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Signs Of The AntiChrist

How will we know that the antichrist is really the antichrist? I mean, is it true that he is very intellegent, enough to fool many people into thinking that he is the Lord? How will we know?

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 ---sue on 1/22/07
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Like Frank said they are with us already. They come from within the church. They are mentioned so many times and most everyone has missed them. It is not one person but many antichrist that come to distroy the Truth. Paul said antichrist will "sit" in God's temple. this doesn't mean he will literally sit down on a four-legged chair. After Jesus ascended to Heaven, He "Sat down at the right hand of God" Heb. 10:12. Has He been sitting down for almost 2,000 years? No. When our Lord returns, He will come sitting at the right hand of power, and coming on the clouds of Heaven" Matthew 26:64. Will He be sitting on a fast moving heavenly chair? No again. So what is meant of the antichrist sitting in the temple of God?
---MarkV. on 9/4/09

1st the AntiChrist will be a counterfeit of the REAL Christ (Jesus). Read the Gospels on what Jesus did, and was like - this is how you will know him. Look at a counterfeit $20 bill next to a real one - do they look alike? Now take that special pen to them both, what do you see? Do you see the flaws? Scratch the surface of the AntiChrist, and you will see his flaws. 2nd the AntiChrist WILL DENY that Jesus is God and Christ, that Jesus was born of a virgin and came in the flesh, that Jesus was sinless, that Jesus died on the cross and rose again (1 John 2:22-23, 4:2-3, 2 John 1:7).
---Leslie on 9/1/09

I really recomend that some of you read Revelations 17: 8-20
This passages speaks of how the Antichrist (the beast) has already been, and it gone and will be risen from the dead by the powers of satan :(
The bible also says : Blessed are those how have not seen and yet have beleive. But we need to be out the teach and living God word to the lost ones, and feel safe because God is protecting you.
If you live in the word on God then you will rejoice in his coming!!
---Katelyn on 8/31/09

Wild beasts will turn on humans. More animal attacks.
Wars and rumors of wars, but the end is not yet. Amos 5:19 Famines, disasters, it is as if a man fled from a lion, met a bear, went into the house, leans his against a wall and a serpent bit him.

---Michelle on 10/10/07
---Michelle on 12/27/07

hi i want to talk
---smo on 12/17/07

Fasting and prayer to know and understand the signs. Timing belongs to God. All signs and patterns are in the Word of God.
Everthing we need to know is established in the Word. God doesn't say that He's going to withdraw His decisions, but He gives shelter for the storms for those who repent.

---Michelle on 10/10/07

II Thes 2:3-4
that man of sin revealed, son of perdition,
who opposes and exalts himself above all that are called of God...sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.

Paul said we would see him and know who he is. Those who have taken the time to study the Word and know the Lord, will recognise the antichrist. The Bible says God will give grace to the individual to endure persecution or martyrdom. The Lord will keep those who trust Him. Rev 12:11

---Michelle on 10/10/07

Warnings come before judgment.
So before the antichrist makes his appearance, the bible says there will be sudden terrors.
Doctors call them panic attacks. Jesus said hearts would fail for terror. History reveals that many commit suicide when overcome by terror.
Diseases or plagues that have no immediate cure.

---Michelle on 10/10/07

The bible says work will be done in vain as the enemy devours it at harvest time. It's worse for the unrepentent. The earth beneath our feet will bear no fruit, no harvest. Famines will ravish the land. Only those that belong to the Lord will have food.
Some will experience total loss at the feet of their enemies. False charges to defame one's character, positions will be taken and given to the enemy.

---Michelle on 10/10/07

The breaking of pride. Pride will be broken and all that affects the ego will be lost, and one will be powerless to to stop it.

Heavens will be like brass.
Prayers won't get above heads until that one humbles themself, repents and submits to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

---Michelle on 10/10/07

Wild beasts will turn on humans. More animal attacks.
Wars and rumors of wars, but the end is not yet. Amos 5:19 Famines, disasters, it is as if a man fled from a lion, met a bear, went into the house, leans his against a wall and a serpent bit him.

---Michelle on 10/10/07

THe Bible teaches that he will do great signs and wonders causing people to worship him as God and will take over the world and will cause a new financial order. He will have each person take a mark on his rt hand or forhead with which to buy or sell which calculates to 666. Anyone without this will not be able to buy or sell anything.
---splaa6685 on 10/10/07

As 1 John says, the spirit of ant-christ is already here. That devilish spirit is in many of the churches and people shewing them that they are gods that don't need to live by EVERY word of God. They are convinced they are beyond any teaching or need to gather together. As it makes gods out of people and they heed it, they damn themselves. It can be seen as people exalt themselves rather than abase themselves.
---Frank on 10/10/07

Thank you for your post Josef; a rich blessing which i've copied and pasted to print out and reflect upon more. Praise God for the Spirit of truth.
---Christina on 4/17/07

Sue, the Bible helps us separate fact from fiction - and there's a lot of fiction out there paraded as truth. But ask yourself a question, don't you think such an important subject would be covered by a loving God who wants to protect and edify his faithful servants?
---Geoff on 2/6/07

Ramona, 2/02/07 Quote:
''I don't think he'll need the media to tell us it's him''

Neither do I think that Jesus will needs the Media to Address him, Now back to the Question.... How we will know....? we'll Know if we have messed up and still here when the destruction starts, which is a Sad wake up call if anyone is left behind after the RAPTURE and listening to the news Hellooooooooooooo... I thought I stated the OBVIOUS!
---Carla5754 on 2/6/07

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Correct Josef "I say Jesus was formed & fashion as a man, with the same carnal passions & frailties of any man." And those who deny that aspect of Christ's character embolden a spirit of the antichrist.

1Jo 4:3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist,
---jhonny on 2/3/07

Josef, your description below was beautiful. You speak so nicely that I suspect you're a Catholic :))
---Caring on 2/3/07

It says in revelations that the antichrist will come first. Jesus will come back on the mount of olives and all the world will see him. And I don't think he's going to need the media to tell us its him
---Ramona on 2/2/07

The media will be reporting on this thread. Is this the Rapture all Christians have been talking about in the bible, as thousands of people disappear, Have we encountered a Bermuda Triangle experience?, Cars/planes/trains crash, No Drivers total disaster will be reported, Many will report how spouses are missing after going to bed together! walking up a hill and then suddenly alone etc, etc, etc,
---Carla5754 on 2/2/07

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I said all of that, to say this, had not Jesus possessed within himself a nature open to carnality, He could not have been tempted. For the Father in the totality of His Divine nature, can not be tempted with evil. Jesus was in all points tempted just as we are, yet without sin. Thereby He understands our weakness, & therefore can be a merciful, yet faithful high priest in the things of God concerning man, to make reconciliation for our sins.
---josef on 2/2/07 he 'heard' their mocking, for a moment, lead by this knowledge said something that had been foretold by the prophets. "Eli, Eli, Lama sabachthani?" My God, My God why has thou forsaken me? He immediately recognized that He was not abiding in the fullness of the Fathers' inspiration & said "I thirst". Realizing that He had indeed experienced the dictates of the carnal mind, in which lies the weakness man He said "It is finished" Cont..
---josef on 2/2/07

.. when it was time for Him to be taken, the strength of the Father was manifest in Him as he spoke the words, "Not mine will, but thine will be done." A strength that is available to us, His chosen, as well. Consider also that for a moment on the cross He experienced the source of all error in man, He allowed sense knowledge to dictate his response. The man, that during that trying time 'felt' all of what was happening to him, 'saw' the unbelief that manifest itself in the people..Cont
---josef on 2/2/07

Did Jesus have the natural sensuous nature of man, the animal nature, opposed to God that incites all of us to sin?

Jhonny, I say Jesus was formed & fashion as a man, with the same carnal passions & frailties of any man. He could have, as most do, succumb to a sensually based mentality, but He chose to resist it. His human weakness was shown in the garden of gethsemane as He sweat blood & inquired of the Father if His cup could be taken from Him. Yet...Cont.
---josef on 2/2/07

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greetings.It will be true that when a spiritual and supernatural event occurs in our future that is just beyond the horizion there will occur a great multitude of unbelievers as like it was in the day that Jesus walked our earth who were in disbelief of his sonship with his Father.The intelligent ,watchful eye of faith will surely be led by the spirit of truth.To the trained spiritual eye there will not be confusion.We must forgo a long winter before a spiritual springtime.
---earl on 1/30/07

The AntiChrist will be a counterfit Christ. Christ IS God's son, the AntiChrist is Satan's son. Christ was wounded and rose from the grave on the third day, the AntiChrist will be wounded and be healed in three days. Christ claimed to be and WAS God, the AntiChrist will claim to be but NOT be God.
---Sister_Leslie on 1/30/07

We know that Jesus had natural origin, born of natural generation by a woman (Mary). Did Jesus have the natural sensuous nature of man, the animal nature, opposed to God that incites all of us to sin? What say you, Yea or Nay.
---jhonny on 1/28/07

Read 1 John 4:1-6 - this is what to look for in the Anti-Christ.
---Sister_Leslie on 1/28/07

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Jesus Christ has come ones and that was to be crucified for our sins. He ascended to the clouds after his resurrection and likewise he will return in the clouds 'Revelation 1:7'. Any one person who calls himself the Messiah other than he who comes in the clouds will be the ANTICHRIST.
---Juan6693 on 1/28/07

"How will we know that the antichrist is really the antichrist?"

He "Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped: so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God (In Jerusalem), Shewing himself that he is God." He is the Antichrist.

If you witness a being that appears supernatural by the miracles he performs & he is claiming to be the promised messiah, savior of his people & you are still in this mortal body, he is the counterfeit.
---joseph on 1/28/07

Sue: "How will we know?" Don't worry about it. If your heart is right and you continue to do the will of God (feed, clothe, quench the thirst of the poor, ecourage the new Christians, etc.) will will not need to worry about tomorrow. If your relationship with God is strong, He will let you know. Just go on with your daily walk. Continue to do the things you have been doing, like your career. And, of course, contiually pray that you and your household will be safe.
---Steveng on 1/27/07

Pat, please research on islam even pick up a Koran and read it...there are many interesting things that you'd find...One the radical islams are doing the commands of their book...when they teach peace its only between peace muslims, they are ordered to kill all infadells...another thing is that if they have any questions there suppose to come to the people of the other Book(jews and christians) to get their answers isnt that funny
---mark on 1/27/07

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Lena, "Anti" does mean "against" in Greek. It corresponds exactly with the Hebrew, "over/against". It is an antithetical opposite. And as Jack has pointed out it can also be antagonistic by substitution, i.e. replacing or instead of. Colloqucially, somebody trying to take God's job.
---jhonny on 1/27/07

I believe that the anti-christs are the "radical" Islam Muslims. The bible says there will be many of them. They kill Christians (and other faiths. even Muslims) because their beliefs are not radical Islam.
---Pat on 1/27/07

Saddam Hussein called himself a son of Nebuchanezzar. Nebuchanezzar and saddam were pictured on the coinage. He restored the palace where Daniel(Belteshazzar) interpreted the dead hand writing for king Belshazzar. It was under military installation of a 10 mile parameter while Saddam ruled.
---jhonny on 1/27/07

There are three..
1Jo 5:8 And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one.
Now the beast has his three also.
His image, his mark, and the number of his name.
12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.
---jhonny on 1/26/07

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The beast is overcome with the commandments, esp."thou shalt not covet", and the faith of Christ.
10 "He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints."
No matter what arithmetical sequence is used to create divine generational remembrance and authority, he is just a man. Donald Trump is a brand, people will become a brand, living graven images for the beast.
---jhonny on 1/26/07

1Jo 2:22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.
An antichrist is two things. One a liar.
Two a denier of the faither and son. When you figure out how to deny the father and the son, you'll know why John said, "there are many antichrists".
---jhonny on 1/26/07

sue, my pleasure. Greek numeration is understandable. Every letter represented something: "A" stood for "ox" and "leader"; "B" for "house"; and so on. And each letter also represented a number: "A"= "1", "B"= "2", and so on. For example, the number of your name is 972: S=200 + O=70 + U=400 + S=200 + A=1 + N=50 + N=50 + A=1 = 972. BTW, in contrast to the number 666 of the AntiChrist, the number of Jesus' name is 888.
---Eloy on 1/26/07

There are magicians, astrologers, soothsayers and many other wicked beings in the courts of Nebucanezzer today. In Rev. it states that they are outside the gates of heaven.
---anonymous on 1/26/07

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Eloy, thank you for all the verses. But that other thing: totally confusing.
---sue on 1/26/07

I like your answer, Frank.
---Tim on 1/26/07

sue, According to Greek numeration, NEBUCHADNEZZAR= 666:
N (nu) = 50
E (eta) = 8
B (beta) = 2
U (upsilon) = 400
C (kappa) = 20
H (eta) = 8
A (alpha) = 1
D (delta) = 4
N (nu) = 50
E (eta) = 8
Z (zeta) = 7
Z (zeta) = 7
A (alpha) = 1
R (rho) = 100
------------- 666
(ref: Dan.3; Mat.24:15-22; Rev.13 and Rev.13:16-18).
---Eloy on 1/24/07

sue, yes, Daniel 3 and Matthew 24:15-22 tells us who he is. And Daniel 11:21-45,40 calls him the king of the north; and north of Jerusalem is Syria and Turkey, and north of the Black Sea is Russia. And in Matthew 24 and I Thessalonians 5:1-11; II Thessalonians 2:1-4; II Timothy 3:1-5; II Peter 3:3,4 we can see exactly when he will come. And in Matthew 10:17-25; John 15:18-21; 16:2-4; Revelation 2:10,11; 13 and Revelation 13:16-18 we see what his name is, and exactly what he will do.
---Eloy on 1/24/07

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Eloy, could you please tell who the AntiChrist leader will be, where he comes from, when he will come, what his name is, and exactly what he will do? Thank you and God bless you Eloy.
---sue on 1/24/07

Recall how Jannes and Jambres used supernatural works likewise as Moses the man of God did? But God is not mocked, and thus their works were completely consumed by God's works. The Bible tells us exactly who the AntiChrist leader will be, where he comes from, when he will come, what his name is, and exactly what he will do. So only those who do not know the Word will be deceived and be taken in by his strong delusion.
---Eloy on 1/23/07

The most noticable display of a self-exhalting antichrist spirit is when people look through books other than the Bible (the anointed word)and strain at a gnat and swallow a camel trying to show their knowledge and prove others wrong. Professing themselves to be wise (through their diligent search)they become fools that say in their heart there is no God as they have made a god out of themselves. And only impress themselves, by the way.
---Frank on 1/23/07

** Anti means against. Christ means anointed.**

Actually, Lena, the prefix "anti-" in Greek does NOT mean "against."

It means, rather, a substitute or alternative, such as "proedros/president" and "anti-proedros/vice-president."
---Jack on 1/23/07

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Many thought that David Koresh in Waco Texas was the Messiah; and Jim Jones in Guyanna was the Messiah; and Marshall Applegate in San Diego was the Messiah; and even Charles Manson was the Messiah. But those of us whom are born-again and know the scriptures are not led away by every wind of doctrine, nor by any pseudo-messiahs which make such grandiose and false claims and false promises to their followers.
---Eloy on 1/22/07

When a person refuses to admit that Jesus Christ is Lord they have esteemed their own view above what the word of God says. Hence, they have made a god out of themselves and by esteeming their views above the word of God and manifest an anti-christ spirit and I am right.
---Frank on 1/22/07

Anti means against. Christ means anointed. Anyone who does not believe Jesus to be the Son of God is an antichrist. Notice how John does not use an article to identify one anitchrist because there are many. (Jews, Muslims, Athiests, and ordinary everyday people who simply do not believe.)

Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. (1 John 2:18)
---Lena on 1/22/07

** As 1 John says, the spirit of ant-christ is already here. That devilish spirit is in many of the churches and people shewing them that they are gods that don't need to live by EVERY word of God. **

Actually, what John says is the spirit of Antichrist is REFUSAL to confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh.

There is someone who posts to these boards who actually espouses this doctrine.
---Jack on 1/22/07

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I beleive that the antichrist is already here for they afflicted the children of God and challenged new babies in Christ after they were baptised with the spirit. They have already put themselves on high and knocked down thousands of holy people. I beleive that the antichrist is viral
---tonne on 1/22/07

It's quite simple really, almost laughable to me, People who aren't believing won't be looking for the anti-Christ they heard about in Sunday school as a child; he's long forgotten with the deadlines,payments, and bowling league of today's modern joe.

The people with Jesus' return in their heart ache for him as the world changes and ever turns to ash before their eyes. You can't tell me that with spirit and truth in your heart you'll not see the phony for who he is.
---Pharisee on 1/22/07

When the anti-christ come those without the mark cannot buy nor sell. Those who love the Lord and esteem his word above doctrines of man should be used to it as they buy and sell the word of God in so many churches today and if you go beyond their doctrine you get thrown out.
---Frank on 1/22/07

If we are here to see the Antichrist revealed(I personally believe the rapture takes place before this) here is a sure sign. The man whom the newspapers will publicly acknowledge has been the peacemaker will sign a seven year peace agreement between Israel and its neighbors. The man who brings this signing about(and states that he will enforce this agreement) will be the Antichrist. Mr. 666 himself.
---Mima on 1/22/07

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