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Is Tithe A Tax On Personal Wealth

Does the bible give instruction to tithe of your monetary income? Is the tithe defined, in the bible, as a tax on your personal finances?

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 ---Ryan on 2/3/07
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Eloy, you cant just say "look it up"...that translates to "its just my opinion and I have no scripture to prove it."
We should at least both acknowledge that tithing was commanded in the Old Testament, if it was a sin, God wouldn't command it. God doesn't command us to tithe because He needs the money. But since He does own everything, He wants a portion of His money to go to His church for doing His works. :-) Its not our place to tell Him what He can or cant do with His money
---Todd1 on 6/14/08

.todd, Look it up: God Almighty owns every thing and needs nothing at all, especially not ten percent of anything. And no clay can ever buy God.
---Eloy on 6/14/08

Here is what te Bible teaches about tithing:
One tenth of our income, the Lord claims as his.
Tithing is a way to teach us that God must be our No.1 priority.
The tithe is too be used to support the gospel ministry.
God tells us that by not paying tithe WE ROB HIM!
That's pretty clear! PR.
---Pierr5358 on 6/14/08

Eloy, you gotta provide scriptures if you're going to make a bold statement like "tithing is sin."

Wow man.
---Todd1 on 6/13/08

tithing is sin.
---Eloy on 6/13/08

In the Bible, that is in the Old Testament, the tithe has nothing to do with finances. The tithe is not part of the New Testament. In the New we are told to give cheerfully, not of necessity.
---Helen_5378 on 6/13/08

JEB: Jesus was a "Jubillee" to the people.
---jhonny on 2/7/07

Old Testament principle. The tithe was to be used for the poor. To separate the tithe/our tithe to God, from a stewardship to provide for the less privledged is a man-made burden. Tithing as applied today is mostly a collaboration of man-made ideas building creative necessity into their commercialization. "..they with feigned words make merchandise of you:.." They control the mould, it's plastic. People have accepted their form of expectation. They have the "patent".
---jhonny on 2/6/07

Jesus never taught tithing with money, although he was a tithe to the people!
After he turned over the tables of the money changers and said he tear down the temple and rebuild it 3days they tried to kill him. The priest new they would have to get jobs! Now the preachers are getting Fat. Jesus taught you be a tithe.
---JEB on 2/4/07

We should always remember 100% of what we have and get belongs to God and He asks us to "reinvest" only 10% with Him.This is mandatory for any believer.This is the minimum,but in order to be good stewards and really use our talents we need to employ a portion of the rest in giving or providing for the less priviledged.
---Martin on 2/4/07

You are absolutely correct! Why don't more pastors of the churches see this?
---Dawn_Allen on 2/4/07

In the old testament, God asked for a 10th of the Israelites increase n these were to help those who r poor n to help with evangelising. Gen114:20,28:22, Lev27:30, Num18:21, Deut12:6, 14:28, 26:12,2Chron31:5, Neh10:38, 12:44,13:12,Mala3:10 bring the full amount of your tithes 2 the temple, so that there will b plenty of food there.Put me 2 the test and u will c that I will open the windows of heaven and pour out on u in abundance all kinds of good things.Mat23:23, Lk18:12,
---jana on 2/4/07

Tithe not of necessity? The bible didnt say that. I belive God asked 4 this also to test our obedience to His commands. Church tithes all go to help those who r in need so why wouldnt u agree with God? All thru OT n NT it talks about tithing of 10%of your increase. Give willingly or else dont bother. God surely has poured out for me in abundance cos I tithe willingly and sometimes more than 10%. He is faithful in His promises.
---jana on 2/4/07

It is the giving away a tithe of monetary income to some "worthy" priestly man or his tithe collecting organization that is a denial of Christ's sacrifice. It is a practice in opposition to Christ. Other than that. Tithe all you want, of everything you've got, better yet, give everything to God.
---jhonny on 2/3/07

the tithe is not a tax although some churches and states (nations) require it as such. the tithe is give God back a portion of what he has given you. it is a thanksgiving and a statment of faith. We should actually give more than a tithe because all that we have is really God's and he has made us stewards of it.
---Jared on 2/3/07

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