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Papal Or Pagan Calendar

Our calendar was promulgated by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, after the Protestant reformation was started. Protestant countries did not adopt it until later. Its predecessor was a solar calendar promulgated by Julius Caesar. What do you think of using either a papal or pagan calendar?

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 ---Jack on 1/26/07
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Jana: Sunday has always been first day of week and Saturday the 7th day of the week..

In US only. Throught out the world, Monday is first day of the week. Saturday & Sunday is so called "weekends" the 6th & 7th days of the week.
---sheila on 12/28/07

In both the Jewish and the Islamic religious festivals are regulated by the lunar calendar. Jews and Muslims have kept to these regulations which came from God Almighty. Why does Christianity follow a solar calendar?

The New Month starts when you SEE the New Moon.
---sheila on 12/28/07

I think, if you use anything other than the Gregorian, you're going to have a whole lot of missed appointments. Really, what would be the purpose of using something as out of date as the Julian calendar anyway?

As for modern Pagan calendars, they're a combination of solar AND lunar. And they're superscribed on top of the Gregorian calendar anyway. (Useful for non-Pagan women of breeding age, but not useful for any other non-Pagan who isn't into astronomy.)
---Nancy on 12/3/07

No offence. But what does it matter. Surely there are more important things to be thinking about.
God Bless.
---Ed on 7/9/07

Some calendars are still being printed with the Sunday as the first day of the week..Now that they have realised that, they are quickly changing take note..Sunday has always been first day of week and Saturday the 7th day of the week..
---jana on 6/21/07

I will stick with the one that works and is widely used in the Western World.
---lorra8574 on 6/12/07

On a related note, every day of the week is named afer a false god.
---Bruce5656 on 6/12/07

**If you want a wife, I'll pray for that.**

Not really. God has made it clear He wishes me to remain unmarried, and I'm at peace with that (unlike some others here).

But if I WERE married, I would insist my wife cover her head in church. The same would apply to my daughters.
---Jack on 2/15/07

You may not agree with Jack all the time, but at least he is consistent in his answers. I agree, Jack. You need a wife (and kids too). Kids can really change your perspective on the world. If you want a wife, I'll pray for that. God always has the perfect one when we ask HIM instead of asking everyone else.
---Susie on 2/9/07

Jack...You'll just have to excuse me sometimes. It's the mother coming out in me! LOL!!!!
---Susie on 2/9/07

Daniel, I will do that. I'm waiting on Jack, apparently he does not - at this particular time.
---Shiela on 2/9/07

Susie== We know better, don't we? The Bible has lots and lots of commandments. When we break one, ask for forgiveness. When we don't realize we break one, trust God, He will let you know, if you are walking close enough to Him, so He can reach you.
---catherine on 2/9/07

Susie: OK... got your meaning now on there never being a 'Pope (by the name of) Calendar'.

Shiela: I don't know about Jack, but feel free to pray that I (or my wife to be) would find each other if that's God's will for us. ;-).
---danie9374 on 2/9/07

The sad thing is that most people think there were only ten commandments in the law.
---Susie on 2/8/07

Thank you, Daniel. I've noticed every blog for Jack is now a debate about head coverings. Jack, would you like a wife? Are you longing for a woman of your own so she can cover her head? Mosquito netting in the summer, summer bonnets, easter hats, wool hats in the winter. I looked up all the blogs last night about hats. Angels demand head coverings, and on and on. I agree with Daniel. I've answered the same questions months ago. If you want a wife, say so, I'll pray that you find one.
---Shiela on 2/8/07

{Pt.2} and this section uses information Paul learned about their local customs; which had serious implications regarding how they would be viewed by others in their community! Verse 10 could mean this 'covering' (doesn't even say WHAT it is) symbolized (like wedding rings indicate 'married') in some way 'one under authority'; which removing it could have symbolized blatant rebellion against church leaders. Since those in my own culture have no such ideas, women need not wear WHATEVER this was.
---danie9374 on 2/8/07

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Jack, you've chosen (probably on purpose) one of (if not the only) passages (1 Cor. 11:3-16) that MANY different Protestant churches (I don't know RCC position) consider to be at the very least 'problematic' (if not def. 'cultural'); yet you're calling this a 'clear commandment' for all women? Notice how some MEN were covering THEIR heads! The theme of Paul's whole letter to the Corinthians is how/what they SHOULD be living/doing in front of the 'world' around them, [cont.]
---danie9374 on 2/8/07

**I may act on reasonable words and will follow whatever is revealed in Scripture BECAUSE it's from GOD, not because it's 'convenient' as you said!**

How about the clear commandment in Scripture requiring women to cover their heads in church?

Do you do your best to insist on that being followed, or do you reject enforcing it because it's inconvenient?
---Jack on 2/7/07

I was trying to be funny. I meant to say I didn't know there had ever been a Pope named Calendar!!!
---Susie on 2/7/07

Jack: If you really want to get technical, a number of 'leap seconds' over the past four decades have been added at the end of JUNE instead of December! PLUS: We didn't have one in 2006, the last one was: 2005-12-31 23:59:60 and the one before that was way back in 1998 (1998-12-31 23:59:60); none in 1996, 1991, 1988, 1986, 1984 or 1980. And in 1972, WHEN 'leap seconds' were first introduced, they occurred in BOTH June AND December of that year!
---danie9374 on 2/6/07

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The Julian calendar was flawed. The Gregorian calendar fixed it. Thank goodness we don't have to follow lunar calendars anymore.**

First off, the Julian calendar was NOT a lunar one. In fact, he moved the Roman calendar AWAY from lunar use with leap months.

But even the Gregorian calendar is not without flaws. There's a leap second now added to the end of every year. Haven't you seen the ball drop at Times Square?
---Jack on 2/5/07

The Julian calendar was flawed. The Gregorian calendar fixed it. Thank goodness we don't have to follow lunar calendars anymore.

God Bless.
---lorra8574 on 2/4/07

Jack, Your last post is closer to the truth; but not quite there! You said: "people here follow the popes when it's convenient" but not something they simply don't want to do. Well that's NOT true (certainly not for me, anyway). Protestants may agree with what some pope tells RCC to do; perhaps it's even Scriptural, and that's my point: I may act on reasonable words and will follow whatever is revealed in Scripture BECAUSE it's from GOD, not because it's 'convenient' as you said!
---danie9374 on 2/4/07

Jack: Even if some here may be doing exactly what you described, you have no right to classify ALL Protestants as fitting your words about them! And if someone is merely doing or believing something 'because it's convenient for them' and calling that 'Christianity', I'd say they weren't true Believers and that Christ does not know them. And they need to FOLLOW JESUS (not a pope) to know God.
---danie9374 on 2/4/07

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-2- "The body of Tho[mas] The sonne of Tho[mas] Lambert. Gent. Who was borne MAY y[e] 13 An.[no] Do.[mini] 1683 & dyed FEB 19 the same year." 'What?!' is the reaction of most when they read that. But if you ask an historian of the period, he'll inform you that in England at that time, they were still using the Julian Calendar in which New Year's day was March 25th; not JAN 1st! Thus the baby was 9 mo. old at death in the same March 25th to March 24th JULIAN YEAR. [Cont.]
---danie9374 on 2/3/07

**AND as I've shown here, it was created by Christopher Clavius; not the Pope it's named after!**

But it rests on no other authority than Papal.

This is my point: people here follow the popes when it's convenient for them, but if it is NOT what they want to do, they don't.
---Jack on 2/3/07

Susie, YES, our present world wide calendar (used in virtually every country to keep things like bank records, events, etc. straight with any other country; no matter which calendar the locals may use) is called the "Gregorian Calendar" after 'Pope Gregory XIII' (as Jack's Blog Question clearly states), who put forth a 'papal bull' in 1582 which made it take effect in Catholic countries in 1583. AND as I've shown here, it was created by Christopher Clavius; not the Pope it's named after!
---danie9374 on 2/3/07

-1- Susie, the old calendar was called the JULIAN Calendar, after Emperor Julius Caesar; again, 'who cares?' is the right attitude whenever we're considering whether we'll spend eternity with the LORD or not! As you said, one's salvation is what matters then; and I certainly agree. But as an amatuer astronomer & historian, such facts are quite interesting to me. E.g., there's a 'famous' slab marking a baby's tomb; not because of who he was, but merely for what was written on it: [cont.]
---danie9374 on 2/3/07

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-3- Finally, when Great Britain and her colonies (including the now USA) adopted the Gregorian Calendar, the day after 2 SEP 1752 became 14 SEP (amid cries of 'give us back our 11 missing days!'); though that wasn't really true, there were still problems for folks who had birthdays, planned meetings, weddings, contracts, etc. on those days. And Church historians have always had to pay attention to differences in calendars!
---danie9374 on 2/3/07

"IN SPITE OF being named after a Pope"

I didn't know there had ever been a Pope Calendar?
---Susie on 2/2/07

Jack, it's very sad if you can't understand the difference here! Protestants adopted the calendar mainly because it was proven to be more precise than the old one; IN SPITE OF being named after a Pope. Whereas Catholics (and others) HAD TO OBEY their religious leader(s) IN ALL THINGS, or risk being kicked out; if not worse! Protestant churches (are supposed to anyway; 'aberrant groups' do exist!) base their 'discipline' solely on Scriptural grounds; not for going against some religious leader's edicts.
---danie9374 on 2/2/07

This blog is really getting silly. We aren't following any Pope by using the calendar. It has nothing to do with religion at all. Sometimes people will use the silliest things to try to prove they are right. Being right ain't that important! Being saved is!!!!!
---Susie on 2/1/07

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**'OK, this was a poor example for the point I intended to make'.

Oh, no! I made EXACTLY the point I intended to make.

People follow the pope when it's convenient for them.
---Jack on 1/31/07

As others here have repeatedly said, the subject of how many days we call a year; and when to have a 'Leap day' etc. have nothing to do with someone being 'steered away from' the clear words in Scripture concerning our salvation; which is what really matters! Though interesting to historians, astronomers and 'science buffs,' a calendar is NOT what Protestants were 'protesting against' in the RCC; it was the 'sale of indulgences' (and such false teachings) that caused Luther to react the way he did!
---danie9374 on 1/31/07

[1] Jack, from most of what you've posted at CN, I've seen you as a fairly rational guy who often knows the implications of various historical events, so it's kinda sad to see you trying to 'wiggle out of this' instead of admitting, 'OK, this was a poor example for the point I intended to make'.

BTW, many Europeans (in Protestant areas) adopted the calendar much sooner (varying from within years to decades) than the 170 years for Great Britain/America; probably for trade and commercial [cont.]
---danie9374 on 1/31/07

[2] reasons, etc. When Non-Catholic scientists evaluated the new calendar's usefulness, it became more of a political matter (apparently a 'hotter issue' in GB and some other areas in convincing the populace; more diff. to do in 'freer societies!') than anything 'religious'; though I'm sure opponents to the required changes brought up the fact it was then named after a Pope as one of many 'STRAW MAN' arguments!
---danie9374 on 1/31/07

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**So, you've actually given Susie a very good historical example of Protestants NOT soon accepting even a good idea when it came down from a Catholic Pope!**

Do you know any Protestants who do NOT follow it?

Bet you don't!
---Jack on 1/30/07

from my understanding God didn't create any calander...He created the day and night, he said that we should work 6 rest one, but other than that the calander is an invention of man. So it doesn't really matter what calander we use. and just for your information the pagan calendars are lunar as is the Jewish calendar.
---Jared on 1/30/07

Where I come from Bubba would probably think you were cussing him out if you used the word "glom" around him. Bubba would say that he was waiting on everybody else like one pig waits on another.
---Susie on 1/30/07

I used "glommed on", all the time.

Well, Bubba really glommed on to that extra pork chop laying there.

Don't you glom on to me, get your hands off.
---Rural_Cafe on 1/30/07

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At least I learned a new word today. I had never heard the word "glom" used before, so I found the definition. Although the Pope may have some good thoughts occasionally, I still will say "There is no hope in the Pope."
---Susie on 1/30/07

JACK said, "protestants glom on to it like white on rice"; which couldn't be further from the truth! Jack: Get your history straight! It was precisely BECAUSE a Pope was behind our present calendar that it took Great Britain and the American Colonies close to two centuries (1752) before we finally adopted it! So, you've actually given Susie a very good historical example of Protestants NOT soon accepting even a good idea when it came down from a Catholic Pope!
---danie9374 on 1/30/07

Difference is we do not PRAY to the calendar!!
---Susie on 1/29/07

What calander did God establish? Wasn't it established at the Exodus. We don't need to use that one anymore because it was only a foreshadowing of what was to come, the substance belongs to Christ. So as far as an official calander, maybe because th buisness world has a kind of standard calander use that one for buisness; if you have a certain regard for a different religious calander than use that one for your religious ceremonies, etc...etc...etc...Use different calanders for different purposes.
---Ryan on 1/29/07

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Does the calendar really matter? Personally I think we should use the paple calendar with all the holidays on it because it allows us to worship Christ with our time. who cares who made it up. Catholics are christians, and any calendar we use will still measure time.
---Jared on 1/29/07

My point, Susie, is that people here LOVE to condemn what the popes have said and done (or more usually what they THINK the popes have said and done) and reject it simply on those grounds.

Yet here is something that was promulgated by NOTHING other than papal authority, and protestants glom on to it like white on rice.

Very inconsistent, if you ask me.
---Jack on 1/29/07

Old Farmers Almanac
---Rural_Cafe on 1/29/07

LOL Jack! I don't care where the calendar came from. It happens to list the days of the week, the months, and the years that our lives are based on. Unless you can come up with a better calendar, I'll keep using the old one.
---Susie on 1/29/07

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** I think it would be really stupid not to use the calendar that most of the world uses today!**

Even if a Pope thought it up, Susie?
---Jack on 1/28/07

Jack: Well, now you're getting a bit ridiculous. You said: our calendar is "something a pope DID innovate." Come on! What Pope Gregory XIII actually did was command all Catholics to ACCEPT and follow the work of Christopher CLAVIUS who was the real creator what what we call the 'Gregorian Calendar'; it's very good Gregory did accept Clavius' logic and pass that 'bull', but it could have been done by ANY ruler wielding enough power... and look at all the 'bad' many popes did with that power too!
---danie9374 on 1/28/07

Really, the stuff that you read here it's not too difficult. Mabe that is good mabe it is not, I don,t know.
---CATHERINE on 1/28/07

Calendars were created for practical purposes. Checking the sky out, they could forecast the next summer, harvest season, year. They were based on the observation of the moon and the Sun and the stars. Our calendar (as most other things in western culture) came from Rome, not from the Bible, and it is arbitrary. No special celestial event happens the first of january, its the first day just because the Pope said so. READ your Bible from the Beginning to the End, if you wanna spread biblical culture.
---George on 1/28/07

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It's Saturday, and it's a good day to be in alive in the U.S.A.

I have no idea what you're talking about, but it sounds very authentic, like modern art looks on the wall.
You know it's meaningful, but you would rather see a beautiful landscape.
---anonymous on 1/27/07

I think it would be really stupid not to use the calendar that most of the world uses today!
---Susie on 1/27/07

**Is there something wrong with the papal calendar?**

Well, in these blogs all sorts of things have been believd (wrongly) to be things the pope (though nobody ever says WHICH pope) thought up, and condemned or rejected on that ground.

On the other hand. something a pope DID innovate is accepted here without a qualm.

Doesn't this seem odd?

Camel sushi, anyone?
---Jack on 1/27/07

**Russia use mostly numerical names too.**

Despite 70 or so years of Bolshevik domination and enslavement, Russia remains a Christian country to an extent that most American Christians can't imagine.

FWIW, the Russian word for Sunday is "Voskresenye--Resurrection".
---Jack on 1/27/07

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I don't see any thing wrong with using the calendar we've been using for four hundred years. Why would you ask such a question? Is there something wrong with the papal calendar?
---Paul on 1/26/07

While we're on the subject, the Romans did NOT reckon time in weeks. Their unit of measuring days during the year was the month (with kalends, nones, and ides as the principal days).

That's why there were no names for the days of the week in Latin, except for numbering them similar to Greek.

That's one reason the notion that the pagan Romans worshipped the sun on Sunday, moon on Monday, etc, is balderdash. The feasts of their deities were yearly or monthly events.
---Jack on 1/26/07

** On a related note, every day of the week is named afer a false god.**

Not in all langauages.

For example, the translation of the names of the days if the week in Greek are:

Lord's [day]
---Jack on 1/26/07

Our human understansing of time is very limited and dictated by this ball we live on called earth that circles the sun. To the Christian is time relevant? Since we will have eternal life the time we live on earth is so insignificant that we should spend every moment in the service of the Lord preparing for our eternal service. Which calander should we use? Who cares.
---Ryan on 1/26/07

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Bruce: Not all countries have the same week day names though! For example, in Greece today; because of influence from the Greek Orthodox Church, they not only use numbers for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th days of the week, but say 'Preparation,' 'Sabbath' and 'The Lord's Day' for the other three!!! Israel and all Muslim countries are similar (but NO Lord's Day, of course!) Hungary, Lithuania and even Russia use mostly numerical names too. Germany uses 'Mittwoch' (Middle of week) instead of older Wotan'sDay.
---danie9374 on 1/26/07

As to Jack's question: I'd prefer we didn't; just as i'd PREFER every person would believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!! But there will always be countries run by false religions, atheists or those who believe Christianity shouldn't even be part of the everyday affairs of its citizens any longer (USA = a mixture of those ideas?). I want to be used by God to truly change people's lives from the inside-out; not only pass laws attempting to force ideal external behavior!
---danie9374 on 1/26/07

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