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Church Service Preference

What kind of church service do you prefer to attend?

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 ---Susie on 1/30/07
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Rebecca D,you're right,obedience moves God. I was at a Women Aglow Retreat we were standing up singing and praising God,my friend started dancing around in joy as were many others. Suddenly I had a vision,I saw with the Spirit, women dancing all around the throne of God and Jesus got off the throne and started taking the hands of people and dancing around too. I went to the front and told one of the leaders and they had me tell everyone,the place erupted in joyfulness and praise as the Holy Ghost moved.
---Darlene_1 on 1/23/08

One where the order is determined by the Holy Ghost Himself and is offered as is pleasing to God.

That lets out pop-evangelicals.
---Jack on 1/18/08

I like my own church that has preachers who teaches pure Biblical Truth straight from the Word of God. We also sing old hymns altho some of our church do use modern upbeat singing which does not go down well with me. However, We are all different and should truly follow a Spirit filled message...
---jana on 4/13/07

I say this in love. but most people in churches just sit there. It is time to get up and get moving. How can God move if people just sit there like a knot on a log? I'm not saying do things in self. but let God be God through you. To many people will hinder the service because they won't obey Christ. If God bids you to go and pray for someone, then go. If one person in the congergation doesn't obey, it can hinder the whole church. If a person didn't have a good time in the Lord that's their fault.
---Rebecca_D on 4/12/07

I agree with Rebecca D,
In addition, I don't just "go" to church, I am the church. I believe in true worship 24/7.
---lynet on 4/12/07

I prefer traditional service sitting in the congregation with hymnal music, none of this hip hop new age stuff, from mega churches, we need Jesus in the service,not money making,market selling service, I'm only 29,but I grew up in my grandparents church & they taught me a lot,I also attended mega churches& didn't care for them too much.
---canda3649 on 4/12/07

Where God can be God. I go to church to worship the Lord, and to fellowship with other Christians. If a person goes for any other reason, then they are going for the wrong reason. I won't go to a church where sin rules the pulpit. Because God won't there. If each person brings God with them to church, then you're going to have church.
---Rebecca_D on 2/10/07

Elena...Any reason why the Sisters are not part of the preaching?
---Susie on 2/6/07

I like the church I attend with my family. We have two pastors, because our congregation is big. Our brothers get together before service starts and pastor asigns 3 or 4 of them to preach (often he or the other pastor is one of them who preach). We hear brothers preach, sing songs and hymns of worship in between preaching, our choir sings. We pray also and end our first and last prayer with "Our Heavenly Father." If someone has a poem about God to read or a song to sing, pastor lets them.
---elena5773 on 2/3/07

one that begins with acknowlegement of others, prayers 4others, then 1hour bible study before the main service. It helps one 2b spiritually prepared 4 the message to follow at main service.
---jana on 2/3/07

The proper question should be: What kind of church service does GOD want?

Church is about worshipping God, not making you feel good.
---Jack on 2/1/07

a Holy Spirit led church, where the gifts are allowed to be used, where they lift their hands in praise to Almighty God, a place where the Spirit is free and not held back, one that is on fire for Jesus and who is not ashamed..mary4964
---mary on 1/31/07

I agree with Susie. Where I am free to worship and praise God in the Spirit. The pastor cares for the flock and shows it. I also like a church where the pastor does not have total authority over the people. This is a dangerous practice.
---robyn on 1/31/07

augusta, **So Ryan, let me ask you this.. if you had to worship in a conventional church, which kind would it be? **

I won't, we do not worship in buildings made of stone, this isa human concept. We worship in obedience, spirit and truth..
---Ryan on 1/31/07

I prefer a church which has genuine praise and worship where they are lifting up the Lord and not themselves. A church where there is a great deal of prayer for the needs of the congregation as well as the world. A church where the pastor uses the Bible to preach/teach from and isn't reading from the latest popular book or from a sermon he found on the internet. Basically, a church service where the Holy Ghost is leading and not man.
---Susie on 1/31/07

"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" (2 Corinthians 3:17).
---Helen_5378 on 1/30/07

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*I enjoy small bible studies with men and women who seek truth not denominational doctrine.
---Ryan on 1/30/07*

Yeah Ryan, I use to be the same way before I was called home in a cell church. ;)

So Ryan, let me ask you this.. if you had to worship in a conventional church, which kind would it be?
---augusta on 1/30/07

I do not go to a building made of stone that God does not dwell in. TO worship God is to be obedient, to crucify flesh and die to self and to live the testimony of Christ in our lives 24/7. I enjoy small bible studies with men and women who seek truth not denominational doctrine.
---Ryan on 1/30/07

Traditional Reformed aka Presbyterian (PCUSA)& Congregational (NACCC)
---Phil_theElder on 1/30/07

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