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What Is A Jezebel Spirit

Can someone tell me what you know about the Jezebel spirit?

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 ---kaelieanne on 1/17/07
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A good novel about how the Jezebel spirit works today in the church is "The Church of Jezebel, Hijacking the Gospel."
---Derik on 11/10/10

Zezebel was trampled by the horses and eaten by the dogs [1 Kin. 21:19]. Only Jezebel's skull, feet, and the palms of her hands were left to bury when the dogs were finished. She was an idolatrous and wicked queen. In 1 Kings 18:4,13, When the Prophets of the Lord opposed Jezebel, she had them "massacred"....One truth that emerges from Jezebel's life is that God balances the scales of justice. Wickedness may prevail for a season, but His righteousness will eventually triumph over the forces of evil. And that is the good news. Thanks Jesus for your help and a great Sunday. Amen+++
---catherine on 2/8/09

I went through the same thing....several times now, and every single time I had to leave the woman. As long as you're with her, you will remain in sin, especially if she's not your wife! The last woman I was with was about 1 year ago, and after 8 months into our relationship, I found out that her mother was a real live medium from Costa Rica! The spirit of Jezebel is a very dangerous demon, and it seems to be attracted to believers. The girl may not realize it, but the Jezebel in her is trying to destroy both of you! If you stay with her (being that she's not your wife of coarse), you will hender her from being delivered and receiving Christ as her Lord and Savior!
---BryanG on 2/8/09

Hi, hope I don't come across as blunt here but I would dump your "jezebel" like a hot potato if it were me, brother! :( No man or woman is worth that kind of stress and misery. God bless you.
---Mary on 11/10/08

Ive been dating a woman with this spirit for 3 years and it has almost killed me, no exageration. She has caused so much disruption in my church and my life that I am amazed it has lasted this long. I am definitely her Ahab. What can I do?
---Stephen on 11/10/08

A Jezebel spirit can operate in a man or a woman. Jezebel proclaimed herself a prophetest. She controled her husband , the king by manipulation. So any one who is a 'self appointed' authority who controls through manipulation. They usually cause division within the body and move people away from the vision of the pastor.
---inthegap on 2/16/08

I would suggest it is about a Church. The RCC Church. You think you are worshipping God, and to all intents and purposes, you are. But soon you take the Word of God and compare it to what the RCC teaches and you find they are incompatible.
---frances on 2/14/08

Where did you get this question from? It is not bibical. Jezebel was the queen of Israel who led Isreal away from the true God. Her words caused her kingdom to worship false gods, just as the woman in Rev.2:18-28 did to the NEW Kingdom of Heaven. It now appears that this prophecy was about Ellen White because the SDA church matches the description for the Ten Virgins.
---Dr._Rich on 2/14/08

Simple to comprehend and well stated Leslie!!! I just spent 5 days on vacation with someone who turned out to have a touch of the Jezebel spirit residing within her...not fun at all! Needless to say, I will not be going on vacation with her again, nor spending much time at all with her anymore. So sad....
---Holly4jc on 2/14/08

The Jezebel Spirit is a spirit of CONTROL, mostly sexual, but also can manafest in other areas of control. It is similar to a Spirit of Witchcraft, which is also a spirit of control, and intemidation.
---Leslie on 2/13/08

Jezebel is false doctrine. She is preaching.

Jezebel doctrine. Jezebel of the OT the mother of false doctrines.

Are you sitting under Jezebel?
Jezebel teaches that something evil can be good, that the profane can be pure.

Jezebel, something very bad is named good.
---Cindy on 2/13/08

If you are sitting under Jezebel, this is what you will find...

Jezebel's message is that Christians can hold on to secret sins and lust.

Jezebel embraces and has become married to false doctrines which will only excites and confirms Jezebel and her followers in their sins. The last thing Ahab needed was a Jezebel.
---Cindy on 2/13/08

Jezebel brought out the worst in Ahab, magnified it and destroyed him.

Are you sitting under Jezebel?
She brings out the worst in anyone she comes into contact with, and she will destroy you.

So it is with false doctrine. If there is any sin, lust or worldliness in you, the last thing you need is a doctrine that will bring out your worst.
---Cindy on 2/13/08

Are you sitting under Jezebel?

When David sinned with Bathsheba, he did not need a false prophet with a soothing message to tell him how much God loved him.

David needed the uncompromising prophet Nathan, crying out, "Thou art the man".
---Cindy on 2/13/08

Jezebel is profane while teaching the false doctrine of love.

Those who preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ show the people the difference between the evil and the good. There is no mixture from their lips. "And they shall teach my people the difference between the holy and profane, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean" (Ezekiel 44:23).
---Cindy on 2/13/08

Ahab was blinded by Jezebel, he was being guided by lying spirits.

Lying spirit of Jezebel, not of God, . Evil, lying spirits must go at His word.

A lying spirit caused Zedekiah, a false prophet, to boast that the Spirit of God was upon him, that he was 100% God's prophet. The lying spirit in him declared, "The Lord sent me." Lying spirits are very persuasive -(1 Kings 22:22).

Ahab was now fully persuaded he was hearing God's voice and not the lying spirit of Jezebel.
---Cindy on 2/13/08

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Christians bound by Jezebel doctrines are 100% sure they are right. They cannot see the deception. Ahab fully deceived - totally seduced.

"Behold, ye trust in lying words, that cannot profit. Will ye steal, murder and commit adultery, and swear falsely, and burn incense unto Baal, and walk after other gods whom ye know not, and come and stand before me in this house, which is called by my name, and say, We are delivered to do all these abominations" (Jeremiah 7:8-10).
---Cindy on 2/13/08

Secret sins. A justifying of sin. A walk with the world.
Then they come to God's house boasting, "I'm 100% God's prophet".

Lying spirits.
---Cindy on 2/13/08

If you read history you will see that Jezebel was a chief priestess of the goddess Ashteroth, and she promoted child sacrifice and prostitution and the 450 prophets of the grove that met Elijah on Mt. Carmel were hers. That is why she sought to kill Elijah, her prophets had been destroyed as well as Baal's.Evidently someone in the church at Thyatira had the same spirit of seduction and fornication as Jezebel had and was promoting it.
---jr on 1/25/08

A Jezebel spirit is a spirit that the government or the church puts into a person when they are trying to devour them. They attempt to make themselves into light and make the good ones evil. Drug cartels are famous for this. They have been practicing spiritualism for centuries which is a direct violation of God's law.
---tonne on 1/25/08

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The spirit that drove queen Jezebel and where it derived its name is still in existance and the same referred to in Revelation:so it is Biblically identified.LINDA has got it right below.Psychiatrically termed "malignant narcicism".Try living with it.It will break you down,limit you,depress you and ultimately may kill you.This is no joke its real and its straight from hell,but often even poses as born again.So please don't ridicule rather pray you NEVER meet it and if you do you can get free!
---Martin on 2/4/07

A Jezebel Spirit is used in medical sciences. Man has been dominating women for quite some time sexually and financially and also to use their holy names. And their were Giants in the land and they saw the sons and daughters of God that they were beautiful. Nephillim. They began having children by them. People become jealous when God gives another a little power and they try to demonize, abuse, etc...What woman has not had a man abuse her in some way? Mentally, Physically or Emotionally.
---tonne on 2/1/07

What about the men that are scorned? When you leave a man has he ever become angry? I have. Has he hunted you down or stalked you? Have they led you into sin and error? For centuries I remember several women who were addicted to drugs and supporting their habits thru prostitution? Did you know that drugs are a form of spiritual contact? They had these women serving BAAL and they didn't even know it. I know it to be a fact I was one of the unfortunate ones.
---anonymous on 2/1/07

In agreement with you, Susie. Let's pray Tonne will find Jesus Christ, and deliverance will come.
---Merne on 1/22/07

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We need to pray for Tonne. It is obvious to me that she also posts as anonymous, using the same phrases she uses when posting as Tonne.
---Susie on 1/22/07

Wrong. It's a demonic principality and manifests in women AND men. It's reason for existence is to silence the prophetic voice in the Church. Past wounds and bitterness can give it entry, but it's way more than " a woman scorned and looking for power." Men of God need to stand in authority and not put up with it in church anywhere, much less within teaching or leadership. See Rev 2:20. Queen Jezebel is LONG dead. Jesus is referring to a SPIRIT.
---Linda on 1/21/07

Every woman does not suffer from a Jezebel spirit. That would be jealousy.
---anonymous on 1/21/07

Tonne: You are totally way of on what the Jezebel spirit is.
---Rebecca_D on 1/21/07

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What in the world are you on? That is the nuttiest stuff, it makes about as much sense as "a dingo's got my baby".
---anonymous on 1/20/07

I know that I am going to make alot of women mad by saying this, but every woman has a Jezebel Spirit. How many times have you been jealous with your husband and that spirit rose up in you. It is not a sin if one can control this spirit once it rises up.
---Rebecca_D on 1/20/07

Ecstasy. Cocaine. Crank and other Aprodisiacis used by science to cause sexual transgression.
---tonne on 1/20/07

Jezebel spirit is people who have sold drugs and manufacturered them in order to cause sin and error so that they dealers can steal there blessings or souls.
---tonne on 1/18/07

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Glen Moore Women have suffered some untellable cruelties by men for quite some time. They sexually abuse them made them into addicts for control purposes and used them for money. They have also forced them into Sheol.
---anonymous on 1/18/07

I agree with John. There is nothing in the Bible that I know of claiming a Jezebel spirit.
---Faye4464 on 1/18/07

The Jezebel Spirit is from a small minority of women wanting not just power, but all power. Men's failure to sometimes treat women fairly is used by the Jezebel as an excuse to respond in any type of way supposedly in defense. But the Jezebel is in actuality highly aggressive, seeking to devour. King Ahab would have accepted not getting Naboth's vineyard and only pouted. But the Jezebel views all as power plays, and therefore is devoid of love.
---Glen_Moore on 1/18/07

In my experience, "Jezebel Spirit" is one of those catch phrases that people like to swing like a spiritual club. Similar to "apostate" as it is commonly used here.

Jezebel was a wicked queen (wife of King Ahab) in the OT who was an idolater and responsible for having a number of prophets murdered. You can read about her in I Kings 16-21 and II Kings 9.

There is another Jezebel mentioned in Revelation 2:20. She claimed to be a prophetess but was wicked as well.
---Bruce5656 on 1/18/07

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well i also think a jezebel spirit is that of someone who is loose and goes after men and those people who are just out there to use others and gain from others without really helping them just to gain for their benefit and from what i have heard it is not good
---Lydia8353 on 1/18/07

THE SPIRIT OF jezebel, reps alot of things including idoltry,murder,and adultry..the saying comes from the tyrant Jezebel in 1Kings 16:31 - 1Kings 21:19 so I agree with the other comment it is a controlling spirit one that uses it's vice to overcome others..
---THE_TRUTH on 1/18/07

Is it a full moon? They're on the loose, where did they all escape from? Nurse, nurse, please give them their meds!
---Todd on 1/17/07

The woman Jezebel is in the Bible but you won't find a Jezebel spirit.I do know many who have labeled her as someone who is controling, rebellious, power hungry, and immoral. But there is no Scriptural proof of the existence of a spirit called Jezebel.
---john on 1/17/07

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IT is a controlling Spirit
---Janice on 1/17/07

I first heard of the Jezebel spirit from my mother. Who always refer to loose women as Jezebels.
---Mima on 1/17/07

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