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It Is Mima's Birthday Today

It is Mima's Birthday today! Can we wish him a Happy Birthday.

Moderator - Happy Birthday brother! How young are you today?

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 ---Helen_5378 on 1/24/07
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lol (((%))) mima doesnt know if hes coming or going..this is the 4th birthday???? be joyful in your celebration anyhow..Lord, can I please have 2 birfdays this year pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease????
---pop on 4/6/08

Mima::You must have been born again 4 times,You are the only Human I Know who has 4Birthdays,Now as you are enjoying all the excitement I cannot spoil the party so Here My Friend is My Happy Birthday Wish "May you live long and prosper" Vulcan Style-but nevertheless genuine.God bless you.
---Emcee on 3/31/08

Happy B-Day!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 3/31/08

Are you enjoying all the cake? Happy Birthday.And Many more in the following months.
---Kella3336 on 3/30/08

4MI MA's Mercy mee
---Emcee on 3/28/08

It looks as if Mima has birthdays in January, February, March and June. Now that's something!!!
---RitaH on 3/28/08

I see it's that time again!! Happy B. Day Mima. You must be what...about 148 yrs. old now?! hee hee!! Luv ya.
---sue on 3/28/08

Happy B-Day Mima.
---JIM on 3/28/08

Happy Birthday Mima
---Pharisee on 6/23/07

Happy Birthday Mima, and many more from all of us. Hope you have a fun day away from the computer. There is life away from it brother, yet it's fun to discuss the things of God. Blessings on to you,
---Lisas on 2/13/07

Yeah Mima, What's up with all these birthdays. Are you getting a lot of gifts at least? Happy Birthday!
---Ken on 2/12/07

Mima bima bo bina, bannana famma fo fima mi my mo mima, MIMA! Happy Birthady DUDE!!!!
---rick on 2/12/07

Dang Mima, you have more birthdays than anybody I know! You must be pretty old by now! Happy birthday AGAIN! heheheh
---sue on 2/12/07

Just to remind you Mima, You have another Birthday coming around again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !
---Pete on 2/11/07

Lynet I have over 2000 oldies downloaded on my computer, some are full albums. I like most kinds of music, 'specially oldies.
"Don't eat the yellow snow." Yep, 60's and 70's are my eras.
---NV_Barbara on 2/1/07

Mima baby, Happy Birthday, boo-ba-la. Just in case I miss too many of them. Where's the party? Milk for everybody! Woo-Hooo!!!
---Morty on 1/31/07

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Me too NV Barbara,
I remember all the words to the songs I grew up with, 60's, 70's etc. I love it when I hear an oldie but goodie.
They seem to sound better than anything I've heard lately:)
---lynet on 1/31/07

Happy Birthday, Mima ... may you have a blessed day!
---Nellah on 1/30/07

You're right Leon, I got the 2 songs mixed up.
"If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit!" ;) 'I second that emotion!'
God bless you bro.
---NV_Barbara on 1/30/07

"Lighten up & just be a goof on THIS blog, its fun to let loose!"

First, let me say I'm sorry guys for being so uptight about this clown thing. Please accept my apology Louie, Cubby, etc. I like clowns &, well, "If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit!" ;)

Louie: Aaaaa, "Kisses!"? No thanks, I'll pass! Give them to Mima. It's his birthday! :D

Barbara: That song was The Track of My Tears. The Tears of A Clown is a different song. Thx... :)
---Leon on 1/30/07

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We're ALL just fooling around, no insults intended! If we have to keep this blog going until Mima's REAL birthday there may be more joking. I take all the 'blonde jokes' with a grain of salt, even though God gave me that colour hair. Lighten up and just be a goof on THIS blog, its fun to let loose!

"Take a good look at my face, you'll see the smile looks out of place. If you look closer its easy to trace the tears of a clown." I remember all the oldies I grew up with Leon!..barba4556
---NV_Barbara on 1/29/07

Happy Birthday dude! Just wanted to remind you.
---Greg on 1/29/07

Love you too, Leon. Kisses! Lighten up dude, we are only kidding. John is kidding, Barbara is kidding and probably everybody on this blog is kidding when it comes to clown ribbing.
Now stop clowning around and get serious with the funny!
---Louie on 1/28/07

Here's to too much information! Ya vol!
---John on 1/28/07

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Don't look in a mirror Louie. The most sin ister clown you've ever seen lurks there & he's stinkin' stuck-up! :(

NV_Barbara: Smokey Robinson wrote a song (micro-story) years ago, i.e., Tears of A Clown. "But" there was no mention of diarrhea. I think, just maybe, that would've been more information than we'd need to know. ;)

Right you are Helen. Happy un-birthday Mima!!! :)
---Leon on 1/28/07

How about we have just one clown at mima's party. The Emporor's new clown. This way he wouldn't get in the way of anybody.
---Ted on 1/28/07

Woo Hoo! I liked the clown with diarrhea joke. LOL!!!
---John on 1/28/07

You know what would make a good story? Something about a clown who makes people happy, but inside he's real sad. Also, he has severe diarrhea. Sorry, that was baaad!
---NV_Barbara on 1/28/07

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I ain't bowing to no stinkin clown now. So you can for get about it. Easy there leon baby! Just messin with you kid's on one of mima's birthdays. It's only part of the party. I still don't look at em the same, still. If you want to call that profiling, than I guess, a little. Happy Birthday mima!
---Louie on 1/28/07

Hey guys, I just thought - If we all were to keep on wishing Mima a Happy Birthday, then eventually we would catch up with his real birthday! Wouldn't we? :)
---Helen_5378 on 1/27/07

My son's father inlaw is a part-time clown (full-time school teacher). He's a really good guy -- not sinister but, kind of a minister. (Pv. 17:22)

For what it's worth Cubby & Louie, your prejudice against ALL clowns is unacceptable. Beneath the facade clowns are people with souls too ! As such they should be individually judged solely by the content of their character, not by their unusual apparel & the makeup colors on their skin.

Don't judge a book by looking at its cover. :(
---Leon on 1/27/07

I can't stanze those stinkin clowns either. Ever since that guy John Wayne Gasey dressed up as a clown and did all those horrible things to those young men, I don't look at them the same.
---Louie on 1/26/07

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Just wanted to wish Mima a Happy Birthday because he must have another one commin around again. Is it early or belated? Oh, I get it, both.
---Ted on 1/26/07

Happy Birthday. What do you want this time? How many candles on your pancake? The regular cakes don't come cheep, and the number of birthdays you seem to have, you would get fat on all those cakes. Can I come to your next party? Milk and soda is fine. No clowns please. I don't like clowns, they have a sinister look about them. No clowns. How old are you know, about 406? And remember, no clowns.
---Cubby on 1/26/07

Quirky John, my b'day is June 8, Steve's is June 9. Anniversary is July 22 and my son's b'day is July 27th!(my ex's b'day is July 19)
Mom is sharpe as a tack, and fiesty! She will have to take a driver's test in March to see if the DMV thinks she should still be driving---she will turn 88 in March! We're all speaking seriously with her about getting rid of the big house and going to an apt. at a retirement facility.BTW she's my MIL.
---NV_Barbara on 1/26/07

*Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Mima, Happy Birthday to you!* Another Yeeeeaaar!
---Dwane on 1/25/07

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Mima, My wife's birthday is July 22. My mom's birthday was July 19. Those are also good days. I'm a June baby, June 18.
Barbara, How's mom doing? She's blessed to have you come and stay with her. God bless you for being a faithful child.
---John on 1/25/07

It always comes down to the "gifts", doesn't it Mima. :)
---Leon on 1/25/07

Happy Whatever Day Mima! May you be blessed abundantly even if it isn't your birthday!
Hugs, Barbara
---NV_Barbara on 1/25/07

Roses are red, violets are blue, I wanted to take out this time to say Jesus loves you, and I do to!


Sister in Christ
---Chris on 1/25/07

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Leave em alone, will ya, he's out of breath from blowing out all those candles on all those birthdays. And that's over the past year! He has to regain his strength, he's got more commin up.
---John on 1/24/07

My birthday is July the 23rd. I appreciate all the good wishes--- you all were litt short on gifts however!! Ha ha
---Mima on 1/24/07

Happy Birthday Mima with many many more to come, and God Bless you as well.
---mary on 1/24/07

Mima - Hi. You were on the list of "Today's Birthdays" for the 23rd January!
---Helen_5378 on 1/24/07

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Sorry I snaped, Mima.
---GeorgeCostanza on 1/24/07

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday dear Mimaaaaa,
Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuu:)
God Bless you, and many more to come
---lynet on 1/24/07

Birthday blessings to you. Hope you have a good one and may you have many more.

---augua9846 on 1/24/07

Mima, you are an inspiration to me in all that you do to spread the gospel to others. I pray for you and praise God for you, so even though this isn't your actual birthday, I just wanted to take the time to celebrate you just the same. Have a happy day, Mima, and may God continue to bless you!
---AlwaysOn on 1/24/07

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Mima...So, today is the first of your many birthdays this year! Right?
---Susie on 1/24/07

Have a great day Mima. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
---m.p.a. on 1/24/07

Well it's your birthday now! After everyone went to the trouble, you enjoy it!
---George on 1/24/07

Happy birthday Mima. May God bless you on this day and every day and all your friends in Christ.
---Marie on 1/24/07

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well happy birthday anyway I am sure I didn't with you well on you "real birthday"
---willow on 1/24/07

Happy Birthday Mima!!
---Ryan on 1/24/07

Happy Birthday To YOU!
luv ya!
---sue on 1/24/07

Mima, we are glad that you made it, bro. Hope you have plenty more and that they are healty and prosperous ones.


---John on 1/24/07

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Happy Birthday. You are blessed to have another birthday year.May God continue blessing you to have many more is my prayer for you.
---wisea7358 on 1/24/07

Happy Birthday, Mima!
---Kelly on 1/24/07

THIS IS NOT MY BRITHDAY.But here is a interesting story along these lines. Having worked many years on the Mississippi River. Now cook has to cook pies or cakes everyday. Sometimes I'd have as many as four birthdays a year on the boat. But finally one day they caught me, after singing happy birthday to me they presented me with my license which they had taken off the wall of pilothouse. On my license is my birthday. Ha ha
---Mima on 1/24/07

Mima....Happy Blessed Birthday Brother!!!
---Susie on 1/24/07

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Happy Birthday Mima. Hope it's the best one you ever had!
---Helen_5378 on 1/24/07

Mima may God give you a Happy Birthday today and may all your days be filled with joy. May good health abound and blessings be many. God be with you in all ways.
---Darlene_1 on 1/24/07

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