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Is America Babylon

Is America Babylon? If so what is America's future in Bible prophecy?

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 ---Thomas on 2/2/07
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Jack: Your quote ..without any admixture of traditions and precepts of men." Sounds like good intention Jack, but what is it you are trying to conceal.
---jhonny on 2/7/07

**Jack wants babylon limited to physiography as a replacement or an intervening variable for his religious epistemology.**

In other words, jhonny, Jack just wants to believe Jesus and His holy word without any admixture of traditions and precepts of men.
---Jack on 2/7/07

Rachel you are right. Babylon is a system. Jack wants babylon limited to physiography as a replacement or an intervening variable for his religious epistemology.
---jhonny on 2/6/07

In Rev. 17:18, "great city" - "Mystery Babylon" with the city of Babylon. In Zech 5:5-11, lawlessness rules through commerce.

Gen 10:10, Nimrod means 'we will revolt'. Nimrod started building of the tower of Babel. Gen 11:4

Intent was to build a city of commerce and in the middle of that city, a tower.
---Rachel on 2/6/07

The tower was to have two purposes. A shrine to their gods and a shrine of unity;
under Bel-Merodach. A unity of all religions and one purpose. Nimrod, combining religion and government. Nimrod, a picture of antichrist.
---Rachel on 2/6/07

If Babel and Babylon had remained, men would have destroyed themselves. Future Babylon in Zech 5:5-11, is lawlessness that rules through commerce.

The question is about future "Babylon". Double meaning - actual city and "Mystery Babylon".

Future Babylon, in every government of the world through commerce. Rev. 18:15-17

Babylon, idolatry bound by a government system.
---Rachel on 2/6/07

**Mystery Babylon, in Zechariah it talks about commerce. Today, Babylon is a system, not the literal Babylon of Iraq.**

Yes, it IS the literal Babylon of Iraq.

Aren't you aware of a single thing that Islam teaches about Jesus?

It believes in the true Anti-Christ, as St. John described him in his letters.
---Jack on 2/6/07

American Indians are not the lost ten tribes of Israel.

Mystery Babylon, in Zechariah it talks about commerce. Today, Babylon is a system, not the literal Babylon of Iraq.

With the system, went the wealth in Rev. 18:15-17; Rev. 18:12-14.

When Israel was brought out of Egypt, they were taken out of the system.
---Rachel on 2/5/07

Israel was brought out of Egypt in one day, but it took 40 years to take Egypt out of Israel.

The promised land was God's system. God wanted Israel separated from the nations of Babylon and idolatry.
---Rachel on 2/5/07

Under the reign of David, Israel was in the world but not of it. It's what God wants for the church to today.

The church is under the government of Jesus Christ. The Body of Christ is worldwide.

God is telling His church to come out of Babylon, the world's system.
---Rachel on 2/5/07

The Bible says there will be a total judgment of Babylon. Economic collapses, the whole world in upheaval. Severe losses.

People whose total dependence is on the system of commerce will be devastated as Babylon falls.

Kings of the world, merchants will mourn as 'she' comes down.
---Rachel on 2/6/07

No need to fear... as long as our security is in Jesus Christ and not the world's system.

In times of trouble, God is our refuge.

Staying close to Jesus, God's Word, and by His Holy Spirit - God will lead us to safety and His perfect provision.
---Rachel on 2/6/07

If the Indian tribes are the lost ten tribes it is because the world could not accept them just as they could not accept Jesus. The rulers and authorities were against Jesus
---anonymous on 2/5/07

The final battle of Armageddon will be fought in Israel, not on American soil.
---Rachel on 2/5/07

The New Jerusalem descends out of Heaven.
It will not be built with human hands.
It will not be on American soil.
---Rachel on 2/5/07

Dave...Enough of your Mormon false teachings!!!!!
---Susie on 2/5/07

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Not all of Israel. Israel has done some terrible things to the children of the spirit. They have stoned and slaugtered the people who came to save them and the blood of Jesus is also on their hands. However, there will be a remnant left, the ones that follow after God and his ways are most likely to be saved. The ones who try to push others out of the way into the broad road have not the heart of Jesus
---anonymous on 2/5/07

God has an everlasting covenant with Israel.

Hosea 11:1-4,8
Jeremiah 3:14
Esther 4:13-14
Isaiah 49:22-23
---Rachel on 2/5/07

Dave, Replacement Theology is the teaching that the LDS church or the church has replaced Israel and the Jewish people in God's plan. Replacement theology claims all the promises made to the Jew and Israel now belong (in your stand) to the LDS church. That the LDS church would get all the blessings that really belong to the Jews.
---Rachel on 2/5/07

God has never went back on His promises to the Jew or Israel.

For the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable.

Rom 9-11; Rom 11:28,29
Gal 3:28; Acts 21:39; Rom 9:4; Rom 11:11

God's plan for the "Gentile" Christian is to take the Gospel back to the Jew.
Gen 12:3

Paul says, to provoke them (Jewish people) to jealousy, salvation has come to the Gentiles.
Rom 11:11
---Rachel on 2/5/07

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Replacement theology is based on the belief that the 10 northern tribes of Israel are lost among the nations. The LDS believe that the American Indians are part of the lost tribes of Israel.
---Rachel on 2/5/07

The "Gentile" Christian, the LDS, anyone with a desire to follow the Old Testament does not become a physical Jew.
---Rachel on 2/5/07

.dave, you do not speak the truth. Russia, Turkey, Cyprus, the Euphrates River, Mount Sinai, Egypt, Libya, and Ethiopia are not in America. The Bible tells us exactly where armageddon (Mount Megiddo) will be, and that is in the Middle East. Please read Daniel 11:40-45; Revelation 16:12-16; 19:19-21; 20:7-15.
---Eloy on 2/4/07

to answer the question, America is mentioned in the bible. The savior says other sheep have I that are not of this fold and Ezekiel speaks of two sticks. the stick of Judah or the bible and the stick of Joseph, a record written by prophets in America. The New Jerusalem will be built in the United States and Amageddon will be fought on American soil, not the old world.
---Dave on 2/4/07

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Babylon comes from the word Babel, where the language was divided and mankind was dispersed from the land of Shinar, in the Middle East. Here man committed idolatry and worshipped Baal also called Baalzebub and Beelzebub, which is a created thing and a false god.
---Eloy on 2/4/07

The Babylon of Revelation is the fallen Christian church. Ephesians shows the "mystery." The way the church has turned to fornicate with the world in the last 25 years or so it's evident. So when the clouds part and people aren't quickened they can thank Jack Van Impe and the rest of the false prophets that perverted judgment when the fire and brimstone comes. Let them see if their "love offerings" or word of faith saves them then!
---Frank on 2/3/07

There are people who beleived R. Reagan was the antichrist, he was shot and survived. Some beleive Bill Gates and others. There are many ridiculous notions. The idea that babylon has to be a certain country somewhere in the world, is a false premise for finding babylon.
---jhonny on 2/3/07

I am not going to debate you on pre trib /post trib/ no trib. those are not fundemental to salvation. when it happens pre post the country will be devestated over 1/2 of the usa claims to be christain. if 1/2 of those are you are looking at millions out of ledership, workforce,ect.

I will say this reemeber that GOD took russia down in 24 hours, complete and utter economic colaspe.

nucular one dirty bomb would irradate a city the size of san antonio texas for 1500 years.
---willow on 2/3/07

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**america is not metioned in bible prophecy, because I believe we are not going to be a Key player.
1) economic colapse.
2)nucular/ biologial disaster
3) rapture of the church**

There's no such thing as a pre-trib rapture.

Even if there were, how would that affect the United States, were it to have ANY meaning in Bible prophecy?
---Jack on 2/3/07

There is a book called Escape the Coming Night by David Jeremiah. It tells the story of two Babylon's. One is mystical and the other material. Sin is absorbed in the material world because people do really ugly things for money and wealth.
---anonymous on 2/2/07


america is not metioned in bible prophecy, because I believe we are not going to be a Key player.
1) economic colapse.
2)nucular/ biologial disaster
3) rapture of the church
either one of these would level the usa,as a world power.
---willow on 2/2/07

Spiritual and prophetic Babylon is neither the United States nor is it a non-existent revived Roman empire.

Babylon is now and where it always has been--in the middle of the country now called Iraq.
---Jack on 2/2/07

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Babylon is Iraq.
---Thailyn on 2/2/07

No, America bombed Babylon
---David on 2/2/07

No, America bombed Babylon
---David on 2/2/07

No! Bablyon was located in the Middle East. It was a real place.
---Susie on 2/2/07

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