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Worshiping In The Spirit

Several times in the Bible we are told to "worship God in the spirit". What is your understanding of this? Why is the distinction made between worshiping in the spirit and worshiping in the truth?

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 ---Mima on 1/23/07
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As bold as brass--- Michael has stated the truth here,"I could speculate but what's the sense in that. I will tell you that "worshiping in the spirit" is related to "speaking in tongues" which every born again believer can do and should be a part of their private prayer life." I love Christianet and what I learned from it.
---MIMA on 12/17/07

Worshiping in the "spirit" means OUR spirit.In the Bible,when we see "spirit" lower-case "s" it is refering to our spirit "Spirit" capital"S" is Holy Ghost.Worship in spirit is our's and worship in truth is in true doctrine,by Bible standards,etc.
---donald on 12/17/07

I could speculate but what's the sense in that. I will tell you that "worshiping in the spirit" is related to "speaking in tongues" which every born again believer can do and should be a part of their private prayer life. If you would like me to provide chapter and verse please contact me by email I would be more than happy to show you. May YHWH bless you mightly in the precious name of His son Christ Yeshua!
---Michael on 12/17/07

Prophetic worship comes from the worshipper and it is not planned during the worship service. It's a prophetic word given in song and it's inspired by the Holy Spirit. I have witnessed this many times at several churches and I love it because I feel like God is speaking to his body through his modern day Psalmist.
---MichelleS on 10/8/07

Some of the greatest prophetic worship I have heard has come from CFNI or Christ for the Nations. Jason Upton and Rick Pino are some artists who are really annointed and their music takes you right to the Holy of Holies (symbolically speaking not literally).
One thing-prophetic worship always lines up with scripture. Don't listen to it if you sense the person is just making it up as they go and it's not scriptural.
---MichelleS on 10/8/07

How very true Matthew. All those words by Cronwall were very true. That is exactly how I feel about my relationship with Christ. The more He gives, the more we receive from the Spirit that we need, and the more we appreciate Him. Each day more and more comes to light through the Spirit of God, who not only gives life, but light to God's word.
---Lisas on 3/10/07

catherine your statement"He took me out of church". Is either terribly selfcondemning or a cry in the night for those who believe churchgoing and salvation is synonymous.
---Mima on 3/9/07

God is not too overly impressed with Sunday worship, He took me out of church. He is not impressed at all with people who reads the Bible and they don't love Him. God is not impressed at all with people who are good at quoteing scriptures, who doesn't love Him. He wants His people in prayer. God hates the hypocrites. Here is a warning! STOP IT.
---catherine on 3/9/07

one thing i can tell you that i know to be true, it doesn't matter if you go to church, or read the bible even! all that matters is that you have faith in your god because in any or most religions anyways they pray to one "god!" thank you for your time!!
---stevengm on 3/8/07

Here is more and this very true.
"Worship flows from revelation about God. As the Lord reveals Himself to us, adoration arises from our heart. Judson Cornwall once said, "the depth of our worship is always proportional to the extent of our revelation of God."
---Matthew on 3/8/07

I read these words from a site. Those who don't have these moments during worship are REALLY mising out.
"In worship, we catch a fascinating and tantalizing glimpse of God in a way that is breathtaking. The Lord causes us to "see" or "know" Him with our spirit. We may have a revelation of His thoughts, words, character, and attributes. Such revelation transforms us and draws forth devotion from the depths of our being."
---Matthew on 3/8/07

Cynthia: "Christina, What is prophetic worship?"

I suggest doing a search on it...some interesting info
---Christina on 3/7/07

If the spirit that is reciting in our body is not the same spirit that Christ has then we are not saved! God did create us with a spirit to communicate with him but Adam sold us down the river therefore it is necessary that our spirit be renewed.
---Mima on 3/7/07

Worship must be based on the truth of Scripture not on our opinions about God. "worship in truth" means to worship God as He revealed Himself in the Holy Bible.

When Jesus said we must "worship in Spirit" He was referring to our spirit, not the Holy Spirit. Made in God's image, We are a spirit residing in a body. God designed our spirit to communicate with Him.

Worship is our spirit responding to God's Spirit. Anything we do that pleases God is an act of worship.
---rosan_8657 on 3/7/07

First of all Worship can be Private or Public. Worship means--Adore, obey, focus positive attention. Also enjoy the presence of God. The way we treat people also included in worshiping God. [I didn't know that, But true] The Truth means== no pretence. God is the one source of truth. Anyone who goes to church and does these things and have not been Born-Again, God doesn't recognize it and it STINKS in His nostrils.
---catherine on 3/2/07

i really believe that i f you are worshipping in spirit you are also worshipping in truth. they both go hand in hand. the worship should and needs to come from deep within your own spirit. the way we each wrship may be different than any one else. but if we worship with our spirits and faces focused on God and to Him we are worshipping in both. so Give Him your Praise and worship the way that you feel deep inside you to do.
---carol on 3/2/07

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Christina, What is prophetic worship?
---Cynthia_1 on 3/2/07

Christina I have noticed that no one has taken the time to respond to your question. I believe every inquiry deserves a response. Although I am not certain what you meant by "prophetic worship" I will respond thusly. Worship is to revere & adore, e.g. as a dog licking his masters hand. This type of homage is due the Father alone. This humbling of ourselves in worship conveys the testimony of Jesus to all who witness it & is the spirit of prophecy. A spirit demonstrated in our love for all.
---joseph on 3/2/07

I think God is asking for your heart, not a physical sacrifice or a physical proof, but a full commitment of your spirit, soul, heart to him. Not sure about the latter.
---oliver on 2/21/07

Thank you Rural Cafe. I have been enlighten, I believe you know what you are talking about because the translation rings familiar. Now when I sing it to my child, if I am ever blessed like that, I will be able to sing it in both 'French ?' & english & even spell it. So also will my child. Who knows it might spark an interest in her to learn various languages & maybe teach me :o). Thanks again.
---Josef on 2/13/07

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P.S. What does "Nom de plume" mean?
---Josef on 2/13/07

Frere Jacques,
Frere Jacques,
Sonnez les matines!
Sonnez les matines!
Din, dan, don.
Din, dan, don.

Are you sleeping,
Are you sleeping,
Brother John?
Brother John?
Morning bells are ringing,
Morning bells are ringing.
Ding, dang, dong.
Ding, dang, dong.

Nom de plume
---Rural_Cafe on 2/11/07

WOW, I am so glad that have a FATHER. I mean a real FATHER. A FATHER that loves me, really loves me. He talks to me, and I listen to Him. I care about how He feels about me. I care about whether or not He approves of me. I care. This father, is GOD.
---CATHERINE on 2/1/07

Just wondering, what peoples thoughts or experiences with prophetic worship may be...?
---Christina on 2/1/07

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To worship the Father in Spirit & truth, is to rely upon His Spirit to lead us into His Truth & empower us to live out that truth. His Word Is Truth. His direct Divine Inspiration as the essential source, foundation, guide & illuminator that provides the insight that forms & establishes within us a mental disposition humbled & submitted to the love of the Father, is His Spirit of truth. I am not aware of any distinction made between the two, but rather an implication of unity between the two.
---Josef on 2/1/07

Pt. 3..However from a human intellectual stand point, they would have served me no purpose. This is the message that I believe is being conveyed in 1 Cor. 14:6-16. Please know that I am not dissing the "tongues" I believe you are alluding to. I have never experienced it, therefore know nothing about it, & will not condemn or affirm the practice.
---Josef on 2/1/07

PT.2 ..intellectually gained by them. However whether or not I understand the song, it has a relevant meaning that is known & understood by those who speak the language. Had that song been a prayer, that was Word based & generally applicable, it would have benefited the ones who understood it, both mentally & spiritually. If I repeated the words along with them, I would have also benefited spiritually, because they would have been utter in the spirit of the prayer. [Cont. pt.3]
---Josef on 2/1/07

Mima I will answer your question on 1/25/07 like this.

"Fara jaca, fara jaca, dormay voo, dormay voo, ale est mar tena, ale est mar tena, ding, ding dong." The song I just quoted & misspelled I'm sure, is a song I learned as a very small child maybe 5 or 6. The words remain with me although I have no idea what they mean apart from the last 3. Yet the words & the song has meaning, had someone taken the time to translate & explain them to me I could have... [Cont. Pt.2]
---Josef on 2/1/07

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The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth.

Our hearts must not allow bitterness, unforgiveness, and pride to come in.

We must protect our hearts with all diligence for out it flow the issues of life.
Prov. 4:23

God says keep a gentle spirit and avoid a critical spirit.

Develop a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

I'm not bragging on you Catherine; but God can choose whoever is willing - to confound the wise, proud, and lofty.
---Cindy on 1/29/07

Oh Rickey, you are correct.I love what you said. I won't brag on you too much. Give all the praises and glory to God.
---CATHERINE on 1/29/07

I first agree with God and second, Pat is right. We feel God's presence. I don't think too much about the truth part of it, I just love to feel the presence AND POWER,it is a high. About 85% of you is in heaven the rest down here. If only we could live all the time like that. It takes a lot out of you.
---CATHERINE on 1/28/07

You cannot separate the Holy Spirit from Truth. For the Holy Spirit is Truth. To worship in the Spirit is to feel His presence.
---Pat on 1/27/07

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indeed we should worship in spirit,not when it is sunday but in everyday,every activity and every thought that is what will make life worthwhile and make us different from the world!
---kyapa on 1/27/07

God is simply looking for folks to worship a.k.a. serve Him in spirit, meaning not in a fleshly motive. TO worship Him in truth, meaning keeping it real w/ God. He isn't looking for fleshly, part-time, sunday only, christians. Worship is a life-style.
---Rickey on 1/27/07

Looking at first Corinthians 14:15 what can we learn?"What is it then? I will pray with the spirit, and I will pray with the understanding also: I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the understanding also". Apparently praying in the spirit and praying with understanding is not the same. Another words if a person prays with the Spirit they do not pray with understanding.
So is it possible that praying as the spirit is praying in unknown tongues?
---Mima on 1/25/07

If you're walking in truth, then you can worship in the Spirit and in Truth. To worship in the Spirit is to sing in the Spirit, not in tongues, don't confuse the two, they are TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT things. In the Spirit means you sing in a holy manner, at a level that you go into the Spirit, not in the flesh. The things of the Spirit are too hard to explain. I would have to show you. I'm sure you've heard this done at Pentecostal or Holy Spirit filled churches.
---Anonymous on 1/24/07

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That verse in John 4--"worship Him in Spirit and in Truth [Jesus], for the Father seeketh such to worship Him"--is VERY Trinitarian.

This is the essence of true Christian worship.
---Jack on 1/23/07

Rom.7:6 says that being delivered from the law we are to serve Him in newness of the spirit not in the oldness of the letter. 1Cor.14 says when worship goes beyond praying and singing words with our understanding that we worship with spirit. I can't explain it better than Paul.
---john on 1/23/07

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