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Prayer Used With A Bible

Do you agree that unanswered prayer comes from not using the Word of God many times?

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 ---Rickey on 2/9/07
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Unanswered prayer comes from God saying "No" or "Wait" and nothing else.
---Susie on 1/18/08

Sometimes Yes, & Sometimes No. We are always to pray according to God's Will [FIRST], and sometimes things don't happen the why we plan or want, But regardless, The WAY OF THE LORD IS PERFECT. (2 Samuel 22:31)(Proverbs 10:29). God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 6/19/07

To alan watts, I have no idea what you are talking about. Please explain.
---Gina on 2/24/07

martha G, I know exactly what you are saying. I have learned that if people talk about love- love love all the time, but show no fruit of the Spirit, they are just dead words. Like the expression that is popular today, "my friend". Even murderers call people they don't like, "my friend". It's just a saying of the world, now. Like people say "we are on the same page". I hate that expesssion.
---Gary on 2/24/07

"love, love, love" - you say that like its "blah, blah, blah"...

words can be interpreted

the true spirit cannot be interpreted
---alan_watts on 2/23/07

There is actually a person that I read on ChristiaNet that thinks that we don't need Bibles, but we'll get by on love, love love. Everything is talk of love to them but God can reveal a lot by a person's fruit, not by what they say. God always answers prayer in some way. I do like reading God's Word out of the Bible when I pray, sometimes. This can be very effective. God bless.
---Martha_G on 2/23/07

greetings.Unanswered prayers are a result of many reasons.A prayer may be unanswered because; it is answered with a greater more promising alternative to a problem,the prayer can only be answered after resurection,the prayer is of little spiritual value,the prayer will be harmful in the future.The praying person may not realize the prayer was answered before the prayer.The same for one who does not realize the prayer was answered in that years may pass for good reason and the prayer was forgotten.
---earl on 2/13/07

donna6598, I just know that the answer to ALL of our questions can be found in the Word. Yes, at times one can struggle with that question, but without a shadow of a doubt, what ever answer God gives will be CONNECTED with His Word, this is why we must Stay in /Abide in the Word. (Proverbs 28:5b). God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 2/13/07

Mrs. Morgan-People who pray presumptous prayers, prayers that THEY want something and God never told them he would give it to them. You didn't quite answer my question. If Christians spend their entire life praying for something that it isn't God's will for them to have. Wouldn't you think they should ask God if it's His will or not? Asking is okay to do. Jesus asked the Father, "Why have you forsaken me?" They asked Jesus, "Are you the Messiah."
---donna6598 on 2/13/07

donna6598, We must only pray [in faith](because without godly faith it's impossible to please God)& in some cases fast as the Holy Spirit [leads]. But questioning God, is not wise. Some get healed, some don't, that doesn't mean that we should stop praying in faith for peoples healing. Some receive instant miracles and some gradual healings, and in some cases neither. How do we know what God's Will is? Searching the Word & becoming [sensitive] to the Spirit is a must. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 2/12/07

Mrs. Morgan, you wrote: We are always to pray according to God's Will [FIRST].
How do we know what is God's will for our lives in every situation? Just curious if you have any insight to knowing. My friend has been praying for a husband for 30 years and hasn't gotten one yet. Is she outside of God's will? Another friend has been waiting for her eye to be healed and restored to health, is it God's will since she hasn't gotten it in 51 years?
---donna6598 on 2/12/07

Unanswered prayer DOES come from NOT using the Word of God. Sometimes we pray out of God's will, which does NOT line up with the Word of God. Sometimes we pray selfish things, which does NOT line up with the Word of God.
---Leslie on 2/11/07

when we pray, we are talking to God. He knows the intentions and needs contained in our hearts. The bible states that when are obedient to His word, we receive the blessing, when we disobey, we receive the punishment. We should pray and ask for those things that glorify His name, not things of the world or materialistic. that is satan's domain. we are striving to obtain a spiritual awareness, so we feel close to Jesus Christ. to know the Savior, you study His word and live it every day of your life.
---Dave on 2/11/07

There are many reasons as to why we have unanswered prayers. 1. It isn't God's will, 2. The person praying didn't have the faith. Just to name a couple. Once a person knows God's word, and believes it, then God has to stand by his word. I tell God that I know his word. I know he knows, but I needed him to know that I know his word because I'm standing on his word.
---Rebecca_D on 2/11/07

For some reason, I feel close to you Agnes, even though we never met. I believe the Lord ministered to me and He used you. God is good, isn't He? I know He loves us to talk to Him in His Words. His Words will not pass away.
---John6747 on 2/10/07

imagine i'm a youngster. I didn't receive the doll i asked for because i used too many words to request the gift or requesting it in writing i mispelled words or used bad grammar? Think we can be analytical as that with God, too, when we try to figure out why God sometimes doesn't give us what we ask for in prayer because we don't pray His will? I think God is lovingly, laughing with us right now thinking how silly we can be. We are in good Hands! How can He fail us when we're His kids? Agnes
---Agnes on 2/10/07

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Our prayers aren't limited to praying the Word but I believe there would be more answered prayer if people would pray the Word more. This is because the Word of God IS God's Will. When we pray the Word, we are praying His Will. When I pray the Word, I have much more confidence in my prayers because I already know God's Will in the situation.

"So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. (Hebrews 10:35)
---DoryLory on 2/10/07

Do you think that some folks don't get there prayers answered because they don't know how speak God's word? Many folks use it out of foolishness or out of context. I know that if you can find it in God's word He will do it & He cannot say no. Many read IJohn 5:14 and say, when they don't get an answer, "it must not be God's will". Not knowing that His Will is His Word.
---Rickey on 2/10/07

My #1 point is that the will of God is the word of God. He watches over His word to perform it. Another factor to answered prayer is faith. Jesus said it in Mark 11:24. Faith is required in prayer. We are to be confident(fully persuaded) that when we petition God w/ His word/promises He is entitled to perform it. Not like a jeany, but as the loyal God Who has given us everything that belongs to Him & Jesus(Romans 8:17; Galatians 4:7)
---Rickey on 2/10/07

NO. God, for one reason or another, won't always answer you. Motives, ect. If you already know the will of God, there is no reason to end a prayer, "Thy Will Be Done."
---catherine on 2/10/07

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i beleive reading the Bible helps me to know God's will more and then that helps me to pray more effectively and also helps me understand a little bit more why the answers to my prayers are yes, no or wait. God's timing is right on schedule. Maybe if i pray for something according to His will i may not get it answered because it's not the right timing
---Agnes on 2/9/07

No,you don't have to pray the Word when praying to get an answer. Praying the Word is a fairly new practice,you never heard it done when I was a child. I think there is a verse in the Bible telling us to remind God of His Word but that isn't the same. Putting that as a condition of having prayers answered goes against faith. It also places unnecessary burdens on people. Simply pray in faith expecting from God for he delights in our prayers,all kinds.
---Darlene_1 on 2/9/07

*Correction(Typo): Sometimes Yes, & Sometimes No. We are always to pray according to God's Will [FIRST], and sometimes things don't happen the way we plan or want, But regardless, The WAY OF THE LORD IS PERFECT. (2 Samuel 22:31)(Proverbs 10:29). God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 2/9/07

Rickey, just to clarify, are you saying that if we aren't praying the word, not saying what the word says, that begets unanswered prayer? Sometimes. But remember "God works ALL things after the counsel of His will." So no matter how hard you pray for something, if it's not His will, you won't get it even if you're praying the word. Jesus prayed and asked, "Father if it be possible, remove this cup from me, etc.," and Father God still sent Him to the cross.
---donna6598 on 2/9/07

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I most instances unanswered prayers has to do with prayers that are inconsistent with God's will or that they are not going to be answered with in the time frame we are desiring.

Other prayers my be just selfish or foolish.
---Phil_the_Elder on 2/9/07

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