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Men In Women's Prisons

Is it Biblical for a woman to lead a ministry team into men's prisons or for a man to lead ministry team into women's prisons?

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 ---Karen on 1/25/07
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For practical reasons that should be obvious, only women should try to minister in women's prisons, and men minister in men's prisons.

(PS: At the time the Bible was written, men and women were thrown all together into big holding cells. Prisons themselves were merely waystations on the way to execution.)
---Jack on 10/16/07

It's common sence at the end of the day, men help men and women help women. Notice that the people who say it doesn't matter if it is crossed usually use God to justify there standpoint (simply cause it can't be justified any other way)
---John on 2/19/07

Mary...My husband was an alcoholic when he got saved and the Lord delivered him totally from alcohol and led him into the ministry. God can also deliver you from the "urge" every day. We will be praying for you. It also sounds like you are not one of those weak people who are not a good witness. There is just no reason for you to struggle when God can and will deliver you. As long as you keep calling yourself an alcoholic, it will be a struggle. I have seen hundreds delivered by the Lord.
---Susie on 2/19/07

The Bible says that if there first be a willing mind it is accepted with what a man has and not what a man has not. Everyone has a different measure of faith as they grow. Only Jesus had the fulness. May God bless you in your endevours.
---frank on 2/18/07

Hi; I see your point about weak people not being good witnesses for the Lord, but sometimes those of us that are weak (I'm a recovering alcoholic who daily battles the urge to drink) can minister to people that others would never understand. Just my 2 cents--or less :D
---Mary on 2/17/07

Caring...AMEN! Weak people do not make very good witnesses for the Lord!!!
---Susie on 1/31/07

Susie, if I feel so weak and not able to approach a woman without being tempted, I would not dare to minister to anyone.

I find that people who experience excessive "temptation" have some mental problem and/or lack of discipline or they are phoney in their "beliefs".
---Caring on 1/30/07

There have been cases where inappropriate relationships have come out of prison ministry. In one case, the ministry team one woman was on was barred from EVER going into that prison again. That is why we are very particular who goes in with our team. We are also careful not to bring in people who proclaim themselves to be prophets, etc. It is very important that we remain focused on our ONLy goal--reaching a lost and dying world before Jesus returns.
---Susie on 1/30/07

While ministering (with my husband) in prisons, I am very careful how I greet the inmates (male and female). I reach my hand out to shake theirs. If they try to hug me, I have my arm between their body and mine, so nothing inappropriate can happen. Hugging is not allowed in most prisons or jails, but occasionally there will be someone who wants to ignore the rules. We don't ignore the rules. It's also good to keep the team to a small number of people that you know very, very well.
---Susie on 1/30/07

Women have certain symptoms once a month. We, men, have to shave every single morning and women don't understand what that means.
---Caring on 1/30/07

In the past I preached to men alone and to women alone and to both together and I found no difference whatsoever.
---Caring on 1/30/07

Sister Leslie: I cannot believe you wrote what you wrote about women having their "menstral" times. (Misspelled by the way.)

The most important reason for having people of the same gender ministering in prisons is to avoid impropriety, and the appearance of evil. Criminals can be very manipulative, and the potential for personal relationships is very high. It is most appropriate for men to work with men and women to work with women.
---Madison1101 on 1/29/07

**(ie: women have: menstral times, babies, and menopause - men do NOT understand these things).**

And women don't understand what it's like to live with a woman during her period or menopause. Only HUSBANDS can understand it.

In other words: That was sexist, Sister Leslie.
---Jack on 1/29/07

Praise the Lord! People are getting saved in prisons and jails all over the world because of Christian ministry. Many of our friends are former inmates (some murderers) who became Christians in prisons and jails. Some of them are even preachers. God's word will NEVER come back void!!!!
---Susie on 1/29/07

I don't think it is Biblical or UnBiblical to do this. However, I was taught that women should minister to women and men should minister to men in this case. This is only because the two sexes go through different things that the opposite may not understand (ie: women have: menstral times, babies, and menopause - men do NOT understand these things).
---Sister_Leslie on 1/28/07

I believe that a married couple could lead a prison ministry. But for the most part women should teach women and men should teach men. I have been following the direction of man and they led me down the wrong path several times. Today I am happlily single. Man has dominated man to his injury and women even moreso
---anonymous on 1/28/07

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I do know where my mind is. It is on being sober minded enough to know that we can cause others great harm if we insist on using the word of God amiss and ministering in an area where we shouldn't. But I expect people not to care if they cause harm to others in the name of Christianity. Men shouuld minister to men and women to women.
---Frank on 1/28/07

I personally don't like being accused of "knowing where your mind is" by someone that is justifying wrong. What I stated was a FACT. Like it or not it happens and todays hauty ministries will answer one day for it. Fact: Joseph's prison ministry and Paul's were as prisoners!
---Frank on 1/28/07

It is biblical for God to call women and men into minstery and for him to send them wherever he can use them the most. God hasn't sent me or my husband to a prison, but that isn't to say he won't.
---Rebecca_D on 1/27/07

Frank, a couple in our church had a women's prison ministry. They helped women make the transition from prison to community. When the women came to church, major problems with men. Spirit of lust was disruptive. They made passes at the young and old, and inbetween. Some would just sit and stare around the room, smiling at the men. I can't imagine a prison setting would be any better.
---anonymous on 1/27/07

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I reminded my husband of it as I am writing this. He laughed like a hyena. They were wild eyed and half crazed. I don't think it's funny. One young lady had her hands running up and down his arms. Frank, it's a serious thing.
---anonymous on 1/27/07

Frank...It is obvious where your mind is. Our minds are on seeing a lost and dying soul accept Jesus Christ.
---Susie on 1/27/07

I don't believe a woman has any place in a prison for men. The bible says we are called to liberty, but do not use liberty as an opportunity for the flesh.

If it causes someone to fall further into the lusts of the flesh, it is not a good thing.

The fact that you feel safe with protection around you, is testimony that you should not be in that environment. Men should lead ministry for men, and vice versa.
---Mark on 1/27/07

To further the my point let me say this. While you may feel safe remember you have guards watching but there is some poor weak inmate that probably hates it when your services are over and his "husband" comes back home to the cell. I know people in these settings and that may just be something Christians will have to answer for at the judgment seat of Christ when women go into men's prison and men go into women's. "Why did their actions bring harm to others?"
---Frank on 1/27/07

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"Human nature, when combined with common sense and rape after a service should tell a person that."

I have no idea what you might be referring to. I have always felt safe in men's prisons. If one inmate were to get out of line there would be dozens next to me to protect me.
---Susie on 1/26/07

When I go into a prison it is at the request of an inmate and I minister in the visitor's room. As for teams going in, the women should minister to women and men with men. Human nature, when combined with common sense and rape after a service should tell a person that. It's no secret that many just use church to have free time and see other inmates from other wards. Any guard can tell you that. And sadly, many "ministers" love sharing their exploits on Sunday morning.
---Frank on 1/26/07

We minister in prisons also. My husband is the preacher and I am the singer. I believe that it should be a strong, Godly man preaching to the men. My husband also preaches in the women's services, but I preach and testify between the songs. My husband is usually the one to pray for the men and I for the women. It is important to keep a distance while praying although we are allowed to lay hands on them and annoint with oil while praying.
---Susie on 1/26/07

I'm a member of a prison ministry, I go in twice a week some members believe the different prisons three times a week. There's 5 0r six men and Is four women. The women ministers to the women and the men to the men. At least two of our women ministers are very good soulwinners.
---Mima on 1/25/07

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the bible says that we are one in christ.
we are to help and minister to each other.
it doesnt say that man should speak to man and woman to woman.
we all have been given gifts to carry out his will. and that will is to save us from damnation. so yes a man can come into a womans prison to minister.
if we can all sit together man and woman in church what makes a diffrence in jail.
---ralph on 1/25/07

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