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A Revelation From God

Do you think you have ever been given a revelation from God? Not a new or different message but a deeper meaning to certain scriptures.

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 ---Mima on 2/2/07
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"I just can't wait to marry him."

Evidentally you can wait since you are in such an intense relationship and not married. Hopefully, you did not mean that you were actually living together when you left him before.
---Susie on 1/15/08

jody Great point "Revelation is part of the meat of growth."
1Cr 14:30 "If any thing be revealed to another that sitteth by, let the first hold his peace(keep silence)."
What! They'll be no revelation in our church, that would be apocolypse, at the very least competing with the minister. Nope, not in our church. Jer 23:30 "Therefore, behold, I am against the prophets, saith the LORD, that steal my words every one from his neighbour." Let's just look inspired.
---jhonny on 6/5/07

That made me laugh Jhonny.
---Matthew on 6/5/07

Yes all of the time. The word is alive and active and sharper than a 2edged sword piercing even to the marrow of the bone. Revelation is part of the meat of growth. I could go on and on about revelations in Bible verses. I love to read the Bible and am thankful for the privelidge to be able to openly own one in the US.
---jody on 6/4/07

Rev 9:7 "And the shapes of the locusts were like unto horses prepared unto battle; and on their heads [were] as it were crowns like gold, and their faces [were] as the faces of men."

If any of us saw something like this and told anyone in the christian community it wouldn't be worth the headache.
---jhonny on 6/4/07

God has given me my true love four years ago. I left him 2 years ago adn finally came back to him a month ago. I love him and he loves me. I just can't wait to marry him.
---Jessica on 6/3/07

mima, understand that this is the whole idea of the new one could obey all the law,all were sinners. so God plan was for jesus to take all sin upon himself so we could obey thru him. Have the deeper and deeper revelation that you speak of thru him.the deeper and deeper personal relationship.this is only newer and deeper as it truthfully helps you to grow more like him.
---tom2 on 2/5/07

mima what iam saying is that the greatest revelation comes from growing and undestanding that God wants you to grow more and more like him.then you can really become fruitful,and enjoy the peace that passes all understanding.this to me is true be a humble loving,giving servant of obey God first,and then to love your neighbor as yourself.
---tom2 on 2/3/07

I believe that Life is a learning experience, and as we learn and grow in our faith God will reveal more to us through His Word.
---Pat on 2/3/07

Once I had a God given dream. I saw our earth as a globe in heaven and sun rising over it and I heard this scripture verse, "But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healling in it's rays (KJ version "with healing in his wings)," Malachi 4:2. When I told my pastor about this dream, he cited this verse before I finished telling him about it. God is awesome.
---elena5773 on 2/3/07

AGNES--Well put. That is why people don't know very much.
---CATHERINE on 2/3/07

Every time we read the Word of God, we have a new revelation depending on our circumstance at the time. The Word of God is alive and you receive a fresh revelation every time. Read a text today and read the same text next month and you receive different revelation. The revelation from God is always fresh everyday.
---agnes on 2/3/07

mima,I truly beleive that God plan for our salvation through jesus is based soley on a personal relationship,which in turn enables growth or continal maturity in the area of personal revelation as to accepting more and more Gods word for our the words the more you talk to God,and listen to God through knowing his word you will grow and mature because your personal revelation will change you from within.our greatest revelation is understanding who God is and becoming more and more like him.
---tom2 on 2/3/07

part2, mima. we who are believers should understand that ia probably the whole basis of what God really wants, for us to be more like his son.God created in his image,but we chose sin. so God sent his son to redeem us ,and give us the power through his son to become over time and more and more personal revelation the wonderful of attaing that Goal.or should I say growing towards that goal.understanding that as we obey and grow we are only able to because of what jesus did.
---tom2 on 2/3/07

That's nice. Are you Christians?
---Cindy on 2/2/07

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