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What Is Heresy And Apostasy

What, exactly is heresy and what is apostasy? What is the difference?

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 ---Rick_D on 1/23/07
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Apostasy===A falling away rom the faith. Now, Heresy===False doctrine, or teaching that denies one of the foundational beliefs of the church, such as the Lordship or diety of Jesus. Foundation==The strong, stable base on which a building is constructed. When moral foundations are destroyed, a society is in DANGER of COLLAPSE [Ps. 11:3]. and it reads: "When a society spawns those who would bend their bow and shoot at the upright in heart. It is evidence that the foundations of righteousness are being shaken." Righteousness++Holy and upright living. The difference-Don't care about faith v. not telling the truth.
---catherine on 7/10/08

**for leaving the church. 6 months later he got saved and joined a missionary. **

Joined a missionary WHAT?
---Jack on 7/10/08

Heresy & Apostasy is a separating (Jude 1:19) from God's Saving Truth (John 17:17), This is the reason why most of the Church is spiritually ailing. Minister's not on fire for God, don't pray, don't fast, don't live right, living a life of luxury, not truly submitting to their Maker, yet they "teach" many, it's very sad, but regardless, even so, come quickly Lord Jesus. The great falling away has already's almost time for our Lord's return (Revelation 16:15).
---Mrs._Morgan on 7/25/07

Apostasy is the GREAT FALLING AWAY which is a sign of the end times and which we are seeing right now in our churches. Heresy simply means lieing against the truth. It is everywhere, sadly to say. Also a sign of the end times. We have so many false doctrines that it is very hard to decide which poison to pick. ha. Best not to pick any teachings of man at this time but rather to read your Bible for yourself and seek your salvation with fear and trembling
---jody on 7/25/07

"Any Christian is subject to error in his thinking about spiritual matters. The presence of the sin nature in the soul guarantees that we will have a constant battle to distinguish between human and divine viewpoints. Error may be the result of ignorance, of a lack of doctrine, or of deliberately adopting some point of view or activity".
---Marcia on 7/25/07

The open-minded Christian who is positive to the teaching of the Bible and who is willing for the Lord to deal with him in doctrinal matters will find that his erroneous ideas will be replaced with the truth of the Word of God. As he grows in Christ, he will avoid heresy and any deliberate apostasy.
---Marcia on 7/25/07

"Heresy itself, which is the result of making a wrong choice among competing ideas, may have been entered into as a result of being deceived (EPH. 4:11-18) or of falling into a snare of Satan. Heresy becomes apostasy, however, whenever a person deliberately decides to reject Bible truth and maintain and promote false ideas". (Examples: Sin of Presumption, Pugatory,)

This is research not my own: however I agree with it.
---Marcia on 7/25/07

how about leaving the gnostics or the atheists or the devil worshipers? Why always pick on the Catholics who preach the gospel and admit Christ is King. I am saved, born again, baptized in the Holy spirit, Catholic. I Love the Lord God, and my neighbor..Christ is the way the truth and the light.
Try getting a non believer to believe rather then a believer who already believes to believe.
---Lisa on 7/25/07

When I got saved and left the Catholic church the Lord put it on my heart STRONG to go and witness to my former Pastor (priest). I admit that I did not do this right away. Partly because I didn't believe that he was not saved. I was going by my own reasoning and said to myself.."How could a Pastor not be saved"? I didn't get it yet. I finally witnessed to him and he yelled and he called me a heratic.. for leaving the church. 6 months later he got saved and joined a missionary. Praise God!
---John on 7/24/07

Jhonny::"Knowlege without the willingness to change is deadly"You call them Machinations?how do you Know does the word say So.ok assuming you are right. Is it better to step "UP" to a better sphere of understanding as asked & commanded by God "BE Perfect"or do we step"DOWN" To eternal ruination.You Pick: I have already, I am a Catholic& follow as in Mat16;17-19."THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN"
---Emcee on 1/25/07

**But why change when there's absolution and penance.**

The whole purpose of these practices IS to change.
---Jack on 1/25/07

"But knowledge without the willingness to change is deadly." Good observation Mima. But why change when there's absolution and penance. Why change when there's osas. All these and other liturgical mechanics are just machinations.
---jhonny on 1/24/07

Heresy is rejection of revealed truth. For example if a person were to deny Our Lord's full humanity, claiming that He did not take it from the Virgin Mary, but never believed it or understood it, s/he would be merely a heretic.

If at one time such a person believed it, and then LATER rejected it, s/he would be an apostate as well.
---Jack on 1/24/07

To---John, I want to thank you for this testimony. I do not know you, but I know this testimony to be true because I have experienced the exact same thing with the only difference being that the priest ask me talk to him. Many of these priest are earnestly desiring to know the truth. Also many of them realize that they do not know the truth. As I was talking with this priest who six months later got saved. I was astounded at his knowledge. But knowledge without the willingness to change is deadly.
---Mima on 1/24/07

Heresy::A False Doctrine or false interpretation of a true doctrine;Formal Heresy is a grevious sin& Is a rebellion against GOD.Matt15;14::1Tim,1;5-7
Apostacy=Defection From God;Through entire rejection of either,one or more of the following,after it has been previously accepted! The christian Faith2 Ecclesiastical obedience.3.The religious & clerical state:Matt10;33
---Emcee on 1/24/07

Jack, God as my witness, this happened and more happened than I wrote here. I hope your not mocking what God has done, because you don't know the work God does in the lives of His saints for His Glory. Like I wrote here, don't mock or deny what God has done lest you be confounded. He and only He gets the glory. Rule of thumb... If you don't understand or don't believe, it's better to say nothing. Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father!
---John on 1/23/07

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