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Are Small Groups Valid Ministry

Is it necessary for a church to hold services Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday evening? Are small groups that meet in homes a valid form of ministry for churches to encourage?

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 ---Madison1101 on 2/16/07
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Small groups are valid (this is the way of the first century church also). They should include a self controlled 'rap session' of sorts so that everyone can discuss any misunderstandings of "THE WORD OF TRUTH" (2 Timothy 2:15, Ephesians 1:13, John 14:6, Ephesians 6:17) so that everyone can learn to "WALK BY THE SPIRIT" (Galatians 5:16 and 25) after being exposed to the introductory doctrine of Jesus (Hebrews 6:1). This way, you can all "enter by the door" (John 10:13).
---greg on 4/7/08

Actually, the original Christian practice, inherited from Judaism was TWICE daily services each day of the week.

The accepted pop-evangelical custom is lax.
---Jack on 4/5/08

Although I personally prefer to go to church services on Sunday night and Wednesday night, I also think that small groups serve as a good basis for fellowship. We had a Bible Study every Saturday night in our home before we moved. It was the highlight of the week for those attending. If it were possible, we would do it every night of the week.
---Susie on 7/26/07

Sounds more like a personal issue then anything madison. I do not blog several times to get one point across due to the fact that you may lose something in each blog or that it is "just a bunch of gibberish" from trying to read all the blogs in a row since other people have already blogged in between your blogs.
---Carea on 3/12/07

You might think this a little to simple, but if the Word of God is being Preached (taught)and people are comming to the saving knowlage of Christ, then it realy dos'nt matter if people are meeting in a small group with 10to15 or in a mega church with 10,000.
---jamea8587 on 3/5/07

Carea: I often need to post several times to get the full content of my blog posted. I would prefer that than having to read the gibberish with the numbers and letters not making any sense.
---Madison1101 on 3/5/07

Alan, I totally understand what you were writing. It was the 'pkease' that gave me a giggle! GBY!
---NVBarbara on 3/4/07

nvB ... That's what we call it in the UK
Sorry about the spelling mistake!
---alan_of_UK on 3/4/07

Madision I would have written it all out but I only have some many words I can do that and to get my full point across I needed all that I wrote out I had to write it out like I did. Sorry if you can't figure it out. I didn't think it was that hard. If you want me to send it to you I will be more then happy too!!
---Carea on 3/4/07

'Pkease carea, use English, not text-speak'
Couldn't help but laugh at that Alan! GBY!
---NVBarbara on 3/3/07

A building is not the church. People are the church. NT they met in homes. God never intended us to listen to one person and look at the back of each other's heads. God placed the five-fold ministry in the body to grow us up. Ministry gifts should be free to function whether it is in a building, a home, a field, or a stable.
---Marlene on 3/3/07

Where two are three are gathered in my name, said Jesus I will be in the mist of them, Jesus and the disciples were meeting in the streets, by lakes and rivers, wells, gardens, on sides of hills,houses of sinners,upper rooms, and in the desert.
---exzucuh on 3/3/07

We all goof on spelling, especially when we're tired or sleepy. It's not intentional.
Text speak will eventually put your brain to sleep if you keep using it. When you go for a job interview or need to write an inter-office memo, the boss will take a good look at how you express yourself. Do yourself and us a favor, quit using it, please.
---R2D2 on 3/3/07

Pkease carea, use English, not text-speak
---alan_of_UK on 3/3/07

What do you mean is it a valid ministry? Who cares? Preach anyhow, if the power of God is in it and on it, and okeys it.
---catherine on 3/3/07

Carea: Your blog would be so much easier to read if you wrote out your words and did not use Textspeak. The letters and numbers are just too hard to read.
---Madison1101 on 3/2/07

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"Where 2 & 3 come 2gether N my name, there am I with them." Matt. 18:20, But that doesn't mean U should replace church services. Church services R good 2 fellowship 2gether more then just a small group & it also helps receive opinions of other Christians on other Christian/non-Christian subjects, ideas, or thoughts. Some people might have Xperienced other things that U haven't & there4 they could help U thru that situation. If U stay N a small group, then U might not B able 2 learn as much.
---Carea on 3/2/07

Jack & christina:
There are four mentioned. Jesus our lord, the heavenly father, the spirit, and truth.
Now with four to chosse from certainly there's a chance to make three. Jesus said the father and I are one, so that's one. The spirit would be two, and the truth would be three. Or would you like to process it, in some other convuluted way on your own. Talk out desperate to make up a triage. Wake up.
---jhonny on 2/20/07

Jack: "** Jesus, our Lord said to the woman at the well that our Heavenly Father was seeking true worshipper, those that worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. **

Has anyone but me noticed that this is a STRONGLY Trinitarian statement?"

Interesting observation...
---christina on 2/19/07

Catherine maybe. The world council of churches is also opposed to small groups. Small groups have a lot more personal responsibility and take a lot more work and effort. Most people are procrastinators and lazy. Sort of a warm a seat mentality. Others are into bondage to service for the wrong reasons, based on poor motivation and basically wrong life choices.
---jhonny on 2/18/07

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"Where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name, there I will be in the midst of them", sounds pretty valid to me.
---houston on 2/18/07

jhonny== Sounds to me like a little Tyranny creeping in there.
---catherine on 2/18/07

George: Are you ashamed of the word church as you are being a Christian?
---Steveng on 2/18/07

** Jesus, our Lord said to the woman at the well that our Heavenly Father was seeking true worshipper, those that worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. **

Has anyone but me noticed that this is a STRONGLY Trinitarian statement?
---Jack on 2/18/07

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One pastor I spoke with left his congregation of about 300 after nine years. He didn't believe studies in homes, that were the trend for his church at the time, were valid. He was angry. Unable to reverse the trend, he left. Corporate religion cannot have people experiencing God in small groups outside of the liturgical action of the magisterium.
One compromise.
Small groups are not permitted without the presence of credentialed, or appointed authority from the church.
---jhonny on 2/18/07

Rebecca: I don't like the word church. I rather "congregation" because that's what it means. If you meet with ten friends to read the bible in a park or wherever, there, that's a "church." the building helps for practical aspects, but God does not abide there. bible says God doesn't live in man made buildings. The abiding place of God should be our hearts. God Bless.
---george on 2/18/07

Jesus, our Lord said to the woman at the well that our Heavenly Father was seeking true worshipper, those that worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Not location. Now The early church had its beginning both in a building and from there people also met in houses. And yes, meeting at homes can be distractive but arrangement can be met to avoid those distraction as well as in a church building there can be distractions as well. Now, why do you think Jesus went off at times to a secluded place to pray?
---Ruben3898 on 2/18/07

"The Church" has always meant the PEOPLE, not a building. I've had great 'church' sitting in a coffee shop sharing with friends, or at home, even on the phone! However I like gathering with my church body in a building at given times.
---NVBarbara on 2/17/07

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If we agree with as few as 2-3 others, (Matthew 18:20), that Jesus is Lord, giving Him honor, and praises, He acknowledges that. We're the church, His word lives in us. It's the heart that matters, not the building, or lack of.
I think about His goodness and give Him praises as I go through my day, every day. Who put a limit on the amount of days we're to worship? A true worshiper lives to worship the Lord. It's a lifestyle, not a 2-3 time a week occurance
---lynet on 2/17/07

Rebecca: "I feel closer to God in the church I go to because I know that God adides there." Your house, then, is simply that, a house - brick, stone and wood. Love does not abide in a house. Haven't you heard that a home is where the heart is and also where the Spirit should dwell. What did the apostles do before entering a home?
---Steveng on 2/17/07

I have had negative responses from over one hundred churches in my local area to open their church doors 24/7. As we enter the dawn of the great falling away from the faith, churches are not heeding the call to seriously help Christians in THEIR time of need. Spiritual problems happen anytime, not only on Sunday mornings. I'm getting burdened with calls from people needing help at 2am. And it's going to get worse at we enter the tribulation.
---Steveng on 2/17/07

Rebecca: Your statements to me on the other blog were offensive, as they implied that your church's practices were the right way, and mine were the wrong way.

My church has a morning worship service and Sunday school, but the rest of the week we meet in small groups. My church is large, with about 150 families in attendance. The small groups are more intimate and allow for deeper relationships to develop.
---Madison1101 on 2/17/07

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Yes, this is a valid form of ministry. The disciples and apostles meet in homes more than in the synagogs.
---Leslie on 2/17/07

It's not necessary but it sure is needed. With all the bombardment of the world in our life we need more, not less of meeting together. The size and location of the meeting is irrrelevant. Jesus said he who is for me is not against me and whoever is gathered in my name there I am.
---john on 2/17/07

---Susie on 2/17/07

I prefer having church in a church building. We have services on those days you mentioned. I love it. A few ladies get together at someone's house and have prayer meeting and bible study. But there is always a distraction, phone ringing, coffee brewing, to much of a distraction that Satan can get your attention off of God and onto something else. Church is my Sanctuary. Ex 25:8. The past year, I've been in and out of hospitals, and when I go to church I find that alter and I just cry to God. CONT:
---Rebecca_D on 2/16/07

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CONT: It doesn't matter to me what others think, my health wasn't good, so I needed a miracle from God. Church is where I can leave my troubles outside and just worship God. In my house I have two children, yet I talk to the Lord, I have distractions, and my mind wonders. I feel closer to God in the church I go to because I know that God adides there. If I said anything to you that hurt your feelings, I am sorry. I just always been around people that have church in a church building.
---Rebecca_D on 2/16/07

madison, jesus said wherever 2 are gathered in my name there will I be also.and to answer your question ABSOLUTELY.
---tom2 on 2/16/07

Early Churches began in homes of believers why wouldn't it be as valid now? It is,Where two or three are gathered together there I am in the midst of them Jesus said it, I believe it, and from experience know Home Churches or Prayer Meetings can be just as or more anointed than regular church buildings which are full. I was Praise and Worship leader in a home Prayer Meeting Group for six years and the Lord was with us there just as sweetly as in church,when everything is conducted by the Word of God.
---Darlene_1 on 2/16/07

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