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Science Textbook A Myth

I read something called 'Neolithic' and 'paleolithic' in my son's 7th Grade science textbook. I was warned by our Pastor to take our son out of the class due to this as it was atheism.

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 ---Nancy_N on 2/10/07
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It is most likely your son will receive an education based upon secular evolutionary teaching. However it is good that your son be exposed to this as long as he is given the other side of the story.

Go to the site creationontheweb dot com where all these issures have been expertly covered by dedicated Christian people with the right scientific qualifications. It's a treasure trove.

Don't be intimidated by the very slick evolutionary, long-ages story as it is false and can be shown to be so.
---Warwick on 5/3/08

Leave your son in his science class and look for a different church. Your current pastor does not know much about science or how to correctly interpret scripture.
---notlaw99 on 5/2/08

Well, if you are going to take him out of that class, you might as well resolve to home-school him. The school system is secular and will present secular views.

Is this bad? Well it may not be ideal, but, can you home-school or afford to send him to a private Christian school?
---Bruce5656 on 5/1/08

Understanding that this is the kind of thing your son will be faced with should help you see all the more how important it is to be on top of what is going on at school.

When you are aware of what is being taught you will know what to reinforce or what to present an alternate (Biblical) view on.

The key word here is parental responsibility. We trust the school system with our children but that does not mean we should abdicate our own teaching roles.
---Bruce5656 on 9/13/07

Of course, none of these replies are dealing with the real issue: why acceptance of the idea that humanity passed through Old Stone Age (paleolithic) and New Stone Age (neolithic) and these other ages (based on what tools were made from) is atheism.
---Jack on 2/12/07

Buttons: "Why do some of you think that by putting a child in a homeschool or Christian school, they are not going to be able to think for themselves"
True. At least where I live the christian and home schooled children in general graduate much BETTER educated, with a greater percentage getting into college, and the "best" ones at that. The curriculum in any case should be evaluated by the parents...also,opposing views on any subject may be thought of as a learning experience...
---Christina on 2/12/07

In addition, children will eventually learn something of the things parents may try to "protect" their children from hearing, and it may be in a context where they are more readily influenced, ie, peer pressure...better to present info in a good environment and show them why you do or do not support
---Christina on 2/12/07

You're right Jack & I don't believe it does. Perhaps I didn't word that paragraph quit right. What does conflict with the Bible is when man uses tools (technology), e.g., to murder others. That's obviously sin.

I think Christian parents can do their children a dis-service by not 1st equipping them at home (even before they start public school) to stand strong in the face of opposition to Bible truth.

A lot of what's taught in public school isn't evil...
---Leon on 2/12/07

**Take him out of the class if you feel you must; but, it's very beneficial for Christian children to learn & understanding (not agree with) world concepts in contrast to Bible truth. (Matt. 10:16)**

How does the fact that the human raced passed through phases were tools were succesively made of stone, copper, bronze, and iron conflict with Bible truth.

Even Genesis 4 says this is what happened.
---Jack on 2/12/07

Take him out of the class if you feel you must; but, it's very beneficial for Christian children to learn & understanding (not agree with) world concepts in contrast to Bible truth. (Matt. 10:16)

We aren't to be isolated & ignorant of the ways of the world. The Bible clearly teaches we're not to follow the ways of the world.

While your son is in public school you're responsible, as a Christian parent, to constantly home school (from God's word, the Bible, & your lived out example).
---Leon on 2/11/07

Why do some of you think that by putting a child in a homeschool or Christian school, they are not going to be able to think for themselves or they won't learn the same subjects as government funded schools? Do you really think in the school system where they are in a class with 25 to 30 other kids, one teacher,that they are going to be taught as an individual?
---buttons on 2/11/07

As for the question about what this parent is asking, I have never heard of this subject of the stone age being taught in a government school where evolution was not the theme.
---buttons on 2/11/07

Nurse Roberts. He can learn all that stuff in a Christian school just as well and not have to put up with the lies of the devil every day.
---john on 2/11/07

Jack. You are mostly very concerned about people being taught the truth and I appreciate that about you. Now why would you and others be sticking up for the public school system over Christian school and find it ok for kids to be taught lies every day?
You, even as an adult, certainly wouldn't go to a church that taught that stuff so why would you bring your kids to a school system that was evil through and through?
---john on 2/11/07

Nancy, did your pastor actually know what those two words mean? If he did, did he advise you to buy a dictionary and what were his objections to the words? If he didn't know the meaning (and I'm thinking perhaps he didn't) perhaps you should buy two dictionaries and give your pastor a useful gift.
---m.p.a. on 2/11/07

Will John, Buttons, Bruce or Danial return? NO Its a one sided conversation. Let the kids learn science! -In a real school! I had a fundamentalist school imposed on me, was thrown our ue to a paper I wrote, best thing that ever happened to me. Went to a regular school, the same paper, subject earned me a high grade. I was so 'boxed in' at the fundamentalist school, they even had lists of books not to read, through I did use that list, at the library. read every one!
---MikeM on 2/11/07

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Thats right John, he may also be learning about chemistry, biology, 2+2=4, environmental concerns and the ability to think for himself...

Heaven forbid!!!
---NurseRobert on 2/11/07

I have little to add to What Jack says. I am absolutly shocked at the gross ignorance posted here. I note you go to your leader to learn a few words you can learn yourself.

1.Kids must THINK for themselves.

2. Kids need to learn science.

3. If something is objectionable(and science is not)learn about it to refute it, do not run from it. (and whats objectionable? As for me I do not want to have children 'blissfully' ignorant!
---MikeM on 2/11/07

** I'd find a Christian school and get him in where you won't have to worry about him learning all that junk and more.**

And you think he won't hear these archeological and historical terms in a Christian school?

And what do these terms have to do with condoms.
---Jack on 2/10/07

Your pastor is giving good advice. That's not all your son is learning there. What would you expect the world to be teaching? I'd find a Christian school and get him in where you won't have to worry about him learning all that junk and more.
Here they are teaching how to put condoms on properly and people are upset but what do you expect from the world? You do have an alternative.
---john on 2/10/07

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Two questions, Nancy:

1. Whenever you run across words you don't know, don't you look them up in a dictionary, or do you always ask your pastor?

2. If humans went through phases where tools were made successively of stone, bronze, and iron (and they did) how does that affect the Incarnation, Resurrection, and doctrines of salvation?
---Jack on 2/10/07

I may be completely wrong, but don't neolithic and paleolithic refer to peroids of time? Why would your pastor be opposed to learning time periods of ages past?
---Ryan on 2/10/07

[1] Nancy: Will you be sending your son to school somewhere else? For those with the means, Christian schools can be great; a relative teaches in one and I'm glad my nephews and nieces have the opportunity to be in them BECAUSE they WANT to be there after seeing what their public schools were like! HOWEVER, I'd advise you to also consider what your son wishes as well; esp. if he must remain in that shcool! This could be a good lesson for him to learn; that many people are biased against Scripture, [cont.]
---danie9374 on 2/10/07

[2] basically because they are sinners who don't want to consider they possibly need to obey their Creator! Is your son a true Believer in Christ yet? ONE thing you don't want to do is make him RESENT YOU by your actions and see your belief in God as ignorance. He may become even more susceptible to the lies atheists are dishing out to our children; esp. if he sees your pastor (or you) as 'dictatorial rulers' rather than friends who love him and want the best for him! [Cont.]
---danie9374 on 2/10/07

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[3] Does he have any good Christian friends his own age to rely on in this matter? Don't let him believe he's the only one in this situation! There are some very good answers and people who will help you, if you seek for them. One place might be: answersingenesis DOT com, and there are others as well. PRAY that the Spirit is working in his life, as that's what is most important and always will be!
---danie9374 on 2/10/07

It has to do with the stone age and evolution. I wouldn't want my kids taught this garbage in the sense that it is real. I have taken all of my kids out of school. If you really look at what is being taught now in school it is ridiculous
---buttons on 2/10/07

(I'm surprised your son is so late hearing about these eras.)

"Touch not, taste not, handle not" is NOT the Gospel of Christ. Neither is "Think not, read not."
---Jack on 2/10/07

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