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Is It Sin To Be Fat

As one's body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, is it a sin to be fat? Should one who is fat go on a exercise and diet regime?

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 ---Randy on 2/22/07
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Mima, I must have overlooked this blog. I know it's been awhile, but if your still browsing this one, I have a question for you. Where does it say that King David was fat? I have found nothing to validate that.
---John on 3/14/07

Rebecca I agree. It all depends on 'why' a person is fat. I know very overweight people who eat very little indeed. They just cannot get their weight down but I also know very thin people who eat huge meals. We don't all have the same metabolism. It is the overeating (eating more than the body needs) that is the sin not whether a person is thin or fat
---m.p.a. on 2/25/07

Good Job, Susie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
---Steven_T. on 2/22/07

It depends on where you live. If you live where I do and 50% of the men in churches are tobacco farmers it's a sin to over eat but not a sin to smoke.
---buttons on 2/22/07

Being fat is not a sin.

It's the result of gluttony, which is the sin.

Oddly enough, it's the only sin that is approved of (besides gossip and slandering Roman Catholics) in pop-evangelical churches.

If you don't believe me, then you've never been to a church pot-luck or dinner on the grounds--or really read these blogs.
---Jack on 2/22/07

I feel it is a sin to be overweight.Read 3John:2.Extra weight is burdensome and unattractive as well. We want to look and feel our best for Christ. This is how I feel. But I must confess I am now overweight(not extreme) and it is disgusting to me. I am a Christian. I dont' feel God is pleased with it either. I have never had a weight problem in the past but I do plan to do something about it.
Love to all.
---robyn on 2/22/07

Mark 7:15 There is nothing from without a man, that entering into him can defile him: but the things which come out of him, those are they that defile the man. Do not let your mind get carried away so much on what you are eating or do physically. We all need to take better care of what we are speaking or not speaking-over in the name of Christ; and come into the believe that the things that are defiling us (soul, mind & body) stem from everything that is coming out of our mouth!
---ShawnM.T on 2/22/07

I'd like to know who is going to decide just who is fat. I know people who think if they are 5 pounds over their "ideal" weight that they are fat. I know people who are over 300 pounds who say they are just "big boned". As far as fat being a sin, I think it depends on why a person is fat. If they are gluttons, then yes the food has become their idol. But, you can be skinny and have a certain food or drink as your idol if you live for that everyday.
---Susie on 2/22/07

Mima: that isn't fat, that is fluffy. That is what my daughter told her Mamaw. She said, "Mamaw, your not fat, your fluffy, and there's more of you to love". We need to listen to the little ones like my daughter of 5 years old, we may learn something.
---Rebecca_D on 2/22/07

Being a few pounds overweight is no big deal but being so heavy that your health is affected needs attention. Even a person with a thyroid problem will lose weight if they take in less than they use up. Discipline to maintain healthy weight needs to be taught by parents and school.
---john on 2/22/07

Sometimes, it is a sin to be over weight. I have to watch mine alot. Worshiping food we know is a sin.
---catherine on 2/22/07

It depends on the situation. If one can go on a diet and lose weight then they should. But some people have problems with their thyroid, and can't lose weight, unless they have the money to have surgery. It is a sin to overeat, but it isn't a sin for one to be fat.
---Rebecca_D on 2/22/07

No,being fat in and of itself isn't a sin. Gluttony is a sin,but not every fat person is a glutton. To look at someone and judge them a sinner due to being fat is wrong. There are many reasons people get fat and can't help it. Some are even genetic,also hormone imbalance,injury and can't exercise. Whatsoever is not of faith is sin,when a meal is prayed over there is faith in action,no sin. The person may still get fat without eating large portions and without sin.
---Darlene_1 on 2/22/07

Yes it is a sin to be fat! And yes I am fat, six-foot and 245 pounds. Please restrain from pointing out my sins to me, anyway this is one of my lesser sins, and if the Lord Jesus Christ paid for all sin. Then perhaps the sin being fat has been paid for. King David was also fat.
---Mima on 2/22/07

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