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Is Creflo Dollar Authentic

Who is Creflo Dollar? Does he promote authentic Bible teaching or promote Creflo Dollar.

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 ---Barb on 1/19/07
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Creflor Dollar is a FALSE TEACHER and a FRAUD!

He PREYS ON PEOPLE who are lacking in knowledge of BIBLICAL TRUTH!
---Rob on 9/7/10

Look at the core of all his messages then youll see what he is all about. Only those who lust after the same things this man does believe he is authentic and ordained.

He is more concerned about bringing people monetary prosperity than anything else. And he does so thru telling them tithing and prayer will bring it to them.
Just another fake television preacher getting rich off the word of God. One who believes the annointing is merely to get rich.(Matt 7:22)

He should be teaching men to "lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven" instead of here on earth.

We see people like this in movies (Steve Martin - Leap of Faith) and get a good laugh out of them.
---JackB on 9/7/10

There was Johnny's Cash, Charley's Pride, Jim's Baker, & No doubt that Creflo's is aft your dollars.
---Lawrence on 9/7/10

He is just like most if not all the others. They INDOCTRINATE people who are gullible, too LAZY to do biblical and spiritual research and who are AFRAID to question them. They survive on people who entrust their spirituality to others. They can never CON someone who KNOWS God speaks directly to him or her. Creflo is like each of your local pastor or preacher. You just have not figured it out yet, because you are not questioning him or her!
---I_AM_I on 7/23/07

Creflo Dollar is authentically a false prosperity and Word of Faith teacher. Wolf.
---Helen_5378 on 7/23/07

have heard him ,most was prosperity preaching
---tom2 on 7/22/07

"He has not gotten his wealth from collections or donations from people or from the church, but from the books he has written. He is a well published author."

Is there no sin in writing a book about God's word and making money off it? Is God's word for sale?
---Susie on 1/22/07

Regardless of a person's opinion, he is teaching the word. Many don't agree with him because of the doctrines of men making the word of God on none effect in their lives. Some stop with salvation at just not going to hell, but miss out on the rest of what God has promised. Before pointing the finger at him for "false teaching" open your own eyes to the word. Study it yourself. Apply it to your own life in faith & expection. Get rid of religion & be real. (John 10:10; 2Corinthians 8:9)
---Rickey on 1/21/07

God has so much in store for every believer, but we have to tap into it by faith. Our faith to get what He has promised comes by our hearing/studying the word(Joshua 1:8).
Joshua and Caleb were ready & willing to go with the promise God gave them. As a christian we have to fight the good fight of faith.(1Timothy 6:12) We fight by speaking the word like Jesus did in Luke 4. Our victory is our faith.(1John 5:4)
---Rickey on 1/21/07

The word of God says give to get. In Genesis 8:22, it spoke of "seedtime & harvest". As long as we are here on earth we have the oppurtunity to sow(give) time, money, talents & reap(get) what we have sown for. I do it all the time. Faith works by love. If you love yourself like Jesus commanded us to, then sow seed so that God can bless(empower to prosper/succeed).
God started seedtime & harvest(John 3:16)
Yes, He loves us, but He saved us so that He could be selfish w/ us. He gave to get.
---Rickey on 1/21/07

Money is neither evil or good, it's neutral. It's what you do with it that is evil or good. Folks don't know where Creflo or anyone like started. It's easy to judge a book by it's cover before reading it. God gave Him the power(anointing) to get wealth.(Deuteronomy 8:18) Just like me. I applied the word & am seeing the success in my life from doing it. I'm not a pulpit preacher, but I am simply a doer of the word.
---Rickey on 1/21/07

God watches over His word to perform it.(Jeremiah 1:12) The rhema word He has given you for this season won't come back to Him void, but it will accomplish what He sent it to do.(Isaiah 55:11) God wants you to be prosperous(more than a conqueror) in every area of you life, including financially.
Lack isn't in God's class.(Ephesians 3:20)
---Rickey on 1/21/07

Certainly it is necessary to have prosperity message, when you consider the price of his homes. And why do you object anyway, Creflo has to have a place to lay his head. Might he be one of those who makes merchandise of the people?
---Mima on 1/20/07

Jesus addressed Pharisees, Sadducees, and religious hierarchy of the day. Jesus warned for correction.

It's easy to rip and tear the entire Pentecostal and charismatic movements, and label everyone of them a spiritual fruitloop. Excesses in the Church do not help.
---Rachel on 1/20/07

I don't think his preaching is very biblical. Anyone that preaches that God is going to give you $7 for every $1 you give to him is not being authintic. God will bless a generous giver but if you are giving to recieve then you aren't really being generous.
---Jared on 1/20/07

This world is built on the foundation of satan,s way. So greedy for the things of this world. They always want more and more fot them self, having more than they need, and many are hungry and homeless out there. He preach God love a cheerful giver, then give it to the needy, dont keep it. Is he doing God,s work with the peoples tithes? or mmmm.
---winna on 1/20/07

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Jesus said, I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of Him that sent Me. John 6:38

Lifestyles of the rich and famous are in excess. God says not to make merchandise out of the Church. We can't put man upon pedestals. Men fall, they have feet of clay. It's all about Jesus.
---Rachel on 1/20/07

I'm sorry, I don't normally butt in, but I just have to here. T.D.Jakes does not fleece the sheep. He worked as a preacher and pastor for many years, and he worked among the poorest and in poverty. He drove an old car and sometimes could not pay his light bill and they had to use candles to have light. It hurt him so much to see his family have to do without. . . more
---Gena8493 on 1/20/07

#2,. He worked for about 30 years, I think, anyway a very long time, preaching the Word, serving God's people and could not provide for his family, yet he never gave up or quit. How he made his money was he wrote a book and it became a best seller. People paid for the book, that is not fleecing the sheep! It is making a living in an honest way.
---Gena8493 on 1/20/07

First we must understand that God will honor His word. What He says, He will do. There are some (preachers & others) who abuse that word for gain twisting the promises of God's word to meet their agenda. Just as the gifts of the Spirit can be abused by people out of order with the scripture, Mr. Dollar is an example (in my opinion)of one who knows the scripture and makes money only using the parts that benefit his needs.
---mikefl on 1/20/07

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#3 All the time he was ministering he lived in West Virginia. When the book provided much money for him, he held a conference for pastors in his home town. That conference brought much business into the area, but the business and other people complained about him having a conference there, so he moved to Texas. He has not gotten his wealth from collections or donations from people or from the church, but from the books he has written. He is a well published author.
---Gena8493 on 1/20/07

#4 Now, I'm feeling really stupid. My mind thought TD Jakes and not Creflo Dollar. I was writing about T D Jakes. Sorry. I hope I'm not the only one on here that makes mistakes. However, I don't think Creflo takes anymore than the board says he can take in salary and he probably has been given a lot of gifts, and he also is a published author.
---Gena8493 on 1/20/07

Variation on a theme
Apologies to Janis Joplin

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Citation Ten
I've been flyin Delta, I must make amends
Worked hard all my lifetime
preachin about sin,
Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Citation Ten

---- and ---- are asking for two
I know that's greedy, for me just one will do
I'm begging for partners to their cash in,
Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Citation Ten.
---anonymous on 1/20/07

Sometimes a person's name says it all!
---Susie on 1/20/07

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It is not the toys that a person leaves behind that shows how great they were but how little they had left for themselves that shows their greatness.
The widow in Luke 21:2 had nothing left when she was done but Mr. Dollar will die with many luxuries. She is greater than him.
---john on 1/20/07

Many televangelists have different messages, but we should be cautious what they are preaching about.Creflo Dollar teaches about using the Keys of the Bible, to unlock Prosperity and enrich Life through Blessings of Christ.

If we know the Word, we should also Use the Word,everyday A man who has riches without understanding is like the beasts that perish (Psalm 49:20)
---rosem4839 on 1/20/07

Dollar's interpretation of, "Feed my sheep", is "fleece the sheep". (2 Pt. 2:1-3)
---Leon on 1/20/07

Dollar preaches dollars.
---Helen_5378 on 1/20/07

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Lots of Dollar's for Creflo. Rolls Royce car,million-dollar Atlanta home and multimillion-dollar Manhattan apartment. My goodness. When the Lord said, "Feed my sheep" was this what He was talking about?
---MikeM on 1/20/07

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