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Energize Your Faith

When your day/week/year is terrible and there seems like no end in sight, how do you energize your faith in God and keep running the race?

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 ---lisa on 2/21/07
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I read God's word and stand firm, and stand still. It is so hard to do. I have had it rough for over a year. From January 06, to February 07. I have been in and out of hospitals, putting a tube in my kidney for 5 months then taking the kidney out. Having trouble with my other kidney. But God said he will send the Holy Ghost as our comfortor. I have to depend on God, because everyone else will fail me.
---Rebecca_D on 3/21/08

I talk to God, every day, whether I want to or not. Even if it is just to say 'Hey God, not really up for talking, but just wanted to touch base.'
---abbey on 7/29/07

Hasn't always been. You just learn little by little. I'm glad God is patient. I will tell you one thing, it sure does pay to stay on the right side of God, if you need and want His help.
---catherine on 3/17/07

Donna; I had a kidney stone that laid dorment for at least 4 years and I didn't know it. It blocked off my urter tube to my bladder. I found out when I went to the ER, what I thought was the flu but it was an infection. I think God because during those 4 years my kidney could have busted. It shut down. If it hadn't been for the Lord, I wouldn't be here.
---Rebecca_D on 2/22/07

Donna; I often think about that woman with the blood issue. She knew in her heart and mind, that Jesus would heal her. She literally crawled to him, working her way through the crowd, just to touch the hem of his garment. Jesus knew someone had touched him. He felt the power go out of him. If Jesus hadn't been there or if she hadn't heard about him, there wouldn't have been any hope for her.
---Rebecca_D on 2/22/07

I know that the only hope I have is in Christ Jesus. He is faithful.
Many times we don't see what He is doing in our lives becacuse we don't see with His eyes.
I thank and praise Him all day, whenever I think of the fact that I'm still here, despite all that is going on in me, and around me. If I focused on what is going on in my life, I'd be lost.
He is worthy ..., I see His work everywhere, this earth is a beautiful place. Sometimes I just look up into the sky. He is awesome:)
---lynet on 2/22/07

I prophecy with music in the privacy of my own home. Works everytime. Ofcourse it takes alot out of me. I really love it. HAY Devil, I don't care if you or your people approves or not. Most likly you don't because you, Devil,know, that I have strong callings on my life.
---catherine on 2/22/07

God inhabits(takes residence) in the praises of His people. When you open your mouth to praise God He is listening. In 2Chronicles 20 they praised God while He fought their battle for them. Psalms 34:1-3 shows that praise should be in your mouth. W/ praise in your mouth you won't be able to help but to share some of that glory w/ other folks like Moses was shining when he came from God's presence. Folks notice a praiser.
---Rickey on 2/22/07

Rebecca, why did they have to remove your kidney? What's wrong with it? I will be praying that the Lord Jesus come and heal you totally. I appreciate your prayers too. One thing that stuck out while I was studying the woman with the issue of blood was, she spent 12 years with a hemorhage and spent all she had on doctors, and she grew worse. If Jesus wasn't around all those years, and didn't come on the scene until her 12th year of suffering, what hope did she have of ever being healed?
---donna6598 on 2/22/07

Donna: my husband had injections into his spine and it was messing his back up worse. So this isn't for all people. If it helps you, thank God. But if it don't then don't it anymore. I'll be praying for a healing.
---Rebecca_D on 2/22/07

Rebecca sweetie, my heart TRULY goes out to you. I had no idea you were going through this. Maybe you and I can discuss healing further. I am believing God to heal my spine. I've been having Epidural Steriod injections into my spine, and now I've had enough, so I'm studying healing everywhere in the word. Maybe we can exchange notes or encourage one another in this area. My heart TRULY does go out to you.
---donna6598 on 2/22/07

lisa-what I've been doing is studying how Jesus healed people (with a word, with a touch, with mud on the blind man's eyes) and all that cried out to Him for healing got healed. What area do you need your faith built up in? That's the area you should study. A study on the Holy Spirit is always a good one to re-energize your spirit man. I've been doing one on Him now also. I am in physical pain, so I am in the word every night after work for hours.
---donna6598 on 2/22/07

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