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Who Is Edgar Cayce

What are people's views on the famous psychic John Edwards, and Edgar Cayce, a.k.a. The Sleeping Prophet?

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 ---Gef on 2/11/07
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"Edgar Cayce, Ellen White, and Peter Hurkos all suffered a blow to the head followed by a period of unconsciousness, during which time the walk-in demon of divination walked in."

ROFL! That's rich. One of Ellen White's formeost critics acknowledged that was fine Christian woman--and he knew her first hand. As compared with those who practice whatever it is you are doing without professional training or a license.
---David on 8/18/07

I wouldn't be surprised if J.E. had a blow to the head, either, Jack.
When he is in the 'medium' mode, I've noticed that he becomes angry if you do not agree with what's coming through. He will not move on until you say, yes, that you agree with him. That is also a signal of demonic activity. A medium is operating with demons and they make demands, they will not take no for an answer. Especially since you are in their territory and have willingly walked through that door.
---Michelle on 8/18/07

My former friend, with blow to the head, very psychic, became acquainted with other famous psychics all over the world. The enemy opened up his network to her in a short amount of time. One medium around her at that time, stepped on my foot and almost ground it into the ground trying to make me say yes. Many mediums like to touch a part of your body.
---Michelle on 8/18/07

The medium had a message for me from my dead relatives. I said, I have no idea what you're talking about and none of that makes any sense. This person (demon) became furious with me, refusing to take it's foot off of my foot. It was at that moment, that I knew I could no longer remain friends with my old friend.
---Michelle on 8/18/07

When I see J.E. become angry on TV with people who will not say yes, he controls his anger, but it's there.
I will tell you that the medium said my dead relatives were very happy about the path I was on, and that they wished they would have went on the same path. The devil will throw in one truth for nine lies. I did not know if the enemy was telling me that my relatives belonged to him, but I knew it was not good.
---Michelle on 8/18/07

I insisted to the medium that nothing was making any sense. But the enemy, who does know your past and present, pulled something out of my past to make his words seem like it was all truth.
You cannot remain friends with someone who is into witchcraft. You can witness to them, but if they reject Jesus, you must shake the dirt off of your feet and move on, permanently. The Bible is correct, you'll be risking everything to fall into temptation. Your influence/witness will be null and void.
---Michelle on 8/18/07

A head injury can leave you vulnerable to walk-in demons, especially if you're without God. I renounced and repented for that contact with the medium. Because I allowed myself to step into the enemy's territory, he did send some more temptations my way. I had to say, no, to all of them. God has all of you, or He doesn't. You can't be half in and half out. You can't play with others involved with witchcraft and think you'll be fine. It doesn't work that way. It's all or nothing with God.
---Michelle on 8/18/07

I don't know if she's dead or alive. She showed me a leaf off of a tree that she said was not of this world. She had different scientists look at it. I recall it. She found it laying on her bed one day. She claimed it was from her brother who had died of a drug overdose. It was a sign from the other side, heaven, she said. It was supernatural signs that kept her far more fascinated, and away from Jesus Christ. She told me was going to die early. I hope she found Jesus, if she is gone.
---Michelle on 8/18/07

Edgar Cayce, Ellen White, and Peter Hurkos all suffered a blow to the head followed by a period of unconsciousness, during which time the walk-in demon of divination walked in.

The same is, oddly enough, true of many psychics.

I don't know about John Edwards, but it wouldn't surprise me if he did, too.
---Jack on 8/18/07

Kyoko, Florida is supposed to go too. As well as pretty much all of the coastline.
---shadoehare on 3/12/07

Actually I think it's California that's supposed to sink into the ocean. I wouldnt mind if it were New York though. : P
---Kyoko on 3/11/07

In the old days things like the world being round, space travel, and other technology we have today was considered "science fiction" too. : )
---Anna on 3/11/07

I used to watch John Edwards and I saw him on Glenn Beck. I'd like to have a reading done myself but I heard his waiting list is two years long! I think Edgar Cayce was a bit better because he could tell you all sorts of things about yourself, what you should or shouldn't do, how to cure an illness, etc. but John is sort of just a messanger. I'd still like to meet him though for the experience.
---Jamie on 3/11/07

If Edgar Cayce is your boy then you must alway believe in reincarnation, lost continent of Atlantis, that New York will eventually sink into the ocean,etec. etc. etc. Or you must be a fan of science fiction.
---lee on 3/7/07

Edgar Cayce is cool, Gef! I think I have just about every single book he ever wrote.
---Erik on 3/6/07

OH, thanx Michelle. Gefs here for witch training eh? hmmmmm. things that make ya go hmmmmm.
---sue on 2/19/07

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Sue, my response to Mr. Gef.

Never. As a pagan and witch in training, I'm here as a form of study required by my coven. Im supposed to mingle, voice my opinions and observe without prejudice. (Although sometimes its hard with some of the narrow minded replies!)
---Gef on 2/11/07
---Michelle on 2/18/07

For people who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and God, believe He died on the cross and on the third day rose again from the dead, have more supernatural powers than these psychics. Jesus Christ is in you and He is more powerful than he who is in the world. Jesus Christ didn't die. He is at the right hand of God the Father and we are waiting for His second coming. These psychics (some died already) will die one day. They try to imitate the power of God. They can't.
---annoymous1 on 2/18/07

Hi Michelle, Can I ask you, what did you mean by this statement, "She wasn't required to play with the Christians blogs as a rite of passage." Thank you, God bless,
---sue on 2/18/07

Jack, do you hear what you are saying? You are a vessel for the accuser of the brethern. The devil is using your anger to strike out against God's people.**


I speak the truth in Jesus's Name and you do not receive it.

This says much more about you than it does about me.
---Jack on 2/18/07

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I am not suggesting you watch 'psychics' on TV, at all. We are to give no place to the devil. Mr. Gef's desire to move up in the Craft prompted me to write.

People are so gullible. For anyone else out there in the crowd that watches TV psychics with awe; it's the vulnerable and desperate you see, longing to hear from their dead loved ones. They swallow everything at face value, these are the ones that the devil can run through his grinder. They are lost, without Jesus Christ.
---Michelle on 2/18/07

Matthew and Michelle good EDIFYING testimonies. Many laugh and don't understand the way the enemy works, it's best to learn or be silent, but "making light" of other's pain, and bondages is just plain [disturbing]. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 2/17/07

Matthew, my friend's experience was completely different. She had a head injury, no seizures. She awakened with psychic and other abilities. She had not played with the occult. One day she was normal and on another day, not. The familiar spirits didn't share simple, useless messages. "Your loved says you've kept his toy on the bed", or "there's something on your keyring that reminds you of so and so", "your loved one wants you to know that it wasn't your fault".
---Michelle on 2/17/07

It could not be confused with mental illness, but as Jack said, a demonic walk-in. There were visible manifestations; she called it 'energy'. My 'energy' is especially strong today and she would laugh as she raised her arm and sparks would fly like electricity. I saw it. Pictures in glass frames, stacking up without breaking. Bending silverware, pushing model trains around a track, and pulling coins out of the air.
---Michelle on 2/17/07

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It was difficult to reconcile. My friend liked her 'energy', her power and knowledge. It brought her recognition. People were standing in line, wanting to know their futures. She was accurate, and that demon(s) liked to perform. She could see sickness/disease in bodies, read auras.
---Michelle on 2/17/07

I learned some things through this experience. Familiar spirits that communicate with the living are not your dead loved ones. Christians know that. If you open yourself up to them, they will become furious and angry if you do not listen them. Without naming names, everyone of these TV psychics becomes insistent and mad when you do not accept what the familiar spirit is telling them to say. They will not move on or budge until you accept it as truth.
---Michelle on 2/17/07

A medium usually wants to touch some part of your body. If you refuse the familiar spirit, they will grind their foot into your foot or squeeze you tightly until you say, yes. When you see anger coming through, you are talking with familiar spirits. They give useless information most of the time, meaningless. Familiar spirits are familiar with the past, they were there, watching. They can tell you Uncle Charlie wore overalls and was a mechanic. So what.
---Michelle on 2/17/07

The devil is a liar. He will tell you a few truths and then the lies. This is to ensnare or trap you. You become a pawn in his grip. Mediums who say they've always had this ability are very prideful, have you noticed. I can think of one who almost wheezes on TV, (the demon, that is). They were around in Jesus' time, and after the fall of Lucifer.
---Michelle on 2/17/07

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Familiar spirits are only familiar. They watch movements and report what they see. They cannot read your mind. They cannot touch or see sickness in a Christian.

I've learned that if you do not belong to God, and you are lost; you are wide open to the schemes of the devil. Familiar spirits can influence your thoughts. They can set up events to take place that a medium has told you will happen, so it appears that a medium or psychic knows your future.
---Michelle on 2/17/07

The lost are vulnerable, and a walk-in demon can come in.

Test the spirits, do not believe every spirit, many false prophets have gone out into the world. My friend was lost and enjoyed the power and knowledge. I do not know if she is alive today. In a moment, this new path was hers. She didn't join a group. She wasn't required to play with the Christians blogs as a rite of passage.
---Michelle on 2/17/07

Watching her gave me understanding of the enemy's schemes. Muttering spirits, mediums, witches have always been with us. I had to choose to remove myself from my friend and fellowship with darkness. This was 20 years ago.
Stay close to Jesus Christ, friends.
---Michelle on 2/17/07

What you see on TV is mostly useless information.
My friend's messages were so direct and 'useful', seeing tumors, hearts and other organs, she could prescribe medications, surgery, and treatments. Check it out the with doctor, she would say.
Did the enemy set those people up, so he would be right? I believe so.
---Michelle on 2/17/07

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Jack, do you hear what you are saying? You are a vessel for the accuser of the brethern. The devil is using your anger to strike out against God's people. You truly are not born again no matter what you say. You cannot fool the Spirit of God. Jesus said that we will know them by their fruits. Accept God's love for you.
---Mary on 2/17/07

Jack my eyes would go up into the back of my head and I would have limited thinking and hear voices in my head the entire time. Doctors called them pseudo seizures. They weren't real seizures.
---Matthew on 2/16/07

2) It was torment Jack. Pure demonic torment because I rejected whatever spirit was around me. You can joke about it all you want Jack. It's not Christian though.
---Matthew on 2/16/07

Jack--- I'm laughing so hard right now, you crack me up!
---buttons on 2/16/07

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**These episodes were like having a horrible seizure but being conscience. I put my faith in God and he showed mercy and delivered me from it.**

Seizures (such as Mary Baker Glover Patterson Eddy had) or high fevers (e.g., Helen Keller who later adopted Swedenborgianism, a form of spiritism) are another way.
---Jack on 2/16/07

** The difference between a parrot and a Christian is that the parrot has no idea what he is saying. **

If that's so, then most of the Christians who post on these blogs are parrots, because they repeat misinformation and disinformation that they have heard from othes.
---Jack on 2/15/07

3) These episodes were like having a horrible seizure but being conscience. I put my faith in God and he showed mercy and delivered me from it. I wasn't even a Christian then.

I am glad I was attacked by these demons rather than them giving me power and as a result die unsaved. Those that dabble with the occult and become attacked are lucky compared to those who stay deceived till death. Being demonically attacked after having dablled with the occult in some ways is a blessing.
---Matthew on 2/15/07

Amen Michelle. I had a time in my life when I dabbled with the occult. When I was 16 I used a ouija board thinking it was no big deal. I talked with who I thought was a dead relative. A couple of days later the spirit tells me on the board to let her talk in my own mind. So I did. Some time later she tells me to let her write things with my hand and so I did.
---Matthew on 2/15/07

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2) Then all of a sudden I started hearing the most horrible thoughts. The nice relative I thought I was letting use me turned out to not very nice at all. The best way to describe the mental torment afterwards was like hell. Nothing compared. It was like an unatural mixture of intense fear,limited thinking, and cruel voices. I went through about five years of severe mental illness that only got worse every year. During the last year I was spending about 18 hours of the day going through severe episodes.
---Matthew on 2/15/07

The difference between a parrot and a Christian is that the parrot has no idea what he is saying. He is only imitating humans. Christians know Jesus Christ and speak with the authority given them by the Holy Spirit.
---Susie on 2/15/07

Gef you could go to a pet store and converse with a parrot for your entertainment. What else could you expect when you ask Christians a loaded question?
HOPEFULLY you would get the same answers! We place our faith in God, not man.
---NVBarbara on 2/14/07

Jack's description is very accurate how the walk-in demon takes over. I had a friend who was in a car wreck. Everyone in the car was killed, but she flew through the windshield and out on the side of the road. She was knocked out for a few weeks. She became psychic. Her accuracy was quite high and she was 'studied'.
---Michelle on 2/14/07

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She could manifest old coins when she went into a trance like state. She called it 'energy', but pictures flew off the walls and stacked up when she walked by. Clink, clink, clink, all in a pile. The fridge door would open and eggs would fly out. When she raised her arms, sparks would fly to the corners of the room.
---Michelle on 2/14/07

She had the ability to look into people's bodies and see 'dark' areas where sickness would be. She also had the ability to look about 6 or 7 years down the road. She could give names of people, places, events with accuracy. Law enforcement and others, did use my friend.
---Michelle on 2/14/07

Her young brother died of a drug overdose. He would send her messages from beyond. (Christians know it was not really her brother). She showed me leaves off of trees that were coming from the other side. Trees that did not exist in our area. I could go on about her exploits. But I had to remove myself completely from this friend. It was demonic.
---Michelle on 2/14/07

She said she knew she was not going to live very long. That her life would be cut short. She was kind hearted and did not believe this was demonic. Automatic handwriting and all things 'witchcraft' were made available to her immediately. The common denominator with these other people, is a head injury.
---Michelle on 2/14/07

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Her ability was way beyond anyone I've ever seen on TV who claims to have these 'gifts'. She moved away, and I have never heard from her again. I threw everything away she ever gave me, presents, every trace.

So while Mr. Gef laughs, haha, and carries on. I doubt he'll ever reach that level, no matter how many blogs he responds to.
---Michelle on 2/14/07

Her accuracy was uncanny. She had details of famous 'unsolved cases', 'who dunnits'. But I will tell you this, for nine truths, there was least one miss. It was not from God. The devil has some knowledge (familiar spirits), familiarity, but it's limited.
---Michelle on 2/15/07

It also made her sick. Her body was drained after these 'readings'. God's prophets lived a long time. Strong and mighty.

Mr. Gef, I see you have desire for power and knowledge. Take this avenue and it will be fleeting. You might get a portion, but what you will have to give in return will be your soul.
---Michelle on 2/15/07

You can laugh and teehee all you want at the Christians. When I read through the answers, squabbles and all, I hear some intelligent dialogue. The Holy Spirit speaks through most of the people here. You can hear it, you learn to recognize it.
---Michelle on 2/15/07

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When you get back with your group, you're going to find yourself longing for Christian dialogue. Especially when the night terrors come, the astral travel (and you can't snap back into your body), and you see dark things out of the corners of eyes every where you go. (In your bedroom at night). You're seeking the gates of hell and if you don't stop it, you may get there sooner than you think.
---Michelle on 2/15/07

My wife's brother in law is a fan of Edgar Cayce. He is totally fascinated about the Lost Continent of Atlantis and about reincarnation as well as his medical diagnoses. I avoid any discussion of these things with him as such usually results in an argument.
---lee on 2/14/07

I asked a question no more weird as who is Paul White. I might as well have asked a bunch a parrots, they say the same thing everybody else says too. At least a parrot can be taught new things though.
---Gef on 2/14/07

** Edgar Cayce, Ellen White, and Peter Hurkos all suffered a blow to the head followed by a period of unconsciousness, during which time the walk-in demon of divination walked in.**

To be precise, Cayce was hit in the head by a baseball; White was hit in the face with a rock. Both were unconscious for 3 weeks.

Hurkos fell off a ladder and landed on his head. I don't know how long he was unconscious.
---Jack on 2/14/07

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(Deuteronomy 18:10-12)There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.

11Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

12For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee.
---Matthew on 2/14/07

gef....So, basically, you are a con artist who just asked this question to try to pass on your silly beliefs. Try Jesus!!!
---Susie on 2/13/07

Cayce was a confused man. Check how many of his 'prophecies' came true. He also claimed healings through hypnosis. Curiously Cayce was a lifelong member of the Deciples of Christ, read the bible once for every year of his life and taught Sunday school & recruited missionaries. He is said to have agonized over the issue of whether his 'psychic abilities' and the teachings which resulted were spiritually legitimate.
Gef,get off that road and look for REAL truth that only comes through Christ.
---NVBarbara on 2/12/07

Haha. Thats funny. Actually, as a boy Edgar was walking through the woods and a voice asked him what he wanted to do with his life and he replied "I want to help people." From then on he did. He cured people when no doctors could, let familes know if their loved ones were safe during the war...and he couldve been rich but he lived like a pauper for his entire life. He helped hundreds of people. Try google sometime.
---Gef on 2/12/07

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Gef, you want to see the 'fanatic Christians' perform for you.

As you make your way through the pagan and witch ranks, by infiltrating the Christian boards; realize that God's Power is greater. In Exodus 7:8-12, Aaron's rod swallowed up the rod's of satan's people. God's Power is greater than the devil.
---Cindy on 2/12/07

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