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Your First Childhood Crush

As cupid gets ready to draw back his bow, let's go back, wwwaaaayyyyy back for some of us :) Who was your first childhood crush on, and how old were you?

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 ---lynet on 2/13/07
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---Reba on 7/1/11 I like your story very much. What a wonderful way to be sure you remember your spouse's birthday.

I myself got my first kiss(in the fifth grade) and my last kiss from the same girl(she is now 73 years old) I am so thankful to God for giving me a wonderful wife.
---mima on 7/1/11

My first crush was in first grade. Found out a boy had the same birthday as I did.(7yrs.old then-49yrs old now) We became instant friends. Liked each other all through school & so far, this September 2011 we will be married 29 years. Now hows that for a first crush/love story?:-)))))
---Reba on 7/1/11

Aw but I thought it was cute :) Also didn't get heated like so many of the blogs do so I liked it. :) Also enjoyed hearing about other people that developed crushes as young as I did lol :D
---Mary on 6/22/11

This is from 2007 it is a non christian issue and has no pertinent value any more.
---Blogger9211 on 6/21/11

I was in the 8th grade and had a crush on a fella in the 12 grade. he never knew but I do remember going to the library and cut his photo out of the year book.
I would be alarmed if my children did that. After that someone stole my purse and the photo was in there so who know maybe he did find out but I also know he wouldn't give me the time of day. I was a squirt.
---shira3877 on 6/21/11

my first "crush"..12 yrs.old I felt such a joy! Filipino boy n my class! I could hardly,walk seems like my knees would just give way to the floor! Later,I cried becuz... He didn't feel the same way! Same time a German boy ask' cud he carry my books! I was flattered! My mother did not see it "cute" at all !. She very soon,enrolled me to another school way over another side of town!
---ELENA on 6/14/11

NVB:: Gentlemen never talk about the real things of the heart.May be thats the reason.Boys never really notice that Girls are girls at that tender age of 6 or 7.But notice the change at 11or12.But when I was growing up I was always in the midst of girls .But I remember the first love letter I wrote or rather made to write by someone who had a crush on someone who had a crush on me.Will tell you about it some day.
---Emcee on 6/17/08

Hehehe! Love this question :D I was 6 years old, in the first grade and fell hopelessly "in love" with Jeremiah M! :D Hard to imagine a kid so young getting a crush but some of us start young lol! :D
---Mary on 6/16/08

My first serious crush was on a boy I met camping. I was about 12 or 13. We used to meet by this big weeping willow tree and swing on it. My first kiss was from him and his name was Steve Rose.
---sue on 10/1/07

My first childhood crush was on a boy we called Cookie. He was about 12, and used to ride two or three of us younger kids at a time on his bike. I remember my mother saying one of us would break our necks with so many of us hanging off the bike :).
I was 6 years old
---lynet on 10/1/07

My first crush was on a little boy named Dale in Kindergarten. We held hands under the table.
---katy on 2/21/07

Thanks for sharing. My reason for asking was when we were young, it didn't matter how someone looked, dressed, where they lived, or if they had money. We were attracted to others based on having fun/laughing, things in common, being honest, getting along/not holding grudges, having other friends and interests ...,
Sounds like the ground work for a really great adult relationship doesnt it?
---lynet on 2/15/07

Funny that no guys have posted here?
My 1st 'love' was at 12 yrs. old with a neighborhood boy. His parents and mine were friends. We hung around together and took walks with other neighbor kids. We dated a few times in high school, but found that we were best at being best friends. We remain friends today. His Mom had been a widow for years when my Mom died. A couple of years later my Dad and his Mom dated until my Dad passed away. I thought that was cool!
---NVBarbara on 2/14/07

Mine was the third grade. Johnny Johnson kissed me in the cloak room. My first blush and first crush! I even remember his name. Oh how funny. That WAS wwwaaaaaaaaayyyy back.
---kathr4453 on 2/13/07

A boy named Jimmy. I was about 13, so I was too young to go anywhere with him. We courted for about 3 years, and we went our seperate ways. I am thankful we did. The last I heard he was in jail for drugs.
---Rebecca_D on 2/13/07

My crush was a boy who was a year older than me. Our families were very poor. They used to make fun of both of us, but he got a lot of it. I hadn't seen him in years. Three years ago my husband and I moved back to where I was raised. We were at a church one night and friends told me that the guitar player was him. This is the way the Lord works. With all those awful things the kids did to us, we both became strong and are serving the Lord. He is now a dear friend to our family.
---Susie on 2/13/07

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lynet, My next door neighbor & a friend of my brother, both very "soft spoken" people, sweet/kind. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 2/13/07

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