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People Are Leaving My Church

In my Church over 150 people have left. It's so depressing there now, what should I do?

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 ---James on 2/20/07
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Do you know why they have left?
---alanUKquent64534 on 4/27/08

Not to be overly critical or condemnative of your personal situation, but yours isn't an overly origional story. Across the country, there's a massive exodus going on.

People are tired of the ignorance inshrined by church doctrine. Adults are tired of the ceaseless backbiting and internal corruption. People are tired of the lethargy of the present congregation. Young people are tired of the boring sermons and wishy-washy rituals, not seeing how any of it applies to being a good person NOW.
---D on 9/11/07

The church is not for dead people, no. The church is for God's people who's alive. So lets act like it. Lets celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus, but first lets celebrate His Birth.
---catherine on 3/15/07

James, are you still here?

People have asked you for more data. You did not respond.
---Observer on 3/9/07

I think the people finaly got discernment from the Holy Spirit, and came to realize the pastor was a hypocrite, and maybie in it for the money not the souls. Stuff happens.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/8/07

Maybe the Pastor was preaching the truth and stepping on their toes and they couldn't take the heat, so they left. It also could be because the Pastor was letting sin behind the pulpit and the people couldn't take it. We don't know without knowning more on the subject. Are you still there James?
---Rebecca_D on 3/8/07

I agree with Carla's answer. But consideration must be given to the condition that the churches have fallen Into. The modern church is the apostate church, therefore more than people leaving perhaps people are being driven by their conscience to leave.
---Mima on 2/25/07

People are leave basically all churches and accept there be a falling away the next change towards the End times cannot occur so don't beat yourself up about it. It has to happen. People getting greedier, Loving themselves more than God, Calling themselves prophets when it's clear they are not, Anti Christs as never before, Children, (babies having babies) People believing a lie rather than the truth.... List is endless I guess it's searching the clouds time!
---Carla5754 on 2/25/07

I am sorry that your church is having difficulty. I think it would be benificial for you to focus on serving rather than if you should leave. No matter what happens we must realize that Jesus came to serve even though he was the master. Pray for your church and for your leaders dont be a contribution to division rather a vessel of healing and blessing to others. A lot of reasons there are church splits is because people have their eyes on a man rather than God.
---Edwin_Larkin on 2/25/07

James, one thing you should do is that when people ask you questions, be polite and reply and don't simply ask the original question and go away.
---Caring on 2/24/07


I'd rather have a consecrated crow. then a dead canary.
---Lynn on 2/24/07

do you know why people are leaving?any way it doesnt matter,as long as your spiritual needs are being met and whats going on in your church is sound doctrine and bible truths leave well enough alone. sometimes God moves people out of our life for a reason,maybe he's doing a new thing in your prayerful about what is going on. God bless you.
---carol on 2/22/07

john, you are making an assumption that the ones that leave a church have less honor. I'm not concerned with the honor thing, but I am concerned about what's going on in the church I am attending. I and others left a church because we were led to. After we left, the Pastor lost his church completely because of some secret horrible things that I will not get into here. You would do better to hold your thoughts before making those inaccurate, off the wall statements. Wisdom is better than gold.
---jack on 2/22/07

James, why not ask Father God, "Lord why are they all leaving?" Let God reveal it to you. Then ask Him, "what should I do?" (besides pray).
Let God guide you through this. I attended 2 churches years ago that God shut down for very good reasons. They never re-opened. One was because the Pastor was in severe rebellion to the word and another Pastor had so much pride, he could blow up a thousand pound hot air balloon and fly away on it. PRAY and ask Father God. He will answer you.
---donna6598 on 2/21/07

Either he is preaching the truth and some are leaving because the truth still brings a reproach the multitude (of Christians as well as unbelievers) hates, or, some are seeing the spirit of err and going out to seek the truth. Rather than be depressed weigh the spirits and see if you should stay or follow.
---Frank on 2/21/07

There are some who jump out of the ship when it begins to sink but there are some that are willing to go down with it. Who is given the greatest honour? Not the jumper.
---john on 2/21/07

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If its depressing to you, thats probably the reason every bodies leaving! You ought to leave to! Satan has churches to.
---JEB on 2/21/07

Do you have a new pastor who thinks the old ways of doing things is wrong? Is he changing things to the way he wants them to be? That's what happened to several churches I know. Pastors making the church more worldly can destroy a church quickly.
---Susie on 2/21/07

Never remain on a sinking ship. Jump out, then begin praying for all those that are still left. Is sin in the camp? Ephesians 6 is something that comes to mind. Though I don't have much to go on, summizing from past experiences of church splits, always found to be the main reason, Ask God to guide, I don't want you to be depressed, where you are. The Bible also says the letter killeth but the spirit gives life, this could also be a reason for people leaving, people often move on to greener pastures.
---Cynthia on 2/21/07

James, you should invite people to come to your church. That is the only way you can help your church.
---Linda9833 on 2/20/07

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If you really love the Church, stay. Get Focused on Jesus. Enjoy.
---catherine on 2/20/07

Somebody better shine a light in a dark place, why not you?
---Pharisee on 2/20/07

Try to question some of the people and find out why people are leaving?
---notlaw99 on 2/20/07

YOu didn't say what's driving them away. Can you explain?
---Jack on 2/20/07

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If you are depressed, the first thing you need to do is get your joy back by getting the peace of Christ in your heart. We are to cast all cares & concerns on God. So we may joyfully praise his Holy name, which is pleasing to him. In the peace of Christ is where JOY abides. When we commune together in the name of Christ it is with this joy that we praise our Father in Heaven. It does not matter how many are communing, what matters is how many are earnestly seeking the Lord.
---ShawnM.T on 2/20/07

Be prayerful, keep your eyes on the Lord, and realistically examine your feelings.
Are you the Pastor of the church? If not has the church changed Pastors recently? Have changes been made that are unreasonable? Has the Pastor been exposed in some way?
People don't leave a church in such a large numbers unless there is something going on that affects them spiritually, and possibly personally. You don't give much information.
You are in my prayers.
---lynet on 2/20/07

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