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Boy Birthday Gifts

What do boys ages 11-15 like for their birthdays?

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 ---Jessica on 2/2/07
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Sue:I was looking at the high end(13-15yrs old) I did not know his age.The ages given were 11-15. Anyway $100 is not a lot of money.Let the kid have a little fun. Birthdays only come once a year.
---Robyn on 9/4/07

Robyn, wow! $100 ! or more! Thats a lot of money for a pre-teenage boy.
---sue on 9/3/07

Money makes a great gift. Perhaps you could buy him a nice gift bible. Stick $100 inside(or more). Let him go shopping. Happy Birthday and enjoy reading the Word of God.
---Robyn on 9/2/07

Love, time with dad, Video games, amusement parks, laser tag, DVD's, music, a guitar or electronic keyboard, in-line skates, dirt bikes, cologne, clothes, art supplies, athletic appearal from their favorite professional sports teams, tickets to a professional sporting event, new equipment for their favorute sport, there are many choices I hope these ideas help.
---Ryan on 8/27/07

it depends on the child they are all different some like to play sports, some are into music, if you know they boy get what he likes to do... that is my opinion
---irene7395 on 3/30/07

Getting a child reading is the best favor you can do for them. It will help them for the rest of their lives, especially in school. My son taught himself to read before he was 4 and by the time he was 6 he had the vocabulary that rivaled most adults. He could carry on conversations with anybody.
---NVBarbara on 2/17/07

Personally, my 12 year old loves anything about soccer and he also loves to read, (which is great in this day and age.) He loves the Harry Potter series espically but also enjoys books on dragons, the little people and magick.
---Gef on 2/11/07

I'd say they like anything! Art stuff is cool, if they're into art. See what they like from the parents and go from there. My experience, boys LOVE doing experiments, so a chemistry set would be good.
---sue on 2/5/07

I guess it just goes to show how touchy some things may be to others even though we don't see it. I'm kinda glad that it was brought up as a reminder to me about some of the things I post from time to time that may appear arogant, holier-than-though or male chauvenistic. I may not see how it will effect others until they post a response. Sometimes something out of the blue, so to speak, says a lot.
---Frank on 2/5/07

Yes Gail I realize that, my nephew is preparing for his 4th tour in Iraq, he is an "Apache' pilot.
BTW nothing wrong with the exercise my son gets, and nothing wrong with some innocent fun. Its no different that ones who play golf, tennis etc.
Why bring this subject up on this blog?
---NV_Barbara on 2/5/07

There are some of us out here that offered to go but unfortunately we've gotten too old. I hold all of our soldirs, both male and female in the highest regard as they are truly manifesting the fulfilling of the law and prophets as they are willing to lay down their lives for us.
May God bless each and every one of them and bring them home safe. And if His will be different, to a better home free of pain and suffering.
---Frank on 2/4/07

Some 33 year olds aren't at home playing 'war'.

Some are fighting a real war, and fighting for their lives.
---Gail on 2/4/07

All good ideas Ryan. My son got his first Paintball gun at about 14, he loved it!
Now at 33 he has a high powered one and he and buddies get together some week-ends and have 'wars.' Clean fun, the paint fades away. However, one should ALWAYS wear protection!
---NV_Barbara on 2/3/07

Ask the parents if you don't know what to get.
---Jack on 2/2/07

A set of wheels. Ford or Chevy, Dodge is nice, too.
---Rural_Cafe on 2/2/07

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