it is the bad news. Your own wrath.
---Mark_V. on 8/27/08

Ok. Always nice chatting with you.
---scott on 8/27/08

.scott, Get saved, for if you are offended and turned away from the faith because of the hot gospel I preach, and you prefer to turn away from the faith and listen to dead sweet-sounding words which are not the gospel, then that is your own offense and you are unfit for the kingdom of God. This is war for souls, and if you will not stand boldly for the gospel, then you will be spit out of my mouth says the Lord, for better it be that you were either hot or else cold rather then a lukewarm nicety or a worldly politness.
---Eloy on 8/26/08

There are many "so-called" christians whom prefer the niceties on nonChristians rather than edifying the body. When you see a brother or sister that needs restoration, then restore them but do not dis them as the adversary of Christ. Whose side are you on? Christ's? or belial's? If Christ's, then love the body: but if beliel's, then continue to blaspheme and you will receive your just deserts. As I said before, I could easily list every name of the nonChristians here, but that is not my ministry. If my gospel offends, then let it offend onto your repentance that your offense be remitted: and if my gospel is accepted, let it be accepted onto your edification.
---Eloy on 8/26/08

shalla, A-men. According to Psalm 1, being nice may be good, but it falls short of Christian righteousness. I will not dilute the gospel, but I will lift up the standard. My words may be the double-edged sword, and this is commanded and this is right, and will effectively divide truth from error. And every soul must choose which side they will abide in, truth or error. And if any soul chooses error my words will continue to cut until they choose righteousness rather than wrong.
---Eloy on 8/26/08

Niceness does not get us in Heaven, Jesus said in John that without Comforter we are none of His Father's. We need the Comforter and in these last days God of Heaven and Earth have provided a way to instruct us on how to obtain it it is just up to us to do what He wants us to and it does not cost money for it. We just must be humble and pray to Him God of Heaven and Earth I suggest the prayer in Matthew six but you do not need to do that one just pray to Him, repent meaning to name our sins, meaning to admit the sins that you have commited and then be baptized in the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost you will know when you have the Comforter for He teaches you of all the things of God of Heaven and Earth.
---shalla on 8/26/08

God's word is the standard by which true Christianity is measured.

But your toxic "Go to Hell" comment here reflects the attitude that has turned many away from the Christian faith.

You confuse boldness with arrogance, and "making a defense for the faith" with making angry, often unsubstantiated, charges.
---scott on 8/26/08

.donna, many nonChristians are nice, but they are still going to hell, because many JW's are "nice" does not make them acceptable, for hell runs over with "nice" enemies of the cross. Perhaps your Christian friends are critical of you because you are not evangelizing as Commanded, and perhaps your Christian friends need for you to pray for them because they are going through some persecutions and hells which your nonChristian JW friend has never experienced in their lost and cozy condition. And if you favor your nonChristian JW friend over your Christian friend, then perhaps you should convert to nonChristianity also and go where your JW friend's destination is.
---Eloy on 8/25/08

A common misconception is that the NWT is the only bible to render John1:1 as they have.

"And the Word was a god." NT of our Lord Jesus Christ, Rooleeuw, 1694.

"And the Word was a god." NT in an Improved Version, 1808.

"The Word was a God." NT In Greek and English, Kneeland, 1822.

"As a god the Command was." Literal Translation Of The New Testament, Heinfetter, 1863.

"And a god was the word." The Emphatic Diaglott, Wilson, 1864.

"And a God was the Word." Concise Commentary On The Holy Bible, Young, 1885.

"And (a) God was the word." Coptic Version of the New Testament, Horner, 1911.
---scott on 8/25/08

Grab a New World Translation and any other translation out there and read John 1:1. The NWT says, "In the beginning was the Word..." (the Word being Christ), "and the Word was with God, and the Word was A GOD" If Christ was "A GOD" and God is God, the according to them there's more than one God. That's not Christian. That's Polytheism!!!!!!
---Paul on 8/24/08

Donna:-What is a WAZOO? Is it an instrument or a blow pipe?I am a little wet behind the ears.!
---MIC on 8/21/08

Donna:-Beware of "Ravenous wolves in sheeps clothing"What appears to be like Gold and shines like gold are also PYRITES "fools Gold." Entrapment is Satans Game.Remember the Garden of EDEN.He appeared as a friend.
---MIC on 8/21/08

Scott, thanks for your answer and honesty. I felt there was something else there. I find myself sometimes frustrated and a few times kind of angry at what some write, it is because of the passion we have as believers. I have seen many make mistake when they write, but I don't say anything since I feel what they stand for. And that is the Truth. I too need to do a better job.

I have seen what my sisters and uncle have done to our family. They too separated themselves from the family. I also agree with someone who said, that the witnesses many times act better then Christians. That does not surprise me since they are very controlled. They are called all kinds of names and they just walk away. But kindness does not prove salvation.
---Mark_V. on 8/21/08

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We can easily determine the actual belief system of any organization, Catholic, Baptist or otherwise by a casual examination of the written creeds and other writing of those organizations.

Your accusation was that JWs believe they must EARN salvation by knocking on doors. You've only offered your personal opinion as proof of that.

You would think, if they actually believed their salvation was not based on faith in Christ's sacrifice but door knocking, than it would be clearly documented in writing.

I guess, if true, they must also believe that those JWs who are invalid, physically impaired or otherwise unable to knock on doors, are doomed to rejection by Christ because they are unable to earn their prize?
---scott on 8/21/08

Yes Donna good point. Many who claim to be Christian are the Pharisees who condemned JESUS. Good on the outside rotten on the inside.
---Samuel on 8/21/08

This is interesting,,,,,,,,,,,,,

that a question is asked by some one, and answered by many,

then,, many doing the answering start debating amongst each other,,,

is this a debate ?
or is it a question / answer forum ?

and why attack each other for the different belief's ??

is this '' christian '' behaviour the right way ??
---aleia8534 on 8/20/08

Mark V,
No, I mentioned earlier that I am not a J Witness, nor do I in anyway presume to speak for or defend them.

My interest has always been in early, 1st century, primitive Christianity and the differences between what was believed and practiced then compared to what is believed and practiced today.

For whatever reason, the issue of making unfounded even out-right false accusations about any particular group is troubling to me. I feel compelled to call people on that sort of thing, if I have found information to the contrary in my studies. And yes I guess my comments do reflect some residual frustration from previous conversations. Guilty as charged.
---scott on 8/20/08

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Scott you see contradiction in what I've written, I can't!

I stand by what I have written that JW's must obey the dictates of the Watchtower Society to be 'saved.' One of these 'saving' dictates is door-knocking.

Whether you understand what I have written changes nothing.

Yes Jesus showed love but none the less called some of the Jewish leaders 'a synagogue of Satan', judging them as suitable to end up in hell. MarkV has expressed the love angle well.

The JW organization teaches anti-Christian beliefs but you defend them passionately. Strange.

BTW I am off to France today for a few months today and may not have time to come back here until I leave. Keep up the good work MarkV.
---Warwick on 8/20/08

Donna it is sad that your Christian friends don't treat you well. You need to move on.

Sadly your JW work-mate isn't the problem but the victim af a religion which will lead her away from Christ and to hell. Get this clearly Donna whether she is nice of not does not show that she is saved.

It is not that a person is a cult but as I have said that they are an unknowing victim of a cult, the cult being the organization that has ensnared them.

You need to pray for your work-mate and see if you can lead her to salvation in Christ, which as you know is the only way to be saved.
---Warwick on 8/20/08

I do not believe that it's necessary. The King James is not as much fun to read as the English version and some of the other translations. The differences, I haven't found any. Now, some may try and look for the differences, and you may find some. But I for one depends on Bible tools. Here is another thing. Judge whether the living God lives in a person, not what translation of the Bible one may prefer. I will suggest that you may check to see if the living God, does indeed live in you, and stop all the pettiness.
---catherine on 8/20/08

I'm going to get slammed for saying this JW friend at work treats me much better than my Christian friends outside of work. Then my personal Christian friends.

She doesn't criticize me like they do. They put down my other friends-she does not. They are critical of everyone that isn't a "Christian" and yet they have religious spirits up the wazoo.

It's easy to label someone a cult but hard to look upon their heart, see what it is searching for and be the friend to them that God wants us to be and win them that way.

Go ahead and slam me, but it's the truth.
---donna8365 on 8/20/08

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The Watchtowere teaches that only 144,000 are born again and they are all dying off. The rest of those who follow GOD will get to be their servents under GOD and live on the New Earth which they will have to help clean up after the Battle of Armeggedon.

Some of them look at this as earning salvation. But I have not read this as a statement of doctrine.

Love to others means we should treat them as we wish others would treat us. It also does not include name calling for the sake of calling names. GOD alone convicts of sin and wrong doctrine. We show the truth from scripture in love and let GOD do the work. Opposition is what many expect since they expect to be persecuted.
---Samuel on 8/20/08

Scott, are you are a J. Witness or just speaking for them? You say words as, accusations, bias, prejudice. Maybe he said something on another blog you didn't like and so you bring this up. It happens to me. I answer so many that so many are angry with me and questioned me on something else only because of what I said in another blog about what they teach. They get so angry they even change their names to say something to me. They have a different purpose then I do.

The question then would be, what do you love more? Does defending the Truth show more love then to just keep quit? Or, love everyone and the heck with all doctrines? What is our goal? Is it to defend the Truth in anyway possible? Jesus is the Truth. What is your purpose Scott?
---Mark_V. on 8/20/08

Scott, with respect I believe what you said to Warwick was un-necessary. Just because he called them a cult you questioned his love. God's people should do good to their enemies. But is closing the door on them not love? Is calling them a cult not love? Where do you draw the line what is love Scott? How do you measure it? God gives to some what He doesn't give to others. Just look at the kind of Love God showed to the enemies of Israel. He loved them, but killed them. Maybe His love for them was keeping them from continuing to sin. He loved them while alive because He gave them blessings. God's love is universal. Yet He displays it different even to the elect. Even to Jacob over Esau. Even with bringing the gospel to some and not others.
---Mark_V. on 8/20/08

I'm not surprised that you are now changing your story, and your accusation.

You said "In countless discussions with JW's over decades they admit that DOOR KNOCKING is part of their works-based salvation." Warwick on 8/16/08

Which I have been told by numerous JWs is a common false accusation so I asked you for proof. Something in writing that identifies your claim as an organizational teaching.

Now the "Works" you refer to apply, not to door knocking, but to 'obeying the Watchtower Society as a necessary part of their salvation."

An honest assessment would suggest that your accusation was, as I suspected, biased and untrue.
---scott on 8/20/08

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Re 'loving doctrines that undermine Jesus or the philosophy which committed millions of Jews to the Nazi slaughter houses?"

When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness 3 times by Satan he responded with the use of Gods word not conjecture or false accusations. He simply responded by saying "It is written..."

The defense for the faith should be based on the same principle, the use of God's word rather than unsubstantiated claims, IF we are following the beautiful example of Christ.

By the way, a trip to the Holocaust Museum reveals that 1000s of Witnesses lost their lives in those slaughter houses along with Millions of Jews. The price paid for standing up against Hitler. Where was your organization?
---scott on 8/20/08

Scott I've had long in-depth contact with JW's. They were very open about their beliefs telling me without any hesitation that, among other things they deny the deity of Christ, so are not Christian. They also denied (like some here) that salvation is by faith alone, telling me they are commanded to obey the Watchtower Society as a necessary part of their salvation. This is works.

Should you want more in-depth information Google 'Jehovah's Witness salvation by works' and read till your hearts content.

You talk of love but I ask: should we love doctrines which attempt to undermine Jesus' work upon the cross? Do we love the philosophy which committed millions of Jews to the Nazi slaughter houses?
---Warwick on 8/19/08

Mark V,
Using your rationalization, Jesus' illustration of the Good Samaritan is meaningless. Jews and Samaritans were essentially enemies with opposing religious views.

"Love your enemies." Mt 5:43,44)

"if your enemy is hungry, feed him. For if he is thirsty, give him a drink." Rom 12:20

The "Thin Line" that you speak of has been arbitrarily used for centuries by those claiming the right to determine, who measures up, orthodox/heretic and who is deserving of "Christian love."

In it's most innocuous form it takes the shape of prejudice and bias, (often unfounded). In its most heinous form it has resulted in church sanctioned bloodshed in atrocities such as the crusades.
---scott on 8/19/08

Scott, I was not saying what you said. I was answering to the verses you gave as your support. They were out of context for both passages were not meant for what you said.
Of course we are to show our love to others, but can you love someone who has killed a child, your mom, how about a ravenous wolfs? or those who blaspheme the name of the Lord? Do you believe that is what Jesus was talking about when He said love your neighbor? There is a fine line each one of us takes when it comes to whom we are to love. The Holy Spirit will guide us. For everyone has his own decisions to make when we meet someone are encounter those who speak against the Word of God. Your standards might be higher then someone else's.
---Mark_V. on 8/19/08

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If you're saying that Christian love is only intended for those within "The Faith" or those that agree with your particular understanding of "The Faith," then you're missing the most fundamental aspect of Jesus' teachings and the true meaning of Christianity itself.

"He saw a great crowd but was moved with pity for them, because they were as sheep without a shepherd. And he started to teach them many things." Mark 6:34

The Greek word rendered "moved with pity" has been called one of the strongest words in Greek for the feeling of compassion. It indicates "not only a pained feeling at [the] sight of suffering, but a strong desire to relieve and to remove the suffering."
---scott on 8/18/08


You'll have to remind me where I suggested that 'love of neighbor means condoning or overlooking the trampling of God's word.'

I never suggested such a thing, and have in my own small way, tried to make a defense for truth based on God's word by taking a close look at false teachings and traditions that have crept into the Christian faith since the time of Christ and the apostles.

But while we are under obligation to make such a defense we are also counseled to:

"Go on walking in wisdom toward those on the outside, buying out the opportune time for yourselves. Let your utterance be always with graciousness, seasoned with salt, so as to know how you ought to give an answer to each one." Col 4:6
---scott on 8/18/08

Yes, I guess it wasn't so much a question as it was a charge.

"You charged them with "Having to EARN their salvation."

I responded: *I'd like to see the proof that you have for that.*

If true, that must be in their writings somewhere, suggesting an actual organization belief that you accuse them of.

Otherwise it's an unfounded accusation on your part, which would make your other accusations least in my humble opinion.

Believing that "faith without works is dead" is not the same as believing that one can EARN his salvation.
---scott on 8/17/08

Scott, love our neighbor is not found in condoning and accepting them with love if they trample the word of God.
I explained in my answers to the passages you gave in 1 John and in John 13:35. The context was from believers to believers. The verses failed to make your point.
We as believers are moved by the Spirit to bring this truths to those who are already saved. That false doctrines will come and that God will make it possible through the Spirit for all who are His to see the wrong that they are doing by not only those who bring warnings but by good preachers, and evangelist. I believe they are a cult for the reasons I gave, not because of their preditions. And people should check for themselves and have already be warned.
---Mark_V. on 8/17/08

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In 1 John 4, he was talking to believers that needed to be aware of false teachings, but not be afraid. Since those who have experience the new birth with its indwelling of the holy Spirit have a built-in check against false teachings. (2:20,27). The Holy Spirit leads into sound doctrine for genuine Christians evidencing that salvation has actually occurred (Rom. 8:17). False teachers even with their perversions can't take them out of the Lord's hand. 4:6 tells us "by this we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error" verse 7. "Beloved," let us love one another" Speaking to the beloved. verse 9 says, "In this the love of God was manifested toward us" still talking to beloved.
---Mark_V. on 8/16/08

Scott you wrote: 'Still waiting for your response to my question.'

What question was that?

I am very busy on occasion, as at this moment,I leave for France for a few months on Thursday, with lots to do before then. However repeat your question and I will endeavour to answer.

As regards the JW organization they fit the definition of a cult as among other things they deny the deity of Christ. They have also retranslated the Bible to fit in with their beliefs.

In countless discussions with JW's over decades they admit that door knocking is part of their works-based salvation.

I am not prejudiced towards the JW's as it was experience of their beliefs which led me to my position. That's the opposite of prejudice.
---Warwick on 8/16/08

Scott, having read what Robert wrote I consider you have made a false accusation in the hope of point scoring.

If we are to believe you then love comes before truth. If so then let us fall over one another in love, and truth be damned! What a perversion!
---Warwick on 8/16/08

Scott, God has the last word, not me. I pointed out that the Lord is clear as to what He does not tolerate. God is very direct, particularly with a believer, as a parent is to a child. Again, look at Revelation, if you are luke warm, He will spew you out of His mouth. What does that mean? There is to be zero tolerance within a believer of non truths. I agree, we are to bear the fruits of the Spirit, long suffering, slow to anger, patient, and love. Without doing so we are no different than the world. God has been very patient with us all. However, I have seen in my life time of many years, the potential danger of the "lets all get along" taken in a compromising direction. Thats all. God Bless You with all wisdom and health.
---Robert on 8/15/08

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I too believe as Paul said at Heb 4:12. "The word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword..." NASB

We should be bold defenders of true Christianity and are commissioned by Christ to do so.

But in making accusations and charges against any particular group, the playing field should be even and the standard by which we judge must be scriptural and not based on bias.

I've never heard Billy Graham called a false prophet, yet he made an end-time prediction that failed. Nor were those that he's influenced called a cult for believing him. Even more significantly, the major Christian institutions have done the same historically...where's the apologetic website for THAT?
---scott on 8/15/08

Of all the qualities that God displays- including Justice, Power & Wisdom, the only quality that he is described as actually BEING in scripture, is love. It's his most dominant quality. 1 John 4:8

While Jesus was a powerful champion for truth, (as we should be), it was his love that drew people to him.

Your comments to me have not reflected the fundamental Christian quality that is the identifying mark of the true faith.

"By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love among yourselves."-John 13:35

I'm sure you would like the last word on this, feel free, but for my part I'll wish you well and let you focus your angry version of Christianity on others. All the best to you.
---scott on 8/15/08

Still waiting for your response to my question. Or perhaps, like are too busy.
---scott on 8/15/08

Scott, you failed to see what Warwick said in the beginning, "Our first duty is to Jesus who is the truth" I believe that tells it all of what he means. While you gave a whole lot of names, it only means they are human and make many error's. That is why we should not believe everything man says, but what the Lord has to say. There is not one man who is exempt from giving false prophecies, and that is why we should judge everything man say's by the Word of God.
I don't believe speaking the Truth to an individual is wrong, and if those words hurt him, what else can we expect? Speaking about God and His Word hurts everyone who is lost. It is the Word of God that touches the heart of the lost and brings him to the light.
---Mark_V. on 8/15/08

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Samuel, I don't believe that when Warwick evangelizes he tells them they are cults. Telling them they are cults is not the Gospel of Christ. I don't call them cults either, but they are a cultic religion. I am not evangelizing you. All we are stating is that they believe that Jesus is a created being, and not God. Which is the Truth, and as such they are considered a cult to all Christians. Now you might not like that word been use, and you want everyone to be kind and not mention cult, but many who are saved already, might not know and they could be led astray if they don't. We are given enough warnings in Scripture to be aware there is wolfs out there.
---Mark_V. on 8/15/08

Scott I do not follow Luther, Wesley or Fred Flintstone. I follow Jesus Christ and Him alone. I do not follow man's dictates or his ideas.

If the minister of the church I attend made a false prophecy, or fell into error, he would be removed or I would leave. I did so once before. I believe we must not be respectors of man but servants of God.

Some denominations/individuals have fallen into error and some have sought forgiveness, and turned away from their error. However I have never read that the JW leadership has rejected the error of their earlier leaders.

The difference is that those held captive by cults are obedient to their denomination, and their leader, not Christ. That is one of the points which defines a cult.
---Warwick on 8/14/08

Scott, John 8:44, Jesus said "you are of your father the devil" because they did not believe He came from the Father. He did not say it in a milk toast fashion, but with conviction. Jesus, aggravated at the money changers in the temple, let his disgust be known. He told those who beckoned Him to come to Pilate, He replied that they should "tell that fox" he had work to do. Jesus was not apologetic for the Gospel, and yes he wove His love in his demeanor and actions. But He drew the line and did not soft sell the Gospel. Some will be offended. Well, some can act like babies. Didn't he say He was the rock that some would stumble on? Jesus is not a pin cushion. He is a King and Majestic. We must see Him this way. I do.
---Robert on 8/14/08

Samuel what word should we use to describe organizations which strongly oppose orthodox, Biblical Christianity, or a liberal, heretic, drunkard, drug-addict? Have we become so politically correct we longer call a spade a spade?br>

Jesus loves the sinner but hates the sin, and called the Pharisees a synagogue of Satan. An abusive term in your definition-but true. Islam's a false and murderous religion, but Muslim's themselves are its victims. Separate the individual from the organization.

As a Christian I accept the Lord opposes those who purposely live sinful lives but does He hate them? Should I hate prostitutes or drug-addicts? Or should I love and pray for them while at the same time agreeing that their lifestyle is evil?
---Warwick on 8/14/08

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Standing for the truth is not an excuse for a mean spirited attitude and words. I stand for truth and following GOD. Hypocrites who JESUS knew were Hypocrites he rebuked. But I cannot read the hearts of men like He could. So I choose my words with love and care and seek to build up those to look to JESUS. Not by seeking to demean others.

Stand up for the Truth not by using words like cult. Find the truth you wish to uphold and do that. My words to witnesses is You must be Born Again. We must all be Born again.
---Samuel on 8/14/08

In your even handed approach on this subject you might want to include in your list of "false prophets":

Martin Luther. Predicted Jesus would return 300 years from his time, between 1830 and 1850. (THE FAMILIAR DISCOURSES OF DR. MARTIN LUTHER, Henry Bell/ Joseph Kerby,1818, pp. 7,8.)

John Wesley. The founder of the Methodist church, predicted 1836 for the date of the second advent. (THE PROPHETIC FAITH OF OUR FATHERS, LeRoy Edwin Froom, Vol.3,1954, p. 602.)

Add to that list: Baptists, RCCs, Mennonites, LDS, Calvary Chapel, Assemblies Of God, Presbyterians and others.

"Two years and its all going to be over." (Billy Graham, 1950, see US News & World Report, December 19,1994, p. 67).
---scott on 8/14/08

Samuel,we are to be kind and loving but our first duty is to Jesus who is The Truth. Therefore we must speak against error and heresy. The JW organization is a cult and a false prophet having made public prophecies of events which never happened. Read and see how Scripture deals with false prophets!

Jesus though kind and loving, far beyond any mere human, was scathing in his condemnation of those who perverted the truth, leading people away from God, as does the JW organization.
---Warwick on 8/13/08

I'm not qualified to defend an organization that I'm not a part of, let alone any of their particular views.

I would offer this much on their behalf- Originally you charged them with "Having to EARN their salvation." I'd like to see the proof that you have for that. If true, that must be in their writings somewhere. Otherwise it's an unfounded accusation on your part, which would make your other accusations least in my humble opinion.

I have read lots of anti-witness, anti-LDS, anti-Catholic, etc., etc., publications. But in my old age I have learned that the motive and intention behind such books and websites, (even when posing as a champion of true Christianity), is always in question.
---scott on 8/13/08

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Robert, Re Your comments to me: "Which planet have you had encounters? And where do you get off..."

If that's your way of setting the example of Christian humility that you feel the Witnesses are lacking...Boy, sign me up with whatever organization YOU represent.
---scott on 8/13/08

Samuel, what did Jesus mean,"let the dead bury the dead" and "He who has ears let him hear"? There is a fine line between excusing cult beliefs and making distinction. Jesus drew a line in the sand when the Pharisees and Sadducees were concerned and challenged them. He preached against lies and untruths. You are right on one point. A Christian is to be slow to anger and show love. Love toward the person..yes, but there should be no tolerance for a Satanic lie. When a person is made to feel its "OK" or comfortable to believe a certain way, they will pretty much not feel compelled to change. God will "spew" you out of his mouth if you are luke warm. (Revelation) Just make no excuses.
---Robert on 8/13/08

I'm not exactly sure how I ended up in what seems to be a defensive mode for the JWs. I'm certainly not qualified as such.

While I can sympathize with your family's experience, that's simply not the impression I've gotten from the Witnesses that have been neighbors or that I have worked with over the years.

One family that lived next door for several years actually became Witnesses while living there, and I've got to say, the arguing and other obvious problems stopped. Rather than alienate their family members they actually reconnected with many that they had lost touch with. And not to force their religion on them.

I'm not defending them, but I try hard not to be influenced by the prejudice of others.
---scott on 8/13/08

We are to be as gentle as doves and wise as serpents. Calling a person a cult member drives them deeper into their belief. We need to reach out in love. They expect Christians to be hateful to them it confirms that those who are such are false Christians. Love is the way of JESUS let us be sure we follow HIM.
---Samuel on 8/13/08

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Scott, you're right in some points but wrong that they don't earn their salvation, and wrong that they are not a cult. Works is the process of faith. And Jesus is not God to them. Most of them are very polite. Most of them are hard workers for their faith. And you can see a difference in them, but the evidence is made up of a different nature. I have witnessed to many, and have their books. My uncle was a J.W. elder for over 35 years. Though my uncle was kind, and lovable, he and my two sisters separated themselves from the rest of the family, and friends, and my mom was devastated by this. They were convinced that they were suppose to only keep the J. W. as family. Everyone else was a heathen or pagan that was lost.
---Mark_V. on 8/13/08

Scott, academic and altruistic philosophy aside, the JW cult is extremely evident by the spirit one can sense, as well as, their behavior. I have personally observed their behavior in more than one U.S. State, in hotels they illegally pack rooms with more than allowable people, are messy, rude to others and just exhibit a sense of some type of religious arrogance. Which planet have you had encounters? They are the same in overall behavior no matter where. And where do you get off on soft peddling their cult makeup? Its a lie from Satan, destined for Hell. They're in bondage and need deliverance. Sadly such a cult operates in opposition of a "common sense" view of scripture, much more a spiritual understanding of the truth.
---Robert on 8/13/08

Scott,anyone promoting anti-Biblical cultic philosophies is promoting anti-Biblical cultic philosophies. Simple.

Don't respect my opinions, they are just mine and die with me.

However we have a book, from God, which is the whole Truth-nothing but the Truth. If anyone promotes ideas contrary to it they're wrong. The Bible is what it is, even if I never existed, and isn't altered by my opinions.

The JW cult rejects basic Biblical principles such as Christ's deity. You should read 'Jehovah's Witnesses Answered verse by Verse' David A Reed, Baker.

Earlier I think you wrote against the trinity. This is a common cultic attack so forgive me if I saw your anti-Biblical attitude as cultic, but that's the way it looked to me.
---Warwick on 8/12/08

I had some JW come to my door we had a long talk. They did not come back for a long time. When I answered the door they said oh you still live here. Then left.

Many Witness leave the Kingdom halls and turn to JESUS all the time. But that is by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT. We can only teach.
---Samuel on 8/12/08

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I too have had many conversations with JWs and have made a thorough examination of much of their literature. While I may not always agree, my experience has been just the opposite from yours.

I believe your comments reflect a bandwagon mentality that classifies anyone as cultic that disagrees or challenges your opinion.

You may recall in OUR first conversation when I expressed a different opinion than called ME cultic.

Whether I disagree with them or not on certain issues I won't be jumping on your bandwagon anytime soon.
---scott on 8/11/08

Scott Jesus loves the sinner, hates the sin.

I've had long contact with JW's, read their literature, expert criticism of their beliefs, and met with a senior JW for a year, on friendly terms, but none the less I knew he was involved in a cult. JW's do believe door knocking's a necessary part of salvation.

I have no desire to offend anyone but if speaking plain truth is offensive then so be it. We are to tell the truth in love, with truth supreme.

I've seen the hurt caused in Christian families where one member has become JW, cutting off all relations. Is this the sign of Christian brotherhood Scott, or the sign of an exclusive cult?
---Warwick on 8/11/08

While I am not one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I don't share your critical view of them. I believe your comments reflect the narrow thinking of those that take snippets of internet criticism, (that can be found about any group), and then form a biased opinion.

I have known and have spoken to Witnesses for many years and have yet to hear anyone of them express the view that they need to "Earn" their salvation.

In addition, concerning the way that you personally have conducted yourself in conversations with me on this site, the JWs I have spoken to, while I may not always agree, have demonstrated a modesty and genuine love for people that I find lacking in your remarks.
---scott on 8/11/08

Scott the reason JW's go door to door is because they believe they have to earn their salvation.

They deny the deity of Christ and have altered their Bible to conform to this belief, and other non Biblical ideas. Interestingly their own Greek Interlinnear does not agree with their own Bible.

Sadly they are wrong and are being lead, unknowingly to them, to hell. We should pray for them and take every opportunity to show them the error of their organizations teachings.
---Warwick on 8/8/08

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In all fairness, the reason the witnesses go from door to door, (no doubt a difficult thing to do), is that they firmly believe they have the true faith. If you feel that YOU have the truth and that they are wrong, perhaps you should find THEM the way that they found you.

---scott on 8/7/08

jaock, I too once invited Jehovah's Witnesses into my home. They stayed for about 3 hours. At the end they said that they believed I was absolutely sincere in all I said but that I was being mislead by the devil.

When they had gone I thought "Well that is exactly what I thought about them too."

At least I did get a say whilst they were there, unlike you, but I would never ask them in again. It was a very long time before they came to my door again though.
---RitaH on 8/7/08

Donna I went to a Kingdom Hall for a while cause I was searching. It is not for me, but I can't change their beleifs. I can't save them, I can't save my self only God can. It is up to him to judge. sally
---sally on 8/7/08

I kindly invited a JW once into my house and all I heard was their view of the truth..did I get a word in? Never..I got up, told them if I dont get to say wot I think, then they better leave..and they left..Never again will I ever allow any of them into my home..they got their message across, but to hell with others..thats the attitude I got from them
---jaock on 8/7/08

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The witnesses do not believe they can be Born Again. That only the 144,000 are born again. This is spite of what I Peter chapter one says. They also cannot take communion because they are not born again.
---Samuel on 8/6/08

If you put all the following in a search engine (use the quotes too) you will come up with lots:

"Jehovah's Witness bible" compare "king James Version"
---Bruce5656 on 8/6/08

They built an entire denomination around those small differences.
In the beginning was the word and the word was God ....
JW reads ....and the word was a god....

little difference - big implication

witness to a JW just like an unbeliever - they CANNOT see error bc it is spiritually discerned. Get her saved - she's at the door ...just help her in.
---Andrea on 8/26/07

If you were witnessing to a Satanist, or a witch, would you need to know what was in their book of spells or 'bible'?
It's not necessary to get down in the gutter, become drunk to pull the drunk out of the bar, or the pull the addict up.
If you're short on time, be in season, use the Word of God.
---Trace on 8/26/07

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Today,s world is built on a wrong, faulty foundation. It cannot stand. It cannot be fix! No amount of activism on anyone,s part can save or change it. Instead, it must be totally torn down and replace with the coming kingdom government of GOD, which CHRIST will bring at his second coming Rev 11. True Christians are called out of this world, we can witness to other as jesus wants of us, but God those the calling.
---winna on 2/5/07

Donna, my suggestion is, study Scripture with all your heart and make yourself approve to teach not the Jehovah Witnesses but the people here that say they are Christian. More help is needed here then to go through a whole different religion. There is enough corruption in God's word here to go around. While you might have good intentions, worse things are happening here. Christians here like to scold others, something that you don't find in other religions, you find it here from your brothers and sisters.
---lisa on 2/3/07

2. Jehovah Witnesses are pretty much caught in their unbelieve of Christ as God, but nevertheless you will never hear anyone of them cut you down, are put you down for whatever the reason. Something Christians should learn from. We are claimers of Christ on one hand, and workers for another on the other hand. Very tragic. No compassion, no respect, no kindness but redicule.
---lisa on 2/3/07

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