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Real Miracles Happening

I know miracles happen today, give some examples of real miracles so God may be glorified.

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 ---john on 2/21/07
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Some years ago a teenage boy living in my area had an incurable, inoperable brain tumour. His parents are Christians and their church prayed for the boy and publicly asked other Christians to pray for him. At the next appointment with the hospital consultant the tumour had gone. The consultant himself said that this could be nothing short of a miracle. I didn't know this family personally but all this was printed in our local newspaper, it is not just hearsay.
---RitaH on 5/16/08

I was fighting a kidney stone in my left kidney. We couldn't play around cause' I have only one. I went to my Uroligist, and he took a CT scan and said it was 4mm. The safest way to get it out was running a scope up through and grabbing it. One night in church, we took our authority over this stone. I knew God had touched me. The DR ran the scope through and there was no stone. Yes God gets all the glory. Natalie, how can you believe that. I can't count how many miracles God has done on just me alone.
---Rebecca_D on 5/5/08

This is known as the Miracle prayer.
It is a blessing. You can ask this healing priest to pray for you too. He is 90. Fr. Peter can find it on line.
---Lisa on 7/26/07

My aunt was healed of heart atrial-fibrillation.
that is an irradical heart beat. I was healed after 2 months from finding a lump in my breast.
A well known priest prayed over my request/ petition. As he asked me to pray everyday as well. He fasts all day and only eats one meal per day. He prays at least 3 hours per day.
He heals in Jesus Christ name always. He doesn't charge a dime either. FREE!
Thanks to the Lord God, Jesus Christ!
---Lisa on 7/26/07

I don't think talking about modern miracles really helps the kingdom of God. I don't know about you, but I usually don't believe someone when they have some fantasical story about a miracle. Too many wack jobs out there to believe it all.
---natalie on 7/14/07

Well, I need a miracle now. God knows whats in my mind/heart. I've been needing a miracle for a long time. Please pray for me.
---sue on 2/26/07

Will do, sue.


---augusta on 2/26/07

Sue, find a church. The TV can't pray for you. Surrender, you can't be on your own.
You need other Christians that can actually pray with you. Real people, not TV preachers. It will be much easier to receive that miracle with the help of brothers and sisters, in a church, Sue. We don't grow hanging out by ourselves.
---anonymous on 2/26/07

Well, I need a miracle now. God knows whats in my mind/heart. I've been needing a miracle for a long time. Please pray for me.
---sue on 2/26/07

I can tell of hundreds of miracles where God stretched forth his hand and saved my life. Coincidence, not a chance. When people stop and cannot speak from what they see in front of them and God leaves me on the Earth, you know He lives and you no longer question His divinity like many do. I have so much faith in God now because I am still on the Earth to help others. When you see miracles, you look inside yourself and appreciate what God gives you.
---Dave on 2/25/07

Sad Natalie, because of your feelings on the subject the miracles that God does in your life will go unnoticed by you.
---NVBarbara on 2/25/07

I think less time following Catherine and making fun should be the order of the day, SusieQ.
---Peter on 2/24/07

Susie - I love that one LOL. You cracked me right up LOL. :)
---Helen_5378 on 2/24/07

catherine....Just how would we know if you look like an idiot? Ha! Ha!
---Susie on 2/23/07

The Blessed Trinity is no fluke. If it were, What I do, would all be for nothing. Do I look like an idiot? [Person who is stupid or does something foolish.]
---catherine on 2/23/07

Jack ::believe it or not she did explain the blessed trinity could have been a Fluke but seeing as Lent has just startedshe is doing pennance for 40 days Way to go Helen Blessings
---Emcee on 2/22/07

**The greatest miracle that happened to me was when Jesus Christ saved me. **

Helen, have you started believing in the real Jesus who truly took His human nature from the Virgin Mary yet?

That would be a miracle.
---Jack on 2/22/07

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First, I want to rejoice with Rebecca, catherine and Helen's miracles! Glory be to His name. For He is worthy to be Praised.
My mother was healed of a rare muscle disease. She's not 100% but she can walk on her own without a wheelchair. She can also eat now vs. feeding tube.
P.S. So many of us prayed for her day and night and we had a Pastor come out and anoint her according to James Chapter 5. We believed God and He came through for her. Blessed be His name.
---donna6598 on 2/22/07

A few months ago we were doing an assisted living home service for the first time. The owner had already told us that one of the men refused to hear about God and said he was an athiest. At the end of the service the minister asked one elderly man if he knew Jesus. He said, "No. But it's time." Turns out he was the athiest and he was 80-years old. He had the biggest smile after that. He died a couple months ago.
---Susie on 2/22/07

The greatest miracle that happened to me was when Jesus Christ saved me.
---Helen_5378 on 2/22/07

I know how my life use to be, pure HELL. Jesus, by what ever reason, saved me, and He started to work with me right away. But, we need to realize and it is so true, it takes time. God is so amazing.
---catherine on 2/22/07

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Natalie. So you think we should quit talking about the great things God does for us when He answers our prayers? Those are miracles too. Like when we pray for someone to be saved or healed and they are, we should just keep quiet because there are too many crazies out there?
---john on 2/21/07

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