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Mohandas Gandhi Said

Mohandas Gandhi said, "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." How would you respond to him today?

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 ---AlwaysOn on 2/25/07
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andy3996, A-men. NonChristian outsiders like Gandhi can only use their carnal minds to make misjudgments: but after they themself choose to embrace Christ then they will know the truth it is known.
---Eloy on 3/5/12

NOTHING, Gandhi made the same misstake as any other. he mistook "western culture" for Christianity.
can you imagine today there are imams (moslim coranic teachers) teaching that playboy, penthouse, and the immorally sexually stained advertisments we see on television is part of "christian culture"? now we all know that is a lie but still the outsider cannot grasp the truth of another religion.
---andy3996 on 3/5/12

Eloy: Merriam-Webster "Definition of SINUOUS

a : of a serpentine or wavy form : winding
b : marked by strong lithe movements
: intricate, complex
sinuously adverb
sinuousness noun
See sinuous defined for English-language learners
See sinuous defined for kids
Examples of SINUOUS

She moved with sinuous grace.

Origin of SINUOUS

Latin sinuosus, from sinus
First Known Use: 1578
Related to SINUOUS

Synonyms: bending, crazy, curled, curling, curved, curving, curvy, devious, serpentine, crooked, tortuous, twisted, twisting, winding, windy
---Trish on 3/5/12

strongax, Again, I say yes, then you say no: and when I say no, then you say yes...very boring. I have already posted the definition from two common dictionaries. I suggest that you Read it:
"sinuous", adjective.(from Fr:sinueux, a bend, crooked).
Not straightforward, devious, crooked, morally crooked, deviating from right.
---Eloy on 3/4/12

"sinuous" is not latin, but the etymology of "sinuous" comes from the French. And "sin" indeed is the root word of "sinuous". Stop getting sidetracked on foolishness, and try to stay with the subject of this blog: Deceased Gandhi disliking Christians.
---Eloy on 3/4/12

\\English "sinuous" is not related to "sin" with a suffix.\\

StrongAxe, Eloy is like Humpty-Dumpty in THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS. When he uses a word, it means exactly what he chooses it to mean, no more, no less.

Of course, we know what happened to Humpty-Dumpty, don't we?

In the words of Jesus, "Great was the fall thereof."

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/4/12


English "sinuous" is not related to "sin" with a suffix. It is related to a Latin word meaning winding (as a snake winds, or a river winds through a valley, etc.)

One may use "sinuous" in a context of "twisted", and relate it to "sin", but this relation is totally coincidental, and NOT related to the spelling of the word.

Also, you are correct to use "whom" in the objective case (e.g. "the man whom I saw" rather than incorrect (but popular) "the man who I saw"). However, it is INCORRECT to use "whom" where the subjective case is required (e.g. "the man who saw me" vs. incorrect "the man whom saw me")
---StrongAxe on 3/4/12

Trish, I will continue to use the word sinuous in it's proper context. The word "sinuous" and "sinful" are not exactly the same, as you have implied, just as "righteous" and "rightful" are not exactly the same. The suffix "-ous" commonly means, "having, or characterized by", and the suffix "-ful" commonly means, "full of". Therefore, a "sinuous" person accurately means, "a person that does sin, a sinning person": and a "sinful" person accurately means, "a person that is full of sin."
---Eloy on 3/3/12

It matters not if a NonChristian politician dislikes Christians. Because Gandhi is a NonChristian therefore his opinion has zero substance as regarding Christ and Christians. I have read that Gandhi was a NonChristian whom was arrested for employing non-cooperation and peaceful resisitance by encouraging protests and leading mass civil disobedience against British rule. And he was killed by a Hindu nationalist which felt that Gandhi was sympathetic to the Muslims.
---Eloy on 3/3/12

Eloy: Sinuous is not used in common English to refer to sin. The proper word you should be using is sinful. Meaning full of sin. You are misusing the word sinuous as it is commonly used.
---Trish on 3/3/12

Strongax, Strongax, How did "shopping" get interjected into the discourse? You said if a nonChristian sees people who call themselves Christians, and by and large, most (if not all) of them behave hypocritically, can you blame them for believing this is how Christians are. And I answered, Yes indeed I can blame them for misjudging all Christians because of NonChristians behavior. I do not misjudge whole groups of people because of hypocrites, and neither should anyone else. On any team, you may have good players and losers, but should the whole team be condemned because of a loser on the team? Were all 12 disciples labeled hypocrites because of Judas Iscariot? No, God forbid.
---Eloy on 3/3/12

Trish, "sin" comes from the hebrew root "chet", first found in Genesis 4:7, meaning "crime", "offense", "guilt". A person who is sinuous, is a person who does sin, which is the opposite of righteous, a person who does right. From secular dictionaries: "sinuous", adjective. (from Fr:sinueux, a bend, crooked). Not straightforward, devious, crooked, morally crooked, deviating from right.
And "whom" is the objective case of "who", and now often replaced by "who". But I mostly prefer not to replace it, because "who" is less exclusive and a more liberal terminology.
---Eloy on 3/2/12


You make the assumptions that non-Christians are out shopping for Christians. In general, people of one religion generally don't shop around for another unless there is a good reason to do so.

If non-Christians always encounter Christians who are godlike, they might be persuaded to investigate Christianity further. But if the few Christians they encounter consistently give them a bad experience, they will have no interest in looking any further.

If you read one book by an unknown author, and it's garbage, you would have no incentive to read every other thing he wrote, on the off chance that one of them might be good. More likely, you would never read anything by that author again.
---StrongAxe on 3/2/12

\\If the ONLY Christians that an unbeliever sees are hypocrites, how can he possibly know there are any other kind?\\

That's the wonderful thing about the church.

No matter how full of hypocrites, there is ALWAYS room for one more!

Or in St. Augustine's bon mot, "How many sheep without, how many wolves within."

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/2/12

Strongax, The one whom sees "only" hypocrites should not be making any misjudgments about those "not seen" whom are devout and faithful. The one whom "only sees hypocrites" needs to "look elsewhere" where the nonhypocrites are. For example, if I go to a bar where drinkers of alcohol are and all claim to be Christianed, but all are behaving and talking contrary to their claim to Christianity, then should I condemn all Christians as hypocrites? No, for it is my responsibility to go where the faithful are and make the right judgment, rather than go where the hypocrites are and make the false judgment.
---Eloy on 3/2/12


If the ONLY Christians that an unbeliever sees are hypocrites, how can he possibly know there are any other kind?


Eloy claims that he has learned Hebrew and Greek (and English) usage directly from God, so he does not feel bound by the usages of those languages that everyone else accepts as correct. And, as we all know, Eloy is incapable of being wrong. He himself has told us so.
---StrongAxe on 3/2/12

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Ghandi didn't say that much different from St. Paul: "Perhaps is it because of you the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles."

\\You see, because someone "says" they are Christian does not in any way make it true. God is clear, You will know them by their fruits: Rotten fruit = NonChristian, \\

And we know about how fresh yourm fruits are, Eloy.

By your own standards, that means you are not christianed yet.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 3/2/12

Eloy, you constantly misuse the word "sinuously" and "whom." I am certified to teach English, and have taught all of my students how to use the word "whom."
---Trish on 3/1/12

Strongax, Should we misjudged all Muslims for being radical terrorist because "most (if not all)", to use your terminology, attacks on Americans are done by them. You see, because someone "says" they are Christian does not in any way make it true. God is clear, You will know them by their fruits: Rotten fruit = NonChristian, and Good fruit = Christian. Therefore I rightly blame NonChristians whom misjudge true Christians as being hypocrites. And I strongly suggest before anyone misjudges to first "Get the facts", and then make a righteous judgment, rather than a faulty judgment. Both these things I hate says the Lord: "Acquitting the guilty, and condemning the innocent."
---Eloy on 3/1/12


If someone from another religion sees people who call themselves Christians, and by and large, most (if not all) of them behave hypocritically, can you blame the person for believing this is how Christians are supposed to behave? Can you blame them for saying "I can't in good conscience worship an evil God who teaches his followers to be such hypocrites!"?

And those so-called Christians who cause others to stumble in this way - at the final judgment, it would ultimately have been better for them if a millstone had been tied to their neck and cast into the sea.

Hence, Paul's condemnation in Romans 2:24.
---StrongAxe on 3/1/12

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Strongax, if a soul is acting sinuously, even though they say they are Christian, then they are a liar, for their rotten fruits prove they are NonChristians. And if other NonChristians misjudge Christ's body by the lies of NonChrist's body, then that is not any Christian's fault: neither for the liar whom misnames themself Christian, nor for the NonChristians whom believe the lies of them who impersonate Christians. Why should I be condemned by another person's misjudgments about me? Am I responsible for someone elses corrupt mind? God forbid, that another NonChristian's nature is our fault, is not each held accountable for their own mind whether it be godly or ungodly? Yes, each will be held accountable for their own life.
---Eloy on 3/1/12


What is the criterion for ACTUALLY being part of Christ's body? What about people who call themselves Christians, but who lie, cheat, steal, commit adultery, judge others, etc.? Are they actually Christians, and part of Christ's body?

Pagans are right to judge such people as hypocrites. And whether or not these people are ACTUALLY part of Christ's body, non-Christians judge God by them, and if they judge God to be evil as a result, we have only ourselves to blame.

Paul himself condemned such Christians in Romans 2:24.
---StrongAxe on 3/1/12

"The Christian is Christ's body, therefore if you like Christ then you must also like his body. The NonChristian misjudges Christ's body, for they are none of Christ's."
---Eloy on 2/29/12

Years ago, I read an excellent comment. I think it was by Charles Colson, but I'm not sure:

If being a Christian were a crime, and you were accused of it, would there be enough evidence to convict?

(Sadly, a great many Christians would get off due to insufficient evidence).
---StrongAxe on 2/29/12

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Gandhi know little of our Christ, but he has a point.
Christians very often show little of Whom they follow in their daily lives.
It is a general statement made by him and today would be considered 'intolerant' if it weren't directed at Christ and His followers.
If he liked Him so much, he should have gotten to know Him better.
---micha9344 on 2/29/12


Can you show an example where Gandhi considered himself righteous? He did not say he was better than Christians - just that Jesus was better than Christians.

Unfortunately, many Christians do not lead exemplary lives. Many people stay away from Christ because they see the hypocrisy of many so-called Christians like preachers and politicians screaming "family values" while having affairs on the side. Many who have left these blogs because of all the in-fighting.

It is sad when Christians drive others away from Christ. Paul had a scathing indictment against people like this:

Romans 2:24
"For the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles through you, as it is written."
---StrongAxe on 2/28/12

You miss the point of what Gandhi is saying. Gandhi closely followed and adored the teachings of Christ. Was he a Christian? I don't know. I would say not because I cannot find anywhere that he professed that faith. However, his point is that Christians are so unlike Christ that they fail to be effective. For those who don't know, Gandhi was thrown out of a Christian church before being allowed to enter by "Christians." This is where his mindset comes from. Based on actions from "Christians" today, how can anyone disagree with him?
---Doug on 2/28/12


Ghandi was no different from a Pharisee, ie self-righteous. Was he sinless? Did he believe Christ was the Son of God? Saying "I like your Christ" does not mean anything to God nor bring him to the kingdom of heaven.

I wished you had said what the Scripture declares about mankind, "As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one." Romans 3:10, and rest assured this declaration by God included Ghandi with no single mankind exempted. Jesus Christ declared without exception to mankind, "I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish." Luke 13:3,5

If you believe Ghandi spoke the truth, you'll be with him.
---christan on 1/24/12

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The only difference between Judas and Peter was that Peter ran back to Jesus after denying him. The only difference between christian and a non-christian is that we accept his loving forgiveness.
---Scott1 on 1/24/12

As Christians the most important thing is the fruit that we produce in our lives. If we live in the Spirit we must walk in the Spirit.
John 15:8 It is to my Father's glory that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples
---chozen1 on 1/23/12

---John on 10/25/11

Tom2: That's fine to be concerned by what god said but you simply cannot ignore the words of others in regards to how ignorant people act in their religion, never asking questions, never closely studying The Bible themselves. As is human nature people take what they want to hear and put it on a higher pedestal than something that may be in the same text but does not do anything for them.
---Fen on 10/25/11

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My reply:

First, is it the real Jesus Christ you like--or someone you've merely made up and called "Jesus"?

If you were really attracted by Jesus, you wouldn't let the failures of others draw you to Him. This sounds like an excuse to me.
---Cluny on 9/24/10

Rom 2:17 Behold, thou art called a Jew, and restest in the law, and makest thy boast of God,
Rom 2:24-25 For the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles through you, as it is written. For circumcision verily profiteth, if thou keep the law: but if thou be a breaker of the law, thy circumcision is made uncircumcision.
---micha9344 on 9/24/10


Gandhi saw Jesus as someone to be admired. Then he saw how far so-called Christians were from ACTUALLY following Jesus's teachings.

Paul wrote in Romans 2:24
"For the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles through you, as it is written."

Romans was written to believers (see 1:6). Unbelievers were turning away from God because of a bad witness by those who called themselves Christians.

This is a terrible accusation, and is as true today as 2000 years ago. I heard several visitors on these blogs saying they came here looking for Christian enlightenment, and left in disgust because of all the backstabbing and infighting here. We're REALLY good examples here. :(
---StrongAxe on 9/23/10

I have found no authoritative source for Ghandi saying this. The actual quote is attributed to Bara Dada, "Jesus is ideal and wonderful, but you Christians -- you are not like him." Source - Jones, E. Stanley. The Christ of the Indian Road, New York: The Abingdon Press,1925. (Page 114)
---Karl on 9/22/10

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We should understand that Christianity is not about looking on to Christians but looking unto Christ. Unless we are able to do this, we had not understand yet what is Christianity.
---sam on 5/18/10

This quote is so true! Gandhi was and extremely insiteful1 man. So many people today think that going to church and not eating meat on Friday during lent makes the good Christians, and it is those same people who cant act like good Christians in their day to day lives. They are judgmental of others and have no tolerance for anyone different. It seems as though the people who preach Christianity so strongly are ones who need to step back and think about what it means to be a TRUE Christan.
---Monica on 4/28/08

I feel sorry for Mohandas Ghandi. His focus was way off base and it has caused him to lose his soul. This is the same problem with a lot of people today. They focus on everything but Jesus. Jesus is what we need to stay focused on and close to. Not other people and their wickedness. I lost focus and fell back before. I can tell you from experience, people will cause you to lose your soul, if you go by what you see them( so called Christians) doing. We walk by faith and not by sight.
---Robyn on 11/16/07

Mima, let me assure you that salvation is not that easy.

Oh yes! "I believe in Christ and that he was risen from the dead" and I turn the TV on and watch Bugs Bunny and that's it, right?

The dangers of sola scriptura !!!
---Caring on 11/16/07

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It's sad that so-called Christians have given such a witness.
But they have.
Most need to repent and be led and taught of the Spirit.
Ghandhi probably would stand a better chance of really seeing Christ spiritually than those who gave him that impression.
---Frank on 11/16/07

To ---caring, how does this statement,"
I share Ghandi's feelings because there are many "Christians" by word only and not by facts." Square up with this statement,
" That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved."
---Mima on 11/16/07

I share Ghandi's feelings because there are many "Christians" by word only and not by facts.

When I used to preach, I preached practicality and did not dig for some mysterious verse from the Bible and tryto build a story on it.
---Caring on 11/16/07

Helen-Strongaxe:: I do belive he (Gandhi) said it right He loved Jesus.The rest speaks for itself in those who do not emulate christ like qualities,meaning christians , do we not see it on these Posts?.
---Emcee on 11/16/07

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I would tell him that is no excuse to not get saved. I would tell him to look at Jesus and not at Christians because we are in the flesh and are far from perfect. Christians are not the reason a person gets saved, sin is.
---Helen_5378 on 11/16/07

There are many Christians who act as stumbling blocks for unbelievers.

Romans 2:24
"For the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles through you, as it is written."

There are many who believe (and justifiably so) "If these are the kinds of people who God choses to represent him, I want nothing to do with such an evil and hypocritical god!"
---StrongAxe on 11/16/07

"Out of the mouths of Babes wisdom flows"Most people did not know Mohonadas Ghandi. He was a person who exuded ideals of Jesus Doctrine,true he was a Hindu Brahim.But he was a vegetarian humble to the core a pacifist Non Violence was his creed spoke for justice & peaceand Freedom of His country men.By our standards of saved ?? God determines that.He was a man of HOPE with a vision.
---Emcee on 11/15/07

I would tell him that I agree with him. There are many Christians who are unlike Christ.
---Madison1101 on 11/15/07

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Gandhi is right. People mold Christ into their own image and not themselves into Him. If people truly followed the teachings of Christ, they would not lust after money, and other material things. Jesus preached forgiveness, unwant for material wealth, the love for God, and compassion for others' welfare. In today's world so-called believers praise material wealth and not the wealth of life. Christians should be valuing God's creations but instead have been blinded by greed.
---Robert on 3/23/07

Sometimes (you have to pick sense out of nonsense) Old Jamaican saying(unknown) Cos If Ghandhi as Tor.. explaine's to address someone would be to be aware of that person/Organisation exists/ed. Sounds as if he was aware of Christ/teachings on Love (here say) but denying his power and resurrection and that for me states he believe's a Lie an chose to worship Gods of wood, brass, Gold. why would we be remotely interested in what he has to say!
---Carla5754 on 3/2/07

I would guess he didn't even try reading the Bible for himself with a open heart asking for Guidance from the Holy Spirit if he did he rejected it because he couldn't stand the fact that he had been let down by who he believed in so the word fell on the ground where there was no good foundation and never materialsied, in turn he died without accepting Christ as Lord and own his personal Saviour.
---Carla5754 on 3/2/07

Alan, I agree Christians are not perfect... also many profess Christianity with their lips, but not their hearts. But the point isnt what we do, its what the gospel of Christ says. I know what you mean (and am also guilty) about the way we can be cold in our debates (which I think most of us are here because we truly care about out brothers), yet when it comes down to it... the best people that I know are Christians who are wonderful Christ loving people. Lets not let a few bad apples spoil the whole lot.
---tofurabby on 3/2/07

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Gandi missed the whole point of life. He looked at the wrong example and his focus was all wrong. We have to see Jesus for ourselves. His excuse will not stand up before Christ at the Judgement. Jesus is the Savior of mankind not people. Christians are imperfect people saved by God's merciful grace. I wish Gandi could have understood that.
Much love to all
---robyn on 3/1/07

I am in total agreement with Alan on this. There are way too many Christians, especially on these blogs, who do not reflect the love of Christ for one another, let alone the unsaved.
---madison1101 on 3/1/07

When an unbeliever like Ghandi blames Christians for their not believing I do not believe that to be true. If Ghandi had wanted to believe in Jesus, then he would have. Blaming somebody else will not mean a thing on Judgment Day. Jesus will look and see that your name is not in the Lamb's Book of Life and He will say to you "Depart from me, I never knew you". If we think we are that good that we can show people Christ by ourselves then we are deluding ourselves.
---Helen_5378 on 3/1/07

Tof ... You have a point.
But, I for one, have been very much put off by the quarrelsome arrogant attitudes of some on these blogs. You may say I display these attitudes ... and I may.
But had my exposure to Christianity been solely those writing here, I would certainly not see that Christ really does change lives, and Jesus would be a teacher with a great message, but ineffective because his so-called followers behave so unlike His commandments
---alan_of_UK on 3/1/07

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I would tell him that Jesus died for his sins too and that all he has to do is believe that God sent his only son to die for him and he will be saved.
---Susie on 3/1/07

Gandhi is a perfect example of the great compassion and humanitarian person who by his own statement refused to accept the Lord Jesus Christ. He was in England in school and lived with dear Christian lady witnessed to him. Another words he was made aware yet refuse to accept.
---Mima on 3/1/07

-I think that if Christians had been like Christ, Gandhi would have becme a Christian.
---alanUKquent64534 on 3/1/07

No way. If Gandhi really liked Christ, then he would become a Christian. Blaming others is no excuse. Gandhi is saying Christians dont act like Christ... then he must know who Christ is. He has heard the truth and turned away from it. Otherwise why would he care that there is apostacy happening? He would be worrying about pleasing Christ rather than judging his followers.
---tofurabby on 3/1/07

Madison and Rebecca ... how right you are
I think that if Christians had been like Christ, Gandhi would have becme a Christian.
---alanUKquent64534 on 3/1/07

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I guess my response would be something along the lines of "WHY do you like our Christ? Is it because he taught we should not hate? Doesn't this contradict your admitted hate toward Christians?" Gandhi is showing the same attribute that he is denouncing. The difference is the Christian falls under the grace of God through Christ. Gandhi is relying on his self.
---tofurabby on 2/26/07

The church will be rejecting the Lord.
Hardness of heart, destruction from within and without, stubbornness and a slumbering Church.

The answers are not in politics. When votes fail, the only answer is Jesus. The government is upon His shoulders.

I don't find safety in hindu unity, the world's standards, or in elections.
---Rene on 2/26/07

M.Gandhi's politically correct wisdom may help someone win an election.

Being a Christian is a narrow gate - "If My people, who are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, pray and seek My face - (II Chronicles 7:14).
---Rene on 2/26/07

See how smooth and subtle that was to fall for Gandhi's beliefs.

You can't have it both ways. You can't serve two masters. It was presented in a way that you would be persuaded that he was correct.
If it's this easy, what would you do if you were presented with martyrdom?
Allow a little leaven in and all roads lead to "the Christ". It won't be Jesus Christ, but it will be a "Christ".

Being a Christian is too narrow for many people.
---Rene on 2/26/07

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Many people want a politically correct, universal, collective thought, hindu unity kind of church. Visualize nirvana and when you snap out of it, the starving are still lying in the streets.

Why can't we just get along. All for one and one for all. Because you'll fall in a ditch.
When you see the arguments stop here because of denominational differences, and you've fallen in line, yes, oh yes, I agree with that, too ---
---Rene on 2/26/07

I'm glad you said you like my Christ because he's not just mine but he could be yours too. Isn't is strange your people don't exactly follow what you preached about your God either but then mine is the only God!
---Carla5754 on 2/26/07

I would tell Mr. Gandhi to please not look at us poor human beings because we are not a really good example. I would tell him to look at Jesus only. I would also tell him that if he didn't accept Christ because of Christians then that won't wash with God.
---Helen_5378 on 2/25/07

He does have a point. How many Christians are really striving to be more like Christ? Very, very few of us. And the ones that aren't trying at all, are making the ones that are look bad.
---Rebecca_D on 2/26/07

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gandi was not a christian so what is the importance as to what he said?
---tom2 on 2/25/07

and buddah said, and mohammed said,and gandi said,this one said ,and that one said,Iam more concerned in what GOD SAID.
---tom2 on 2/25/07

I would tell him the message of the gospel and the saving grace through jesus just like any other non believer.
---tom2 on 2/25/07

No human can ever match the majesty of Jesus Christ and only a fool would expect it from another.
---Pharisee on 2/25/07

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Rene: How is this question slinging dirt? I always admired Gandhi for his frank statement about Christians. There are many Christians who are "so unlike...Christ."
---Madison1101 on 2/25/07

You feel the same way, yes?

If not, why would you want to open a door to sling more dirt?
---Rene on 2/25/07

M.G., he said he could accept Jesus "as a martyr, an embodiment of sacrifice, and a divine teacher, but not as the most perfect man ever born. His death on the Cross was a great example to the world, but that there was anything like a mysterious or miraculous virtue in it, my heart could not accept."
---Cindy on 2/25/07

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