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Morris Cerullo's Ministry

I would like to know if Morris Cerullo is a false prophet or not. I have been invited by a friend to attend his crusade which is taking place this weekend in Uganda.

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 ---lynet9995 on 2/2/07
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My mother has been sucked in by this FRAUD. She has constantly been invited to these meetings where she is sucked dry of all her money that she works two jobs to earn. She has even been prompted when told out of cash to POST DATE CHECKS. She believes he is a prophet of God, and that if she does not do these things she will not have her place in his kingdom, MC words, word for word. She has even had to come live with me after one of these conferences because she was lead to believe she should give a whole months salary, God would give it back, and bless her. She has been brain washed, gets phone calls, magazines, a constant flow of fuel to keep her engulfed. Its sick, and sad, and all in the name of God.
---Lisa on 9/2/10

Helene Evans: Proverbs 18:12-13, Matthew 7:21-27.
Morris claims to be both an Apostle, and a Prophet, without meeting those standards. He has been accused of fraudulent fund-raising practices, and reneging on his promises by ex staff members. He has $old ble$$ed handkerchief$. He talks about the "last great anointing" greater than "every natural limitation", yet he begs for your money. He prophesied that, before 1994, there would be a world wide depression, "It will make the Wall Street crash of 1929 seem like a picnic." Morris said that the "glory of God" was six feet tall, and "twice as broad as a human body with no distinguishing features such as eyes, nose, or mouth."
---Glenn on 7/30/10

Aft I googled about M.C., there wasn't much good. So it sounds like he's just like the rest on tbn & d-star, got his hands for your money & don't care for peoples souls.
---Lawrence on 7/30/10

No Dr. Cerullo, is aman of God,he is not a false ,and God do use this man, for a truth, anyone saying this should stop, God doesn't like ugly.
---evang:_helene_evans on 7/25/10

The only thing I know about him is I read that he gets $1.5 million a year salary from Morris Cerullo ministries. I'm sure he does more for people than the Wall Street, banking, and financial CEO's presidents, and executives who pay themselves and there officers outrageous bonuses from profits generated from bailout money while so many millions are struggling to make ends meet. We know that the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil. So lets hope that all those wealthy evangelist's don't love their money and that they pray for God's wisdom and guidance as to how to put it to good use.
---Bob on 1/20/10

I was at the 2010 world confrence put on by cerullo I watched my mother stuff hundreds of dolors into offering cans the third day came A man came on doctor mike murdock he ask 1.000 dollors some people gave than ask 300.00 dolors somemore people gave than he said how many people are not giving any thing some people stood up he said get out at first I thought he was kiding untill he said get out these confrence is for givers what a frauld cerrulo merdock ben hinn and the rest of them, I will be filing a conplaint with hilton hotal and the local cops he is a theft I seen it for my self .
---rene on 1/16/10

The Bible teaches that FALSE CHRIST'S, FALSE TEACHERS, AND FALSE PROPHETS will be among the people, 2 Peter Chapter Two, and to test the Spirits to see if they are of God, 1 John 4:1.

Many people in the world today claim to be APOSTLES of CHRIST but they are all FALSE APOSTLES, 2 Corinthians 11:12-16.

Those people in the world today who claim to be an APOSTLE of CHRIST, don't even come close to meeting the qualifications to be an APOSTLE of CHRIST, Acts 1:12-26.
---Rob on 6/9/09

2 Corinthians 12:12 Truly the signs of an apostle were done among you in all patience, in signs, and wonders, and mighty deeds.

Mark 16:19 So then after the Lord had spoken unto them, he was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God.Mark 16:20 And they went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.
Mark 16:17 And these signs shall follow them that believe, In my name shall they cast out devils, they shall speak with new tongues,John 1:12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:
---Exzucuh on 6/9/09

Morris Cerullo is nothing more than a fraud and should be ashamed of himself,especially exploiting people for money for his so called "faith anointing" by putting FA on envelopes with one's offerings inside.
MC will get his just rewards at the pearly gates.
---Matt on 6/9/09

he's an evangelist, not a prophet.

depending on your doctrinal beliefs, he may or may not say things that agree with what you believe. but he's not a false prophet.

if you hear something from him that you dont agree with, just ignore it. forgive him for his Biblical ignorance and rejoice concerning what you can agree on.
---opalgal on 12/13/08

I would go with a prayerful mindset. There are a lot of christians who are condemning prophets and apostles. Whether they like it or not and whether it fits their denominational or personal doctrines or not, prophets are here to stay. Having said that, we are told to try the spirits whether or not they are of God. You need to ask the Lord as your listening if the person who is speaking is speaking from the Holy Spirit, a demonic spirit, or the human spirit. If prophets are here to stay then there will be true and false ones. If the spirit of God is in you then you can ask the Lord to help you discern the prophets making sure they speak in accordance with the scripture. This also applies to pastors,evangelists,and teachers.
---dan on 12/4/08

What century are you living in? There is no such thing as a prophet. Asking if Morris Cerullo is a false prophet is like asking if Mr. Ed is a false unicorn.
---Bill on 12/4/08

Because you see miracles does not authenticate any ministry - the key is whether Jesus Christ is Lord and HE is exalted. Read in Matthew that MANY will come to Jesus stating that they have healed the sick and cast out demons. Jesus said he will tell them he NEVER knew them.

I am judging no man. Just don't accept what anyone says despite what you SEE unless what they say is that same thing the Holy Spirit wrote in the Bible. This applies to EVERYBODY you may go to see.
---John on 7/19/08

Morris is a man of God.
You can tell by the fruits:-
healing, miracles, signs and wonders: proof that the Spirit of God is with him.
Who wants a so called minister who speaks flowery language or play with emotions and not perform any work at the end of the day?
---2_cents on 2/15/08

You represent all that God is and all that God has...Jesus was the visible expression of God.Jesus was the Son of the Living God. Now,who are you?Sons of God...everyone say it.What is working inside of us is the manifestation.When you look at me,you are looking at Jesus...To see Jesus was to see God. To see me is to see Jesus. Jesus knew who He was.Don't you think it is about time we know who we are? Morris Cerully, reported by Jewel van der Merwe,"Joel's Army,"Discernment Ministries.
---Tommy on 1/1/08

Stay home and pray for your friend!
---NV_Barbara on 12/31/07

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"Mrs. Morgan, google 'charismania'.
It's excess of the flesh in the charismatic movement.

Laura, It's almost devastating to witness people who have no Jesus-Blood power, claiming they speak in tongues. I have witnessed this mentality on CN, they don't believe there's power in the Blood of Jesus,ATTACK those who do, but they say they can "speak in tongues"....pure deceit. What sort of tongue would speak through a person that don't have a [TRUE] Jesus-Blood conversion?
---Mrs._Morgan on 3/31/07

Cynthia_1, Love Ya sister(smile)! God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 3/31/07

Dear Mrs. Morgan
apologies, sweet lady
Love in Christ, Cynthia 1
---Cynthia_1 on 3/31/07

Join the club, ya'all. My name was ripped off so many times, I had to become 'things'.

I know who was doing it to me and why.
This keeps them guessing.
---Lime_inthe_Coconut on 3/30/07

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Wow Morgan!

That is two peas in the same pod: Ernest Angley and Benny Hinn.

Or is that two cracks on the same pot?
---Observer on 3/30/07

Cynthia_1, I didn't post that last post about a minister in Ohio and Benny Hinn, someone used my user name without my permission, very deceitful, God knows who they are, My minister has never mentioned Mr. Hinn, So that person who deceitfully used my user name is only about [mischief/lies]. I can't vouch for Mr. Hinn, He's not my minister, that's all I will say about that. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 3/30/07

Mrs. Morgan, I'm not sure of your feelings about your church merger. Did you really mean that, what should I do? Or was that for Rev. Herb, who does not care for the "Hinn", in any way shape or form.
---Laura on 3/30/07

Why don't you do them both a favor.

---Cynthia_1 on 3/30/07

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"But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and ALL LIARS -their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death." (Revelation 21:8).
---Mrs._Morgan on 3/30/07

Speaking of FALSE ministers, I just came to see that my own minister, who runs a large Ohio ministry and church (last name begins with A) is merging his ministries with Benny Hinn. What shall I do?
---Mrs._Morgan on 3/30/07

Laura, In regard to people manifesting animal sounds that's just plain old demonic. I agree that many in the Church are serving the flesh and not God, many church services are nothing more than a "performance", the Holy Spirit is grieved by that. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 3/30/07

Mrs. Morgan, google 'charismania'.
It's excess of the flesh in the charismatic movement. Rememer the Moderator's comments about the people manifesting animal sounds. We discussed roaring lions, chickens, seals and the like.
Excess, fleshy moves.
---Laura on 3/29/07

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What Mrs. Morgan is saying is true, this does happen. Especially to anointed men of God, the Bible says TOUCH NOT. I used to take the Bible with a grain of salt, but not now, I have experienced, that God means everything He says, and says everything He means
---Cynthia_1 on 3/30/07

"Charismania tells everyone that if they speak one word against the evangelist, they could die. That is witchcraft in the church." -Laura on 3/20/07

"Charismania", Never heard that word, can't vouch for this minister, don't know him, but I know of a false minister who spoke against a [true] child of God, & the Lord killed him, This had nothing to do with pride,threats, fanaticism or witchcraft, God just killed the hypocrite. God says take heed & that vengeance is [His].
---Mrs._Morgan on 3/29/07

There are quite a few OSAS false doctrine supporters on this blog, 2 men & 2 women, How can you speak against ANY minister when you are supporting doctrines of devils? How? Wake up!
---Mrs._Morgan on 3/29/07

duane, please when you test other people, do not go by if they ask money b/c WANTing money is different than NEEDing money...some ministries NEED money and yes God will provide, thats why majority of people ask for an offering, or charge some sort
---mark on 3/25/07

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I forced myself to watch his "prayer thing" tv show recently, and once was enough.

In the 1st 15 minutes, his name was either flashed on the crawler, prominently displayed as a logo, done as a voice over, etc. over 20 times. The name Jesus zero times.

Guess who he was honoring? DUH
---John_T on 3/24/07

Does he want money for his preaching? ..
If so, he is not of God
---duane on 3/24/07

It is not often I agree with someone, but Laura is bang on the head in what she said. By their fruits ye shall know them. Anyone that preaches for money is not of God 1 Peter 5:2. Many do a great work as disciples of Jesus Christ, but prophets NO. Do they walk with Jesus Christ face to face. Do they see the future, past and present as seers, are their lives without blemish. Morris may be a really nice man, but if he teaches anything contrary to God's words, he is false, no debate.
---Dave on 3/24/07

he is not a false prophet, the bible makes us to understand the signs that will follow believers, in my name they will cast out devils and anydeadly thing they drink shall by no means harm them ,they shall speak in new tounges.he is just one of those fulfulling the great commision
---hill on 3/24/07

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Laura, My grandfather was a Priest, My father was a Non-Denominational Minister, and I myself studied for the Ministry in an AOG, Bible College in the seventies. I myself have never been a mason, have never been a witch. However I am a Spirit Filled Christian according to Acts chapter 2:4. I am not a person that needs to look to a Minister, or and Evangelist for information.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/23/07

Cynthia 1, one needs to be very careful that you don't trade one form of bondage (masonry) for another. It sounds like you might take some form of encouragement from this type of witchcraft in the church. That if you speak positively about your favorite evangelist and we don't agree, speaking out what you did gives one the upper hand. That is control and manipulation. There is no such thing as God-Craft. God doesn't have anything to do with the Craft.
---Laura on 3/22/07

Charismania is an endeavor in the flesh to simulate charisma. It is any effort to do the work of the Spirit in the energies or abilities of the flesh - the old, selfish nature of a person. It is a spiritual hype that substitutes perspiration for inspiration. It is the use of the genius, energy and gimmicks of man as a substitute for the wisdom and ability of God.
---Laura on 3/22/07

It can be demonstrated in such widely divergent forms as planning and strategy sessions, devising programs for church growth, raising funds for the church budget, or wild and disorderly outbursts in tongues that disrupt the Sunday-morning message. Whatever lacks a sound Biblical basis and demonstrates a lack of trust in the Holy Spirit to accomplish His purposes in the church apart from the devices and abilities of man is the work of the flesh.
---Laura on 3/22/07

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In Eph. 4, God has placed pastors, teachers, to perfect the saints for the work of the ministry and to build up the body of Christ. Sound teaching is to bring the believers into a matured state so they will not be carried about with every wind of doctrine.

Charismania is lack of sound Bible teaching. There is preoccupation with experience, which is placed above the Word. As a consequence, charismania is a fertile field for strange and unscriptural doctrines proliferating through their ranks.
---Laura on 3/22/07

My Mother retired from MCWE Ministries last year. There is nothing fake about him. He has invested HIS OWN money for this ministry. He is demanding of his staff to get the most bang for the buck. I have never met him personally, but I know my Mother. She is NOT naive or gullible. She saw behind the scenes what goes on and they work hard - it isn't about the money. Be careful of passing judgment on that which you do not know about. Assumptions - we know where those can lead...don't we?
---Lisa on 3/22/07

That is definitely witchcraft in the church.
---Laura on 3/22/07

Laura, I have never heard of the word Charismania, however, I have walked with prophets, and watched people who speak against them or God fall to there death soon after, this is not witchcraft, this is, GODCRAFT.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/22/07

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Mark, it does not matter if you are in an unpopulated area. I had to take a plane by myself in order to go the meeting.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/20/07 ,wow, what a comment, such personal devotion to Morris.
Dear friend you just proved my point that people who follow such hype mongers (Morris and Hinn) are often emotionally unstable.
---johnlovesginalyn on 3/21/07

---Cynthia_1 on 3/20/07
Goodness if i thought i was damaging Christ i would truely hate that as i love Him dearly.
I have a responsibility to the truth, i'm a bondservant to God, can i let a thief to steal from my masters house?
Imagine a man molesting a child and the mans wife says to me 'do not get involved, who are you to condemn him'.
I say what i say because i believe Morris is damaging spiritually young people. He has crippled the spiritually young.
---johnlovesginalyn on 3/21/07

Johnloves... Personally I have never been to one of his revivals. I really do not know who he is. I live in such an unpopulated area of the country that I would go just to have fellowship with other people seeking and worshipping God.
---MARK on 3/20/07

Cynthia 1== Bless your heart. And may God bless you.
---catherine on 3/20/07

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** You are so offensive to me, those of you lashing out at Gods Ministers, These are part of MY OWN BODY**

It's not yet been established here whether Morris Cerullo IS one of God's ministers.
---Jack on 3/20/07

Cynthia1, holding up the man or woman of God, humanity, to a level of divinity is part of charismania. Don't touch God's anointed comes with that territory. It is not sound or wise. Cults are formed this way, people die, physically and spiritually. Maybe you're at a crossroads, to square your shoulders and hold up Jesus above humanity.
---Laura on 3/20/07

If these evangelists, ministers, are in God's will, you really don't have to defend them. God is more than able to defend His own. You could spend all of your time putting out fires for evangelists, that's really a job for the Holy Spirit. He reveals truth from the lies.
---Laura on 3/20/07

Charismania tells everyone that if they speak one word against the evangelist, they could die. That is witchcraft in the church.
Sounds similar to the masons, does it not? Don't let yourself be pulled into deception through another door. The enemy would like to trip us up using emotions, feelings and deception.
---Laura on 3/20/07

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You are so offensive to me, those of you lashing out at Gods Ministers, These are part of MY OWN BODY, since WE CHRISTIANS are the body of Christ when part of my body is hurt, it affects me, Christians are part of each other, My heart breaks over this. Where is your compassion? We are the Bride of Christ, though broken and imperfect we are His Bride, please do not go on your rampage of assault.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/20/07

---MARK on 3/19/07
Mark my dear friend, i have been.
Today is the day of Morris's verdict in his trail for tax evasion.
People who follow Morris are often emotionally unstable people, this is worsened by the hype of there crusades. It's all just hype, they are calling the buzzed up feeling at there meetings as the presence of the Holy Spirit and there believers want to believe it so much that they deceive themselves (if it were possible to deceive the elect)
---johnlovesginalyn on 3/20/07

Go!!! You may be amazed or upset. But if you don't go you will never know which.
---MARK on 3/19/07

Rachel, they are wise words. Thank you for your clarity.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/16/07 --- how sad, i spoke the truth and you retaliate with empty threats. 'You will know them by their fruit.'
Cynthia if you are the kind of fruit Morris and Benny is producing then i know what kind of preachers they are. Surely it is not the fruit i would like to be growing in my garden.
Godbless and have a lovely day
---johnlovesginalyn on 3/19/07

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A curse without cause shall not alight.
Proverbs 26:2

Phrases used out of context are a tactic to keep ministries, from all scriptural examination. The minute you sound the alarm about biblical error, the warning is uttered. Don't be guilty of touching the Lord's anointed.
1 Sam 15:3, 1 Sam 15:20, 1 Sam 24:1-15, 1 Sam 26:8-10
2 Tim 4:2, 2 Thess 3:6, 14-15
Catch phrases are unbiblical. Be careful of their use to esteem a man or woman above biblical examination.
---Rachel on 3/16/07

Understand and plead the fact that Christ has taken all the curses due to us when He became a curse on the cross (Galatians 3:10-14). In Christ that ground for curses to succeed against us is removed because on the cross Jesus became a curse for us and took all the cursing that may have been due to us due to our violation of God's laws.
---Rachel on 3/16/07

The world was created by the word of God and is held together by the power of His Word (Genesis 1, Hebrews 1:1-3, Colossians 1:17-20). Gods words can change creation and Jesus curse caused the fig-tree to shrivel up. Goliath's curses against David were by his gods (1 Samuel 17:43) and were ineffective. There are 22 references exhorting believers not to curse others. Curses are ended in the new creation (Rev 22:3).
---Rachel on 3/16/07

Morris is a true man of God, he is very old now, he has been preaching for over 45 years. Like wise Benny Hinn is a wonderful minister. I want to warn all of you that are speaking evil against these MIGHTY VESSELS of God, when you touch Gods anointed, you are walking on serious Holy Ground. You better pray that God does not allow a curse to fall on you or even death, as it happened with Ananias, and Saphira.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/16/07

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i know for a fact that Morris has NO verified healings. Morris has been banned from English TV due to the fact he has not been able to verify any healings. Morris was banished from India due to a crowd turning on him and nearly killing him onstage after he professed them all healed.
Man of God?
---johnlovesginalyn on 3/16/07

Got perfect score on Quiz. Have three relatives who adore Cerullo. Two experienced doctor-verified healings at his conferences, though not ministered to by him on the platform. One no longer needs a heart transplant, the other healed of a glandular condition. I attribute that to people with spiritual power who attend, not Morris Cerullo, whose belief systems are extremely dangerous. None of the three who were healed have good discernment and are loyal to people more than the scripture in many areas.
---John on 3/14/07

Got perfect score on Quiz. Have three relatives who adore Cerullo. Two experienced doctor-verified healings at his conferences, though not ministered to by him on the platform. One no longer needs a heart transplant, the other healed of a glandular condition. I attribute that to people with spiritual power who attend, not Morris Cerullo, whose belief systems are extremely dangerous. None of the three who were healed have good discernment and are loyal to people more than the scripture in many areas.
---John on 3/14/07

He is a veracious wolf in sheeps clothing. Some of the elect egg him on not seeing that a man can have no scruples.
If you delved into his history for 10 mins you would see the truth, that is if you have a mind for the truth.
When the end of the ages comes you will hear that you have followed a wolf and feel deceived, wake up NOW.
---johnlovesginalyn on 3/14/07

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He is a spirit filled christian leader.Attend the crusade and experience the presence of God.
---Elmer on 3/6/07

You stated -(not the new 'electronic church' with all its theatrics,' jumping up and down, and all that hollerin).
So it's Alright in the eyes of folks to go to a Rock concert and jump around, scream and pass out for Elvis- But not for our Heavenly Father God? Statements like yours is whats wrong with society! If I want to holler, jump and faint because of the Great Love I have towards My creator so be it! He is the only one worthy of it! Glory to God For EVER!!!!!!
---DePuTy on 2/15/07

I was ordained under Morris Cerullo last month
---Solomon_Herrera on 2/14/07

Go! And join thousands worshipping Jesus and
I am sure you will have a move of the Holy
Spirit in your life.
---Jim on 2/12/07

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The tree is known by it fruit. A good tree can not bear bad fruit or a bad tree to bear good fruit. BYE AND BYE NO MORE
---mendy on 2/3/07

**Beware for many come in the name of the Lord but is nothing but, a false anti christ.**

As opposed to a TRUE antichrist?
---Jack on 2/3/07

I wonder at how anyone takes these TV preachers like Benny Hinn serious, he has been proved a fake again and again, yet still people send him, and all of these TV preachers money. The local church is what built up America, not the new 'electronic church' with all its theatrics,' jumping up and down, and all that hollerin.'(Never heard of Morris Cerillo, but, however I did hear of Morris the Cat, He was very Catmatic.)
---MikeM on 2/3/07

"A million people in India filled out a paper that said they recieved Jesus as their saviour at Benny Hinns"

Were you there? Or is this just another claim from Benny Hinn?
---Susie on 2/2/07

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I thank the Lord for every soul they win and every sickness and addiction that is healed. If they are on money grabs and fame, then too bad for them but I think the souls they win are what really counts. A million people in India filled out a paper that said they recieved Jesus as their saviour at Benny Hinns crusade and people are upset about his hotel expenses. Does that make sense?
---john on 2/2/07

The word of God says to try the spirit. Beware for many come in the name of the Lord but is nothing but, a false anti christ.
---Janice on 2/2/07

Morris Cerullo is a true prophet of God all he uses in his ministry is biblical.which is the word which gives life.If we can only know the mistry power behind the word of God.
---Agatha on 2/2/07

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