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What Is Holistic Health

Does anyone know anything about Holistic Health? Wonder, if one can be a christian and have a holistic health care ministry.

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 ---Chris on 2/14/07
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I don't think "Scientology" and "holistic medicine" are the same thing (though Scientologists may believe in it). Homeopathic medicines sometimes work, even work well. But "holistic medicine" too often gets into "sensing auras" using crystals and other NEW AGE nonsense. Even "Christian" practitioners sometime accept these things a valid.
Be careful.
---Donna66 on 1/28/11

God created us originally to live in the best of health with all the foods, herbs, seeds etc He made."Holistic" health is about caring for ourselves or being treated as a "whole", physiclaly, spiritually and mentally.Think re The acrynom NEWSTART: Nutrition, Exercise,Water, Sunshine, Temperance (Moderation in things),fresh Air, Rest, and Trust in God. These things can be a way of life.You dont necessarily have to pay anyone to try help yourself to better health with Trust in God. God designed us to be part of a whole being. Many of these NEWSTART recommendations are free and can be achieved yourself or look for a NEWSTART programme. Check out a local Seventh Day Adventist church for their free health advice. God Bless
---Sarah on 1/28/11

Holistic health is just a term that means 'whole body health'. There is nothing wrong with a Christian looking at the body as a whole in terms of diet, exercise, sleep, sexual activity (With your spouse only!), prayer, worship, study, and all other things relating to the body. The problem with 'Holistic Health' is it attracts people who are into shamanistic or energy healing; but, this is why God has given us His Holy Spirit, so we can discern.
---Ryan on 5/6/08

Reason I implied about Holistic Health care ministery, I have associate whom is a Holistic Health care doc, whom also is a professing christian (COGC). I was offered opportunity in the field, so I wanted to know more about it. My associate took the classes that are listed as well as others to attain degree for Holistic health care.

Kathr4453, thank you very much for your advice. I for one do not want to be involved in anything that may lead me away from Christ.

Nothing funny about that.
---chris on 2/20/07

Reason I implied about Holistic Health care ministery, I have associate whom is a Holistic Health care doc, whom also is a professing christian (COGC). I was offered opportunity in the field, so I wanted to know more about it. My associate took the classes that are listed as well as others to attain degree for Holistic health care.

Kathr4453, thank you very much for your advice. I for one do not want to be involved in anything that may lead me away from Christ.

Nothing funny about that.
---chris on 2/20/07

The religious and spiritual side of Scientology holds appeal for some observers of the religion, but it is the unique healthcare ideas inherent to the Scientology creed that may hold value to humans as a whole. Like homeopathic and other holistic medicine, the practice of trusting natural rather than artificial treatment options certainly deserves exploration within the medicinal industry.

It's really not a laughing matter.

Chris, thanks for the information posted.
---kathr4453 on 2/19/07

Glad you got a giggle Cat! It is disconcerting to go to a blog, read the ? and then start reading the answers from the top! Many (most?) times they are wayyy out in left field from the original blog question!
"One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine."
Sir William Osler (1849 - 1919)
---NVBarbara on 2/19/07

NYBarbara==I just want to tell you, that you are funny. [About SUBJECT CHANGE].I laughed, anyhow.
---catherine on 2/18/07

Wow these blogs surely get off the subject! Holistic healthcare is SIMPLY treating ailments with natural herbs and remedies before artificial drugs are put into your system. It has NOTHING to do with a particular 'religion!' God put plants and herbs on earth to be used for medicines. Many plants and herbs are used in many drugs. We EAT plants with healing properties and to get our vitamins. Don't get your knickers in a knot!
---NVBarbara on 2/18/07

chris, this is also known as Scientology. All the things you have described. Please look on Wikipedia under Scientology. Just another form of Apostasy. It's their form of the gospel called "jesus in a blender". Have you seen the t-shirts with a guy wearing a jucestash on his upper lip with the caption underneath saying "Got Jesus".
---kathr4453 on 2/17/07

The word 'holistic' is used by many people especially by those who run many complementary health courses and clinics. Christians must be discerning when seeking either training or treatment and ensure that they know exactly what the course involves or what the practitioner will do and use. Recommendation from another Christian is usually the best way.
---m.p.a. on 2/17/07

I looked up some courses that are offered at a Holistic Theology school. These are some of them.


Explores the New Thought movement, including the concepts of the Authentic or Divine Self, and the fulfillment of the Higher Self

Explores symbols and archetypes of dreams and active imagination for their transformative value.
3 credit hours
---Chris on 2/16/07

Introduces past-life regression therapy and the opening of the third eye

BME106 PRAYER Teaches the history of prayer, prayer traditions of various communities of the world, as well as the transformational journey possible through prayer.

BME107 INTRODUCTION TO EDGAR CAYCE Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, is studied for the system of metaphysical thought and healing that comes from his readings
---chris on 2/16/07

BME108 INTRODUCTION TO JUNGIAN PSYCHOLOGY Introduces Carl Jung and his basic approach, including personality typology, archetypes, transpersonal psychology, mythology, religion and other rich transformative concepts

BME109 BASIC MACROBIOTICS Teaches the theory and practice of promoting well-being and longevity, principally by means of a diet consisting chiefly of fresh vegetables, sea vegetables, whole grains and beans.
---Chris on 2/16/07


Offers the student an introduction to the awakening of divine potential and the power of intent. before one can become a healer of others one must first become acquainted with his or her own authenticity.

Offers an in-depth view of sound as a healing instrument, including both the scientific and spiritual viewpoints on the use of breath, musical instruments, crystal bowls and the human voice.
---Chris on 2/16/07

BME112 INTRODUCTION TO MIND/BODY HEALING Focuses on the power of the mind to heal or harm the body. The mind is the bodys apothecary. Covers psychoneuroimmunology from Hippocrates to the modern-day researcher

MME201 MIND POWER Explores the mind, its power to heal ones life and ones body, to create or deny peace, and to bring life into conscious awareness

MME202 SPIRITUAL HEALING Introduces methods and techniques for accessing ones own spiritual awareness and power.
---Chris on 2/16/07

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Introduces the various theories of hypnosis from visualization through hypnoanalysis.

Explores body wisdom and mindfulness as methods for reducing anxiety and fulfilling the body/mind/soul life.
---Chris on 2/16/07

Explores the various methods which make contact with and clear the chakras, for psychological, spiritual, physical healing and life fulfillment.

Introduces the student to the measures Cayce suggested as treatment, prevention and regeneration. Edgar Cayce saw wellness as a coordination of the physical, mental and spiritual components of being
---Chris on 2/16/07

Introduces the symbolism of the Kabbalah and the different pathways of the initiate.

Studies yoga as a method for integration, wholeness and self- realization.

Introduces the power, purpose and benefits of breathwork, which includes treatment options for asthma, addictions, PTSD, chronic pain, depression and others.
---Chris on 2/16/07

Someone needs to tell the Native Americans that it was people from the East who came up with herbal medications. God created many plants with medicinal uses. We have lost the use of these over the years due to our becoming "smarter" than God.
---Susie on 2/16/07

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Donna, from where do you get the idea that people in the middle east 'invented' herbs??? God created everything and when He looked at HIS creation at the end of each day 'He saw that it was good.' If HE made it and it was GOOD who are we to say it is evil?? I hope that you are not giving Satan the credit for creating anything that God calls GOOD.
---m.p.a. on 2/16/07

Kimberly, you said: God calls us to be a peculiar people - spiritually and physically!

Where is the scripture reference for that? God tells us to "Come out from amoung them and be ye separate." If Christians are turning to hollistic healing, then they are not putting their trust in the Lord. Whenever man's inventions are turned to instead of the Lord, that's when man gets himself into trouble because "Without faith it is impossible to please God."
---donna6598 on 2/15/07

Hollistic health is when man/woman turns to natural herbs and remidies from the mid-eastern countries. That's where they come from. It's when you put your faith in them to heal you is when man gets himself into trouble. I can give you the name of a site where a non-Christian says, "You can heal yourself." Her brother was a Christian (she wasn't) and she made him do cleanses to heal and he died anyway. There's much controversary over these middle-eastern invented herbs and remedies.
---donna6598 on 2/15/07

1. Christians can and should work in the various forms of complementary medicine. Please don't call them 'alternative' because most of them were here long before the western medicine we now know so who is it that is using an alternative? The majority of complementary/holistic medicines and treatments involve using God given substances.
---m.p.a. on 2/15/07

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2. These would be better used by Christians than non-Christians but unfortunately this side of the health profession attracts some very wacky individuals and then gets Christians shouting evil at everyone who practices or uses these therapies. Not all complementary therapists belong to the new age movement, nor do they all use pendulums and other strange things. Many that I know are born-again Christians.
---m.p.a. on 2/15/07

A person is made of three parts: body, soul (mind, will, emotions), and spirit. Holistic Health is focusing on all three parts of a human to make them healthy.
---Leslie on 2/15/07

Absolutely! The church needs folks like you. For so long, the church has focussed on our spiritual side, but God is intersted in our mental and physical as well. God has obviously planted a desire in your heart. I encourage you to read (if you have not already) resources from Jordan Rubin and Don Colbert. They have very sound and Biblical principals that have been forgotten by our society. God calls us to be a peculiar people - spiritually and physically!
---Kimberly on 2/15/07

I knew a Christian man, a very God fearing man who turned to hollistic cleansings becausse he had cancer. He ended up dying last Feb 4, 2006. God said, "For I the Lord am your healer." When we look to anything else to heal us, then we're not looking to God to heal us. Now I do go to doctors, but I don't "look" to them to "HEAL" me, I look to them to help me get through the symptoms, and I look to Father to heal me. Does that make sense?
---donna6598 on 2/15/07

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