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Keep Homeless From Shop

Please give your opinion about this." NYC Shop Owner Sues Homeless For $1 million CBS News - In a clash of classes on a posh shopping strip, an antiques dealer has filed a $1 million lawsuit against four homeless people, seeking to keep them off the sidewalk in front of his shop"

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 ---Mima on 1/18/07
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He should sue the state for not providing for the homeless to begin with. He will get nothing from the homeless people. Maybe they will get lucky and end up in jail. Then they won't be homeless anymore.
---Madison1101 on 11/24/07

The bible says it best, "the love of money is the root of all evil".
---Rebecca_D on 1/21/07

Darlene 1. You have a point there, also. It's a hard call sometimes to make, and I also don't think the homeless persons have a case.
It's a good idea to help the homeless, just not these particular ones, to get rich off of honest, hard working business people.
What's right is right.
---John on 1/19/07

Even if he were to win such a silly suit, I'm sure he would have a hard time collecting a million from them.
---Susie on 1/19/07

Suing someone who has no money is totally pointless. As for helping beggars and down and outs, I find this very tricky. Many of them (not all) seem to have money to buy alcohol and tobacco so how poor are they really? I think it is better to give them food rather than money (sandwiches and milk would be good) but many refuse this. You cannot take them to a cafe either, most owners don't want them in their premises. What is the answer?
---m.p.a. on 1/19/07

Well, it appears that a second Nana has showed up. CN lets you pick a name until
there is not a double but when it comes
time to display it, it does as it pleases
and it gives the impression that two bloggers are the same!

I am actually Nana101606 but it shows as just Nana. Hey "Nana", how about you?
---Nana on 1/19/07

The homeless aren't just in front of his business,they're urinating and spitting on the walk in front of the business ,running customers off. Sueing,knowing he won't get money, is a way of getting rid of them when others had failed. He has a right to protect his living and reporting them to police hasn't moved them. The homeless are the ones at fault not him,no one has a right to camp on the sidewalk and use it for a bathroom anywhere. The owner is only trying to protect customers and his business.
---Darlene_1 on 1/19/07

I understand that shop owners have the right to deny but you know not all homeless people can help where they are..and they are not all bad.. I have been homeless twice and the only thing that saved me was Jesus. You know if people would realize that one day Jesus could appear as one of the homeless or one of his Angels and we are gonna feel pretty bad..according to the Word what we do to people we also do to Him. We will have to answer to this.
---Jacqueline on 1/19/07

Homeless people are human beings just like the rest of us, they are the less fortunate in society and should be taken care of by each and every one of us.

What if we leave them to suffered, won't the guilt kill us inside. everyone of us (humans)especially Christians should in our own way care for homeless people. they are God's children also.

If we say we love God whom we have not seen, and hate our brother, than the truth is not in us.
---Nana on 1/19/07

whatever reason they are homeless, GOD knows, and whatever measure this man delt to them, he also will be dealt the same measure
---THE_TRUTH on 1/18/07

Too many of the homeless in this country are mentally ill and addicted at the same time. This dual diagnosis creates a problem because they are using the drugs to cope with their mental illness symptoms, like hallucinations and bipolar mania. Unfortunately, the lack of adequate housing for this population means that the streets are their only alternative.
---Madison1101 on 1/18/07

#2: Working in a psychiatric hospital, I see many patients who have no appropriate housing to go to, where they will be monitored for medication compliance and outpatient therapy. It is a sad situation. One made worse in recent years by funding cuts to these programs.
---Madison1101 on 1/18/07

i am not scared of them, i know there are the good ones and the bad ones, but even though we may not like what we see in them, or like the smell, whose to say they don't know God, and they had a bad rap in life and is having problems getting back on their feet, the guy should use the money he is trying to get from this and help them get back on their feet, not saying it would work, but he could use some compassion, i think Jesus would have...
---mary on 1/18/07

It's probably the only way to scare off the homeless because the city won't inforce the law. Not important enough for city hall. There out inforcing parking tickets etc. That's where the money is. I'm from NY. I don't think it's right to treat the homeless bad, we should be helping them when we have the opportunity. Didn't Jesus say if we help the least, that we'll be doing it unto Him?
---John on 1/18/07

They are a bother, they smell, they look bad, some hsve mental illnesses, and they frighten people by looking staring, or approaching them.
Those mentioned in the question above should form a group and open a center for rehab, and rehabilitation. Or, support an existing agency. Would they?
I work with those of us who live the homeless/ abused/victimized life everyday. It's painful
to see, and it's not getting any better.
---lynet on 1/18/07

We have homeless in our area too but it's because they've used their monthly housing money for their addictions. They would not be allowed to beg on the streets here. I'm sure that N.Y. gives all unemployed and physically challenged people social assistance. So suing the Gov.t isn't going to work. The shop owner will never get a penny out of those people because they don't have any. I would suggest if they are going to beg that they find a better place.
---john on 1/18/07

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Shop owners have the legal right to do this, however, it is NOT moral.
---Leslie on 1/18/07

Maybe he should try giving them a job so they can afford to get a place to live , then they wouldn't be homeless anymore.And where are they going to get that kind of money? The owner needs Jesus and compassion.
---Betty on 1/18/07

That's right Madison1101,
Homeless people are most often not homeless by choice. No one knows what they're going thorugh. The many services tha majority of people believe are available are not. Many places they can go to for help, send the homeless through so much red tape, they'd rather walk the streets and beg. For one thing, you need ID, and an address.
I'm not saying they have a right to loiter, and beg, many of them are afraid too.
---lynet on 1/18/07

Many times they are raped, beaten, robbed, or killed as they travel from space to space looking for food and shelter. Sometimes these atrociites happpen at the shelters. Sometimes they freeze to death on the streets, and are turned away when shelters or warming centers are full.
Yes many are addicted,and/or prostituting, have records, and sordid pasts.
There is never enough done to help, it's the bandaid on a bullet wound syndrome.
---lynet on 1/18/07

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**there are other ways to get help--without begging.**

May I point out that some people are reduced to begging? That it's usually the last resort?

As far as "other ways to get help," there are people who fall through the cracks of any system.

Yes, there are people who abuse it, but trust me, they are the exception and not the rule.
---Jack on 1/18/07

Part 2:

According to Jesus, in Matthew 25, one of the questions asked on the Great Final Exam (to use an academic metaphor) will be how you treated the homeless.
---Jack on 1/18/07

James 2:8 If ye fulfill the royal law according to the Scripture, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself, ye do well:
James 2:9 But if ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors.
---scripture on 1/18/07

Sorry, but I can understand it--nothing scares people (like myself, included) away from a business like someone standing outside with a sign for work or money; there are other ways to get help--without begging.
---Mary on 1/18/07

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