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Your Near Dear Experience

I was wondering if anyone has ever had a near death experience, and if any of you have would you share your experience with others? I myself had one years ago.

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 ---mary on 1/19/07
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I had a seizure many years ago and stopped breathing. My heart was given a 'jump start' 3 times in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. I remember very little about it. It did erase my long and short term memory for a while. I still have big gaps in my memory. Did I mention that it affected my short term memory? :-)
---NV_Barbara on 8/19/08

Had massive heart attack. Was completely out for 17 days. Was "bluebagged" sheet pulled over me. Nurse sees me and she says o no, jumped on gurney and begins to pump me and gets me back to breathing. I was out total 15 minutes. Dr. said I would not be able to function because of lack of oxygen to the brain for this length of time. TOday very normal, ha ha. What did I see when I was out I saw absolutely nothing that I remember.
---Mima on 6/2/07

Matthew, at the time of this I knew of God, but I didn't have a close relationship with him as I do now, I was searching and as far as seeing anything I didn't see nothing but I was in a tunnel some sees a light and much more, I didn't.. mary4964
---mary on 1/22/07

sue, drugs it may have been, but I am thinking more of an experience that will be with me my life, and I myself love to hear of others who have had these experiences myself. I have never tried heroin but from what i have heard it is wild..not for me though, lol, thanks for sharing your thoughts..mary4964
---mary on 1/22/07

Whenever I hear of a near death experience it reminds me of being on heroin. The great feeling of peace, the beautiful dreams, and every good feeling you can think I wonder if sometimes it isn't from the drugs the doctor administers to the person? But who many people have had them, they can't be all wrong, right?
---sue on 1/22/07

Mary the important question is were you saved when you had this OBE? If you were and you saw heaven it is contradictory to God's word.
---Matthew on 1/22/07

Weren't not were. Sorry. =/
---Matthew on 1/22/07

I have never had an OBE that I can remember, but I love hearing the stories of those that have.
---Pat on 1/22/07

The limitation of words and the unbelief of those who have never experienced the joy of having their spirit leave and ascend unto the Lord and behold his glory makes it useless to try to share such a blessing. They will never understand how it makes this life such a miserable mess I long to leave behind.
---Frank on 1/22/07

Mima that's a testimony in itself, i just sent my near death experience in and sure hope it worked i think i may have messed up somehow, i didn't see nothing but the tunnel, but i sure felt the warmeth, and the peace and the love there, it is an experience I will never forget, thanks for sharing what happened to you.mary4964
---mary on 1/21/07

My near death experience happened when I gave birth to my last son..During the labor he was doing a lot of kicking and by the time he was ready to be borned I was so out of it... mary4964
---mary on 1/21/07

Afterwards they would bring him in for me to feed him and all I did was sleep, they laid him on my chest or on the side, the poor baby was never fed by me while in the hospital..One time there was this nurse who had came in, the color blue is my favorite and she had a stethoscope a beautiful blue one and I was there thinking of how pretty it was, when all the sudden I was drifting away everything got fuzzy..mary4964
---mary on 1/21/07

I wasn't scared at first...Then all the sudden I realized what was going on and in my mind I spoke "Oh, my God, I can't I just had a baby and he needs me, and Terry (my husband) can't take care of him"

---mary on 1/21/07

I then felt myself come back, I openned my eyes things were still fuzzy to me, the nurse am not sure if it was the same one came over to me, I whispered to her I think I have a problem..I ended up hemorrhaging, ended up having 2 pints of blood..The dr. told me that they almost lost me, I was in pretty bad shape..This was also before I was saved..

---mary on 1/21/07

Jack I have no idea what you are saying, but I think it is something you don't agree with, I know not everyone believes in near-death experiences, but what did happen to me was very real, I was there and I came back with such a peace and now I really have no fear of death as I had before. Thanks for your imput and the others as well.

---mary on 1/21/07

Most OBEs, even supposed near-death experiences, are NOT visions of the world to come, but are experiences of the aerial realm--the normal abode of fallen spirits--and willl be bound up with deception.
---Jack on 1/19/07

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