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Can Christians Sue Others

I know Christians aren't supposed to sue each other, but does this apply to other people? My landlord has stolen almost all of my security deposit. I have tried to resolve this out of court to no avail. I have proof of my innocence and I know she is not Christian.

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 ---cindy on 2/5/07
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FYI, you should check your lease--some have a proviso that part of the deposit goes for cleaning etc., no matter what.

Also, even if you patched the holes, they would still require being painted over, and paint for that is NOT normal wear and tear.

Your landlord is justified in keeping the portion of the deposit needed for repainting including the hire of painters.

But if she's holding back for rent that was actually paid, then you are justified in suing for its return.
---Nancy on 1/3/08

How has your landlord stolen your security deposit?
---Susie on 1/1/08

If you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she done this, and you've tried to reason with her, and she doesn't give in. Then yes take her to court. Just because we are Christians, that doesn't mean we should lay down and let people walk all over us.
---Rebecca_D on 2/11/07

The scriptures refer to not taking our brothers to court, meaning fellow Christians. Scripture makes it clear how we are to deal with Christians who wrong us. I cannot see anything wrong in pursuing a claim against a non-Christian via the courts.
---m.p.a. on 2/8/07

Be careful that you are not out for revenge! God is the one who fights our battles! You could easily been brought incontact, to bring judgement upon her! let go and let Jesus.
---JEB on 2/7/07

cindy...You sound like you are handling this situation in the right manner. Make sure everything is in writing. I see nothing wrong with you taking this matter to small claims court.
---Susie on 2/7/07

Thank you so much everyone for your replies. It certainly is uplifting. The landlord is the one I'm having the problem with. She's the owner. She's very intimidating. Yells over you and cuts you off when she doesn't agree. I've chosen not to deal with her directly. Only in writing.I will continue to pray for guidance. Please pray for me.
---cindy on 2/6/07

Take her to small claims court if possible. If that is not possible sue for the amount of money plus lawyer cost.
---Mima on 2/6/07

Call the landlord everyday until you get an answer. Do not harrass her. Just ask politely when you are going to get your deposit back. Then you need to go to the next step. If the landlord is not the owner of the property, but is just the manager, you need to contact the owner. You can find out who actually owns the property by contacting the County Assessor. If this does not help, you can take your case to small claims court. Make sure you have all paperwork when you go to court.
---Susie on 2/6/07

Decide which course to take after reading the 5th chapter of Matthew.
---ralph7477 on 2/6/07

I might handle this differently than most.

I would go boldly to those who defrauded me and explain to them that God fights my battles and they just bit off more than they could chew.

Tell them (if the loss won't hurt you) that you're giving place for God's wrath, and show them from the scriptures how God promises to repay them for what they've done. I'd explain to them that the only way to lift the weight that they'll feel is to pay me. God's word doesn't return void.
---Pharisee on 2/6/07

If you are innocent and this money is due to you and you have done everything you could to resolve it then I see no reason why you should not be allowed to use legal means. Don't sue them, just claim what is rightfully yours.
---john on 2/6/07

landlord kept money for cleaning. I hired cleaners to clean it.She kept money for painting. That's normal wear and tear. I left no damages. I even filled nail holes and walls were clean. She charged for unpaid rent which is false. I have all receipts and was never late. This is theft because she had no legal right to keep it. I was a good tenant and according to my friend who is the apartment manager there and a sister in Christ, the landlord used my security deposit to make upgrades in my apartment.
---cindy on 2/6/07

As you stated you have tried to settle out of court. God would rather for His people to mantain their integrity than to try and defend themselves. Sometimes God will, I am sure, take a case by case. I can say that because of what He said to me one time. Pray about it then obey.
---CATHERINE on 2/5/07

Somethings must be done strictly as business.
Contact the Real Estate Bureau in your area and file a complaint if they are a Realtor. If they are not do what you must. Weigh the cost and effect before you do anything.
The law should be a terror to evil doers.
---Elder on 2/5/07

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