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Celebrating St. Patricks Day

Is St. Patricks day a Catholic holiday? Should Christians celebrate St. Patricks day?

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 ---mary5544 on 1/22/07
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No more "Catholic" than Washington's Birthday. He's on the calendars of the various Anglican churches, Lutheran Churches, Orthodox, and certain Eastern Churches in North America as well.

If people on these blogs knew what St. Patrick really did for Christ Jesus, they would be amazed.

However, I don't think his memory is honored by drunken revelry.
---Jack on 8/30/07

Ironically St Patrick would be appalled at the secular turn his feast day has taken. He did not believe in drinking or drunkeness. He was captured and made a slave in Ireland until he escaped and then later returned to preach the gospel. He had love for the Irish people and used what they knew and understood to show them the gospel.
---grace3869 on 1/25/07

"My birthday too Kay6588!"

Cool! And your name is Pat! My mothers name is Patricia but goes by the name Patty. And something else I find pretty cool is that her younger brother (5 years younger) was also born on March 17th. His name is Patrick but goes by the name Pat. Must be the "luck" of the Irish!
---Kay6588 on 1/23/07

Hi Ryan; I kinda envy you; enjoy your green beer lol :D I wish I could drink an occasional beer, but being a recovering alcoholic, I don't dare; enjoy it for me, will ya? ;) God bless the Irish--and the rest of us! :) Happy St Patty's :)
---Mary on 1/23/07

My birthday too Kay6588!
---Pat on 1/23/07

**he should never be worshipped as part of a Catholic pantheon of saints.**

I don't know anybody who does, and what's more, nobody on these blogs does either, though they might THINK they do.

Nobody here can see into the heart of another person, regardless of what they claim.
---Jack on 1/23/07

Well my mother never got drunk, that I know of, but she always dressed me in green as a child when I went to school on St. Patrick's Day. Why? Because her people were from the potato famine in Ireland. And oh how I love that song," when Irish eyes are smiling". My mother was very thankful that her people escaped the RCC that chokes Ireland to this very day.
---Mima on 1/23/07

According to scripture, ALL Christians are Saints. While I'm sure Patrick was a good man and possibly a faithful servant to Christ, I don't understand the drunkenness that surrounds the "holiday".
---Debbie on 1/23/07

Dressing in green, having a bowl of green jell-o, having A (Meaning one) green beer and celebrating all things Irish. Since I have Irish heritage and I was raised in American culture this is the way I see St. Patty's day.
---Ryan on 1/23/07

In point of fact, St. Patrick himself predates the Roman Catholic church, hailing from a time when Britain was still rather Orthodox, and not under the jurisdiction of Rome. The reason why it may be regarded as a 'Catholic' holiday, is because Ireland was eventually Romanized, along with all her saints, Patrick included. Although Christians should celebrate the memory of Patrick because he was a dear and faithful brother in Christ, he should never be worshipped as part of a Catholic pantheon of saints.
---Climacus_Redivius on 1/22/07

**I have never heard of St. Patrick and I believe the Catholic Church are the only ones that honor saints.**

Wrong, Norma.

Also Lutherans, Anglicans, Orthodox, Copts, Armenians, Syrians, Assyrians, the Syriani of India...

The only ones who DON'T are pop-evangelicals.
---Jack on 1/22/07

St Patrich born of Roman British parentage was was abducted 7 taken to Ireland where heobliged to serve as a herdsman to a heathen Master.He escapes returns home& in a dream was asked to go back &ChristianizeIreland.which he did with mutch zeal & hardshipin442was commisioned by Pope Leoto organise the churchHe won a pagan nation for ChristHe lived alife ofLabour & prayer & is known for driving all snakes from ireland into the sea He was a great man of God.
---Emcee on 1/22/07

Peter ... Please do an honest search, and find out what St Patrick did. Ignore your enti-RC inclinications and seek the truth about the man. You could also try St George and St Andrew who are the other patron saints of the United Kingdom.
---alanUKquent64534 on 1/22/07

St. Patrick's Day is a day for the Irish to celebrate their heritage. At least, that is what I was raised to do as an Irish Catholic. When I became a born again Christian, I did not stop celebrating it. I wear green, and used to eat the Irish Potato candies. I always make corned beef and cabbage on or around St. Patrick's Day. It is a matter of heritage to me, and my kids who I raised to be proud of who they are. They always wear green on March 17. Two of my children have Irish names.
---Madison1101 on 1/22/07

I celebrate St. Patricks day because its my mother's birthday, plus I'm Irish. 'Tis great to be Irish! ;)
---Kay6588 on 1/22/07

I don't think that it's just a Catholic holiday, even though I used to be a Catholic (got Born Again, since). That's a very good question though. Maybe it did start with the Catholic church. Have to research.
---Peter on 1/22/07

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I don't know if it's a Catholic Holiday or not. The Catholic's do celebrate it and they really know how to party. It originated in Ireland and is a real holiday there. I have never heard of St. Patrick and I believe the Catholic Church are the only ones that honor saints.
---Norma7374 on 1/22/07

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