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Communion Only At Passover

Passover was celebrated once per year. Jesus is the fulfillment of Passover. Communion is in remembrance of what Christ did. Should Christians then only take communion once per year? Why or why not.

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 ---Mary on 2/21/07
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I think Communion should be as often, as possible. It brings members closer together in love, it foster fellowship among the pastor,leaders and members. I have seen Communion taken in a line. Everyone partakes of the cup. We pray and just take time to love on one another. I felt so close to the other sister and brethren in the church. It was a wonderful time of Fellowship. I left the church feeling so full of love for Jesus and others. I felt I had experienced a piece of heaven on earth.
---Robyn on 9/2/07

We don't take communion very often. But when we always did, it was lead by God for us to do so. But if one's heart isn't right with God, they better get it right before taking communion.
---Rebecca_D on 9/1/07

Elder; "The world could not contain the books"? Surely you can tell that which is literal and that which is a "figure of speech" The Library of Congress has just about all the written works (worth mentioning) and it's only a building! Look at the information on "Google" and it's just a website! Literal is just ONE of the ways the bible is written. A diamond has many facets.
---1st_cliff on 3/5/07

Ramon; I don't have the authority to declare any book "inspired " or "uninspired" I'm just a bible student. Your view is that if they are not inspired that they are automatically "false"? How much of your newspaper is "inspired?" If not ,is it all automatically false? Open your mind a little bit!
---1st_cliff on 3/5/07

Ah Ramon is back (Hi) Matthew and John walked and talked with Jesus for 3 1/2 yrs. They are "eye witnesses"Paul, Luke and Mark did not. I said NOTHING about "false teachers" those are your words. I merely asked "how did they know?"
---1st_cliff on 3/5/07

#2.*Wasn't it Jesus who said "watch out"*

In which Gospel Cliff? Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John? If you say Luke is wrong (both his books), as you say in the past, then what make you so sure Jesus really said that?

You see, you can't accept a Scripture unless you accept the author, and if you accept the author, then you saying what he said is "true". Correct? Then what makes Luke and Paul "false teachers"? Just because they stated things not found in other books?
---Ramon on 3/4/07

#3 Since you believe that Luke was wrong because 1)He wasn't in the Communion table, and 2)He's the only one that mention what Jesus said, then tell me how do you reconciled the fact that Matthew wrote many things not found in the other gospels? Should we reject Matthew as well?

You see, going by your theory, one should reject Matthew because Mark never mention Mat 9:27-31. One should reject John because he's the one that mention 3 specific miracles of Jesus (Jn 4:46-54; 5:1-15; 9:1-41).
---Ramon on 3/4/07

Cliff when we consider, seek and look at the woven thread and tie-ins of the Scripture even one of us could see some books that were placed right in the Bible.
But remember this, not everything that should have or could have been written was. The world could not contain the books.
---Elder on 3/4/07

Cliff, I'ts really bad when you have to take up for me, huh.
I love you too my friend. God has placed you on my heart.
We forget to let others know how we really feel about each other. They figure it out by our comments to one another.
Your letter to me at my sister's death gave me encouragement I'll never forget.
I get overly concerned about you because of my love for you. That is why I post to you like I do.
You are without a doubt lovable but really swatable (sometimes).
God Bless.
---Elder on 3/4/07

1st Cliff. Ok, you tell us which books in today's Bible is inspired (God's Word not Men's) and which is unspired and shouldn't be in the Bible.

Give us a List.

P.S In regards to the Communion, just because Luke mention it, and no other writer mention it, then its false? Just how many things are in the gospel of Matthew that are not in Mark, Luke, John, and vice versa?

And you say you are a "Bible student"?
---Ramon on 3/4/07

Cliff ... I am not going to fight yuo!
I know your arguments, unlike those of some here, are conducted in an honest way, and you do not cleverly distort what other people say. I like the way you put forward your views.
But in this, and some other instances, I just do not agree with your conclusion (that Luke was mistaken as to what Jesus said)
---alan_of_UK on 3/4/07

Elder; OK we come to common ground here when, as you say,"they were trying to put together" the NT. A determination had to be made "then" as to which they accepted as inspired. My concern is WHO had the authority to declare these works as "inspired"? It was a democratic process to determine a theocratic work! Since there are 3 schools of thought (Catholic, protestant and Orthodox) witch is the correct one since all 3 claim HS guidence?
---1st_cliff on 3/3/07

Alan; Every once in a while Elder gives me a swat upside the head, but I love him anyway! We go back a few years.
---1st_cliff on 3/3/07

Cliff you said you read something and try to see in your mind if it fits. You will never be able to figure out Salvation and make it fit your mind. So what does that mean?
Do we pick the things we want to believe and reject the rest? You do that.
From the 1st to the 4th centuries they were trying to place together what they called a/the Bible as you say.
That didn't determine if it was Inspired or not in the sense of being God directed writing.
I have explained this to you before.
---Elder on 3/3/07

Cliff when you see those things that don't fit your mind you need to find why they are in and where do they fit in the Word and why.
You take a piece of the puzzle and try to cut it to fit somewhere. When your new cut piece distorts the picture, which it will, you throw it out. Then there is an emptiness in another place. You replace that with a symbolic piece that you color yourself and try to explain what it is.
And you wonder why some refuse to call you an artist and you can't sell your work.
---Elder on 3/3/07

Elder ... I find your methods strange. You tried to rubbish Cliff by suggesting (don't pretend otherwise) that he was WRONG when he said Luke was not at the Last Supper. You did not explain how he could have been when he was not one of the twelve.
NOW you come out with these possibilities.
I think you were neing either dishonest or provative in challenging Cliff in the way you did.
I now withdraw from this.
---alan_of_UK on 3/3/07

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Elder; "Either the Word is God-breathed or not" is not that cut and dried.From the 1st to 4th centuries "much" debate was done to reach a consensus of just what comprised the N.T. by 397 (synod at Carthage)with the help of Augustine and Jerome agreement was reached on 27 books.Still the Catholic Church retained the Apocrypha and the Syrian Orthodox delete 2nd Peter,Jude,2nd and 3rd John and Revelation. Q? who has the authority to declare any,all or none "God-breathed?"
---1st_cliff on 3/2/07

Elder; It's not cliff who says 2 or3 witnesses esablish truth ,but scripture!(deut.19.15) Sure he "could" have heard it here or there,but the most likely one was Paul and Paul heard it from the grapevine.Isn't it also strange that only Luke tells the Rich man and Lazerus parable upon which the entire fundamentalist's theory of the soul's immortality hinges? Along with Paul's "in the body out of the body"comment. Wasn't it Jesus who said "watch out"
---1st_cliff on 3/2/07

Hey Alan; I've known you for a long time on here,I know it sounds argumentive, but when I study scripture I see certain things that just don't quite "fit" in my mind. I ask myself "hey self,should I keep quiet?" and I answer "no". I know I've been branded a heretic for speaking out, I never "pretend" so what you see is what I am.
---1st_cliff on 3/2/07

Cond #3
Either the Word is God breathed or it is not.
You two take your pick. Maybe then you both can tell us what we have that is better.
---Elder on 3/1/07

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Christ's celebration of the Passover was the inaugeration of the new sacrament. The early Christians celebrated it often, and at least weekly. 1 Cor 11:20-26; Acts 20:7; John 20:19
---lorra8574 on 3/1/07

Cond #2
How many Wise Men were there involved in the Birth of Christ story? Three? Who knows the Bible doesn't say. It could have been three hundred.
One thing we do know is that Luke got the information.
It could have been right from the mouth of Jesus after the supper or maybe Luke heard it while he could have been cooking or washing the dishes.
I asked Cliff to prove he wasn't there. He can't. I can't prove he was.
Cond #3
---Elder on 3/1/07

Alan there you go again,.... assuming. I never said whether Luke was at the Supper or not.
You know why? Because we don't know! Cliff likes to pick so much why didn't he pick that?
Cond #2
---Elder on 3/1/07

Question Cliff.
How many times does God have to say something for it to be true?
Don't assume now. Just answer the question. I wanna see that brain work.
There is only one Gospel writer that said Ye Must be Born Again. Was that enough?
---Elder on 3/1/07

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What all are calling the first communion was our Messiah celebrating the Passover Sedar that has been done by Jewish people since their Exodus from slavery. Why do most people think that the supper Yeshua celebrated right before his death was a new thing? Yeshua has been part of the Passover Sedar from the first time it was held when the Jews were about to leave Egypt. We, as believers, take communion in rememberance of his death, burial and resurrection and are to remember as OFTEN as we take it.
---Phyllis on 3/1/07

Cliff ... I refuse to argue with you about whether the whole Bible should be regarded as inspired.
I get into enough trouble saying some of it could be interpreted in a non-literal way See what has been hurled at me when I question the 164 hour Creation! Or that Jesus may not have physically seen the WHOLE WORLD when being tempted.
---alanUKquent64534 on 3/1/07

Jesus is the one then instituted communion. The Bible says we are to do it as often as we will in remembrance of the Lord Jesus Christ.----here's an interesting fact about the first communion, Judas (the traitor) was that at first communion.
---Mima on 3/1/07

Alan; Personally I don't think that "assumption" is the basis for believing anything. Being of the majority opinion is not my strong suit!Deut.19.15 says that at the mouth of "2 or 3" witnesses a matter will stand. Here we don't have one! Is this a case of ho-hum who cares or everybody believes it so it must be so? That's OK for those that think that way but my brain dosen't work like that.
---1st_cliff on 3/1/07

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Cliff ... Like you, I was asking Elder about his suggestion that Luke was at the Last Supper.
There are so many others here who will argue that Luke's gospel, as part of scripture, is "inspired" and therefore wholly true, that it does not need me to join in on that issue!
---alanUKquent64534 on 3/1/07

Alan; One could assume that,of course,but if none of the other 5 bible writing Apostles thought it (even tho it was a command)not worth mentioning....are we bible studiers or not?
---1st_cliff on 3/1/07

the key here is do in remberance of me.most pastors have communion at their own discretion.remember communion is a holy act therefore each one should examine themselves.i believe that the pastor since he is our shepherd here and watches over our soul should have full authority over this matter.
---carol on 2/28/07

John, music and musical instruments and dance were mentioned throughout the OT for praise and worship as well as in the Tabernacle of David. This was a common Jewish practice and I don't think that stopped in the Brit Chadashah (NT) Praising G-d with musicial instruments is also in Revelation. At Passover, we drink 4 cups of wine (you can choose grape juice) and each has a very special symbolic meaning. If you ever get a chance to celebrate a Messianic Passover, I think it would be a blessing to you.
---Phyllis on 2/28/07

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Elder ... I believe Luke quoted correctly what others had reported to him
But surely, he was not at the Last Supper? Was it not The Twelve? And surely Luke was not one of the Twelve?
---alanUKquent64534 on 2/28/07

Elder; You're not going to tell me that Luke was one of the 12 are you? You're brighter than that! Was it only me? and anyone who has ever read the bible! Luke was after all a "Gentile" or non-Jew! Was there anyone in the upper room who was not a Jew? Anyway you already know that! Does that refresh your memory?
---1st_cliff on 2/28/07

Cliff refresh my memory... Who said Luke was not there? Was it only you?
---Elder on 2/27/07

Eloy; I know you're got your tongue?
---1st_cliff on 2/27/07

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Eloy; You're a man with depth of understanding, give me your honest opinion on this Q. Matthew, John, Peter, James and Jude were all present at the Lord's table when statement of Jesus was "allegedly" made "do this in rememberance..." yet none of them mention it. Paul and Luke, who were NOT there quote Jesus as tho they were. Does this make "reasonable theology?"
---1st_cliff on 2/24/07

Christian churches celebrate Communion at least once a year honoring Jesus' sacrificial death, but more common it's monthly. "In the same way also the cup with the supping, saying, This the cup the New Covenant being in mine blood, as oftentimes as you all drink, this do in the remembrance of me. For as oftentimes you all eat of this bread, and drink of this cup, the death of the Lord you all announce till he come." I Corinthians 11:25,26
---Eloy on 2/22/07

Communion was a regular part of the assembly of the early church. There's no mention of musical instruments or bands in the church and yet we have them as a main item in our services. I think it's sad if communion is done so little. We have it available every week and encourage people to do it at home too.
---john on 2/22/07

All the evidence in ancient Christian writings is that they gathered WEEKLY in the wee hours of Sunday morning to celebrate the Eucharast (communion), not just one a year.
---Jack on 2/21/07

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