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Has The Apostasy Began

The apostasy has begun, according to Barna, mostly caused by entertainment, culture, and modern living. I take it one step higher, people can't control themselves anymore and their hearts have turned to stone. What do you think?

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 ---Steveng on 2/16/07
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.nvSteve, Talking about Apostasy (ie: replacing the truth with falsehood) here can be deep, but Apostasy is an epidemic which has infected almost every church here in North America. And another symptom of the disease is that those caught up in Apostate churches blaspheme against the true Christian churches by calling them cults, when in actuallity they are trully and authentically Christ's own church which are Christ-filled and Christ-centered and Christ-led.
---Eloy on 3/7/07

Eloy: Thanks again. I was just trying to inject a bit of levity into a VERY deep discussion.
---NV_Steve on 3/7/07

nvSteve, If you stay in prayer with Jesus, and read the Holy Bible keeping the passages in proper context, then the Holy Spirit should guide you into truth. Two major miscontruings today are picking verses out of context and attaching irrelevant meanings to them; the other is lumping O.T. together with the N.T. calling it "The Word of God" as though it was one Covenant, instead of two. The Bible is comprised of TWO Laws of God, the abolished O.T. of B.C. and the currently in force N.T. of A.D.
---Eloy on 3/5/07

Jeremiah 10:19-22 Woe is me for my hurt! my wound is grievous: but I said, Truly this is a grief, and I must bear it. My tabernacle is spoiled, and all my cords are broken: my children are gone forth of me, and they are not: there is none to stretch forth my tent any more, and to set up my curtains. For the pastors are become brutish, and have not sought the LORD: therefore they shall not prosper, and all their flocks shall be scattered.
---Exzucuh on 3/5/07

Observer, take heart. Reducing each blog down to 75 answers will take some of the wind out of windbags or the sail out of blog hogs. Those that have written novels, all of their chapters are now down the tube. That has to hurt. They can't go back and pluck the 'fruits' of all that labor. It will keep things current, 'currant'. It takes pride down a notch or two. All the hours spent writing the wittiest answers are down the toilet. My chops are boxed and buffeted.
---Bob on 3/5/07

Eloy: I do take scripture very seriously.
I just wish some folks would point out if they're posts are right or wrong in advance 'cus I'm so far behind all of you it would take less time for me catch up :)

Barbara: Sweetheart, you have been blessed from the beginning...and it is I who am blessed with your sweet spirit to guide me.
---NV_Steve on 3/5/07

Bob, no, I am not smiling, merely lamenting.

The other, long timers are VERY dismayed at some of the vicious venom spewed by those females who are relatively new.

One is a blog hog, and another thinks only she is right, and another refuses to see merit in another's position, calling learning "worldly"

None of them act maturely, and are destroying the blog as a whole.
---Observer on 3/4/07

Hey Sherlock, no big surprise that NV Steve and I are 'related!' It blesses me to see that he has more time now and can post more often!
Bless you dear brother Eloy.
---NVBarbara on 3/4/07

nvSteve, Take God's words serious, but do not take posted falsehoods serious, else you be led astray.
---Eloy on 3/4/07

Eloy: your right, it might be a clue, but if I was you, I would go by what she posted :)

I think all posts are serious (except on the whats up & humor blog) and read them several times to make sure I understand the intentions AND meaning of each note as clear as I can. Bless you all.
---NV_Steve on 3/4/07

North America is predominantly Christian, we have the power to vote in Mickey Mouse as president of we so chose. Yet, prayer has been removed from schools, courts and public buildings. Even the Ten Commandments in the form of monuments. In many workplaces, it is becoming unacceptable to wear anything that identifies your religious affiliation. Atheists, Muslims, Jews, and other non-Christians are not in sufficient numbers to have accomplished any of this.
---lorra8574 on 3/3/07

nvSteve, the "NV" you use could be a clue, which Barb uses too.
---Eloy on 3/3/07

kathr4453 I do agree with what you said.
II Tim 3:5 is a perfect Scriptual example of Apostaty.
These NEVER had Salvation but just played the "game."
---Elder on 3/3/07

These people are all so smart...they figured out who I am without any clues!
We've all posted correct-responses to the original-question which was, "What do you think?". However, they can't all be right, or can they?
I voted for this blog because its a complex subject and takes a LOT of research (on many levels) to find the best answer.
How come no one asked for my funny story or the booklet?
---NV_Steve on 3/2/07

Yes the apostasy has begun, But I beleive God is separating the wheat from the tares in our churches at this time we are finding, Ananias and Saphiras, Preachers and there wives being in Major Apostasy, and fleecing innocent sheep, just for moneys. But God is majorly on the seen right now, Exposure is happening, and God is taking back those to the fold that were on there way to Hell and fire.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/2/07

Elder: I like your answer. It's also a warning to Christians in 2 Timothy 3. of those who have a form of Godliness but deny the power. It's denying the Blood that washed away your sin, and the Spirit of Life in Christ that set you free from the Law of sin and death.
We are Justified by His Blood, and Saved by His Life...His risen life. There is no other power. All else is the chapter goes on warning of the Jannes and Jambres crowd.
---kathr4453 on 3/2/07

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Elder #2:
I know you would also agree The Lord wants His to grow up and mature in these times.

Hebrews 5:13For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe.

14But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.

We're living in dangerous times.
---kathr4453 on 3/2/07

nvBarb, I thought that was your Steve. It is good to him blogging in here. If Steve does not already know, I advise him not to take serious every posting displayed, because there are alot of different sources and beliefs posting in here, and not all are Christian nor posted by true Christians eventhough they pose themselves as though they are Christian.
---Eloy on 3/1/07

That would be him my dear brother Eloy, who else? There are so many Steve's on here, he has been posting this way lately. In truth, he's always been so busy he didn't have time to blog. But the past few weeks he's been spending copious time studying and blogging. I'll drop a line or call soon my friend, GBY!
---NVBarbara on 3/1/07

NVSteve, are you the mate of NVBarb? Yes, apostacy is a term simply meaning to fall away from the truth and replacing it with falsehood. And in A.D. it more specifically refers to falling away from the Christian gospel and replacing the gospel with malispel or pseudospeech.
---Eloy on 3/1/07

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catherine, satan is a fallen angel, he is not a person.
He is a created being, but God's power is greater than the devil's.
---g.g.b. on 3/1/07

Eloy, your notes to Barbara are good. It has nothing to do with the words 'modern' or 'anymore'. She understands it, and was only posing the question to help others get a handle on the meaning of the word.
In my first post on this topic I stated that apostasy has been around since the beginning, maybe they will understand now.
---NV_Steve on 3/1/07

With all of this rhetoric does anyone even know what Apostasy is?
Apostasy is knowing God's and ways but never accepting God.
It is receiving Light but not Life.
Apostasy is not getting Saved and then returning to sin. An Apostate has never been Saved but yet acts Godly.
Genesis 6:5 is not about apostasy but lost sinful mankind. They never received life. They were dead while they lived. Learn this term and you will understand.
---Elder on 2/28/07

Observer, on some level, aren't you smiling, howling, and falling out of your chair. Not about the subject matter, but the way the chop busting is meted out.
It's honest, upfront, and beats the sneaking around using everyone else's name to carry out the licks.
We all take a lickin and keep on tickin.

Bobsled, Bob
---Bob on 2/28/07

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. My dear you know so little. I have found so few people on here that are spiritual...

Pride precedes a fall.
---Observer on 2/28/07

Take no prisoners -
to be extremely determined to get what you want.
Notes: said about someone who is not worried about anyone's opinions of their actions

I would like to see the looks on your faces as Catherine, "Take no prisoners" applies to all of us. She busts everyone's chops, equally. No one is immune and it does stop the bickering.
---Bob on 2/28/07

nvBarb, The gift of freewill is not apostasy, nor the forbidden fruit, nor the tree in the middle of the garden; but the apostasy is abusing the gift of freewill by partaking of disobedience. Jesus does not destroy bruised reeds, but heals them, and he turns people to God and not away from him. People fall into apostasy when they choose sin over him, and by repeatedly sinning their conscience becomes seared and they no longer live for God, but only for sin. Please read the last words in verse Genesis 6:5.
---Eloy on 2/28/07

nvBarb, Jesus may have been misperceived and misunderstood as apostate to the orthodoxed rules and commandments of God, and especially to the religious although unconverted, jewish ministers. Rules and Regulations and Commandments have their place, but God's creative work and mercy are much higher than any letter of the Law or it's dictates.
---Eloy on 2/28/07

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The apostacy started at Cain. Many people can argue but they cannot change the facts. it is no wonder many say we judge others because we want to show them God's word. I say learn it first and then teach others. I can show thousands of scriptures to condemn most churches as following satan and not God but they profess to love God. if you love God, you do not hurt or mock or ridicule someone else following Jesus Christ. you look inside yourself first.
---Dave on 2/27/07

My dear you know so little. I have found so few people on here that are spiritual. PAUL IS TALKING ABOUT THE SPIRITUAL MAN. Who has the mind of Christ that He may instruct the spiritual man. Who is under God's inspiration? Very, very,few people have known the mind of God.The apostle had it, and born-again believers has the privilege.
---catherine on 2/27/07

1 Corinthians 2:15
But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.

Paul is saying we discern truth from lies. God gave those who belong to Him that ability.
If you knew something was wrong and you didn't say anything...isn't that wrong? What kind of love is that? The "Truth" of God's Word should be the judge,...we just put it out there.
---kathr4453 on 2/27/07

Wow. Even dictionaries 1943 - 1971 from the same company don't agree word for word. And their online definition is slightly different. I could write a book about this word and its meaning(S) (capital S is intentional). Actually a short (Heart-Warming / funny) story AND a small (serious) booklet. Which one would you ask for?
---NV_Steve on 2/26/07

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NVBarbara - No. Apostasy is the falling away of the church of the truth of Jesus Christ and Him crucified. It is the departure from the Cross of Christ to the ways of the world. Jesus says "I am the way, the truth and the life ...".
---Helen_5378 on 2/25/07

JUDGING++It is true== The worst judges in this world are the unbelievers. You may think of that in more than one way, HA,HA. But seriously, when you accuse someone of judging you are a judging.
---catherine on 2/25/07

Hmmm, just thinking, so don't judge me pls!
Could it be that Jesus Himself started apostasy? After all He came to change the way the world thought of 'religion,' Jews and gentiles. Would you consider that apostasy?
---NVBarbara on 2/24/07

Steveng, not italian, just a-talian ya.
---Eloy on 2/24/07

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Eloy, are you Italian? a Barna? : )
---Steveng on 2/23/07

SATAN==Supernatural being who tries to take away people's happiness by blocking God's purposes. Satan is a person.He has superhuman powers. His powers are limited to what God permits.
---catherine on 2/22/07

I know a Barna. A barna is what you keep horses in.
---Eloy on 2/22/07

Half of born again Christians (46%) agree that Satan is "not a living being but is a symbol of evil.

About one-third of born agains (33%) believe that if a person is good enough they can earn a place in Heaven.

45% say they are "born again Christians

The Barna Group is a research company geared toward Christianity. If statistics is your thing, visit the Barna Group.
---Steveng on 2/22/07

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Steveng==WHO is Barna? Not trying to be funny, I want to know. Honest!
---catherine on 2/22/07

Come on people. The apostasy started with Adam and Eve? You people are just too smart for your own good or you're being funny. The apostasy is the great falling away in which we have just entered the dawn of. Just reading these blogs tells a person that there are many opinions, but where is the truth?

You people tell me that you research the Bible using concordances, Christians research papers, novels, and other Christian resources, but you don't know who Barna is?
---Steveng on 2/21/07

steveng, Barna? "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts will they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they will turn away ears from the truth, and will be turned to fables." II Timothy 4:3,4.
---Eloy on 2/21/07

The apostasy began when Adam ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
---Tom on 2/21/07

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The apostacy began with Cain when he slew Abel. The history of man from that day has been one of violence, greed, envy, strife, suffering and all manner of wickedness. Many on here too follow Satan and his teachings. look at the blogs. Jesus Christ taught goodness, mercy and loving each other. you do not hurt anyone you love, but many do. we need to clean ourselves before you can help someone else or it is do what I say and not as I do. hypocrisy!
---Dave on 2/21/07

When the Chistian Churches removed the KJV Holy Bible from their pulpits and their pews and replaced them with the dead Unholy bibles, the seeds of apostacy began.
---Eloy on 2/21/07

The truth is out there! Look up the word in the dictionary, read it several times, think about the meaning of that word, then, ponder that over, read it again (several more times) ... then start searching. I think we can all learn more about that word.
---NV_Steve on 2/21/07

Aroma Therapy perhaps? See, I told ya it doesn't work,...It's suppose to take you to your Happy Place.
---kathr4453 on 2/20/07

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Curious?....You read my mind!!!
---Susie on 2/20/07

Nothing personel Christopher, but what on earth are you talking about?
---Curious? on 2/20/07

it started when jesus was born. everything happens for a reason EVERYTHING. think like this and you will see: judas wasnt bad satan isnt bad judas must have betrayed jesus to the stuff to crack off. and satan must exist for god to exist. study religion of all sorts. God is male satan is female. I am not reffering to gender itself but the balance of life
---christopher on 2/20/07

Mary: The doctrines that are preached in today's churches are not the same as the gospel. Can you tell me the purpose of the Bible? What is it that Christians are suppose to be preaching to the world? What was the gospel that Jesus was preaching? If we veer away from what Jesus was preaching, it is false.
---Steveng on 2/19/07

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Mary, Just type in on your search engine Deceived on Purpose. It will explain.
---kathr4453 on 2/19/07

Hi; can someone please explain why I've seen the 40 Days of Purpose picked on, so to speak? My church has used it and we thought it was wonderful; what is so "deceiving" about it? Thanks in advance :)
---Mary on 2/19/07

Bruce5656: Answer, No Gospel and New Age.

Correction: Rick Warren's 40 days does have a purpose, and that is to deceive.

Bruce, an interesting article on line called "Deceived on Purpose". Very enlightening.
---kathr4453 on 2/17/07

lorra8574: I have explained Rev 12 as Israel being the Woman on the Ash Blog.
What has been done to Mary by the Catholic Church is appauling. The"Catholic Mary"came on the scene when the Goddess Diana needed to be replaced via politics. Just exchanging one Virgin Goddess for another. The Bible also said in Judges 5:24 that Jael was most blessed above all women too.
Are you calling Mary "common" because she was a sinner? Jael was also a sinner,yet called Blessed above all women.
---kathr4453 on 2/17/07

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Earthquakes, pestilance, wars and rumors of wars, all have been going on since the beginning. But can't you see what has been going on in today's world concerning Christians being wrapped up in worldly things and mixing eastern religions (like yoga and other spiritual doctrines) into the Christian church? Is there a trend, especially within the past 50 years. that is leading Christians to the dawn of the great falling away?
---Steveng on 2/17/07

I think apostasy has been going on since the beginning. What we're doing here is looking for inspiration to help us be better Christians. However, it is through His Grace alone that we are saved.
---NV_Steve on 2/17/07

I think the apostate church has begun and is growing. There are lots of Christians who have a hard, unloving heart toward God and others. There are also lots of Christians who have a spirit of AntiChrist in the fact that some believe: Jesus is NOT the son of God, Jesus was NOT born of a virgin, Jesus did NOT die on a cross, Jesus did NOT raise from the dead, and Jesus is NOT the ONLY way to be saved. This is just the beginning of the apostate church.
---Leslie on 2/17/07

Wise words Bob.
---BRUCE5656 on 2/17/07

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Kathra4433, I object. Our Mary is the Mary of scripture - See Revelations 12:1 and 17.

Giberah = Mother of the King
1 Kings 2:19; 1 Kings 15:10-13; 2 Chronicals 15:16; Jer. 13:18
Not to be confused with the pagan Queen of Heaven in Jeremiah.
Psalm 89, God made a promise to David, He fulfilled it in Christ, Heir to the Davidic Throne. Who is your "Mary" whom you think is more common than yourself? Surely not the Mother of My Lord? Not the Mary of the Scriptures.
---lorra8574 on 2/17/07

Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by giving heed to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons, through the pretensions of liars whose consciences are seared, WHO FORBID MARRIAGE and enjoin abstinence from foods wich God created to be rceived with thanksgifing by those who believe and know the truth. I Timothy 4: 1-3. THE APOSTASY BEGUN RIGHT AFTER CHRIST DIED AND THE ANCIENT CHURCH WAS DIVIDED BECAUSE OF FEAR.
---Milagros on 2/17/07

Did you read the book?

IF so, what is your specific problem with it?
---BRUCE5656 on 2/17/07

"For I say, through the grace given to me, to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think"
"we, being many, are one body in Christ,"

"exhort, give with liberality, lead with diligence, show mercy with cheerfulness, love without hypocrisy, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord; rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation...rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep..
---Bob on 2/17/07

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Calvin's jesus is a two faced liar who really didn't mean what he said in John 3:16

James Kennedy's jesus gave all the covenant promises of Israel to the United States of America, now calling "US" God's New Chosen people, and America God's New Promised land.

What more can be said, the list goes on and on and on!
---kathr4453 on 2/17/07

Preach the Cross of Jesus Christ.

Remember the Lord has reserved for Himself many who have not bowed their knee to apostasy. Rom. 11:14
---Bob on 2/17/07

I think that before the self-righteous become carried away with themselves, with handshakes all around, examine yourselves. We all know in part. If you think you're one of the few left, speaking for God; remember Romans 11:4.
---Bob on 2/17/07

"Lord,...I alone am left, and they seek my life"
"But what does the divine response say to him?"
"I have reserved for Myself seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to Baal."
"at this present time there is a remnant according to the election of grace."
---Bob on 2/17/07

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So before you start pointing fingers in 7 different directions consider your own bedside manner. The question describes a harshness and hardness coming through the answers we see on the blogs. Anyone can be hard. It stirs up controversy, but it does not "provoke to jealousy". Romans, Chapter 10.
---Bob on 2/17/07

"Being ignorant of God's righteousness, and seeking to establish their own righteousness, have not not submitted to the righteousness of God."

"Do not say in your heart, 'Who will ascend into heaven?'" or
"Who will descend into the abyss?"
---Bob on 2/17/07

The Catholic jesus is not the Jesus of scripture because their Mary is not the Mary of scripture.

The Mormon Jesus is not the Jesus of scripture because their jesus is Satan's brother.

The Charismatic jesus is more interested in your disease then sin,and the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus that set you free from the law of sin and death,can now be administered in a"slain in the spirit line up"rather than at Calvary.

Rick Warrens 40 day jesus leaves you with no purpose at all.
---kathr4453 on 2/17/07

"Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good."

"If your enemy hungers, feed him:
if he thirsts, give him a drink; in doing so you will heap coals of fire on his head."

It's not our job to heap coals. Presenting ourselves as the only ones with truth and wise in our own opinions, is self righteousness.
---Bob on 2/17/07

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The first apostate was Cain, son of Adam. through the ages, many people have rejected God and gone the ways of Satan and the world. In Noah's time, the flood destroyed them. through history, many have followed their own hearts and not God. they teach false doctrines to deceive many. teach wrong is right, right is wrong. we see that today in entertainment, video games, sports, cultures, movies, schools, politics, etc. violence is glorified and God is taken out of our lives. Satan is laughing.
---Dave on 2/16/07

Lee: "Lets be seed sowers more than soil examiners. God will take care of the rest." So, are you telling me to plant the seed and let the young seedling (young Christian) nurture itself? Or, as a sower, nutured the young seedling until it's ready to go on it's own much like what Jesus did to the Apostles and like the Apostles did with their seedlings (by visitations and writing of letters of encouragement). Would you allow a new born child to grow by itself?
---Steveng on 2/16/07

We should be focusing on the harvest. I do agree that the entertainment and lack of control is a big problem today. Lets be seed sowers more than soil examiners. God will take care of the rest.
---john on 2/16/07

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