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Person Called Out For Salvation

Have you ever heard a person call out to the Lord for their salvation? Actually ask God to save them? If so do you believe they got saved? Are or you still in doubt about their salvation?

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 ---Mima on 2/1/07
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The god of confusion (satan) has always (throughout history) caused CONFUSION. Satan encourages all Christianity to
1) DRAW CONCLUSIONS from scripture.
2) make statements to form beliefs of our own without stating verses.
3) conveniently INTERPRET instead of UNDERSTAND.
4) embrace uncertainty and be subjective instead of OBJECTIVE.
5) never complete a thought/sentence.
6) base our understanding/belief on QUESTIONS/uncertainty.

We do not have to PLEAD for salvation.
---greg on 4/2/08

I have seen several people be under conviction from God of their sins and walked to the alter crying out to God to save them. I believed at that time they were saved, cause my spirit bare witness to their spirit afterwards. Some of those people are not in church today, but to say they didn't get saved at that time, I can't say. Their desire to stay in church faded away, because they let Satan interfere with their walk with God.
---Rebecca_D on 4/1/08

Yes. Yes. Yes. No.

I took one of my little sisters to a church service. In the middle of hymn/song, she ran down the aisle to the front. She did all of the above. My parents were visiting, too. They watched. Not too many months later, they made the same decision. The waiting period was only 20 somehing years.
---Rachel on 4/1/08

Thank you Mary for your response. I believe the messages of Scripture are clear when we read all of them and not contradict any at all. Everything in Scripture connects. From Genesis to Revelations. Of course there is many things we don't understand just yet, since the Spirit brings light to Scripture differently to each one of us, but the whole of Scripture is there to be opened by us, and to learn. Each a little different then the other. In the end, it all brings glory to God.
---mark on 6/29/07

Jesus is the one who calls His people into Salvation. We do not choose God He chooses us. Now if the Person of the Holy Spirit comes upon you and draws you to the Father and you call out to Him, Yes, That is true Salvation. [2 Thess. 2-13] and [john 15-16]. For someone to just call out the name Jesus without the Holy Spirit drawing them, NO that is not Salvation. Remember also true Salvation starts with conviction of sin. All by the power of God. [Holy Spirit].
---catherine on 6/19/07

Mark, I like your response #3 and I have often thought along those same lines. It is not what we do or don't do that saves us, we do or don't things because we are ALREADY saved by Christ when we turn to Him in repentance and faith and receive Him as Lord and Savior.
---maryj9396 on 6/19/07

#6. Matthew: You need to have faith in God before you ask Him to forgive you of anything. You cannot ask for forgiveness from someone you don't know or even have faith in. It's not like asking another person to forgive you. You already know that person who you sinned against. You have to be born again with a new life, and love for Christ, with the gift of faith, and a conviction from the Spirit in order to repent. You cannot repent while dead. you have to be alive to Christ. All acts of God.
---mark on 6/19/07

I call out to the Lord all the time, especially if I am experiencing spiritual difficulty. But I also understand that we will be tempted and tried on this earth and it is he who endures to the end who will be saved. On our own, we have no hope, but through Christ we have the strength to persevere.
---lorra8574 on 6/19/07

#2. Matthew: Susie says, "what is wrong with calling out to the Lord?" There is nothing wrong with calling to the Lord. We are told or commanded to call unto the Lord. The lost don't call unto the Lord. They follow their father the devil, the other lord they have, "Why don't you understand My speech? Because you are not able to listen to My words" you are of your father the devil." John 8:43-44. The lost are dead to all that is holy and righteous.
---mark on 6/19/07

#3. Matthew: To suppose that because you decided to stop drinking proves you are saved, is to suppose that your act of not drinking was the key to your salvation. But what about all your other sins you were doing? Was stopping drinking the prove you needed? If it was, then salvation came when you decided to stop. You stopped because of what you decided, not the Spirit convicting you of your sins. Making you the author of your salvation and not God.
---mark on 6/19/07

#4. Matthew: You say, "I promise you, I wasn't saved until God granted me repentance. God spoke to me and said,'you think you can still sin, that is why your are not mine yet," You forget you still sin. And anyone who say's he has no sin, does not have the truth. So that could not be the cause either. Whether God talked to you or not is between you and God, but God does not have a personal relationship with anyone unless that person is born of the Spirit so he can understand.
---mark on 6/19/07

Matthew what I think you don't get yet, is that no one lost seeks God. "There is no one who understands, there is no one who seeks after God." Romans 3:11, is very clear that no one that is lost seeks after God. Though your testimony is a great joy to hear for all believers, and most of all those around you, like your close family and friends, it is presented by you as an act of yourself, and not an act of God.
---mark on 6/19/07

Robyn, Your last statement is so true. You said, "You were saved when you first ask God to do so" Here is the reason I believe you are right,"There is no one who understands, there is no one who seeks God" Romans 3:11. The minute Matthew started to seek God, the Spirit had already brought him to life. A lost person does not seek God because he is "dead spiritually" to the things of God. His spiritual death was brought to life by the Spirit who brings life.
---mark on 6/19/07

*Matthew you were saved when you first asked God to do so.*

Oh no I wasn't. UNless a person who gets drunk 4 days a week,curses,lies etc. is a saved person. If their is no repentance then there is no salvation.
---Matthew on 6/7/07

Matthew you were saved when you first asked God to do so. You have to believe in your heart that a transaction took place between you and Jesus. It did ,if you sincerely cried out and asked Jesus into your heart. We may not feel saved when we get born again but we are, if we believe. Its not about a feeling. Its a belief. I hate the devil and all that he stands for. He has fed people so many lies until they can't tell truth from fiction. now. God bless you my friend.
---Robyn on 6/6/07

Another point: God does not grant repentance until we repent. If we ask. He (Jesus) would give it. We only need to ask, not plead or anything. Just simply ask sincerely from our hearts. We are to come boldy to the throne of grace. Boldy is the key word. God does hear our prayers. But we must believe. Unbelief is a terrible sin, beloved. We must believe God, totally, before he can really bless us. Satan is happy when we doubt God. Away with doubt. Trust God...only.
---Robyn on 6/6/07

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*We change little by little, day by day. I am happy for you but a lot of time was wasted. If you had only reached out for help. God bless you.*

I can promise you that I wasn't saved until God granted me repentance. He basically told me, "you think you can still sin, and this is why you are not mine yet."
---Matthew on 6/5/07

Matthew: I find your post a bit sad and unnecessary. You called out to God to save you most of your life .Up to just 4 months ago. Why did you not seek guidance and understanding from a mature christian minister, pastor or someone? Salvation is a simple process that happens instantaneous. Regeneration is a lifelong process. We change little by little, day by day. I am happy for you but a lot of time was wasted. If you had only reached out for help. God bless you.
---Robyn on 6/5/07

I called out to the Lord for my salvation and He saved me. Why would you doubt someone else's salvation just because they called out loud? I have called out to the Lord on many occasions. Several times I have called out, "Lord I've been trying to do things by myself, now I'll let you carry the load." Works for me!!!!
---Susie on 6/5/07

*I cried tears in many of my answered prayers.*

I meant to say unanswered.
---Matthew on 2/26/07

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Matthew===Good testimonies on what is true Salvation. Many people do not know what true Salvation really is. And that bothers me alot.
---catherine on 2/26/07

Mima I have been calling out to God to save me all my life and I didn't get saved until 4 months ago. It's because I didn't understand about repentance. I was thinking that I just ask God to save me and I can still sin and just live by faith in Christ death. I though I could have no change and still be saved. God revealed Himself to me in His word and opened my heart to repentance. Once I repented, my faith in Christ was complete and I was His. Praise God.
---Matthew on 2/26/07

2) I cried tears in many of my answered prayers. Of course the person who believes in heaven and hell wants to go to heaven. They can cry and be moved all they want. From my own experience I have cried out to God in prayers left unanswered. It's because my heart wasn't right until 4 months ago. God prepared my heart and showed me the beauty of change and rightesousness that comes from faith in His son. If we don't want that change, God won't save us. No matter how much we cry and call out His name.
---Matthew on 2/26/07

Mima, we answered your question here, also.
---Rachel on 2/25/07

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Preachers ought to preach more on what is true salvation. Salvation is much more than calling out to God to save Him. We ought to preach, that first, GOD convicts that you are lost and you will go to Hell. Then everything else follows, The Sinners prayer. Yes, my friend ,there is a sinners prayer.
---catherine on 2/11/07

I have heard of many call out to God to save them. And yes I honestly believe they were saved. Who are we to question whether or not they got saved? It will show by the fruit that they bare. When a sinner goes to the alter, and when finished you don't go up and ask them, So did you get saved or not? That is rude and doubt will set in that person's mind and they will question if they are truely saved. Which will cause tormol in their life.
---Rebecca_D on 2/10/07

mima, I sent my email address to you through the penpals email.
---tom2 on 2/3/07

Yes we must be called first by the Father. Then it is by our freewill that we answer the call by calling. After witnessing to a person(explaining what the Bible says about calling) I then very plainly and directly ask them, do you want to call. About 20% of the people I approach say no I do not want to call. Many say yes I want to call but I don't know how. Almost without fail those who call or deeply moved. Saying things like thank you thank you thank you so much.
---Mima on 2/2/07

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tom2-- please contact me I am mima3783 penpals
---Mima on 2/2/07

Mima, Jesus said no man can come to Him unless they are [Drawn] First. Some yell out even cry, but still have their [own agenda], the Holy Spirit/The Word searches the Hearts, God knows [everything], nothing is hidden from Him. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 2/2/07

Mima, I noticed that you come up with the lamest questions at times. Why do you do this, especially when you already know the answers?
---greg on 2/2/07

mima, IAM 100 PERCENT SURE THERE SCRIPTURE THAT says and whoever calls on god shall be saved.but scripture also says no one comes to the father unless he draws do we free will call on God?God has said I set before you life and death choose.does he call or draw us first?he called peter and his brother,matthew,these men were working.
---tom2 on 2/2/07

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Some people call out to the Lord in order to sound a trumpet in front of them only for others to see them, but a real Christian will also call out to the Lord even when there is no other person around to hear them or to see them.
---Eloy on 2/1/07

Rom.10:13 Whosoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.
---john on 2/1/07

It's wonderful the great number of people on the blogs who can pass judgement on the salvation or other spiritual state of people they don't even know.

And can do it without even having a reason to do so.
---Jack on 2/1/07

If you believe yourself to be in Christ, then why wouldnt you believe them to be in Christ as well? For only God knows a mans heart. We are to know a man by his fruits. But, just because we may see bad fruit, does not mean they are not saved. For we are all walking out our salvations. Just let them know the errs of their ways; not by judging, but by making a righteous judgment.
---ShawnM.T on 2/1/07

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Brother Mima, Now you know that many are CALLED but only a [few] are CHOSEN (Matthew 22:14). The Word plainly states that those [few] abide/cling to God's Saving Word/Truth(JESUS), they are doers of the Word, not just hearers only, because they know the grave importance of [abiding in] the Word, and they [know] in whom they believe and He IS the Word, the only Truth. (Revelation 19:13). God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 2/1/07

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