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Who Out There Is A Christian

Who is Right? Protestants? Catholics? Orthodox? Armenians? Copts? Assyrians? Jesus said that it was the religious man who walked on by, but the pagan who helped the beggar, and "Love your God, with all your might, and Love your neighbour". Any comments?

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 ---Ed on 2/18/07
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Yes, Jesus Christ is right.++
---catherine on 11/5/07

Mima ... According to the rule of predestination, the man was quite right not to alert his neighbours, since God is in control of everything. To have interfered would have been to challenge God's sovereignty.
---alan_of_UK on 11/5/07

To answer your question, it's the Orthodox.

Armennians and Copts, however, are awfully close.
---Jack on 11/3/07

Catherine, I agree with you 100%. From surveys we see roughly 80% of US population declare themselves to be Christians. At the same time about half of the Christians in the US believe Satan isn't real. The problem lies in as you said knowing what a Christian truly is. Most don't.
---Matthew on 3/2/07

Who is a Christian? It seems now adays everyone is a Christian. Tells alot about the faith. I mean, who would wake up one morning and say, "I am a muslem," without really becoming one. Yet, most are not a true Christian because, Jesus is the only way and He does the choosing. And this is the very reason Christianty is not respected today. It does great damage to God's reputation, not to mention the true Christian's. Noone knows what is real or fake anymore.
---catherine on 3/2/07

that maybe so as u so say but we r not all like the pagan helper. Who is right? The Bible is right mate, and we are the followers Catholics, Jws, Protestants, Sdas etc etc etc. There is only one church and that is the Church of Christ. We are the church of Christ. We the followers of Christ. Not the building or religion, but the followers of Christ.
---jana on 3/2/07

By their fruits you will know them, a person can have many beautiful green leaves, and everybody can say wow! look at those beautiful leaves but get a little closer, start examining the fruits. The pagan had fruits. The religious ones didn't, who will be the greatest in the kingdom of God? The Pagan. God looks at the heart not the title. Confess Him, follow His teachings and you can't go wrong.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/2/07

A man passed a neighbor's house that was burning. The man realize that the neighbor and his family were asleep in the House.--- however the man did not alert the neighbor whose house was burning because well he realized it was a very private matter and wanted to give RESPECT to his neighbor. And so the neighbor and all his family died in the fire! Should God applaud this man for respecting his neighbors privacy??
---Mima on 3/2/07

The bible plainly tells us: there is only one faith, one baptism, one Lord. We(believers) are all trying to get to the same place. One thing is for sure: we must be born again and we must be holy. The bible tells us this. If we have not been born again. We will surely be lost. If you are a born again Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox whatever you are on your way to heaven. Good enough for me. Love all.
---robyn on 3/1/07

I sure am Christian and sure do let everyne know that I am. I have stickers on my car to say and I am NEVER ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. I love Him n do my best 2do what He wants us to do in the community, home etc. I follow all His commandments n if I fail in other parts, which I know I do, I only need to repent everyday n He is a loving forgiving God.
---jana on 3/1/07

I am a christian
---Linda9833 on 2/20/07

It's only OK, if you use your secret penpal names, yes? :-)
---anonymous on 2/20/07

I dont know what I am. I believe in the Truine God. I love learning about Jesus and the more I learn about God the more I know how little I know. I was baptised when I was a baby. I was confirmed when I was a preteen and I hated going in front of the whole church and answering questions. I dont really like church. I want to be like Jesus. I try to love people, and I do.I like to talk to people about Jesus. Thats all I have room for.
---sue on 2/20/07

Again, I recommend to read the whole Bible and it will be evident who is following Jesus and who isn't . what communion is there between darkness and light? I encourage you: read your whole bibles! I condemn catholic doctrine, not catholics. Even Jesus didn't come to condemn the world but to save it, who am I to condemn it? nevertheless he condemned practices of the priests and pharisees. He was very blatant. But He came to save them who were his sheep but those who are not his don't recognize his voice.
---george on 2/20/07

Priest past the wounded man, a Samaritan helped him--in the eyes of a Jew, yes a sinner, not a pagan. The quote is: And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. ... Leaving out the qualifier of 'love the LORD thy God, can easily change the meaning to be---what ever you define as your god, love it or him. The rest of your quote is 'love thy neighbor as thy self', not just merely love your neighbor but as you love yourself. Jesus is RIGHT.
---Jay_Black on 2/20/07

Ed, we are not condeming Catholics. We just don't recognize a lot of their customs. No harm intended.
---christian on 2/20/07

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Amen Donna!!!!
---Susie on 2/20/07

I take your point. But why do people condemn "Roman Catholics".
My gist on this blog has not been to say "Protestants" are bad guys, and we "Roman Catholics" are the good guys, but rather just to respect each other, and do more together, to defend Christianity from its many enemies.
---Ed on 2/20/07

Ed, Jesus did not put a label on Himself nor his disciples. Believers are the ones who are right. Believers are people who believe the word of God and Obey his word at all cost. Anyone who puts a label on their beliefs is in serious error, why? Because Jesus never said, "Where are the Orthodox's? They are right." OR "Where are the Baptists, they are right." Jesus never put a label on people, we shouldn't either.
---donna6598 on 2/20/07

they are all right and all wrong. if you wish to see true christianity look at all religions EVERY SINGLE ONE. its ok to disagree with the bible because chances are you are only disagreeing with someone elses misinturpritation and not the text itself. it is not what one means to say, but how people take it that is of importance
---christopher on 2/20/07

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**My best advice to you is to read the HOLY BIBLE. See if the beliefs line up with the Word of God, and if NOT, it IS a LIE.**

Amen to that!!!!!! :)
---george on 2/19/07

**Some people that claim to be Christian (Catholics, Orthodox, Armenians, Copts, Assyrians, SDA, etc.) if you look at some of their beliefs, they do NOT line up with the HOLY BIBLE, and are therefore man-made, religious, and cultish (a.k.a. LIES).**

Please be specific about what Orthodox doctrines do not line up with the Scriptures.

Bet you can't.
---Jack on 2/19/07

Something like only 5% of German Christians regularily attend church/ chapel. Christianity in Europe is facing real problems. Mainly from materialism and attack from secular people who don't want their consciences stirred by Christians. And other religions are on the increase here.
You think we can afford to be fighting amongst ourselves?
---Ed on 2/19/07

My best advice to you is to read the HOLY BIBLE. See if the beliefs line up with the Word of God, and if NOT, it IS a LIE. Some people that claim to be Christian (Catholics, Orthodox, Armenians, Copts, Assyrians, SDA, etc.) if you look at some of their beliefs, they do NOT line up with the HOLY BIBLE, and are therefore man-made, religious, and cultish (a.k.a. LIES).
---Leslie on 2/19/07

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Hi, Mr. Ed/Dave. The real false prophet starts with "M." Yes, I see you now. Approaching from a different angle, but the falsehoods came along with it. By the way, I see you used my name to say there was marriage in heaven, not. I know why you have stirred up this controversy, mormons believe every church is of the devil outside of mormonism.
---Michael on 2/19/07

None of them are right, Follow Christ as the scriptures reveal him in the gospels; this is what we are responsible for, not for whether or not we believe a rapture, or any other debatable doctrine.

No church will get everything right, some will be close, but find one that keeps the MAIN ONE the main thing, live your life in God's leading and you can't be wrong.
---Pharisee on 2/19/07

There is no denomination that is absolutely right. We have all come short of the glory of God. But, through HIS righteousness we are made righteous. The Church is made up of people from many denominations. Those who are following Jesus to the best that they can and not following all these false prophets running around today are part of that Church. Follow Jesus! That's the way to go.
---Susie on 2/19/07

Ed, you are a trouble maker. The thing that you don't realize is, God knows your every thought, intention, and your next move. You can't beat God. Your fighting a losing battle.
---Simon on 2/19/07

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"False prophets" - but there are many, many different Protestant denominations. In fact I don't know how you can call a large number of them Protestants at all. Before the Reformation there were no Protestants in Western Europe. Just Catholics. So i could easily say, but i am not going to "beware of false prophets". Surely we all say things that are false, as well as things that are true - because we are all imperfect. The real false prophet: name begins with M.
---Ed on 2/19/07

And lastly ...loving God etc isn't an excuse for not going to Church. We must worship with others. I just meant we need to be more tolerant towards other Christians.
---Ed on 2/19/07

Ed, did you ask, so you could answer?
This is loaded, you know what you believe. We can't change anyone. I ignore the Ortho/Catho/Proto/Armo/Copto/Assyo debates. Some of the errors are disturbing. I find reading them becomes a form of brainwashing. I have to turn away and guard my heart. That is the danger of error. I don't want to entangle myself with it.
---anonymous on 2/18/07

Any self-appointed authority with a
controlling spirit, operating from a constant state of hostility is not for me. Add bitterness, haughtiness, pride, anger or a fierce, warring nature, it's not for me. We need to be careful that no root with bitter fruit begin to grow in us because of the warring. A controlling nature brings bondage.
---anonymous on 2/18/07

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Jack - From what you say on these Blogs Orthodox believe the same as the RCC.
---Helen_5378 on 2/19/07

ed, anyone who is born again.the only person ever to have all truth was jesus.he is truth.rather than wondering who is right we should worry about who is saved.jesus warned against false prophets,but the great commission is to save people not judge their lives,or doctrine.yes we are to correct them IN LOVE. and if they won,t repent then separate from them.theres gonna be only one type people in denominations either.
---tom2 on 2/18/07

Warning others of corrupted religion is one mark of a Christian, and is actually showing love, even though some don't think so. Example: I was led by the Spirit of God to witness to Catholics, from my old church, and some actually have gotten born again because of what the Lord did through this unworthy person as myself. I'm not saying Catholics are bad people, a lot of them mean well, but meaning well doesn't save a person. Their just not enlightened yet. Glory to God for the work, he does through me!
---Ted on 2/18/07

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