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He Is An Alcholic And Gambler

A Christian girl, backslided, married a non Christian. Her non-Christain husband got saved and backslided. He is an alcholic, gambler and abuses. Wife cant tolerate anymore. He has not committed adultry. Can she divorce him and marry another for she is afraid to live alone?

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 ---Maya on 2/4/07
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Jack: The blogger said that the husband backslid.
---Madison1101 on 5/13/08

Gee whiz. I thought that my life was sometimes bizarre. I guess that in hopeless spots of territory, people are used to being ignorant and dumb, and it will take some intervention from outside sources to stop this nonsense. The answer for now is: adultery is not the only legitimate reason for a divorce, alcoholism is enough for me. Let her go live with her kin for at least a year before she picks out another loser though.
---harold on 6/30/07

if you read the blogs here, many will say don't worry, once you are saved, you are always saved. He can indulge in every evil under heaven, like millions of other christians, but he still returns to God's kingdom. Sorry to say, that is not how it works. It takes living as an example of Jesus Christ 24-7 to prove worthiness to enter His kingdom. Try counseling to get him to reveal why he is addicted to those things. If he refuses, you have two options. stay and support his wickedness or leave him.
---ashley on 6/30/07

If he has "got saved," why is he still struggling with alcoholism, addiction to gambling, and wife abuse?
---Jack on 6/30/07

Accepting Christ as your Lord and saviour does make one a christian.It is one step of receiving Christ. One will know if he is born again if one sees changes in himself."You are a new creation behold the past has gone and the new has come". A born again Christian has a conviction of sin. Divorcing is not a solution but instead work-out your salvation with fear and trembling
---ana8864 on 2/11/07

Both are reaping what they sowed. They both were christians, but yet backslide. The bible says when one backslides they are worse now than they were before they got saved. These people need to get saved right real good. No wonder they are having problems, a person can't turn their back on God and expect God to be okay with it. Grant it God didn't make these people become like this, for they brought that on themselves, God just doens't hear their cries for they are sinners.
---Rebecca_D on 2/10/07

"If he has 'got saved', why is he still struggling with alcoholism, addiction to gambling, and wife abuse?" Many born again Christians struggle with old sins from their pre-Christian days and many also struggle with new temptations. We are always aware of someone else's sins more than our own because their's are different from our own sins (which we conveniently forget).
---m.p.a. on 2/10/07

"Can she divorce him and marry another for she is afraid to live alone?"

Madison......The thought of another man is already on her mind. It obviously never occurred to her to get a female roommate. She doesn't have to have a man in her life!!
---Susie on 2/6/07

Susie: An abused woman is not looking for excuses to leave the marriage, she is trying to protect herself from harm.
---Madison1101 on 2/6/07

No! First of all, these two people need to get saved. They need to stop saying they are backsliders. They need to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and start living like they know Him. They need to repent of their sins. Wife cannot keep looking for excuses to divorce her husband and go out and find another man. When people start talking like this, they usually already have their next spouse picked out.
---Susie on 2/5/07

Jack - Because he is backslidden. It is written in the question!
---Helen_5378 on 2/5/07

"If he has "got saved," why is he still struggling with alcoholism, addiction to gambling, and wife abuse?"

Jack, just because one becomes a Christian doesn't mean that they no longer struggle with sin. If you believe that then you have a fairy-tale faith.
---Kay6588 on 2/4/07

If he has physically abused her, then she must seek safety. That does not necessarily mean divorce right away, but separate for safety's sake. If, after a time, it seems he will not stop his abusiveness, then she MIGHT have to divorce to protect herself financially.

If she is a Christian, she should not seek to remarry right away, as she will need to heal from the abusive marriage. She should get help for her fear of living alone, as that is a poor excuse to get married.
---Madison1101 on 2/4/07

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