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Seen Legs Grow Out

I've heard a lot of reports about miracles like legs growing back that were not there. I have seen miracles, but none like that. Anyone actually seen this kind of miracle happen?

Moderator - Legs grow out, but not when there was no limb to start with.

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 ---Susie on 1/30/07
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Darlene...Thank you. I wanted to hear from someone who had actually seen this happen. I hear a lot of people talking about miracles that they have heard about second (and third) hand. I have seen the "trick" of pulling the leg out before. But, I have never heard from someone who actually had healing when it was done.
---Susie on 2/5/07

judit4846, they are still second hand testimony. They claim to have done such things, sure... but if I told you I moved mount Everest into the sea, would you believe me? I would assume not...but why not if I told you directly? If these people had the gift, they would have evidence outside of merely saying so. They would be able to perform the miracles as proof. The apostles certainly had no problem doing so, they did not heal in secret.
---tofurabby on 2/5/07

Would you agree with me that salvation in of itself is a miracle? If so would you then decide on a person whom we both know is lost(or perhaps denies one of the gifts) whom we do not know personally? Perhaps we can have a prayer answered and thereby see a miracle performed. What do you think?
---Mima on 2/5/07

A few of you r saying you want to hear from the horses mouth not 2nd hand there is Darlene and Eloy who have recounted their personal events 4 u below. I will admit i too wonder at times with the televised ones but I know also ith God ALL things are possible if you believe.
---judit4846 on 2/4/07

.... people commonly say, "Show me, and then I will believe", but God says, "Believe, and then I will show you." ---Eloy on 1/31/07

Yes, we believe in God but not in the televangelists and fanatic "Christians" who claim miracles.

If ears open, wheel chair people walk, how come other more "interesting miracles" don't take place?

Perhaps the answer is that they cannot fake them on TV or during a theatrical "christian" stage shows.
---Caring on 2/4/07

mark, we also know that we must do all things according to God's will. Moving mountains, no matter how possible, does not benefit the will of God. So that is why we havent moved any. Signs of this nature no longer serve God's will. They were important while the revelation of Christ was in it's infant stages, but the Word has been completed. People who need signs now, after the revelation has been complete, are a part of the wicked and adulterous generation. God's Word is proof enough.
---tofurabby on 2/3/07

The thing anyone should remember,my shorter leg was diagnosed by a doctor with an XRay. I had been under treatment for backache when XRayed. Later XRays showed the leg was no longer shorter. God can do anything He pleases and for all the wonderful answered prayers,miracles or not I praise Him. An important factor,you have to believe with childlike faith God will do it. If you don't believe in it He won't do it. Either you open a door for God to move or close it with unbelief.
---Darlene_1 on 2/2/07

u know what if we can move a mountain with faith i dont see why its not possible for legs to grow back w/ enough faith eh??
---mark on 2/2/07

That's why I asked if anyone had actually seen this happen.
---Susie on 2/2/07

Strange how these miracles are always spoke of second hand. Those who claim to perform them rely solely on testimonies of those they have healed as proof. If these people really had such gifts then I would expect to find him hanging around the local hospital rather than internet chat sites.
---tofurabby on 2/2/07

We had a similar thing happen in a prison service once. We had a new member of the ministry team who suddenly told the group that he was a prophet and that he was going to prophecy over each of them. My husband immediately told him to sit down. That was years ago and we learned a valuable lesson. Keep the ministry team small, using only people that your are totally confident are used of God and not of themselves.
---Susie on 2/2/07

Part 1-- I have prayed for many healings. I know of only three certified healings that have taken place after praying for them. Interestingly however I know this story to be true. I prayed for an elderly woman in a wheelchair. She got up out of the chair and pushed it back to her pew. She left the church walking. Two weeks later she was back in the chair.
---Mima on 2/2/07

PART 2-- later a evangelist came to our church. This same lady (now in her wheelchair) ask to be prayed for healing. This time she got up walked and has never returned to her wheelchair, this being over three years ago. This illustrates to me that God is sovereign and will do and bless who he wants too when he wants too. Certainly this put me in a humble position.
---Mima on 2/2/07

1. Had this popular evangelist come to our small town. Made my dad, a pastor, sit on the stage with him. He tried the short leg thing but couldn't find a straight chair! All the chairs he tried gave people the same length leg before he prayed so the chairs were all crooked! He had his tape recorder and would turn it off and on as he prompted people to yell Praise the Lord.
---Mary_Ann on 2/1/07

2. He also had a photographer who was supposed to take pictures as he told people to raise their hands and then had everyone there come to the front for salvation, even those already saved. There was one miracle that night! My dad prayed that the camera would not work, and it didn't! It suddenly started working when the service was over!
---Mary_Ann on 2/1/07

I'm skeptical of evangelists who talk about miracles that seem to always happen overseas or in another city.
---Susie on 2/1/07

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Here is one important key element, people commonly say, "Show me, and then I will believe", but God says, "Believe, and then I will show you."
---Eloy on 1/31/07

I believe in miracles but I don't believe they happen as often as some claim they do.

I've watched documentaries about investigations of "miracles" that proved that nothing had happened.

I'm very sceptic of miracles that take place live on TV by many business-televangelists. A miracle occurs to them because they all become multi millionaires.
---Caring on 1/31/07

Actually, I think someone is pulling our leg!
---1st_cliff on 1/31/07

Read plenty about both but never seen a limb regrown. I've never put alot of stock in the accounts of limbs growing either.

If you want to see evidence of a genuine miracle, locate a copy of the book Rita's Story. It includes photos and verification from a physician.
---augusta on 1/31/07

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Thank you, Eloy! I knew you would have seen some. I also have known of people who were healed of AIDS. A few years ago I had a bad mammogram and had to have a biopsy. After waiting two weeks for the results, I finally called the doctor and asked. He said, "Well, we have a problem. They can't find the lumps that showed up on the mammogram." Praise the Lord! He wanted to do another biopsy. I said that wasn't necessary. No more problems after that.
---Susie on 1/31/07

I have never seen any such thing happen but have heard preachers talk about similar miracles. I once heard a preacher saying that he saw a child born without eyes (not a child born blind) being prayed over and, as people watched, eyes formed in the childs head. I never know whether to believe these stories but I do believe that as God can heal someone with blind eyes He could, if He chose to, give eyes to someone without them.
---m.p.a. on 1/31/07

If God can and would lengthen a leg, then why can't he make a leg grow where there was none. Is God's power limited?
---Rev_Herb on 1/31/07

Yes, many years ago the Lord used me once to raise a dead baby, I prayed for the baby and the baby came alive; also another time when I prayed for a professor who had the aids virus, afterward when he went back to his doctor, he was completely cured and there was no trace of the aids virus found in his blood or his body. All of us believers are suppose to be doing the works of Christ, especially when led by the Holy Spirit to do so. Please read Mark 16:17,18; James 5:13-16.
---Eloy on 1/30/07

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** I had a leg grow. **

This is precisely the kind of leg-growing trick I was talking about.

Have you had this medically confirmed?
---Jack on 1/30/07

Jack...Yes, I have also seen many evangelists use that short leg thing. I'm sure there are those who have been healed, but so often it is just a gimmick.
---Susie on 1/30/07

I've YET to see a missing limb grow back.

I'm not saying God can't do it, but the question is HAS He actually in fact done so?

I'm seen what is claimed to be a somewhat shorter leg growing to the length of the other (sometimes growing too far and having to be prayerfully shortened again)--but I wonder if this is real. How many such people have had this confirmed by an orthopedist or other medical professional?
---Jack on 1/30/07

I had a leg grow. I had worn a piece in my shoe to equalize the length of my leg to the other,Xrays had shown it shorter,but insert had worn out and I didn't go back to Doctor. A woman speaker said "there is someone here with a bad backache",no one responded,I was in terrible pain so I held up my hand. I was seated in a chair and a man held my legs up,she prayed and it felt like someone pulling shorter leg, opened eyes to see and no one was but it grew longer,backpain left,never returned.
---Darlene_1 on 1/30/07

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Moderator...When did you see that happen? It sounds like a wonderful sight to see.
---Susie on 1/30/07

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