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Why Was Jesus Christ Sent

Why did God have to send Jesus Christ on earth?

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 ---David_Clemy on 1/27/07
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John,3:16 state why Christ was sent. "For God loved the world in this way: He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.
17 For God did not send His Son into the world that He might condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.
18 Anyone who believes in Him is not condemned ...."
---wivv on 2/6/08

See Luke 19:10. Jesus explains His mission.
---Ed on 6/15/07

Merne, I thank you from my heart. God bless you.
---CATHERINE on 2/4/07

Catherine, I look for your replies. You have said more in 40 words, than some have said in 40,000.

My apologies to you, I was wrong. In the beginning, I thought you were out to get preachers. You are ahead of me.

In the heart department, you are ahead of many, many.

Don't let anyone take away your voice. Your voice is life in the midst of dry bones.

Keep speaking to the dry bones.

Your desire is to please God alone.

You are valued and loved, Catherine.
---Merne on 2/4/07

Thank you Dave. I appreciate that. GOD bless.
---CATHERINE on 2/4/07

Catherine, you are like a breath of fresh air on many of the blogs. You speak from the heart and try to open the eyes of many whose only ambition is to ridicule or argue their point. there is only one Jesus Christ, one gospel of Christ. if that is the case, what are people getting upset at. by reading the bible and words of God, we know how we should live each day. simple, by shunning evil and accepting the light. is it really that hard.
---Dave on 2/4/07

DEPUTY== I quote scriptures to the devil just like JESUS did. NOT over the internet unless GOD gives me one.
---CATHERINE on 2/3/07

Your right, that's precisely why we need to stop giving OPINIONS and quote "scripture" ONLY!
By going strictly by the Book (BIBLE), we do away with our own OPINIONS and FOLLOW the wisdom and knowledge provided by GOD! After all, the Bible is the Word of GOD.

Don't be angry, smile! GOD loves you and so do I! God bless!
---DePuTy on 2/3/07

Your last message was FUNNY!
If I understood you correctly, your emplying that the Catholic Church is the True Church!"

DePuTy, he was being serious. Emcee does believe that the Roman Catholic church is the true church established by Christ Himself.
---Kay6588 on 2/3/07

why do people always complicate things. Adam and Eve were deceived by satan and were cast out of the garden where they talked to God daily. that introduced a spiritual death into the world or separation from God. It was all part of the plan of salvation. Jesus Christ would come to the Earth and would take upon himself the sins of the world. He would be crucified, resurrected and break the bonds of spiritual death allowing all of us to return to God's kingdom.
---Dave on 2/3/07

He taught us what we needed to do to receive that blessing. Repent daily, love each other as Christ loves us. be baptised, be of service to each other. live with faith, hope and charity. reject the evils satan taught since the world began. keep our thoughts pure and in harmony with Jesus Christ, so we let God's light shine for the benefit of others.
---Dave on 2/3/07

To ridicule others, commit adultery, partake of mind altering drugs, lie, cheat, abuse our spouses and children through ignorance, arrogance, alcohol are all following satan Not Jesus Christ. is it no wonder that He shed great drops of blood in the garden for our sins. by continuing to follow the ways of the world, people continue to crucify the one person we should love with all our hearts
---Dave on 2/3/07

I do not understand why certain people are always putting down certain people. Not any of us I REPEAT not any of us is so great and GOD hates ALL OF IT.
---CATHERINE on 2/3/07

Your last message was FUNNY!
If I understood you correctly, your emplying that the Catholic Church is the True Church!

Give me a break! LOL, good one..
The "Church" is not going to save you! It's the personal relationship with GOD, and keeping and Obeying his COMMANDS!
Christ and GOD are the SAME! GOD's word endeours FOREVER, he doesn't change his mind!
Anyway, God bless!
---DePuTy on 2/3/07

---CATHERINE on 2/3/07

Mr DePoTy:: what you quote is NOT the gospel of Christ Having come from the Catholic church I do not desire to enumerate them.Since you left Jesus's church you have apostated Turned against Your Creator& hence do not believe The truths of Him who died for us.Do your words have credence?"HE who is not with me IS AGAINST me".
---Emcee on 2/2/07

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Emcee sorry, but your previous messege makes NO SENSE. Consider the following;
JOHN 1:1&2
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with GOD, and the Word was GOD. He was with GOD in the beginning.
(Verse 14)
The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.
Word = Christ, Christ = GOD.
The Gospel of Christ is the Gospel of GOD!
GOD did not come to change his mind about his laws, they still apply! Only command that ceases is sacrificing animals to him.
---DePuTy on 2/2/07

DePoTy:With due respect for your title are you still in the Exodus 20 age & Stage,Eons have passed since, we are in the NT you are seeing Statues,But Missing The Present Day IDOLS.
---Emcee on 2/2/07

Your either misunderstanding what I'm saying, or your simply confused about my messege.
I left the Catholic Church, yes!
To follow the Gospel of Christ. What is the Gospel of Christ? All who follow the Commands of GOD.
Thy SHALL not make an idol (statue) in the form of anything in heaven SHALL not bow down to them or Worship them, for I, the Lord your GOD, am a jealous GOD. 'Exodus 20'
---DePuTy on 2/1/07

I know what I saw when I attended Catholic Church.
Several statues of saints (people that have long been deceased).
'Exodus 20' makes it clear...
Thy shall not make an idol in the form of anything in HEAVEN ABOVE....
If saints are in the spiritual realm now, and if by the grace of GOD they are in heaven, doesn't this make it clear the Catholic Church is in violation of this Command?
Contrary to many Catholic beliefs, Christ DID NOT change the commands, he came to FOLLOW and OBEY them.
---DePuTy on 2/1/07

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Deputy::If I sounded high strung it is because strange as it may seem its the ex catholics who are the most Vociferous. on these blogs who having left Jesus Church Mat16;17-19would condemn.& then say their eyes are opened !!to what? perdition?or repentance.Jesus said "He who is not with me is against me"IF this is Jesus church THEN Does it not follow that the rest are NOT & If NOT who do they belong To? The ENEMY & who is the Enemy? surely Not JESU's Church.This is simple deduction.
---Emcee on 2/1/07

Emcee. Thanks for your comments, but no, I'm not working for the evil one.

Did I say you or anyone here was possessed by Satan, No! So stop with the insults. As Ms. Catherine said, one day we will pass to the other side (death) and we will all see the TRUTH. Hopefully it won't be to late for those following False doctrines.

As for me, I will continue to follow the Gospel of Christ. There is only GOD, CHRIST and the HOLY SPIRIT, no others.
---DePuTy on 2/1/07

All I am saying is, make sure that you have been called by God and that you have the spiritual gift of rebuking, other wise you can do more harm than good. Some people's gift is stirring up trouble too. YOU must be absolute certain that you are doing as unto the Lord or you could find a whole lot of trouble for yourself on judgment day. Don't take my word, just wait. A note- pray about everything.
---CATHERINE on 2/1/07

DePoTy::"Satan does not want to lose those he has decieved"How do you know who he has decieved are you in his confidence?For all you know you may be aiding him since you say that you have been snatched from the true Church of Jesus Matt16;17-19.We all like to do good but are we qualified ?I believe God endowed us each with a free will & we should not PUSH. Jesus Never did he told it like it was & answered questions.
---Emcee on 1/31/07

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I don't know who you were referring to with your comments Ms. Catherine; but, no matter how much it hurts folks I will continue to follow (Jude 22-23) 'Be merciful to those who doubt; SNATCH others from the fire and save them (folks who follow false doctrines); to others show mercy, mixed with fear-hating even the clothing stained by corrupt flesh'. Satan doesn't want to lose people he has deceived, Let them GO in the name of Jesus Christ!
---DePuTy on 1/31/07

We need to keep in mind that these people who makes fun of testimonies, are not saved people. We need to keep in mind what is a true testimony, and if it isn't tell them. But we don't poke fun or make fun at them. People who does this evil are not saved. I wonder about people, who say, "I am saying this out of love" I wonder if it has much to do with love. Perhaps shutting ones mouth would be more out of love.
---CATHERINE on 1/31/07

God did not have to send JESUS down here. He sent His only son so His people could be saved. PEOPLE that has been chosen by God. Remember, Jesus SAID,"you did not choose me, I CHOSED YOU." He decided before the creation of this world to save only those people who believe the foolish message of the cross.
---CATHERINE on 1/30/07

Helen::The error I made was not worthy of Your comment suffice to say it warranted an apology From me .Friends?
---Emcee on 1/30/07

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Emcee - What was it? I can't find anything you said on this Blog to me. Maybe it was something else you were referring to? :)
---Helen_5378 on 1/30/07

Sister_Leslie **God wanted a relationship with humans, but could NOT have it, because humans have sinned.**

What about Abraham, Moses, Aaron, Prophets, David, and many other men and women in the Old Testament? God certainly ahd a relationship with them. It amazes me that you, the pot, are telling the Potter His wants, desires and limitations.
---Ryan on 1/30/07

Why Jesus was sent > > (Romans 5:12-21) Death through adam, LIFE through Christ. Sin entered the World through one man (Adam), But by GOD's grace and the gift that came by the grace of the ONE man, JESUS CHRIST, our Lord and Savior who saves us from the coming DESTRUCTION! (The Great Tribulation - Found in the book of Revelation)
---DePuTy on 1/29/07

Helen I read NOT must be my eyes are fooling me Sorry I WAS hastyThis is my retraction.I couldnt believe However THT REPLY was a spontaneous gesture
---Emcee on 1/29/07

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greetings.(1)Jesus stated,"To this end I was born"..."should bear witness unto the Truth".(2)Jesus was not yet glorified,"that Jesus was not yet glorified".(3)To stop the Lucifer rebellion,"Get the behind me Satan","the prince of this world is judged","I saw Satan fall"(4)To proceed with a roll call"he led a great multitude of captives and gave gifts unto men".(5)experience human birth and live as a man among men
---earl on 1/29/07

greetings.P.2,(6)Release the Spirit of Truth,"If i go not away the Spirit of Truth will not come unto you",(7)Glorification,"hath given him authority"."set down with my Father in his throne"."Now is the son of man glorified".
---earl on 1/29/07

Jack - Sin does separate us from God. Sister Leslie is correct.
---Helen_5378 on 1/29/07

** God wanted a relationship with humans, but could NOT have it, because humans have sinned.**

Sister Leslie, you are wrong.

God, being omnipotent, can have ANYTHING He wishes on ANY TERMS He wishes.

Never say, "God can't ___." He can, too!
---Jack on 1/29/07

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Jack::I agree "Be perfect as your heavenly father is perfect"For this reason I came that man should LIVE"
Life on earth is a pilgrimage; 1Peter 2;11
---Emcee on 1/29/07

To save the sinuous from sin, and convert them to holiness. "He was wounded for our wrongs, he was crushed for our sin: the payment for our peace upon him, and that him impaled we are healed. Who his own self bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we being freed from sin, should live in righteousness, by whose livid wounding you were healed." Isaiah 53:5; I Peter 2:24.
---Eloy on 1/29/07

I Know Jesus Christ is the Only true answer!
---brue3566 on 1/29/07

david, john 3-16 tells us why.for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son,so that whosoever might believe on him should not perish but have everlasting life.jesus had to pay for all the sins of the world. he had to die for me,for you,for everyone.
---tom2 on 1/28/07

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God wanted a relationship with humans, but could NOT have it, because humans have sinned. God sent Jesus to die on a cross, and shed His blood, so we as humans could have a relationship with God again.
---Sister_Leslie on 1/28/07

For people like you and me.
---Pat on 1/28/07

Early Christian writers put it most succinctly:

God became man that people might become divine.
---Jack on 1/28/07

Elder; There's too much info in ryme off with little or no explanation. God so Loved(passed tense) the world (which cosmos) how did God "beget" His Son? ..perish does not mean seperation,like squishing out the flame on a candle. Everlasting life (as opposed to everlasting death). Jn.3.16 does not harmonize with "fundamentalist" theology!
---1st_cliff on 1/28/07

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God sent Jesus to teach us the truth, man had sat in darkness for centuries and did not know how to live correctly due to Satan corrupting people. He died for the sins of the world.
---anonymous on 1/28/07

Because He loved us, and no man conceived of man could ever pay for the sins of man. Man cannot save himself. Only Jesus saves.
---John on 1/28/07

It's because that God loves you and the world. "For God so loved the world that he gave His only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life."(John 3:16) All mankind lost the life in His glory because of commiting sins. "since all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God;"(Romans 3:23) However, God showed us his divin forbearence, love, mercy, goodness, grace and righteouse that God sent His Son, Jesus Christ who is a Saviour.
---Emika on 1/28/07

(Luke 4:18,19)
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/28/07

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David ::Jesus calls us to follow him.This you can only do by imitating Him to the point of perfection.Let me illustrate;Inside each of us a battle exists between 2 Wolves.
One is EVIL anger,envy,jealouyPride,regret.greed,lust arrogance,inferiority,selfpity,resentment,
Superiority & ego.
The other isGOOD:Joy,peace love,hope,serenity humility kindness benevolence,empathy generosity,Truth,compasssion& FAITH.
The wolf that wins IS THE ONE YOU FEED.The Good ascends.Evil descends.
---Emcee on 1/28/07

God sent His Son Jesus Christ into this world to become a Man and die on the Cross for the sin of mankind. The world was lost in sin, and needed a Redeemer. So Jesus willingly gave His life on the Cross for us, so that we can have eternal life in Heaven with Him. The Cross is the only thing standing between us and Hell.
---Helen_5378 on 1/28/07

For God so Loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
For God sent not His son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved.
John 3:16-17
(What have you done with Him?)
---Elder on 1/28/07

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