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I Had A Dream Of Numbers

I had a dream in which I am at a university when I receive a flyer to report to a job at 4:44:44. I know those numbers are important and I am pondering the meaning. What does this mean?

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 ---Carolyn on 2/12/07
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Nothing to anyone...So far.
---Pharisee on 4/9/08

I think Eloy is wrong. It probably refers to the time that the document was printed by the computer.
---alan_of_UK on 3/4/07

Steveng. Why does John point out the number of horns on the different creatures he sees in the book of revelation? it is silly to think that numbers mean nothing. Everyone spoke languages back then right? numbers are a normal part of a language. That's why the prophets saw numbers in some of their visions. If they meant nothing they wouldn't have said them. Are you saying that you are greater than all the people in the bible? Even Jesus!?
---Prestonb. on 3/3/07

Susie 2/13/07 HA, HA, HA that was funny!
---Carla5754 on 2/22/07

It is written as 44 minutes and 44 seconds after 4 o'clock.
---Eloy on 2/21/07

Mark (or anyone): Jesus was preaching what gospel?
---Steveng on 2/21/07

Jesus was preaching and bringing the new covenanent..well theres more to that but yea...
---mark on 2/20/07

Here's another reason why numerology is bad thinking. I came upon an article today about Jim Carry who is idolizing the number "23." After reading Psalms 23, everything is his life was associated with 23. His next movie is his 23rd, friends and strangers kept bringing up the number 23 in regular conversation. He thinks it's an omen.
---Steveng on 2/19/07

Kay: "But I was right..."
What you said is not from God because you did not give him glory for the information. "Thus said the Lord,"
---Steveng on 2/19/07

Mark: "...jesus walk around preaching the gospel W/ power..."

So, tell me this, what was the gospel that Jesus was preaching? Anyone?
---Steveng on 2/19/07

I agree, steveng, didnt jesus walk around preaching the gospel W/ power, and if we are to be like christ inward and outward then where has the power gone??
---mark on 2/18/07

Kay: "You shouldn't put God in a box, Steveng."

On the contrary, I believe that God could wipe out the entire universe with one thoght. I believe anything is possible... with God. Unfortunaely, most Christians believe in God, but deny his power. Just reading three fourths of everything written on these blogs (any blog) proves that people deny his power. Don't you agree?
---Steveng on 2/18/07

"Kay: "Carolyn, 4:44:44 may be..." You're just guessing what the numbers mean."

Steveng, really?!? But I was right about her looking for a job. So maybe God was telling her that in His perfect timing she will get the job that she is wanting. You shouldn't put God in a box, Steveng.
---Kay6588 on 2/17/07

"Thank you Kay, for your wisdom."

Carolyn, you're welcome.
---Kay6588 on 2/17/07

"Father, forgive them for they know not what they do!"

Please stop clinging on to fanaticism.
---Caring on 2/17/07

Dreams can mean things and sometimes they don't mean a thing. I had a real cool thing happen through a dream 3yrs ago. I dreamed I was riding my horse, going to someones house along side the road. In the dream I reached up to my ear and my left earing was gone. They were my diamond earings my husband had given me. (I don't have a lot in nice jewelry, except these and I am scared to wear them) They are 3,000.00 earings!
---Mercedes on 2/16/07

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So, I woke up straight out of bed and reached up to touch my left ear. It was gone. I had no clue where it could be. It was 4AM and so I had to wait till morning before I could look. I felt dread to tell my husband that I'd lost one. I had been wearing them for about 3 days because they sorta lock on and they don't bother me to sleep in them. They could have fallen off days before and me not noticed....I'm I don't notice!
---Mercedes on 2/16/07

I figured it probably rubbed off while I was sleeping and that's what prompted the dream. But no. I looked everywhere. In the laundry and everywhere. Not there. I went walking with my friend and I told her what had happened. I began to pray for the Lord to show me. I told my 12yr old son that if he found them, I'd give him 25.00. I had gone riding the day before with my 6yr old and I wondered if there was a connection.
---Mercedes on 2/16/07

My husband suggested I look at the barn but I knew it would be impossible to find a thing in the hay and dirt and stuff. But I was desperate. As I drove out to the barn there is a place where I crossed the road while riding and went into the woods there. I thought that just maybe a tree brushed my ear. I felt like I ought to stop and just look. Stupid thought really because there were rocks and leaves and it was a creek bed when it rained. I wouldn't be able to see anything there!
---Mercedes on 2/16/07

It's the middle of a stinking forest! My son and I tried anyway. He went down the rough and rocky hill and rocks fall behind you as you walk. I showed him the first tree branch that may have hit me on the ear. We looked and then he went on to the next limb that hung. While he did that, I squatted down to just look at every inch of rock and dirt and there it was between some rocks! I screamed and could not believe it.
---Mercedes on 2/16/07

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It was to rain that night and if it had, it would have washed the earing down the stream. If I had not dreamed that, I could have gone days without even knowing it was gone. AMAZING!
I know the Lord doesn't care about earings, but He cares about me.
It wasn't their monetary value, they had great sentimental value.
---Mercedes on 2/16/07

Anytime God speaks to you, it sticks. Same with dreams or visions, If they are from God they stick.
---catherine on 2/16/07

Caring, the Holy Spirit still speaks to us through dreams. We shouldn't put God in a box by telling Him that He cannot speak to us through dreams. He can use whatever method of communication He wants.
---Kay6588 on 2/16/07

Thank you Kay, for your wisdom. I was unable to post my whole dream and background due to word limits on this blog. I don't normally blog about my dreams from God--but I thought I'd see if there were others who had this gift looking at this site...For those not familiar with the gift of prophecy, (which includes the Biblical "seer prophet" who has dreams and visions) dreams have 3 origins: God, human, and demonic.
---Carolyn on 2/16/07

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Regarding my dream, my husband and I have been looking for jobs specifically within a Christian ministry that deals with the subject of Biblical creationism...Thank you "ajaya9574" and "kay6588" for your comments.
---Carolyn on 2/16/07

God spoke to Prophets and to Joseph but I'm not a prophet or Joseph. I dream of nice and ugly dreams but I ignore them all and look at them as just dreams.

Yes there were people who had prophetic dreams but such occurrences are not that common and zillions of dreams dreamt by various people are simply that: Dreams.
---Caring on 2/16/07

Please dont be confused, I can assure you that numbers mean a lot in the bible.I no for sure -- 2 is witness, 3 is Godhead, 4 is CREATION, 5 is grace, 6 is man, 7 is perfection, 8 is new begining, 10 is trial, 13 is service. watch out for the rest. God bless you
---ajaya9574 on 2/16/07

"I don't believe in dreams." --Caring

God does.
---Kay6588 on 2/15/07

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caring why do you not believe in dreams, God speaks to his prophets through dreams and visions Numbers 12:8, he also spoke to josheph in a dream Matthew 1:20 , 2:12,2:13...and in fact in the end times our old men will dream dreams Acts 2:17...
---mark on 2/15/07

Numbers are used throughout the Bible, and were created by God to teach us things about Him. Read your Bible, this is Biblical, NOT demonic.
---Leslie on 2/15/07

Kay: "Carolyn, 4:44:44 may be..." You're just guessing what the numbers mean. Bring any combination of astrologers, seers, numerologists, and even people from ten differents countries and you'll get ten different asnwers. Just by reading these posts, I'm sure that the apostasy has begun.
---Steveng on 2/15/07

It means nothing..You have seen too many numbers thats why u dreamt it up..if u think u r going 2 win something, the devil is laughing at you...dont be deceived by gambling...gambling is not of the bible.
---jana on 2/15/07

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Dreams are dreams. Most are motivated by what may have happened during the day and by what we had eaten.

I don't believe in dreams.
---Caring on 2/15/07

Steveng, you aren't correct. God is involved in numbers. He is the God of numbers.

Carolyn, 4:44:44 may be symbolic for perfect timing. Have you been praying for a job? If so, maybe God is telling you that when the time is right He will bless you with a new job.
---Kay6588 on 2/15/07

Numbers can be important in dreams as they were with pharaoh and Joseph. But, if they are God will give someone the interpretation. Those who blindly say there is no importance at all need to read the Bible before giving their opinion. Not all dreams are of importance though.
---Frank on 2/14/07

Do numbers bring glory to God? Absolutely not.

Do numbers bring us closer to God? Absolutely not.

Do numbers create a strong loving relationship with God? absolutely not.

The numbers used in the Bible are created by the whim of God. The numbers we humans use is called numerology, a divinition created by Satan to deceive humans.
---Steveng on 2/14/07

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MrsMorgan...Thanks! By the way, I do have dreams that are from the Lord. And, as soon as I wake up, I know their meanings. If the dream is not from the Lord, I know that too.
---Susie on 2/14/07

I agree with Susie, well said. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 2/14/07

Some Numerology IS Biblical, some is not. The Bible uses numbers to tell us things. Read the Book "Numbers In Scripture" by E.W. Bullinger for more information.
---Leslie on 2/13/07

Leslie: "The number 4 means Creation and material completeness." Don't depend on numbers, including Biblical numbers, to mean anything supernatural. They are different in each culture. There are many cultures, like the Chinese, that believe the number 4 is evil.
---Steveng on 2/13/07

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I would say that this month you have had pizza 4 times and eaten 4 pieces too many at 4 in the afternoon and had this silly dream at 4 in the morning. These numbers mean nothing.
---Susie on 2/13/07

Numerology is part of the occult so I would leave it alone since the Bible forbids all things of an occult nature. Don't dwell on that dream for you need to focus on God,the Word,and reality not dreams. If God gives you something in a dream it won't violate the Word of God and there will be no doubt it came from God.
---Darlene_1 on 2/13/07

The number 4 means Creation and material completeness.
---Leslie on 2/12/07

I understand that you would be curious about it. Just let it happen. If it's true you will find out when it happens. You don't need to chase down these numbers. God can speak clearly. When the time comes it will be revealed to you.
---john on 2/12/07

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If you know those numbers are important, you would know WHY they are important and would not be asking us what it meant.

Considering that the Bible records some 2000 years of human history, and only around a dozen dreams are of any spiritual significance, what does that suggest to you about THIS dream?
---Jack on 2/12/07

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