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How Do I Figure Out What I Believe

How do you deal with your parents forcing their religion on you especailly starting out as a new adult? How do I figure out what I believe?

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 ---erica on 1/28/07
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In Jeremiah 29:13, God said, "seek Me and YOU will find me when YOU search for Me with all YOUR heart." God is simply saying," have a relationship w/ ME(God)". When you do you'll be fully persuaded on what you believe. Jesus prayed for it in John 17.
---Rickey on 4/16/08

Read the Scriptures and believe for yourself what God says to you in His Word. Then own your beliefs and answer to God for them.

Tell your parents you are an adult and now it is your turn to answer to God for what you believe.
---Madison1101 on 7/21/07

It's wrong to force anything on someone, including religion. Its like peer pressure. Your parents may hate the fact that you may choose another path, but they're your parents and whatever you decide they'll still love you. You can find out about other religions via the libary and internet. There are SO many religions it may take awhile for one that appeals to you and you may try several out before choosing the one you like but this will help to broaden your mind about relious viewpoints.
---Gef on 2/11/07

excellent truth is earlier response. God wants us to know for ourselves what his word says and to be Grounded firm in his faith. Those that seek God with their whole heart will find him and God will lead and guide you all the way if you allow same to happen. read word of God, pray, seek him and he will guide you.
---jodollie on 2/4/07

Hi Jack,
The book of Ephesians tells us that God can open up the eyes of our understanding. Seek and you shall find - knock and it shall be opened unto you. The Lord loves you and longs to show Himself real to you and strong in your behalf. Bow your heart before Him. Read His Word and ask HIM to show you. He will - He wants you to know truth and will come to you in ways that you will reconize that it is He Himself in answer to your heart's cry.
---Sherrie on 2/3/07

Jack, I liked your answer. Erica, have you tried going to different churches?
---Pat on 2/3/07

To know truth and decide what is best in your life, do not follow the teachings of man, pastors, ministers, priests, etc. take baby steps. begin by asking yourself on your knees is Jesus Christ our redeemer. do not give up until you know in your heart He is. then take each teaching of the Savior you read in the bible and pray about it to know it is true. we learn line upon line, precept upon precept. there is only one person who teaches truth and that is Jesus Christ himself.
---Dave on 2/3/07

How do you know what you believe, it is by reading God's word and forming your own conclusions. you can listen to the advice of others, but you will only end up more confused than ever because everyone has their own way to interpret the bible and its teachings. do it on your own and pray about everything you read. do not feel pressured or forced to learn. do it in your own time frame. The Holy Ghost will reveal all truth to you.
---Dave on 2/3/07

Its important to read the bible but I have to forwarn that without the holy spirit it can be hard to understand. Pray for wisdom and discernment. Don't base your faith on any feel-good experience because emotions change like the weather. Dig deep into actual evidence to support the beliefs you are looking at. There is archeological evidence in abundance to support the bible and eye whitness accounts of christ from secular sources at that time. By putting faith to the test you will be lead to truth in him.
---tradedfate on 2/3/07

I find it amazing your parents are just now "forcing" their religion on you. If you are 21, where have you been? IF you mean you want your own beliefs then that is good. None of us can get to heaven on someone else's faith. If you don't know the Bible, I suggest you read Genesis (the beginning of life) and Luke (the 3rd account of Jesus' Life and ministry). Don't attempt to do an in depth study at first. Get some ideas. Pray to God in your own way asking for help understanding His will for you.
---mikefl on 2/2/07

Now, I am not bragging by no stretch of the imagination, But, don't you think that it is funny that God chosed me, when I cannot even remember where anything is in the bible, like book, chapture and V.
---CATHERINE on 1/30/07

You can start with the word of God. He may even tell you where to start. Find you a good God called preacher. MABE on tv. Start talking to God, and listen to what He has to say to you. He will teach you. What you do read in the bible, He will help you to be quick in understanding it. It isn't how much you read but how much of it that gets down into your spirit. study tools.
---CATHERINE on 1/30/07

If you don't know what you believe, and why, you'll wind up being tossed about by "every wind of doctrine."
---Jack on 1/30/07

I had the same issue as you have when I was younger. If you really want to know the TRUTH about the purpose and meaning of life and what religion to follow; read the Bible from the beginning to end. GOD will open your eyes and you will see the truth. I recomand you buy and international version Bible > easier to read, I say this because some Bibles make it harder than easier.
---DePuTy on 1/30/07

erica wat is ure username send me a message,im in the same boat as you.
---jamea5375 on 1/29/07

As an adult you are free to make your own decisions. By reading the Bible, praying and meditating on the Word of God you will start to understand the Word and form your own opinions about what the Bible says. By the leadership of the Holy Spirit you will know the truth that the Bible teaches. The Bible holds all truth. No other book can do that. Do not argue with your parents. However, if you still live under their roof, be prepared to find another place to live and support yourself.
---Susie on 1/29/07

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greetings.For erica.What sect do your parents side with?What is a new adult?Do you mean 'figure out what to believe'?
---earl on 1/28/07

If you are a child, your parents should pray about that and wait for God to get ahold of you and let Him teach you.
---CATHERINE on 1/28/07

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