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Does Science Contradict The Bible

Does Science contradict the Bible?

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 ---Manny on 2/4/07
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Ed: Paul wrote: "O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:" - 1Ti 6:20

Jesus, with His own finger, wrote in stone that heaven and earth were created in six literal days (cf. Exo 20:11). If Evolution is true, then Jesus is either a liar or is really stupid. I don't think He's either.

Most science texts on the subject are indeed "falsely so called." Darwinism is not science.
---jerry6593 on 4/28/08

MikeM The 6,000 years doesn't come from Genesis 1 but from the genealogies from Adam to Jesus. Anyone can add 'em up.

To reject the geneaolgies means you are writing off more and more of scripture to conform to your man-based theories. Theories which don't stand up to scientific scrutiny. This tells me and others that your starting point is not in the Word of God but in the changing opinions of men.
---Warwick on 4/15/08

The word "science" is used many times in scripture. It is the Greek word "gnosis" which is usually translated, "knowledge". The Bible is the best science book ever, second to none. Whether you call it "science", "politics", "philosophy", or "religion", they all are belief systems based upon our interpretations of facts. God has nothing to fear of "false science". Take heed your interpretions of the data are correct!
---Joshua on 4/11/07

Dave we need to be careful using science to 'prove' the Bible as scientific'facts' continually change. Where does this leave us if such a 'fact' is no longer a fact. However I know of nothing in operational sciennce which contradicts Scripture, much the opposite. And nothing which supports evoulution.

BTW I doubt the Garden was in modern Ethopia as the world of that time was destroyed by the flood-all gone! I do understand what you are saying though.
---Warwick on 2/21/07

The Bible was not meant to teach Science but Religion. If one wants to learn the Sciences he should pick up the latest book on the Sciences. The Bible is meant to teach holiness and the way of God. I have never seen the word science in the bible.Some astrology and geology is in the bible but as far as medical science....It is debateable
---tonne on 2/21/07


Do i believe this literally? Yes.
I don't want you to take away your faith in Christ or God.
I just think that there are times when we need to differentiate between literal and allegorical/metaphorical.
For example Jesus says: "forgive 77 times". Does this mean we 1. forgive 77 times, or 2. that we should be unconditional, magnimonious, sincere, and fogive on all occasions?
---Ed on 2/21/07

having studied science for many years,there are so many things only coming to light now in 2007 that prove to the world that Jesus is the Christ that are factual. the original Garden of Eden was located in Ethiopia, now desert. scrolls found around the Dead Sea, temples found in South America that back up legends 5000 years old of people living in the Americas. science is evolving swiftly. cures for disease etc. God reveals things in His time, not man's.
---Dave on 2/20/07

Ed but do you believe Him when He says man was made in the image of God at the beginning of Creation- Mark 10:6-8? These being the words of Jesus creator/redeemer, and the basis of Christian marriage. This may seem like a small point to some however Col. 2:8 says don't trust philosophy or human tradition but Christ. Do we pass the test?

The point is Ed who do you trust, the current opinions of falible men or the unchanging Truth of a perfect God?
---Warwick on 2/20/07


But don't jump to conclusions:
I never mentioned original sin or Adam. I do believe, however, that Adam disobeyed God and brought sin and real death into the real world. Just like you.
Therefore "warm and fuzzy" feeling is irrelevant and meangingless to me.
---Ed on 2/20/07

Ed certainly Scripture contains many styles of writing. We comprehend the point of parables even if the events never happened!

But unless Adam really disobeyed God-really bringing real sin & real death into the real world, there was no real reason for Jesus to die & really rise again. Unless sin and salvation are real historical events our salvation and eternity in heaven are unreal! Maybe just warm & fuzzy feelings, but a lie from He who said He is the Truth!
---Warwick on 2/19/07

But why do you have to go from one extreme to another?
The Bible contains both allegory and Literal. Not just one or the other.
Often an attitude/feeling/emotion, for example Love, is best expressed by allegory/metaphor (just look at Shakespeare, and the great poets). We are human beings not robots. Jesus communicates to us as human beings. But at other times Jesus speaks literally: when laying down the law, like in a court; telling us exactly what the laws of our faith should be.
---Ed on 2/19/07

The field of Science has two sides. One side is accepted and is believed to be 100% absolute, While the other side that conflicts it- is ignored! Evolutionist make themselves to be God's and anyone who refuses to believe their theories- in their eyes, is an ignorant human with a low I.Q.!
FACTS uncovered by Evolutionist themselves contradict their own THEORIES! I know, I've spent a large amount of time studying them! The arrogance of man will be brought low when Christ returns!
---DePuTy on 2/18/07

Ed-whether Genesis is historical fact or not is vital- it's the basis of sin/salvation-read the NT.

If not historical fact then Jesus/apostles didn't know as they quoted it as fact- how can we trust them with our eternities?

If not historical fact then there is no factual foundation for sin therefore no need for Jesus to actually die for that sin.

If just allegory or vague story then maybe Jesus didn't really die so by NT definition's we're still lost in our sins-a side issue?
---Warwick on 2/18/07

We're all free to believe what we want to believe! Consider this for a moment- the government accepts Evolution as being the ONLY Fact Gospel; Yet it has many serious flawes! While all along, God is being removed from public places! You want to place your faith in a system that claims man evolved from ape- go ahead! But keep in mind that God made us in HIS IMAGE! By accepting their theory- you voluntarily INSULT God! Intelligent-Design is REAL science and backs-up God!
---DePuTy on 2/18/07

Clarification: In my #[6] post below, I believe my "which even the E.B. knows for a fact!" would have read better if written: "which even the Encyc. Britanica knows was a LIE!" An historian, Jeffrey Burton Russell, UCSB (also Berkely, Harvard and other schools) even wrote a book titled: Inventing the Flat Earth (1991). If you GOOGLE him, you'll find a page with comments such as: "No one before the 1830s believed that medieval people thought that the earth was flat."
---danie9374 on 2/18/07


"Creationist-God - Evolutionsit-Man" is nothing more than a platitude.

I can answer that by saying Creationists interpret The Creation at face value. I can therefore conclude: Creationists-Man - Evolutiotists-God. But I won't because that is a platitude.

Jesus says: forgive 77 times. Are me to take this at face value and forgive, literally 77 times, or are we meant to use our common sense, and understand that as: be magnimonius and sincere in your forgiveness?
---Ed on 2/18/07

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You could well be right. The world could have been created in 6 days. I go with the Evolutionist theory, myself, as it just makes more common sense (to me). But I don't know. I do think there are many more important issues to be thinking about, and not get too bogged down in this one. Take care. God Bless.
---Ed on 2/18/07

greetings.warwick.I assumed nothing.As i said, primitive people worship the sun.There are primitive people today who will for years to come think their God is in something other than theirself.God will never cease to revelate for God is a unceasing revelation.
---earl on 2/17/07

Earl I didn't accuse simply pointed out your obvious starting assumptions. As someone said-- to assume makes an ass of u and me because fact cannot be based upon assumption.

Now you also assume that the sun is the earth's parent. Many scientists would strongly Disagree.

You also assume that as many have worshiped the sun all have which is assumption as no one knows what everyone has done. You appear to have swallowed the Hollywood/urbam myth version of evolution.
---Warwick on 2/17/07

Ed- you say creationists don't want science to play a role??? Sounds like Hollywood to me. The scientific method which for example put man on the moon was developed by Christian creationists.

Not opinion - testable fact.

I work with research scientists many or whom are creationists! Your bias closes your mind to reality.

Of course the earth orbits the sun, we can test that by operational science. The Bible has nothing to fear from true science, just the opposite.
---Warwick on 2/17/07

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What your talking about is a whole different subject. I don't doubt that Catholics have been persecuted. Thanks to FALSE doctrines- Many religious groups have fought against each other. What a shame!
The leaders, including individuals, who are responsible for spreading FALSE doctrines will not inherit the Kingdom of God! They are helping guide millions to the fiery Lake of Fire! "By following the wrong religion- SATAN wants people to MISS the MARK, Fall Short of the Kingdom of God!
---DePuTy on 2/17/07

Galileo was correct about his scientifical findings. Nonetheless, He was studying a subject Matter that was Here and Now! The BIG question for ALL mankind is How life began. You either believe God or you believe Man. Other than the Word, No one was there with God to see how he created the Universe! This includes Evolutionist. It's a matter of what your going to believe, Creationist- God or Evolutionist- man! God bless!
---DePuTy on 2/17/07


"Galileo as an extremely obnoxious man" - do you subscribe to his science or not, then?

If, yes, then why do you include this? And if, yes, then your analogy doesn't work: Galielo was a scientist offering a new interpretation of God's universe - the Creationists don't want science playing a role in how the Creation story is interpreted; instead they want to interpret it, themselves, at face value.
---Ed on 2/17/07

**The Catholic Church has been involved with many of histories worst human violations. The TRUE Christians don't persecute anyone- **

I guess you've enver heard of the Salem Witch trials or the persecution of Roman Catholics under Queen Elizabeth I.
---Jack on 2/17/07

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[4] getting too far afield here. The reasons for such actions should be obvious and I'm not going off to discuss them. BACK TO Galileo. One web site summed it up with a section titled: "Genius + arrogance _MINUS_ humility = deadly enemies" plus political changes at the same time. People today just don't seem to get that MANY things were often 'forgiven' back then, except gettin' on the wrong side of certain people. Galileo had illegitimate children, etc. YET, no trial for those things. [Cont.]
---danie9374 on 2/16/07

greetings.warwick.accusations do not erase facts; Is it no assumption that the sun is the parent of the earth and that parent clearly gives the earth light for photosynthesis from it's beginnings,there is no other. This is elementary.All primitive people have in ages past worshiped the sun and still do to this day.It stopped no one.
---earl on 2/16/07

[5] Just to put his life in historical perspective: Galileo lived until decades after the KJV came out in 1611; his first trial wasn't until 1616. This was well over 100 years after Copernicus declared his belief in a solar system far diff. than the Ptolemaic system, and many Church officials already saw evidence of it through Galileo's telescopes and accepted it as fact. So these trials were NOT as the media often portrays them. Copernicus lived 1473 to 1543 and Galileo lived: 1564 to 1642. [Cont.]
---danie9374 on 2/16/07

[6] There are dozens of pages you can read at sites like answersingenesis about Galileo and the details surrounding his trials.

Something related to this subject are the completely false tales that many people have accepted 'hook line and sinker' about how most 'Christians' during the time of Columbus thought the world was flat; that was actually a purposeful fictitious tale told in the 1800s which even the E.B. knows for a fact!
---danie9374 on 2/16/07

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[1] Ed, well EVERYONE: If Warwick had the time, and space, I'm sure he'd point out some of the same things I will here: I've read a number of books over the years on Galileo and history of the RCC. Quite frankly, what kids are often blasted with in Media clips and esp. in schools now, and adults have just accepted as true about the events couldn't be further from the truth! In reality, his trials (as Warwick said) were only partially about his discoveries in the heavens (if at all). [Cont.]
---danie9374 on 2/16/07

[2] The idea that all the RCC hierarchy (not to mention all its members) saw the solar system as 'perfect spheres' with earth at its center, just wasn't so! AND many of them, including prominent Jesuits, had already decided Scripture made no such claim, and that such ideas had to be determined by other means! Like so many historical figures that come into conflict with the RCC, it's often more about POLITICS, irritating the wrong 'powerful people,' being disagreeable, pointing out 'friends' [cont.]
---danie9374 on 2/16/07

[3] of such people as being at the very least UN-biblical or worse, etc. etc. etc. which often got them in trouble with ruling authorities, rather than actually believing or saying something heretical about God. When you see what the Popes and bishops allowed those who swore loyalty to them to get away with, is it any wonder it's mostly the 'stubborn-minded' or true Believers wound up being persecuted?! Luther, e.g., was given some chances to easily have all charges against him dropped. But I'm [cont.]
---danie9374 on 2/16/07

Ed you need to get your FACTS straight! The Catholic Church persecuted Galileo! The Catholic Church has been involved with many of histories worst human violations. The TRUE Christians don't persecute anyone- on the contrary we believe in "LOVE your fellow man" as Jesus Christ taught us! To this day many Christians have tried to snatch people from the grasp of the Catholic Church, because it goes against the teaching of Christ- making it in a sense Antichrist!
---DePuTy on 2/16/07

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Earl you've made a fatal flaw of reasoning by basing your photosynthesis comments on assumption-an unreasonable one.

Because you can't imagine why God would leave it until the fourth day to create the sun you assume He had no reason. Scripture says God knows the future from the beginning so He knew humans would worship the sun-so by leaving its creation to day four He demonstrates it is just another created thing and no created thing is to be worshipped. God does nothing for no reason.
---Warwick on 2/16/07

You must not be keeping up with world events lately, but- Many well respected Scientist have now converted to Creationism! Why? Because "Intelligent Design" has proved with FACTS, not THEORIES, that life could not have started by a Crazy Chance- "Chance-Evolution!" Uncovered FACTS have proved that life was created by Intelligent Design- GOD Almighty! By their own Pride, Evolutionist place themselves as Gods- but don't realize they are foolish! God's Creation is SCIENCE!
---DePuTy on 2/16/07

Ed-you have it backwards,Galileo's persecutors rejected his new scientific (observable)ideas because they accepted older Greek geo-centric beliefs,generally in vogue in these much later times.

Also history records Galileo as an extremely obnoxious man who got the influential Jesuits offside by ridiculing them- then they lobied the Pope to have Galileo proscribed.

As with Christians who believe in evolution the flaw is interpreting Scripture via mans changing non-Biblical philosophies.
---Warwick on 2/16/07


Your analogy is actually the opposite to what you are trying to prove.

Galileo's persecutors opposed science having any say in re-interpreting the position of Earth in God's universe.

In fact to use your analogy: the Creationists, of today, are like the persecutors of Galileo, in that both oppose science having any say in re-interpreting traditional religous belief.
---Ed on 2/16/07

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2. I thank God for brothers like you that take the time to explain to others that are interested in learning what to look out for and how to read and interpret Scripture. It is a blessing brother and I hope that you continue your work even when there is many here that oppose your view. That is normal since there is many on line from other denominations, and many not believers at all, and they are not led by the Spirit but by their own hunger. peace brother
---Lisas on 2/16/07

greetings.warwick.Your answer is below.I realize you are still searching for it.It is plain.Why would a God create energy transfer and do nothing with it after creating itYour question shrinks the Father's personality. In any project ,plans are drawn and construction begins.No one can build a house on nothing but must first prepare the foundation(laws)[laws governing the construction]. God does not break his own laws,his laws are unchanging,unchanged since their instatement
---earl on 2/16/07

greetings.warwick.p2.Your question in basic is;does God do things without a cause?Your question is now exposed.
---earl on 2/16/07

Daniel, again I say you did a great job in answering Eloy and others. What I know is happening is that people read a context and believe it to be the way they intepreted it, and forget that other passages contradict that interpretation they had made but don't care to find out for themselves if what they had first was right or not. Many don't want to take the time, many have been taught one way, and refuse to listen. It does take work and much prayer but our desire should be to have it right.
---Lisas on 2/16/07

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Earl you just don't like answering questions do you? I will ask you for the third time--do you imagine the God who created photosynthesis cannot provide light, enough for photosynthesis, without the sun? Answer please!

No answer means you have no answer!
---Warwick on 2/16/07

Ed- in fact Galileo was persecuted by a section of the Roman Catholic Church which had accepted a non-biblical view which was current at the time and because of this rejected the truth which Galileo presented. Much like those Christians today who have accepted the anti-Biblical philosophy- evolution- and argue against those who accept a more straight forward understanding of Genesis.

The Bible including Genesis is not man's view at all but Gods revelation as attested to by Jesus the creator
---Warwick on 2/16/07

greetings.Ed. i am in agreement with you.It is evident my 2 post was not posted.
---earl on 2/15/07

Galileo was persecuted by Christians for the claims he made about the nature of the universe. Galileo was deeply religious. Poor man. We now know, of course, that the Earth isn't at the centre of the universe. Galileo was right all along. His great achievement was that he showed us just how sophisticated and majestic is the universe created by God.
---Ed on 2/15/07

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greetings.warwick.p3.The o.t. account of creation dates from long after the time of Moses;he never taught such a distorted story.That the earlier traditions recognized pre-adamic civilization is clear by the fact that later editors intending to erase all references of it neglected to remove Cain's journey to Nod,which is in part another inquiry but relative to Moses' unequaled vast knowledge in his day.You are welcome to read my post addressed to danie.
---earl on 2/15/07

greetings.warwick.In the formation of this solar system the sun is the so called 'parent'with exception of three space bodies that have retrograde motion.The story of the world's creation in 6 days is a legend.Earth is not it's own center of the universe as was once believed by primitive observers.The earth is not the 'parent' of the sun.There is a legend that states there was once a stellar cloud of minute matter that had long obscured the moon and the sun.In creation's traditional form ,no.
---earl on 2/15/07

The splendor and brightness of God is ALL life needs to prevail! The sun and stars will be discarded when ALL that is written is fulfilled and God makes his dwelling with Man!
"There will be no more night. They will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Lord God will give them light, and will reign for ever and ever!"
---DePuTy on 2/15/07

Earl either you are a little slow(which I doubt)or you are being difficult. I have already asked you the question but for you Earl I'll make it again-do you imagine the God who created photosynthesis cannot provide light, enough for photosynthesis, without the sun? Answer please!

If you doubt His ability you are limiting an almighty God, who by definition has no limit! See Jeremiah 32:27
---Warwick on 2/15/07

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Earl-you are being naughty again. What does my either or statement have to do with photosynthesis you ask. Everything. Either you believe God has done what He says He has done or you don't. He says plants were created before the sun. Do you believe this or don't you? If not are you not calling God a liar? If so please let me stand far from you at judgement because sinner though I am I trust that He is capable of writing Truth and always does so.
---Warwick on 2/15/07

greetings.for danie.I am friends with a doctor who was given much unproductive attention and from it all he has more business than he ever had before .From a little chatter came a wealth of health to the community.Honest inquiry is the best medicine.
---earl on 2/14/07

Mark whenever the word day in Hebrew has a number with it it always means a normal day. Some linguistic research will show this. Further God adds 'there was evening and there was morning-the second day.'

You are right God is outside of time but days were created for people- work six,rest seventh. If the seventh day isn't a knowable day how would the Jews have known when to take their day of rest? Punishment for working on the Sabbath was death so it was kinda important to know when Sabbath was!
---Warwick on 2/14/07

Amen...Who are we to say what Almighty God....Yahweh God....Creator of the universe is capable of doing.
---JIM on 2/14/07

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Mark you've fallen into a common fatal error,accepting a non-Biblical view-evolution/long ages-now reinterpreting Genesis to fit with your view.

What would happen if we went through Scripture reinterpreting it to fit man's changing opinions-been done-it's called liberalism- leads churches into the wilderness where many denominations no longer accept the Bible as historical truth-don't believe Jesus was God the creator who came died and rose again for our forgiveness! What do they have? Nothing.
---Warwick on 2/14/07

greetings.warwick. No observation claims vegetation can grow without the sun.What does your 'either ,or' statement have to do with photosynthesis?It is self evident this is an orderly universe with laws that cannot be broken.Why would there be a need to break them?Again, -vegetation, - sun.By omission,it is accurate to say that you claim the all vegetation grew and flourished without the need of the sun and that photosynthesis was an un-necessary process to this day? The question stands.
---earl on 2/14/07

Warwick, It's important to point out the truths of Scripture when you see errors, but I want to let you know certain individuals who post at CN (such as 'earl'), seem completely engulfed by the idea much (or even all) of Scripture was actually intended to be allegorical, then teach it's up to them (alone?) to 'figure out' what it means! Anyone who disagrees is summarily dismissed as being UN-spiritual. HOWEVER, if those lies were actually true, Scripture would be just another 'could mean anything' tale.
---danie9374 on 2/14/07

It is good for us to be made sensible of our own ignorance. The greater philosophers are much in the dark concerning the powers and works of nature. Some have confessed their ignorance, And those that would not do this have betrayed it. But what incompetent judges we are of the divine politics, when we understand so little.
---catherine on 2/14/07

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Earl- do you imagine the God who created photosynthesis needs the sun (which He created)for photosynthesis to work? Do you imagine the God who speaks and planetary systems are formed can't keep plants alive for a few days without the need of an object he would create?

Either you believe in the almighty God of creation and redemption or you don't. On what basis should one of us mental pygmies tell God what He can or can't do?
---Warwick on 2/14/07

Hey there Daniel!
It's nice to see you posting on this subject.
Thanks for the info.
---Tbabe on 2/14/07

greetings.warwick.your reply is opinionated.Christians do not have the advantage for they must as all people stand as in agreement or in opposition by honest inquiry.The best evidence is yet to be populated.The past records will be vali'dated'by observation or revelation.Genisis;What was Moses thinking when he wrote vegetation on the 3rd day before the light of the sun on the 4th?Did Moses write that grass grows without the sun?Moses was a very smart man.Is not the evidence photosynthesis?
---earl on 2/13/07

i do not think that 6 days are literal 6 days, Gods Time is different than ours, for all it matters the process of evolution could be right, but know that had a hand in it and placed the first thing there
---mark on 2/13/07

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greetings.for jim.The light that was given to the earth(rule by day) was in day4 if you have only 6 days to create the heaven and earth.For a full day,did all vegetation grew without a sun and moon.What kind of atmosphere existed prior to the 4th day that promoted all vegetable life without need of the sun and moon? Does the sun and moon created in the 4th day remain clear and visible and at work?Im certain who the 'spirit source'is but the question remains-Photosynthesis?
---earl on 2/13/07

Earl-John and spheres ???? Lost on me-too esoteric! If God wants to light earth/heaven without a sun-no problem for Him. You're right the Biblical creation view cannot be tested by operational science, just like MikeM's evolutionary views-just trying to get him to understand this.

Christians have the advantage-a God breathed record of the past. The evidence better fits the creation model. Ultimetly it is all by faith so why not accept that which has the best evidence and the best retirement plan?
---Warwick on 2/13/07

earl said:how did vegetation grow on the(3rd day) without light on the(4th day)?How does photosynthesis work?
Rev.21:23 And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, Is. 60.19 and the Lamb is the light thereof.
Earl...GOD in all His GLORY Gave light to the earth.
---JIM on 2/13/07

greetings.warwick.This earth is a sun lit sphere.The sun will give it's light and heat for ages to come.The sphere John spoke of is not earth.john was viewing in the present ,not the future.There are such spheres lit by the interesting energy technique,the glory of God.Your view as not able to be tested can also be applied equally with your creation views.Did you say,You cannot observe the imagined occurence and cannot test it again?This generation will remain in gridlock.
---earl on 2/12/07

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greetings.warwick.p2.The far seeing spiritual eye knows the God of spirit is not proved by physical observations but through spiritual inner connection.In the creation story ,how did vegetation grow on the(3rd day) without light on the(4th day)?How does photosynthesis work?
---earl on 2/12/07

B) Mike Your God isnt my God the Almighty One of Scripture-yours takes billions of years whereas the God I worship speaks and it happens-then, no delay.
d) The earth isnt geocentric go to the website creationontheweb for some research. You are typical of Bible knockers in that you havent done enough Biblical or scientific research. Or maybe you have done it and it doesn't fit with your pet theory so you reject it. Cont.
---Warwick on 2/12/07

C) Mike-your point about dismissing all science is dishonest- I and others have painstakingly explained the difference between speculation and testable, repeatable, observable operational science. Even if some evolutionary event occurred in the distant past it's speculation-we cannot test the idea, cannot observe the imagined occurrence and cannot test it again. Your confusion occurs because you do not understand this. Show us where we are wrong about this or be man enough to admit the truth.
---Warwick on 2/12/07

Deputy-Jesus the creator says man was created at the beginning of creation and from Adam to Jesus via the genealogies gives but a few thousand years. Therefore you are wrong about the 50,000 years. Go and read it again.
---Warwick on 2/12/07

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A) Mikem-you don't read what people write.
a)I have carefully explained that I don't take the Bible literally-go back and read.
b)The genealogies are not Usshers idea or anyones but part of Scripture and MikeM you too could add them up.
c) In your man-centered limited faith you apparently imagine God cannot light the earth without the sun!! Read Rev.21:23, 22:5 no sun needed heaven lit by the glory of God. Cont.
---Warwick on 2/12/07

Genesis- Even if accepted literally, does not place the earth at about 6,000 years old, but more at about less than 50,000 years old.
From Genesis 1 to 2:1&3 The Bible gives a quick 'SYNOPSIS' of ALL creation.

Notice what Genesis 2:4 states "This is the ACCOUNT of the heavens and the earth when they were CREATED." The Bible tells the past, present and future- Which means from this point on, the Bible is explaining ALL that has happend and will happen -End Time- Revelation 20!
---DePuTy on 2/12/07

This means that from Adam & Eve to Revelation 20, there is a period of about 7,000 years. We know this because the Bible CLEARLY gives the geneology! Other than Rapture & Tribulation, ALL we are waiting for is the 1,000 year reign of Christ!
In Genesis 1 to 2:1&3 - The creation 'Synopsis', Man ALONE is made on DAY 6. According to the Bible, Man will have been here on earth for about 7,000 years, before ALL that is written in the bible has comes to pass- fulfilled!
---DePuTy on 2/12/07

If Man ALONE was created on DAY 6. An the Bible has given an account of Man from Genesis 2:4 to Revelation 20; The Bible itself implies that ALL the other creation days from Genesis must contain the same 'time frame' because they are all mentioned as DAYS!
Genesis Day 1- 7,000 years.
Genesis Day 2- 7,000 years- and so forth!
In this equation- The universe and earth are at about less than 50,000 years old!
The bible is ALIVE and God gives man all knowledge needed!
---DePuTy on 2/12/07

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Warwick- I see your back with the old Bishop Ussher idea, still fighting the Scopes trial. De faxto your dismissing ALL science, archeology, biology, anthropology, etc etc etc.-as, wholesale being 'wisdom of man, turning back the clock to the dark ages. I am reminded of the time as a teen the fundamentalist i knew held up their hands to block the view of the early man fossils in Balboa Park, that is not faith. Lets face it, by 'evolutionist' its meant All science.
---MikeM on 2/12/07

1.Is Yom calibrated to be a solar day?

2. If so on what 'day' was the sun created?

3.What is the difference between the the E and the J creation stories?

4.If the Bible is to be taken literally, thein is the Earth geocentric? (I have quoted those scriptures many times, and are witchs to be burned?)
---MikeM on 2/12/07

Tbabe, Warwick (anyone interested in referencing other CN blogs or off-site pages): I used to make direct links in my posts to other blog pages here (e.g., see my direct link 11 posts up from bottom of CN page: 1152541368.htm), but for MANY months now they haven't allowed that either, so you're stuck with having to mention 'key words' one can 'Google for' or write links in ways that don't get caught by whatever FILTER program and/or person are checking for them.
---danie9374 on 2/12/07

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