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Should The USA Leave Iraq

Should the USA leave Iraq and let them go into a civil war? Does President Bush have it right when he wants to continue to send more troops to Iraq?

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 ---Alan on 1/24/07
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I have mixed feelings about the war in Iraq. On the one hand, at the beginning of this war, I thought it was personal because President Bush said that Saddam Husein had threatned to kill president Bush's father. But, now I think if we pull out of Iraq, are the terriost going to come to the USA and attack us? My heart goes out to every one of our troops as well as Iraqi troops that are sacrificing their lives in this war, as well as to the families of each one.
---Cynthia on 9/7/07

I have prayed about the situation in Iraq, My tears fall when I see the news where so many of our young men and women are losing their lives in an unknown country to them, I was thinking the national guards was to protect America, I have loveones fighting there in Iraq, I pray everyday for safety return for all our soldiers, I think it's time to bring our brave young men and women home back to their country America A job well done,
---wise7358 on 9/7/07

The British captives will be coming home.
Thank you, Jesus.
---ArmyoftheLord on 4/4/07

**George knew we must honor the One who is the Greatest, the Captain of the Armies, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.**

According to contemporary descriptions, Washington was not above salty expressions, himself.

And what does this have to do with the issue of the Iraqui invasion?
---Jack on 4/1/07

George Washington gave the command to his officers in the Continental Army:
"The General is sorry to be informed that the wicked practice of profane cursing/swearing is growing." "We can have little hopes of the blessing of Heaven on our Arms, if we insult it...every man of character detests and despises it."
George knew we must honor the One who is the Greatest, the Captain of the Armies, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.
---ArmyoftheLord on 4/1/07

The One who laid down His life for us, the bravest and Greatest Soldier in history who gives us the Victory.

We honor King Jesus in our actions toward others.
We reverence the Name of God.
Reverence for our Heavenly Father affects our reference for leaders, pastors, parents.
When we reverence the Name of God, that reverence will come into our hearts.

We honor and respect all the young men and women in uniform who serve.
It reflects our honor for the Captain of the Lord's hosts.
---ArmyoftheLord on 4/1/07

Remember the British soldiers who are being held captive this week. Keep them in your prayers.
---ArmyoftheLord on 4/1/07

Caring my beef with you is that you stated as fact somethig that I KNEW was false.

I wanted you to do a search to find the truth instead of letting your prejudices rule.

I am not that happy about GWB's leadership in this war, either. But when we earnesrtly and sincerely spout incorrect data, we do not further rational debate.
---Observer on 2/10/07

dear caring: while the pope opposes the war on tv, the catholics go join it fighting for the us (as many other people of many religions) and no catholic gets excommunicated for fighting there. HIPOCRISY!. If he had forbidden catholics to fight, or get excommunicated, then I would give him the benefit of the doubt. but he never does. throughtout the centuries catholics have killed in war more than anyone else. romanist hitler never got excommunicated, for example. nor himmler, nor franco.
---george on 2/8/07

Caring: instead, if you wanna know peaceful people, see the amish, mennonites, quakers, hutterites and even jehovahs witnesses. they got killed for disobeying catholics like hitler (in the case of the jw) who wanted to force them to go to war. the amish got wiped out of europe by the rcc because they simply would not obey. they were pacifist. just not obedient to popes. big criminals! if you really have an inquisitive, truth-searching scientific mind, check out in the web what jack chick has to say.
---george on 2/8/07

caring: check the website of jack chick to see what the catholic church does. meanwhile the pope comes on tv opposing war. but, do catholics go to war or not? yes. do they get excommunicated? no. instead, do amish,hutterites,mennonites,jehovahs witnesses, quakers go to war or not? no. do they get disfellowshipped if they do? yes. blessed are the peacemakers says the Word. Who are peacemakers? the marines or the disobedient pacifists? when the pope leads a crusade against heretics, are you gonna disobey?
---george on 2/8/07

Observer, a lot of what we know comes from watching news and reading on the media and websites.

But then, one doesn't have to read too much to realize that GW Bush brought about lots of problems in the world. I have heard him on TV mentioning God so I tend to believe the story below.
---Caring on 2/8/07

Caring, that is PRECICELY the point I made.

You went to a website, and read someone's account, never taking the time to verify it. Then you post it as true on this site.

Because it is NOT true, and I verified an original source, you perpetuate a lie. Yes, you were ignorant of the facts, but that does not change the facts.

You are no longer ignorant about that, so I request that you no longer repeat that story.
---Observer on 2/7/07

Observer, I got the quote from a website which you have probably seen also. I don't have to prove anything - the news from Iraq are giving us the proofs.

The Prez likes to quote God to get support for his actions. Thanks God he can't be re-elected again.
---Caring on 2/7/07

Caring, your job is to prove the positive: Bush said it.

You said he actually said it, and I asked you for the PRIMARY SOURCE.

UNTIL YOU FROVE THAT HE ACTUALLY SAID IT, and this from a WH transcript, or of similar reputable source, then you make an unsubstantiated OPINION
---Observer on 2/7/07

Nothing today can no longer be controlled by people. No matter how we try to solve the problems of this world, it doesn't work. Everything is happening for a purpose. Like a chess game, the events are being played out to bring to a close what the Bible fortells and what God wants to end as soon as possible to bring his people home.
---Steveng on 2/6/07

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Observer, google the phrase: I am driven with a mission from God and you'll find several sources.

I do not trust anyone who claims s/he spoke to God or similar statements which are uttered to deceive people. My feet are on Mother Earth and not on the clouds.
---Caring on 2/6/07

Caring: very poor!

It is NOT a statement from Bush. I previously checked it, and I wanted you to find the PRIMARY source. Can't be done.
---Observer on 2/6/07

Hearing so many people speaking about his intelligence level,
George "Dubya" Bush decided to get his brain checked.

The physician's diagnosis was as follows:
"Mr. President, your brain has two halves,
left and right, like all normal people.

But the problem is that in your
left half there is nothing right, and in
your right half there is nothing left ...."
---Caring on 2/1/07

The thing that makes me kind of angry is that our President got us into this war, but he will most likely leave it to the next President to get us out. Very, very irresponsible for a leader, if ya ask me.
---sue on 1/31/07

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I don't remember the source. Just google it and you'll find it.
---Caring on 1/31/07

Caring, what is the ORIGINAL SOURCE for this comment you attribute to Bush?

I am driven with a mission from God...
---Observer on 1/30/07

I DOUBT seriously that P. BUSH prayed about these wars and no other president in a very long time has prayed very much. God has never lost a war, but He expect leaders to come down off their pedestals and put God back UP on HIS, WHERE ONLY GOD BELONGS. This goes for all people sence we depend on God, for the very breath that we take. People down God up.
---CATHERINE on 1/30/07

But Catherine, like you, GW Bush spoke to God:

"I am driven with a mission from God. God would tell me, George go and fight these terrorists in Afghanistan. And I did. And then God would tell me George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq. And I did."

Somehow, if He spoke to the Pope, He must have told him something different because the Pope opposed the war.
---Caring on 1/30/07

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If this nation, doesn't elect a man or a woman to run our country in the next election, that will listen to God, We are in trouble.Serious TROUBLE. Without God, we know NOTHING.
---CATHERINE on 1/30/07

Carla said: "I am concerned about the next election. We have the right man at the right time."

The last two elections, you had two wrong men at the right time. Next election will be more interesting and also with better contestants.
---Caring on 1/29/07

Author Vernon Coleman (2002), wrote the US is no different than so-called "rogue states" because it has the biggest stocks of WMD and is the nation most likely to use those weapons (Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945).

The 2006 Angus Reid World Poll conducted in November for Macleans, found that Bush is not among todays most admired leaders.

So five years on, the "axis of evil" seems to have taken a life of its own, engulfing the US president along with it.
---Caring on 1/29/07

The iraq war is very complicated. We will never establish a working Government there.
---bruce3566 on 1/29/07

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I thank God that President George Bush is our President. I am concerned about the next election. We have the right man at the right time. God bless our President and Our Troops.
---Carla6433 on 1/28/07

Our leadership went headlong into a 1200 years-old civil war, with rose-colored glasses. The extent of the demonically-inspired hatred between Sunni and Shiah factions was severly underestimated.

We are there now, and yes, the place is better off w/o Saddam. But he is only a part of the whole.

Their war with us began in 1972 when they sent Leon Klinghoffer swimming with his wheel chair from the Aquile Lauro

However, what is our long-term cost? Should we roll over, or fight?
---John_T on 1/28/07

We are sometimes weak-willed when it comes to fighting such a fearsome, and shadowy enemy. They openly state that their aim is to make the world into a Muslim state, and their "moderate" clerics play with words to condemn "terrorism" but do not condemn particular acts against "infidels" (like us) as barbaric.

Make no mistake, we are at war, and we gotta win or else our women will wear burkas.

Where we gonna fight the war?
---John_T on 1/28/07

I pray for President Bush and the rest of our leaders. If i disagree with something I take it to GOD..give it to God trusting that GOD is in control of our situation even this war.

God Ordains a person over his people for a reason... and though we may not always see it we need to remember as CHRISTIAN it is OUR JOB to take this concerns to GOD.
---Lorna on 1/28/07

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I love our President and I pray for him, but I think that we should make plans for bringing back our troop soon. I'm a Vietnam vet with an honorable discharge and a registered Republican, but I don't like the way that conflict worked out. Too many of of our troops died! Without getting into politics or blaming, the long Police Action, as they called it, was way too long. I don't want to see that happen again, because it looks like it already.
To me, WWII was the last full scale war that had any merit.
---John on 1/28/07

Elder, Jane doesn't have the same impact that she did in 1972. When a 'movement' is over, it's over.

Christians cannot work up revivals in the flesh either. Azuza Street Revival revisited.

Jesus is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.
---Rachel on 1/28/07

Speaking against leaders is speaking against God. Col.1:16 For by him were all things created,that are in heaven,and that are in earth,visible, and invisible,whether they be thrones,or dominions,or principalities,or powers:all things were created by him,and for him. 1Peter 2:13,14 Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake:whether it be the King,as supreme:Or unto govenors,as unto them that are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of them that do well.
---Darlene_1 on 1/28/07

Caring(???) Love me love my dog.......
I guess you will now pat Hanoi Jane on the back since she is coming out with her campaigning against the troops.
After in-country soldiers asked the citizens of the US to stop the complains and give support to the troops and effort Hanoi Jane comes back out of hiding.
What a great encouragement these are to the enemy. How soon we forget.
---Elder on 1/28/07

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Freedom has NEVER been free. History confirms that many of our precious young have had to sacrifice their lives for our freedom. That is just a fact. President Bush went into Iraq to get rid of Saddem because he was a threat to freedom. All Saddem had to do was allow the free world to confirm he had no weapons of mass destruction. Continued...
---Pat on 1/28/07

Because I believe that God works in all things, Saddem refused and the USA and other free nations went in to rid Iraq of his evil and his evil sons. MEANWHILE, the terrorists entered the picture and turned it into their "Holy War." Because of this, this is indeed a war between good and evil.
---Pat on 1/28/07

Well, here goes one more opinion. It is too late to turn back now.AMERICANS, are rather selfish. We are only seeing today. We need to see a little further. Most people are not ready to die and meet God. This a fact.
---CATHERINE on 1/27/07

Before the war started, we read about the satellites that can read the headline of a newspaper held in the hand of someone on the street.

I thought Bush intended to go in, grab Saddam and bin Laden and put them on trial.

Best way out, inpeach Bush and let someone else with a working brain take over. I think Bush is an idiot and a bully.

No, I don't hate the US in fact I love your country.
---Caring on 1/27/07

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My son who just came back from Iraq in November, says he thinks the President's plan has merit. My son was in the middle of Baghdad doing patrols. So he speaks from experience. I hate the idea of more American soldiers dying over there, but we've in the middle of a volitile situation - if we leave now America becomes an even bigger target.
---grace3869 on 1/27/07

I don't believe that that the USA or any of our allies should turn our backs on the people of Iraq, simply because it has gotten "tough" over there. The bible says, "There is a time for war and there is a time for peace." I think we should let GOD decide when it is time for Peace.
---Pat on 1/27/07

Shelby - Thanks for your comment... Some things are worth fighting for...sometimes evil has to be rooted out...
---scott on 1/27/07

The best way to end this war and bring the Troops home is to win the war.
The USA has shown the world that we have a big mouth and are good at "Rattling Swords." When it comes to the real issues we are soft and ready to run.
Every little second rate military power knows this.
The major part of the war is being fought in the "TV" screens of the US by weak loud mouth whiners supporting the enemy cause.
Absence of War is not Peace.
---Elder on 1/27/07

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I must say I have read some really spiritually mature responses. I do believe that war is sometimes God's will. Is it now ? I don't know. All I know is that the church needs to be praying for our nation, for Iraq and for President Bush to have Godly wisdom coupled with obedience.
---Michelle on 1/27/07

I thank that we should pull our men out and being them home. There has been already to many men that has given the ultimate sacerfice and that has been with their lives.
We need to support our troops with our prayers and emotional support as well.
---Tammie on 1/26/07

War is always tragic and painful! But for such a long time, the people in that area of this world were forbidden by laws of Islam to read or look at the Bible Many people are being born again because they are now able to have satalite dishes and tune in to Christian tv. God loved them enough to raise up a leader in this nation to take care of business. This is a spiritual war as much if not more than physical. A war where the truth of the gospel of Jesus will win over the lie of Islam.
---Shelby on 1/26/07

Do those opposing the war in Iraq seriously and intelligently considered the SURE consequences if we leave the terrorists free reign in Iraq? We haven't seen terror yet compared to the effects of pulling out and leaveing that country at the mercy of the evil that will engulf the Middle East....and ultimately the whold world.
---eloia on 1/26/07

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Church leadership. You would need to be here long enough to get the drift.
---Todd on 1/25/07

How many innocent Americans were killed in the towers of 9-11? How many more have been spared by the choice to go to Iraq? Waiting until terrorists are at your door means they own you & your family. We need more troops & more weapons & a full commitment from Congress to stop the mass murder. The Demo's say get out but are not willing to vote down the money. The Rep's say stay but won't commit mass troops to end this thing. America get behind our military & finish this so they can come home.
---mikefl on 1/25/07

"There is a time for War and a time for Peace."

This is a time of war, and quitting would be foolish.
---JustMe on 1/25/07

Todd-How is disagreing with the goverment 'rebellion.'? Some of our greatest heros were people who stood against corrept goverments or corrupt policies. Dr. King and others. And even the forming of this country was pure rebellion against those who believed they ruled by 'divine right'_anyone who says they rule over me by Gods decree I will tell them to go rule in heaven, but they will not rule me.
I will wait for your response.
---MikeM on 1/25/07

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Good point, Catherine.

Not only do we support our country's leadership, we support our church's leadership as well. We cannot appoint ourselves as a prophet, or take over the leadership of a church, that is rebellion.
---Todd on 1/25/07

War is always a very difficult situation. In the Bible God put His stamp of approval on some wars and not on others. I guess that is where we as a nation need to be praying about this. I feel we must stay there for awhile longer. How long I am not sure. We have to continue to pray.
---Lois on 1/24/07

Withdrwal from Iraq is a victory for terrorists.then terrorism will prevail the middle east and Iran will be the only winner and can control the entire region and endanger the interests of the United States and the existance of Isreal.It is not true that if we withdrew from Iraq terrorsits will leave us to live in peace but it will encourage terrorists and Iran to challange the US and devour another country in the middle east.
---Alfred on 1/24/07

Every body is just thinking in the short term not long term ramifications. Regrettable the international stakes are too high to pull out of Iraq. If Iraq goes fundamentalist Islamic, It could likely destabilize every middleastern state. Consider the ramifications to Europe and The United States if Al Qaeda can control OPEC
---notlaw99 on 1/24/07

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"let Satan's people destroy Satan's people."

Mat 8:22 But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead.

Eerily similar wouldn't you say?

Mima's right, every day that the US troops stay in Iraq is another day we commit our best and brightest to the first biggest presidential error of this century; how secure can that really make us in THIS country?
---Pharisee on 1/24/07

A presendent is only as good as the support that He gets. We should support our leaders. We vote for these people, and as soon as one makes a mistake, lets can him. Our enemies loves it. I am sick and tired of everybody making the devil happy.
---CATHERINE on 1/24/07

Once again, people are only seeing the tragedies that the media chooses to show. We never get to see the positives that are occuring. I guess there is not enough drama in homes, schools, businesses being built, children being fed, women released from opression and fear, etc... death makes for a better story.

We need to stay there until the job is finished. They also need to change the rules and allow our troops the freedom to engage the enemy rather than waiting until after an attack.
---tofurabby on 1/24/07

TO YOUR QUESTION=== I BELIEVE THAT WE SHOULD SEND AS MANY PEOPLE THAT WE CAN OVER YONDER, to Iraq, and get this thing over with. But I must warn you, evil people are always going to be here, and there.
---CATHERINE on 1/24/07

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As much as I'd like for war to end the Allied Troops can't aford to leave. Every terrorist group is watching closely to see what we all will do,if we give up we invite them in to wreak havoc. Also a strong military may deter other Countries such as Iran from starting trouble. It isn't a simple answer due to the inhuman terrorist who have no respect for life anywhere. USA,UK. Russia,Australia,and other Allies have a history of trying to keep peace and sometimes,sadly, the only way to do it is through war.
---Darlene_1 on 1/24/07

Yes we should leave. We Should have never went. As for Civil War let Satan's people destroy Satan's people. These people cannot get along with us nor can they get along with each other. They do have an understanding of death, wrong idea of course, they think death(my being a martyr) is the way to heaven. O how dark is the darkness.
---Mima on 1/24/07

As much as I hate this war, I think it'd be a disaster to stop now. I'm just not sure what I'd do if I were in charge. If the president sets a time limit, whats to stop the terrorists from laying low until the time limit is up, and everybody thinking all is well and we bring our troops home, then all hell lets loose? This war confuses me, I don't know why we went there to begin with.
---sue on 1/24/07

It is already a civil war in Iraq. If we bring the service people home right now, it will leave that country in total ruin. The terrorists will take over and set up their own war against America. Would you rather have the war fought over there or here?
---Susie on 1/24/07

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You answered your own question.

Many in agreement with you, civil war.

I am unsure right now.
---R.A. on 1/24/07

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