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Friends Of God Documentary

I watched the HBO documentary last night titled "Friends of God". Did anyone else see this, and what did you think?

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 ---Ryan on 1/26/07
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Part 4:
It's not for nothing that Paul's words were not directed to pagans when he said, "It is because of you that the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles."

Out of the streets, back into the prayer closets.

---Jack on 8/13/08

Yes, like a group of fundamentalist mormons, uh huh, Kelly.
---Michael on 2/2/07

Ryan ::The truth of the matter all these as Jack so clearly definesthem "POPEvengelical"
is nothing but an money making machine.The saying man cannot serve man & mammon.
---Emcee on 2/2/07

I agree religion and politics should not be combined. You cannot serve God and money the Bible clearly states that. Besides most politicians cheat, lie, steal and they break commandments on a daily basis.
---anonymous on 2/2/07

Watching taht video was a shock. Fate of this country is being decided on if the candidate is a christian, anti gay marriage, and he is pro-choice. Religion should stay out of politics. How is this nation different then? Those students in the video seemed like if you hand them a gun, they would be ready to shoot anyone.
---Kelly on 2/2/07

We visited a pentecostal church of a particular denomination. The pastor was urging my husband to get his credentials through that organization. We went to their "camp meeting" and the music presented was "contemporary Christian rock". Turns out the grandson of the State Overseer has the band. We didn't care whose band it was. It was trash with few lyrics that referred to JESUS!
---Susie on 1/30/07

Jack **What with Christian Rock and such I think that American society is having more of an influence on evangelicalism than the other way round.**

Good point.
---Ryan on 1/29/07

Although I did not see this documentary (no HOB at my house either), I will agree with one thing. These New-Age movements like charismatics are nothing more than a Circus, hyping up emotions to have what they consider a "spirit-filled" service. The Holy Spirit has never had to be motivated to work.
---Susie on 1/29/07

**She discussed their political, social and cultural impact on American society.**

What with Christian Rock and such I think that American society is having more of an influence on evangelicalism than the other way round.

I actually expected to see them show Chateau Madeleine--a Christian bordello.
---Jack on 1/29/07

Look at what happens to someone, when all of their buttons have been pushed. They retaliate to the point of anger and bitterness. The feud between all those that were very critical of the Catholics and all the rest of us. Lumped and dumped into a pile of hatred. That is the danger of getting your point across without measuring your words, you cause someone else to stumble.
---anonymous on 1/29/07

The next time you shoot the RCC down with mean words instead of the Word. Think about it, because a wave of hatred is coming right back at you. And that's not God.
---anonymous on 1/29/07

**Jack's blogs have piqued my interest, but who produced the documentary and what was the overall statement?**

It was an HBO documentary produced by Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of the present Speaker of the House.

The overall statement is as I described below: Christian Wrestling Federation, megachurches, doctrinaire creationism, etc.

It shows all the shallowness of American pop-evangelicalism.
---Jack on 1/28/07

#1 AlwaysOn, the documentary was done by Alexandra Pelosi (I have no Idea if she is related to the speaker of the house) Her goal was to answer the question, "Who are these Evangelicals?" She discussed their political, social and cultural impact on American society.
---Ryan on 1/28/07

#2 AlwaysOn, One of the best statements in the film was made by Ted Haggard, he spoke of the "American Church" without knowing it he presented the Idea that the 'Evangelicals' are not bible based but they are a blend of American culture and Christianity, hence the polluted doctrines we receive from most American theologians.
---Ryan on 1/28/07

Hi Ryan, I didn't see the documentary (don't have HBO) and will see if I can view clips on youtube or google video, but would you mind sharing some of the information it presented? Jack's blogs have piqued my interest, but who produced the documentary and what was the overall statement?
---AlwaysOn on 1/28/07

I watched the Documentary yesterday on HBO. It's very clear to me that there is a HUGE panic happening in the Church. And all these campaigns are evidence of that.
BATTLECRY? Sounds nothing like the Christ
I acknowledge. And Falwell? I keep trying to figure out where it says you can be 500 pounds and still judge others?
---Stephen_Espinosa on 1/28/07

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And by the way, since the 70's when the Contemporary Christian Music scene was getting fired-up.....after being shoved getting in to see one of the artists' concerts, I decided it was no different than going to see Led Zeppelin.
At least the fans of Led Zeppelin didn't pretend to be "rightious goody-two-shoes"
---Stephen_Espinosa on 1/28/07

Jack, I am so pleased to hear your response. If there was one person I was directing this question to it is you brother. While I watched it I thought of your "Pop-Evangelical" tag-line and it is so true. I agree wtih everything you have posted here. Watching this documentary made me sad that people fall for the lies taught from Falwell, Haggard, Olsteen and others of this charismatic ilk.
---Ryan on 1/27/07

While we're about it, this program all-too-well illustrated what I mean by pop-evangelicalism and the dangers thereof.
---Jack on 1/27/07

I saw it, it gave a fair overview of American evangecalism--and it caused great pain of heart.

Ted Haggard had the gall to stand there and condemn sexual misbehavior--in other people.

"Christian Rock" is still rock--and it STILL feeds and panders to the flesh, and not the spirit.

Skateboarding might be a spectator sport--but what does Jesus have to do with it?
---Jack on 1/27/07

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Part 2:
Is ignoring geological and paleontological evidence a good witness for Christ?

Is He Who said "I am Truth" pleased by straw-man arguments and misrepresentation of other positions?

What does it profit to "save traditional marriage" without addressing the high rates of divorce and remarriage--as high as the general population--among Evangelicals?
---Jack on 1/27/07

Part 3:
Is anyone aware of the great dangers of confusing mere cultural conservatism with the Gospel of Christ, Who said, "My kingdom is NOT of this world"?

Finally, just how is God glorified by overfed men jumping around, slamming into each other, and throwing each other to the floor with "Jesus Saves" emblazoned on their oversized butts?
---Jack on 1/27/07

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