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Someone Commits Suicide

If someone commits suicide, does that person go to Heaven?

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 ---Sharon on 1/19/07
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I believe we have a God of love. God is the only judge. We do not know what is in the heart and head of the person who commits suicide. God will show mercy and take that tortured soul with him to heaven. Maybe they will find peace.
---Kathleen on 8/27/09

Catherine: From ReutersHealth:

"The use of advanced imaging techniques can detect changes in these factors that may offer clues to the causes of these psychoses. Some examples include the following:
---Madison1101 on 4/28/08

I Corinthians 8, speaks of "...them that are weak." Paul teaches
that we ought to be careful in our "liberty" that it be not a
stumblingblock to them. I Cor 8:11 "And through thy knowledge shall the weak brother perish, for whom Christ died? 12: But when ye sin so against the brethren, and wound their weak conscience, ye sin against Christ."
---Nana on 7/30/07

The point I am making is that we not all have the same gifts or the same strenght. Some may say that a "truly saved" individual is
inmune to such a thing as suicide. I disagree. Sometimes our
"vehicle" (body, brains etc.) gets damaged. Sometimes the
"cares of the world" are just too overwhelming to some and they
succumb. Good thing the Lord does the judging, for some will
quickly roast some innocent souls in Hell Fire!
---Nana on 7/30/07

Catherine, so murder of millions of other people is forgivable, but murder of self can't be forgiven? That does sound like Hamlet, who wanted to kill Claudius while he was sinning rather than praying so he would go to Hell.
---Ktisophilos on 7/27/07

Ktisopholos:: If posts were posted You would have had my reply.Its tiresome Difficult to keep repeating .sorry not my fault.
---Emcee on 7/26/07

Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is the unpardonable sin. My friend's husband did commit suicide. She's a strong Christian woman, now in her golden years.
Depression overcame him over their life's business that went bankrupt. She believes he is in heaven, he was a Christian all of his life as well.
I make no judgment about his resting place. She is a Christian friend and mentor that means more to me than words can say.
---Raine on 7/25/07

In order for anyone to go to heaven you have to be forgiven of all sins. Or you die in your sins. You cannot ask God to forgive me of killing myself and then go ahead and commit this sin. Because it is not a sincere sorry for. The unforgivable sin is a sin of which not a chance of being forgiven. There is a difference. Which if I wanted to write two pages which I don't.
---catherine on 7/25/07

Emcee, if you say that suicide automatically results in going to Hell, you have in effect made suicide an unforgivable sin.
---Ktisophilos on 7/24/07

Unhealthy habits and addictions are just a slow way to kill yourself. Eventually smoking etc. will kill you weather you are doing it to 'intentionally' die or not. You KNOW it will kill you so it's even worse than if a person with a mental illness committes suicide!
---sue on 7/24/07

I happen to know this young man was saved. He believed in God and he beleived that Jesus died for his sins. For what it's worth, he went to a Christian school from kindergarten to high school. He loved God. He was struck with a mental disorder, he committed suicide. He begged God's forgivness. Will God damn this kid to hell?
---sue on 7/24/07

Ktissopolus::Please dont misquote I did not say unforgiveable I said could not ask for contrition the result is your deduction.You place the cart before the horse, & you use judgement applicable only to the Almighty.
---Emcee on 7/24/07

Madison is right. When we accept Christ, His blood washes away ALL our sins, past present future. 1 John 1:7 -- "The blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from ALL sin", not "all sins but suicide." Mark 3:28-29 -- "I tell you the truth, all the sins and blasphemies of men will be forgiven them.
But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven, he is guilty of an eternal sin." No hint at all that suicide is the unforgivable sin here either.
---Ktisophilos on 7/24/07

In addition to what Madison said, there were also several other times God told Moses that He was going to blot them out of the book and Moses interceded, asking God to blot him out instead of theirs. God repented. Now if a mere man could intercede and God repent, how much more He who ever liveth to make intercession for the saints according to the will of God? If God listened to Moses, I am absolutely certain that He listens to His own Son.
---Linda on 7/23/07

Rebecca: Does that Exodus verse say Book of Life? No, it says book. PERIOD. In fact, none of those verses says that God WILL erase a name from the Book of Life.
---Madison1101 on 7/23/07

Marcia and Emcee are not using Scripture but their own opinions when they dogmatically declare suicide an unforgivable sin.

And note, the passages usually twisted to claim that salvation could be lost by suicide actually "prove" too much: that you could never get it back again! It is just special pleading to apply them to suicide alone.
---Ktisophilos on 7/23/07

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Madison: Ex 32:33 And the Lord said unto Moses Whosoever hath sinned against me him will I blot out of my book. De 9:13, 29:20, Ps 69:28, 109:13-14, Rev 3:5 says, he that overcomes God will not blot their name out of the book of life. Even if you don't read the the last 5 verses, the verse in Exodus says it all. Do you now agree that one's name can be blotted out from the book of life?
---Rebecca_D on 7/23/07

When the Holy Spirit enlightens, He enlightens us to:

-knowledge of the hope of His calling
-knowledge of the riches of the glory of the inheritance in the saints
-knowledge of the exceeding greatness of His power to usward who believe, according to the working of His mighty power which He wrought in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and set Him at His own right hand in heavenly places
---Eph.1:17-23 on 7/23/07

No. That person was never truly saved because they never truly trusted God. Whatever hardship we must face, if we are saved we must believe that the Lord will help us, whether that means ending our physical lives, or healing us, or carrying us through our tribulation.
---Amanda on 7/22/07

Another thing. There is one unforgivable sin. It is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. As soon as I find my Bible, if you need it, I will give you this verse. Just let me know.
---Amanda on 7/22/07

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People should be frightened to understand that if you KILL yourself that you will wound up in HELL. It's NOWAY OUT. Listen to me. I have received some revelation or enlightment, take your pick, on this subject of Suicide. Better stay here for a little while longer. Mabe God will pay you a visit and by His grace He will saved your wretched soul. Good Day.+++
---catherine on 7/22/07

Nobody really knows what happens when a person dies by his own hand. And only God knows whats in that persons heart and mind when they committe suicide. Have you ever read a suicide note where all the person does is beg forgiveness from God and from their family? Nobody knows!
---sue on 7/22/07

Rebecca: Please, please, please show me the Bible verses that support your statement "If I reject God when he convicts me, my name will be removed from the book of life and go to hell." I know of absolutely no scripture that says our names can be removed from the Lamb's Book of Life. I doubt you can give me one.
---Madison1101 on 7/21/07

Emcee: There are plenty of people who have tried to commit suicide who are MENTALLY ILL. Some are psychotic and have command hallucinations to kill themselves. Some are so severely depressed that they see no other option than to die.

I believe that once a person has accepted Christ as saviour, their sins are FORGIVEN, past, present and future. It is a done deal.
---Madison1101 on 7/21/07

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I will make myself clear. You commit suicide you go to Hell! Understand.
---catherine on 7/21/07


The very act of suicide is the evidence that the person has not submited to the will of God and that they have not accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Don't put words in my mouth no where in my post does it say that suicide is the unpardonable sin.
---Marcia on 7/21/07

Ktisophilos::Lets go back one step why does a person commit suicide. lets take Judas -because he DESPAIRED this is really the sin of suicide. God a merciful God forgives everything except the sin against the HS.This is not Hamlet but scripture. Contrition is necessary forForgiveness.The 2 deadly sins are DESPAIR,and PRESUMPTION like in OSAS.A person who comits suicide has already decided God will not forgive him, so once dead, he cannot ask for forgiveness.
---Emcee on 7/21/07

Helen: Yes it does matter. Because a dead person can't ask for forgiveness. I got borned again about 7 years ago. If I fall back into sin, I become a backslider. If I reject God when he convicts me, my name will be removed from the book of life and go to hell. How can God forgive is one doesn't repent and ask for forgiveness? He can't, for it is an unrepented sin.
---Rebecca_D on 7/20/07

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Define suicide. If it's definition is merely to prematurely end one's life, then that covers many bases. One can do that very quickly with a bullet, over years by some abuse of the body, or even by improperly discerning the body of the Lord Jesus which, Paul said, causes many to prematurely sleep. Take your pick but don't assume just because you haven't taken a bullet to your head or a knife to your wrists that you aren't in some form or fashion committing suicide.
---Linda on 7/20/07

Define suicide. If it's definition is merely to prematurely end one's life, then that covers many bases. One can do that very quickly with a bullet, over years by some abuse of the body, or even by improperly discerning the body of the Lord Jesus which, Paul said, causes many to prematurely sleep. Take your pick but don't assume just because you haven't taken a bullet to your head or a knife to your wrists that you aren't in some form or fashion committing suicide.
---Linda on 7/20/07

And know this, if the quick and easy is sin, so is the slow and easy. And consider that how mercilessly you judged the quick and easy is how mercilessly you will be judged for your slow and easy.

"For he shall have judgment without mercy, that hath shewed no mercy, and mercy rejoiceth against judgment."
"Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy."
---Linda on 7/20/07

"But go ye and learn what that meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice: for I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance."
"But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, FULL OF MERCY and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy."
---Linda on 7/20/07

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Emcee, less Hamlet and more Scripture please. By your "logic", if anyone dies while committing any sin for which they have no chance to repent verbally, they go to Hell.

No, Romans 8:38-39:

"For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord."
---Ktisophilos on 7/20/07

Marcia: "The very act of suicide is the evidence that the person is not trusting in Jesus as the Savior and Lord of their life."

And this is where exactly in Scripture? Why is suicide apparently the one unforgivable sin that shows that a person was unregenerate?
---Ktisophilos on 7/20/07

I have suffered three mental illnesses my entire life. Catherine, Helen, what century are you living in, the 11th, or the 21st? I gave my life to Christ seven years ago, and you have no right to judge the soul of someone who has commited suicide. The only unforgivable sin listed in Scripture is blaspheming the Holy Spirit. It's simple- accept Christ, go to Heaven- reject him, go to Hell- it doesn't matter how you die.
---Helen on 7/20/07

There are 2 Scriptures in the N.T. that say that murderers don't go to heaven, but I would believe those would be unrepentant murderers because Moses, David, and Paul were murders and they are God's.
In the case of a suicide, which is self murder, if the person did not repent I could not see how they would go to heaven.
---john on 7/20/07

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The very act of suicide is the evidence that the person is not trusting in Jesus as the Savior and Lord of their life.
---Marcia on 7/20/07

Debra, I beg the differ with you. Just because a person gets saved umteen years ago, if they fall back into sin and become a backslider, they can die lost and go to hell. God said in his word that our names can be blotted out in the book.
---Rebecca_D on 7/20/07

Ktisophilos:Can a dead man Talk? NO--therefor he cannot show contrition No Contrition NO forgiveness.
---Emcee on 7/20/07

Suicide is definitely a sin: self-murder. But there is no evidence that it's an unforgivable sin.
---Ktisophilos on 7/20/07

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The answer to this is very simple, if that person had accepted Christ as their Savior they will go to Heaven. If they had not, they will not go to Heaven. No matter what a person does, they can not lose their salvation - they are eternally secure - it's a done deal.
---Debra on 7/20/07

NO! You will not go to Heaven. Man must not take away His own life. Why make the devil so happy? Our lives are not so our own as that we quit them at our own pleasure, but they are God's. Noway can you go to heaven if you do yourself in.The act of suicide violates the principles of life's sacredness and God's sovereign rule.
---catherine on 7/19/07

For someone to say that when a person commits sucide goes to heaven, really doesn't know God's word. If someone takes their own life, they aren't believing in God. It doesn't matter if they were once saved. The bible says when a strong man (Holy spirit in you) keeps his palace his goods are in peace. But when a stronger man (Satan) comes and overcomes him he takes his armor from him and divided his spoils. Meaning Satan has taken over this person.
---Rebecca_D on 7/19/07

Look at it this way... Suicide is a mental illness. Either was brought on by suffering from other illinesses or by other means of mental illinesses. I believe that God is in control of when it is someones time to go. For someone else to take there own lives and go to heaven is only by if they have been saved. They are not being judged on taking there lives but by accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I have had suicides in my family. so please do not take this the wrong way.
---Carea on 7/19/07

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Jana, With Alan, I also ask that you not use text speak.

Have you downloaded the stuff I mentioned? it is FREE. You can install it without any hassles, AND get the interlinear, also.

There is no agenda in mentioning this to you, other than showing you other, FREE resources.

Please doenload the ISBE, or International Standard Bible Encyclopedia. Published in 1905, it is a world-recognized classic.

BTW have you asked your teachers why they do not use the Greek texts?
---John_T on 2/5/07

Jana ... people would be better able to understand you if you used English and not textspeak
---alanUKquent64534 on 2/4/07

Catherine has a point. Some people that appear to be going to heaven are not.
Then there are people that appear that they are not, will be in heaven with the Lord.
Things are not always what they seem.
---Gail on 2/3/07

The Bible says to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. What about the people that try and remind God of the miracles they have done for Him? He tells them to depart and He never knew them.
I don't think that a person is saved just because they say so or think they are. There has to be a change in their lives. You will know them by their fruits. Most people are playing their own game with Christianity. The road to distruction is wide. Very few will make it. Most people are going to hell.
---Christian on 2/3/07

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if God wanted it 2b available 2 all, then He would let it, but as it is, surely it is not. We go by the KJV n it is the only true one readily available to all. 2get it 2 australia will cost the earth particularly with US postage costs n currency. There's also the question of the authenticity of the book and its writings.
---jana on 2/3/07

.John T u keep mentioning about this bible which does not exist today for all to acquire

It is available for any serious student of the Bible. For beginners, I recommend an interlinear Greek/English NT. You can get one at any Christain book store, or on line.

You need to know that I do not make the stuff up. I take the Greek texts, and break down the grammar that Paul wrote. Thus to argue against the Greek grammar is to argue with the words of Paul.
---John_T on 2/2/07

Jana, it is also avaiable on line, free for downloading Google "The Sword Project"

That will give you lots of resources, including an interlinear.

You gotta ask your teachers why they do not use the Greek to get their doctrines
---John_T on 2/2/07

John T u keep mentioning about this bible which does not exist today for all to acquire. How do we know u have it n how do we know u talk truth. It could be tripe. U r so infatuated with EGW it seems u worship the woman. Preach the bible truth brother. R sick of your idolising EGW. She's God's servant brother, not Jesus Christ. She preaches Jesus Christ.
---jana on 2/2/07

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Robert, The following demonstrate the reality of faith:
James2:17,18 Even so faith, if it has not works, is dead being alone.
Read 1Pet2:12..
Mat25:35 is a great example of good works which the Lord commanded us to do.
---jana on 2/2/07

E/ SDAs Thanks for driving me to exegete the Greek and Hebrew, causing me to worship God; I am grateful!

However, I am deeply saddened that your church keeps you woefully ignorant of the meanings behind the English, never mentioning the original languages. As you can see, NOTHING in the ORIGINAL texts substantiating anything like IJ or years in Daniel.

Please reconsider these posts, and ask your teachers why EGW et. al defy the clear laws and logic and of grammar of the original texts
---John_T on 2/1/07

D/ in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, name is a dative noun, and it marks possession, or by means of. Paul says that believers are possessions of Jesus, not possessions of themselves. Thus Jesus takes care of what another (God the FatherJohn 17:6-12) has entrusted unto him. This speaks about the eternal security a believer has; it is in Jesus alone, not self.

Spirit of our God is likewise dative. The believer has both Jesus and Holy Spirit keeping him safe
---John_T on 2/1/07

C/ but ye were justified same tense, mood and voice as above, thus permanent, and solely done by Jesus. AV translates as justify 37 times, be freed once, be righteous once, and justifier once. 1 to render righteous or such he ought to be. 2 to show, exhibit, evince, one to be righteous, such as he is and wishes himself to be considered. 3 to declare, pronounce, one to be just, righteous, or such as he ought to be
---John_T on 2/1/07

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B/There is a HUGE contrast when Paul uses the differentiating conjunction but. It negates all that goes before it.

Paul talks to believers with spotted pasts. but ye were washed, formerly you were dirty, and the blood of Christ cleanses us from ALL unrighteousness

but ye were sanctified, This is aorist passive indicative, .meaning that Someone did it to you, and the indicative INDICATES PERMANANCE. AV translates as sanctify 26 times, hallow twice, and be holy once
---John_T on 2/1/07

2ND Part A/ "Murder" is NOT in 1Cor6:9-11, the previous comment stands.

Like a typical cultist, Leslie IGNORES the context, creating false gospel.

Here it is: And such were some of you: At one time they did all of the sins mentioned. They were sinners and just like ANY OTHER sinner, they were unable to enter heaven.

The verb form is aorist PASSIVE meaning that Someone, not you, washed you. That was Jesus, my Savior. Thus self-salvation is excluded.
---John_T on 2/1/07

In Rev21.8 the word "murderer" is a perfect, passive participle in Greek

The perfect refers to a state resulting from a previous action also described as a previous action with relevance to a particular time viewed from a later time.

The participle means continuious action, or as inferred, someone who has not sought forgiveness.

Thus Leslie's interpertation is inaccurate, and contrary to the fact that ALL who seek forgiveness will get it, unconditionally.
---John_T on 1/31/07

All murderers will NOT inherit the Kingdom of God and WILL burn in the Lake of Fire is found in Revelation 21:6-8, and 1 Corinthians 6:9-10.
---Sister_Leslie on 1/30/07

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Leslie: "The Bible says that ALL murderers will NOT inherit the Kingdom of God (Heaven), and will have their place in the Lake of Fire (Hell).

Please tell me where that is in the Bible?

Moses, a murderer was at the Transfiguration.
David, a murderer was a man after God's own heart.
Rabbi Saul, Apostle Paul was a murderer. Guess he is not in heaven, either.
---John_T on 1/30/07

Suicide IS a form of murder. The Bible says that ALL murderers will NOT inherit the Kingdom of God (Heaven), and will have their place in the Lake of Fire (Hell).
---Leslie on 1/30/07

Helen: Yes. I believe in OSAS.
---madison1101 on 1/29/07

Madison 1101 - Do you believe in OSAS?
---Helen_5378 on 1/28/07

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Madison 1101 - The whole of the Book of Galatians is written to born-again Christians. What you say is incorrect.
---Helen_5378 on 1/28/07

Helen: That passage means for the person who is unsaved and is living in the pattern of that lifestyle. A born-again person, by the power of the Holy Spirit, will not live in that lifestyle without the Holy Spirit convicting them of the sin they are in, and they will repent, or they were never born again to begin with. That passage does not apply to those who belong to Christ.
---Madison1101 on 1/28/07

Madison 1101 - Thanks for your reply. If a born-again Christian for e.g. had committed adultery and then got killed without asking for forgiveness, would they go to heaven according to the Scripture I gave (Galatians 5:19-21).
---Helen_5378 on 1/28/07

Rebecca: What I wrote was in response to Catherine's statement that she does not believe mental illness is a brain chemistry thing. What I wrote is scientific research on the brain of the severely mentally ill, to show that there is a difference in the brains of the mentally ill.

I was not trying to say anything spiritual in my post there. I was addressing the mental illness aspect of this discussion.
---Madison1101 on 1/27/07

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Christ says we have eternal life if we accept Him as Savior, no strings attatched. And salvation is not a work we do, nor is it taken by a sin we commit it is a GIFT OF GOD not of works. NOTHING WE DO SENDS US TO HEAVEN OR HELL, aside from accepting Christ's salvation. However, those who truly know Christ should have hope peace and comfort even in times of grief. We need to be carefull not to condemn to hell brothers and sisters in Christ with words. My disagreement with you does not make me unsaved.
---Robert on 1/27/07

Helen: **It does depend on what the sin is that a person has committed before they die without asking forgiveness for it. Galatians 5:19-21 lists the sins that those committing them "will not inherit the kingdom of God." Then there is "sin not leading to death" (1 John 5:16,17).**

I believe that when Jesus died, He took all my sin, past, present and future, on the cross. I believe that when I accepted Him as savior, I was forgiven of all my sin, past, present and future.
---Madison1101 on 1/27/07

When you parayed to recieve Christ in your'e heart he saved you from sin. Romans 8:2 We only have to repent and accept Christ one time to recieve salvation. Romans 10:9-13. Hebrews 6:1-12 please read all of this passage and not just part. Also think like this if we sin during the day and do not realize it and do not ask forgiveness and die in a car accident will we go to hell. I think not.
---Robert on 1/27/07

Madison; To to sound to judgemental, but what you wrote to Catherine was man's thoughts not God's thoughts. In Matthew 4:24 "lunatics" are is used the same as epileptic and they are distinguished from demonics. In Mt 17:15 "lunatic" is applied to one who is declared to have been possessed. Epileptic affects both the body and mind Mark 9:17-27. What you said maybe true, but suicide is a spiritual thing, and alot of people that writes these books aren't speaking spiritualy.
---Rebecca_D on 1/27/07

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DOES NOT EXPERIENCE count for anything? The word of GOD covers everything. So you look it up. But I am telling you, as long as noone believes that the devil can distroy your mind, guess what, He is a laughing. And this, my friend, makes me angry.
---CATHERINE on 1/27/07

We are to repent of our sins and ask for the Blood of Jesus to cleanse us of our sin. However, if a person commits suicide, it's a willful sin and God says to not commit murder. How does he or she in turn repent after they are dead?
---Michelle on 1/27/07

Rebecca, for what it is worth, I am incline to agree with you. I just do not see how anyone can enter into the kingdom of GOD after commiting suicide. And these people that are poking fun at the truly blood bought men and women of God are asking for a lot of trouble from God. They better be concerned about their own salvation and leave all the rest ALONE.
---CATHERINE on 1/26/07

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