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Payback For Long Lunches

Should people who take long lunches or many breaks during the day work overtime or pay their employer back for the lost time? Why or why not?

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 ---jamin on 2/21/07
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Giving short measure is a form of the sin of stealing.

Zaccheus didn't merely say that he was sorry he stole from people. It was not until he expressed his desire to make restitution according to the precriptions of the Law that Jesus said, "Today salvation has come to this house."
---Jack on 10/7/07

People who steal time shoud be fired, period. Unless of course the boss says its ok to take a few breaks during the course of a day. Find out what is acceptable. When in doubt ask.
---Emilie on 3/14/07

Not making up time that you have used personally and been paid for is the equivalent to stealing. The time you are paid for at work has been designated for company activity. The Word of God says to do all things decently and in order. It is out of order to be paid for work, and you are using that time for leisure.
---Zelda on 3/14/07

Yes, because it is theft. Even if the employer is no great shakes. We control what we do or don't do. We were hired to do work and we are paid for our labour. We are expected to keep our end of the agreement.

The exception might be if we are paid hourly and clock out for our breaks and lunch hours, but even then we should do so with our employer's permission.
---lorra8574 on 3/14/07

according to the bible you get paid for what you work, but I think you are taking advantage of the employer if you work over time because some one took a long lunch break.
---irene7395 on 3/14/07

Hi; I am ashamed but I once took an extra lunch break for personal reasons; was caught and fired, as deserved. To this day, I still blush when I see my former supervisor, and wish I could apologize for my error even though he's nice when I see him now. I still regret my mistake though.
---Mary on 2/23/07

Don't think it's going unnoticed. Other workers are always watching every move. If someone is cheating on their time, goofing off on the computer all day, smoke breaks in addition to all the regular breaks, someone is taking note. We all know it's wrong. If management doesn't deal with it, remember, God is watching. His ways are higher. He can balance the scales, He is the Righteous Judge.
---Rottweiler on 2/23/07

Yes, if they are taking time that is not allotted to them for breaks they should either work over to make up the time (otherwise they have not worked the number of hours for which they are being paid) or they should have their pay reduced by the number of 'unofficial' hours they were away from their work. It all depends on their original agreement (contract) with their employer.
---m.p.a. on 2/23/07

Sounds like a form of stealing to me.
---Mackey on 2/22/07

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